What business ideas in Belarus

Hardly anyone can argue with the fact that it is small and medium-sized businesses that have a significant impact on the economy. Not everyone can afford to engage in large-scale production, but everyone can arrange small supplies or provide various types of services.

Before starting your business in any country, you need to know some points. Each country and each region differs in its own requirements, legislative norms that apply to entrepreneurs. And so that there are no undesirable situations and problems in the future, you need to study all this well. Specifically, this article will focus on Belarus.

First, it is worth mentioning that the attitude towards small business in Belarus is good. In addition, the state always encourages everyone who wants to start their own business, providing various benefits. But the most important feature is the fact that there is practically no corruption in this country. Therefore, when making decisions, officials rely on the potential of a future business idea. That is, what are its prospects, how relevant it is and whether it will be in great demand. And this can speak volumes. And any businessman can be sure that he will be listened to carefully and help to establish business.

No one can give any guarantees that the business will be completely successful. That is, you need to weigh all the risks well. Everything directly depends on the approach to business, aspiration, desire to work, patience and some other personal qualities.

Great prospects can be expected for an entrepreneur in the field of trade, mediation, catering. Here you can find many interesting ideas that can attract attention from the local population.

There may be several options here:

  • open your own store selling building materials;
  • provide repair services;
  • open a design studio.

You can try to prove yourself in the industry, producing essential goods. You just need to correctly calculate your strength and choose exactly the option that will bring good income. An option for beginners is light industry, as there is no need to purchase expensive equipment.

As already mentioned, in Belarus, start-up entrepreneurs are supported in the form of various benefits. Thus, there should be no problems when registering your business.

For any cafe, the most important thing is service. With quality service, there will be no end to customers. It is the same and vice versa - if the institution has poor service, no bait will be able to lure customers.

Belarus is a country that has maintained a relatively stable economic situation at the moment. Therefore, many investors are interested in what kind of business is profitable to do in Belarus.

This country is quite loyal to business and entrepreneurs. In every possible way encourages and supports people who strive to open their own business. Therefore, it is really possible to start your business here in almost any field of activity.

Foreign investors are also quite attracted by this attitude of the country's leadership towards entrepreneurship; rich people are happy to invest money, finding profitable business ideas for Belarus.

In a previous post we talked about business ideas in America, in this article, I would like to discuss the most profitable ideas for small businesses in Belarus. In what area is it worth starting a business, how to find an idea and achieve quick profits? We will answer all these questions in order.

Business ideas for Belarus

Belarus is located practically in the center of Europe, along with international transport routes. This is where the first idea for a business in Belarus arises - the opening of a roadside cafe.

If you have ever traveled around Belarus, you may have noticed that there are not so many roadside food outlets. Sometimes you have to drive several kilometers to the nearest cafe. We can conclude that this niche is relatively free and there is an opportunity, for now, to firmly gain a foothold in it, as your competitors did.

Cafe opening

First of all, you need to study the market, competition, choose a profitable and profitable place for your food outlet. You should not open a restaurant next to competitors; it is better to find yourself a more free seat.

As for the registration of an establishment, in the country, as already mentioned, there are benefits for start-up entrepreneurs, so you will not have any problems opening an establishment.

Service. It is very important to competently approach the opening of an establishment. Take care of the interior, kitchen, staff. The guest should feel welcome. Belarus is famous for its hospitality and excellent cuisine, which is why tourists love this country so much.

Flower business in Belarus: where to start?

To Mars. And by 2021, in a small country in the center of Europe, small business will flourish in spite of all deserts, pushing the economy to cosmic heights. Which, in your opinion, is more likely. In the Friday issue of "Informat" we talk with Zhanna Tarasevich, co-chairman of the board of the Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers named after Professor M. S. Kunyavsky (BSPN), about laws, checks, fear, hatred, five-year plans, theory and practice of the Belarusian entrepreneurial "dead end".

Zhanna Tarasevich teaches economics at BSEU, is co-chairman and director of BSPN and is well versed in the realities and dreams of the Belarusian economy. “If I lived now in Germany, Sweden, Poland, I would be guaranteed to open my own business and be engaged, for example, in consulting. But at the moment I have no desire to do business in Belarus. When you know about the level of risk, the desire disappears, ”she says honestly.

When I hear about the problems of small businesses, “entrepreneurs”, I immediately remember my school teacher. From school in the mid-nineties, she went to the market because it got tight. Then she returned back to the US, then again moved to the IP. It seems that these chaotic movements through life are the path of Belarusian entrepreneurs. Former teachers, doctors, locksmiths, machine operators, doctors of science, who became market traders, did not receive support, could not find their bearings, and froze with the country in the nineties. Can you theoretically justify whether they had a chance to achieve something more?

I cannot answer this question in monosyllables, because the answer is the last decades of our life. Speaking about the prospects for business in Belarus (and in any other country), first of all, we will have to talk about the restraints on the part of the state. How should it be ideally? I wanted to start my own business, collected the minimum capital, opened a business - you work and pay taxes. Getting started in Belarus is not difficult, we have made relative progress in the area of ​​registration. And with the development of business, there is no progress. Here you have grown out of short pants, out of a tent on the market, dreaming of more - and then you run into the processes of administration, internationalization of business, you are faced with an increased tax burden and dozens of other tangible problems. Why would you grow then?

