What business in America generates income

New business ideas from America (USA) and Europe, which are not in Russia

The Americans turned out to be not so "stupid" as the famous satirist called them, when it turned out that it was in the USA that the ideas of a profitable business were born, and a large number of people successfully use them. The "old woman" Europe is not lagging behind the country of the New World, where golden minds of business implement their best ideas for making money.

By the way, practically everything that businessmen of Runet have today is all the work of Western minds, therefore both online and offline the palm in generating profitable types of business and the best ideas for their implementation is still held Foreigners.

Who knows, maybe in Russia the "Kulibins" and "Cherepanovs" of business will turn the tide of history, and entrepreneurs from America and Europe will enthusiastically follow the novelties of "making money in Russian", but for now let's talk about what the "bourgeois" have thought of, which already works successfully in many countries and does not require large investments.

New business in America, which is not in Russia

Surely many people thought about starting their own business, but when faced with a question about the start-up capital and what exactly to do to make it profitable, they immediately rejected this idea. There is a quite reasonable justification for this - a lot of competition in a certain type of activity and the fear of losing the invested funds.

Abroad - both in Europe and America - for many residents, small business is not only the main source of daily income, but also their way of life. The only way out of lack of money is to come up with new ideas and look for creative ways to implement them, this is especially true in settlements located far from the capital's life.

Ideas for business in a small town with small investments may be the craziest at first glance, but this is the secret of the success of many Americans and Europeans who have managed to amass good capital, doing something that no one else has ever done before did not think of it.

Of course, in a small business sooner or later there will still be competitors who "shamelessly" borrow the brainchild of the developer, and the business will cease to bring sufficient profit. Consider the popular new products that have just come from abroad and have already begun to give good results in Russia.

A restaurant that will keep you from getting fat. It is known that in America, and in many European countries, fast foods and fast food restaurants make up a huge part of the country's economy and, of course, competition among the owners of establishments. For people who follow their figure or simply want to lose weight, it is extremely important to know how many calories a particular dish contains. The idea of ​​making a profit is that the calorie content of each dish is indicated in the menu of portable cafes and restaurants. This American novelty has become popular in Russia as well, because it is no longer a secret for anyone that many people are seriously keen on a healthy lifestyle and going to gyms, and there is not enough time for cooking. Abroad, you can get an incentive prize in the form of a glass of beer or "cola" for eating the most fatty and high-calorie dish.

Caramel is an inexhaustible source of income. There are not so many things that a person will be happy with all his life, and one of them is caramel. Sweets will always be in vogue, and making gourmet caramel requires delicious fruit syrup, purified water and granulated sugar. Of course, each master has his own secret of cooking, but nevertheless this type of activity will never lose its popularity. An innovation in this direction is that the buyer sees the whole process of making the kind of sweets he likes, on the cut of which the master can make a "cartoon", the buyer's initials or a beautiful picture. This idea allows you to open your own production with minimal investment, which will generate income for many years.

Bulky groceries - a blow to the crisis. Think about how you can interest a person in a crisis? Of course, low prices for food products and their high quality. A new direction in the grocery trade is the release of products without packaging. It is known that almost a third of the cost of many brands is the price that the buyer overpays for a beautiful wrapper. The American idea of ​​making a profit is to sell bulk products in a store, which are in transparent containers. The buyer always sees what kind of tea, coffee, pasta, cereals and other products he buys, while the price tags set not only the value of the goods, but also the difference between packaged and bulk products.

Business ideas from America

More than 300 million people live in the United States - only a very active and productive business can serve, clothe and feed such a number of people. Therefore, it should not be surprising that America became home to a huge number of business ideas, which were then replicated around the world. A good idea can bring billions to an American entrepreneur, since the number of potential buyers in the country is large; in addition, in many areas America is the trendsetter for the rest of the continents.

Urban Farms

The idea of ​​using skyscrapers to grow greens and vegetables pushed the demand for organic farming in the United States. The shelf life of natural plant products is short; during delivery, vegetables lose valuable vitamins. Rooftop greenhouses are organized in Canada, South America, Singapore, but it was the Americans who came up with the idea of ​​growing edible herbs using a high-rise building not horizontally, but vertically.

Enthusiasts have installed a device that resembles a Ferris wheel: instead of booths at a vertical farm, trays with plants. The electric drive rotates them, providing uniform watering and light access. Also popular is the idea of ​​growing greens without land at all - using the hydroponic method. In this case, the soil is replaced with mineralized water, which is proposed to be collected during rain in special reservoirs on the roof.

This is interesting! Skyscrapers are located mainly near the coast, so enterprising US residents use abandoned warehouses and factories for organic farms. An example is the agricultural firm FarmedHere in an empty warehouse in Chicago, its owner Iolanta Hardey grows organic greens here.

According to estimates, the yield of 1 square meter of vertical farm is 20 times higher than with the traditional method of plant cultivation. But such a small business requires additional investments - for equipment, electricity, mineral fertilizing. However, urban eco-farms are considered not only popular, but also profitable, because the costs of delivery, staff salaries, chemical fertilizers, heating and irrigation systems are reduced. Plants on an innovative farm grow 2 times faster, and crop losses (due to the elements, pests, temperature changes) are minimized.


The "relative" of the previous concept is a kind of indoor mini-farm, in America they are called phytowalls. Walls of living plants are created in offices, hotel halls, catering establishments - in the latter case, greens can be edible and served on the client's table right from the wall.

The idea spun off from small businesses on vertical farms, replacing potted flowers with vegetation that does not have land. The plant wall works for a positive image of the restaurant (hotel) and oxygenates the air, so the number of customers for the novelty in the United States is growing - this startup promises to become one of the most popular in the near future.

Any business idea from America seems to be easy to adapt and apply in another country. "Business. has compiled a selection of some original and popular American business ideas that can find followers in Russia.

New business ideas from America (USA) and Europe, which are not in Russia The Americans turned out to be not so


Americans are not just an enterprising nation, they are in reality a whole system, or rather a generator of business ideas. In America, unusual business ideas are often embodied, bringing considerable profits to their owners.

And this is because people who live in America are ready to spend a lot of their money in ideas, not knowing whether these investments will bring any profit or not.

By the way, successful business ideas in America are adopted in various CIS countries, as well as in Russia. Today we will talk about the most successful business ideas. But before embarking on the business ideas themselves, let's take a look at the specifics of doing business in America.

Peculiarities of American Business

Car wash

Advantages and disadvantages of this business

First, I would like to talk about the benefits of this business.

  • Firstly, car washes are in high demand.
  • Secondly, car wash is a highly profitable business.
  • Third, minimal competition.

As for the shortcomings of car washes, they include:

  • high initial investments, which not everyone can afford;
  • getting into loans to open;
  • the need for frequent renovation of the premises at the expense of very high humidity at the car wash.

Business Ideas from America: Which American Idea Can Be Used to Organize a Business?

If you are going to open your own business, but do not know what it should be? Do not despair, pay attention to business ideas from America, with the help of which you will be able to provide your own services or produce original goods. At the moment when some businessmen were able to find their way to success, the rest have to hunt for interesting and unique ideas.

Brief information

There are many business ideas in America. Most Russian entrepreneurs are constantly studying new concepts that were created by American businessmen, and even trying to implement them in our country.

In addition, new business ideas in America have their own characteristics: • In the United States, an entrepreneur or his close relatives must have business skills. • An American businessman creates his own business to realize the chosen business idea, and not just for money • Small businesses in the US are often promoted and developed over the Internet.

These are usually thematic sites or online stores. • An American entrepreneur often already has experience in the field in which he is setting up a business. That is, he picks up an idea that he knows very well.

In addition, a common business in America is services in the healthcare and education industries.

Moreover, this type of activity is not very profitable.

What interesting business ideas can you borrow from America?

Of course, American business began to develop much earlier than in Russia. Therefore, considering more promising American projects, you can pick up many interesting ideas with the help of which entrepreneurs were able to earn huge money.

However, you still need to study some of the nuances that can help analyze its relevance and evaluate the business itself, taken over in the United States. Moreover, modern American ideas should ideally fit into the reality of our life, and also meet the mentality of society.

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Business plan for nail studio famous business ideas from america

BGIC offers original and amazingly delicious combinations of ice cream additives: Another secret of popularity is the original and catchy names of sweets. This is an unusual coffee shop. Its creators and visitors are Queen fans. There are photographs of Freddie Mercury and other musicians of the group hanging in the hall. From time to time one of the band's compositions sounds in the coffee shop. At this moment, the first customer in line receives the ordered drink for free.

The slogan of this promotion: The owners of this restaurant in Louisiana have traveled the world for a long time and studied the peculiarities of national cuisines. They have chosen, learned how to cook and serve their visitors the most popular, classic food from street vans around the world. But this is not enough for restless businessmen. The restaurant's highlight is a hidden art gallery located in the restroom.

In the middle of this huge bar is a real working carousel. This is an old carousel. They don't ride it. The carousel contains huge photographs of the most interesting and popular places of the historic Royal Street. Visitors sit around the carousel and watch a breathtaking sight of successive pictures of local attractions.

Also, the bar offers a huge number of original cocktails. The business concept is a van serving a variety of slow-cooked meals. Initially, the couple just wanted to share their cooking skills using the languishing method - it is very tasty and allows you to preserve a significant part of the vitamins.

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