Why should a teacher grow from the market? If you are alone, then you pay a single tax, contributions to the Federal Social Security Fund are minimal, and until recently, you didn't even have to think about certificates. Or agritourism. If you dream of development, of scale, if you install more than 10 beds, you will immediately have to change your status and lose existing benefits. Why risk it? - the owner of the estate thinks.

Some of our activities are licensed, and the approaches to private and public organizations are different. It's the same with attestation. Thus, the main constraint on growth is the existing state machine.

However, the state not only controls, it also helps. There is a small business support program, there is an employment fund, and the like. But to whom and how do they help? For small businesses, there is a simplified taxation system, but in recent years the number of organizations that operate under the “simplified” system has been declining. And this is facilitated by the state, adopting not always logical legislative acts. Another factor is that financial support for small businesses is tied to revenue caps. Jumped to another level - there will be no support.

- Business needs money to grow. If there is no money in the country, what else to talk about?

In conditions of a shortage of money, our state supports either very small or very large ones. Those who aim at the middle sector are not noticed, not singled out, and are not given opportunities for development, including financial ones. And there is nowhere to get money in the country, since the stock market, without which it is impossible to raise capital, is not developed. Abroad, if you have a billion, and you need another one, you will go to the bank for a loan. The bank will require a guarantee, which can be obtained from the guarantee fund. We do not have a single such fund. Back in 2021, we developed a project for its creation, negotiated with banks. The Minsk City Executive Committee was to become a co-founder. But the case died out.

To summarize, I would say this: there is no infrastructure in the country that would help small entrepreneurs grow out of their pants. There are no special agencies for export development (and if you want growth, you will inevitably have to enter foreign markets). There is no research even on the domestic market. The Privatization Agency under the Ministry of Economy deals mainly with large projects. Yes, there are incubators, business development centers, but how effective are their activities.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "What are the ideas of business in Belarus". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business ideas from scratch in Belarus

Many entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting a business in Belarus are wondering what are the advantages of doing business here compared to neighbors in the European Union and Russia. Belarus is a relatively small country located practically in the center of Europe. The market capacity in Belarus is not as large as, for example, in Russia, but the country's location in the Customs Union allows using the advantages of this association to promote goods and services to the markets of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. At the same time, the availability of colossal raw material opportunities for the CU partners, as well as the relative cheapness of labor, makes it possible to produce high-quality and inexpensive goods for the EU countries.

Business ideas for small businesses in Belarus, as well as for any other post-Soviet country, are in the field of trade, services and production. Let's try, taking into account the peculiarities of the country, to answer the question of which business is the most profitable in Belarus.

Trade can hardly be regarded as an idea for a small business in Belarus with minimal investment. This is primarily due to the need to have significant working capital for the purchase of goods. But the start-up costs of $ 5,000– $ 10,000 cannot be considered excessive.

Despite the constant development and expansion of the supermarket chain, there remains a fairly wide niche in Belarus for small stores inside residential areas and in rural areas.

Of course, the problem of renting premises for opening a store is quite acute in big cities. If the location of the “retail outlet” is not chosen correctly, the lease can eat up all the potential profit. However, there is still a shortage of specialized outlets for the sale of exclusive goods in the country. The proximity of the EU, in the presence of established relations with suppliers of goods from Europe, allows quite successfully to trade in very expensive products "for an amateur".

Gourmet cheeses, elite varieties of tea and coffee, as well as some meat products and fish will always be in demand among wealthy residents of Belarus. Online shopping and dropshipping remain promising areas of commerce, despite rather fierce competition.

How to start your business in Belarus from scratch. Let's make a reservation "from scratch" does not mean that there are no costs for registering a business. You will not be able to work for a long time "on black" in Belarus. Paying taxes is an unpleasant but necessary obligation. The fiscal authorities are working properly.

Providing services is the most effective answer to the question of how to open your business from scratch in Belarus. But to provide services, you need to have certain knowledge and skills. Here are just a few ideas for a business from scratch in Belarus:

If you are just asking yourself the question: "What kind of business can you do?", it means that you are not yet ripe to become an entrepreneur.

Your business is not in development or planning yet, it is still a dream.

But dreaming about business is not bad either. In your dreams, you can come up with something that will later become a successful business.

In order to start a business, you need to start from what you do best or what you have the ability to do.

If you like to build something, develop this area and start a business. You don't have to tackle something you don't know anything about.

Every day we come across new business ideas on the street, in the press, and we understand that it is so simple and at the same time so brilliant.

Someone came up with a great business and started to develop it, and you missed such a great opportunity.

In other matters, there can be a million successful and unique business ideas, but yours should be special and only you yourself know what exactly and how you want to develop.

If you can't come up with your own business right away, go to the Internet.

There are tons of articles out there on new business ideas. After reading them, you can choose one for yourself or create your own on the basis of some.

Before starting a business, you need to think over everything clearly, weigh.

Write to yourself on a piece of paper how you imagine all this, you can create something like a business plan. Next, discuss all your assumptions with loved ones.

When choosing such a business, it is necessary to take into account not only profit and development, but also the possible risk of failure of the business.

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