What business can be opened with minimal investment

The size of the minimum investment for each entrepreneur is purely individual. Someone can invest ten thousand rubles in the business, someone is ready to spend half a million. However, a common feature of all novice businessmen is a catastrophic shortage of funds at the initial stages of work, when the costs of maintaining the operation of the enterprise have already reached their maximum, and the development of a client base is still planned.

Therefore, entrepreneurs who are considering how to open a business with minimal investment should pay attention to minimizing costs on items such as:

  • Expenses for the location of the enterprise (rent or purchase of premises, repair work, connection to utility networks and communication lines);
  • Expenses for the purchase of raw materials, materials and equipment (including furniture, vehicles, computers);
  • Fee for registering a business (obtaining the necessary permits, licenses and certificates, connecting cash equipment);
  • Wages and expenses, associated with the search and training of personnel.

There are a lot of opportunities to save here: you can use a garage as a warehouse or production facility, buy equipment on lease, agree on a deferred payment when delivering goods or raw materials, and attract friends and relatives instead of employees. If you use all available resources of this kind, the requirements for start-up capital will decrease several times: this circumstance will allow the entrepreneur to feel much more confident and go through the stage of formation of a small business painlessly.

Shaped Styrofoam Cutting

Considering what kind of business to do with minimal investment in 2021, it is necessary to mention the main advantages of this method of generating income:

  • The profitability of cutting foam can reach several hundred percent;
  • Organization of production requires minimal effort;
  • One machine is enough to produce a wide range products.

To implement this interesting business idea with minimal investment, you will need a room with an area of ​​at least 20 m² connected to electrical networks - a garage, an outbuilding or a rented workshop. Electricity is used in the technological process: the foam is cut with a heated nichrome thread, fixed in the movable frame of the machine. The trajectory of the carriage is set by a computer, which is also used in the development of models of future products. Finished figures are polished, painted with a spray gun and dried.

In such an idea for a business with minimal investment, the total cost of purchasing the listed equipment will amount to 125–135 thousand rubles. The payback period depends on the volume and complexity of orders: even without the cost of painting, one letter 100 cm high will cost the buyer 1,350 rubles, and the simplest figure (for example, a ball with a diameter of 50 cm) will cost 2,200 rubles. As a source of additional income, you can offer a new idea for business 2021 with minimal investment - self-installation, plastering and painting of decorative elements at the customer's facility.

Recruitment Agency

The services of the agency can be used by both enterprises when looking for employees, and ordinary applicants who want to find or change jobs. On the question of what kind of business can be opened with minimal investment, it is advisable to separate these areas and focus on either cooperation with employers or the employment of candidates.

The most valuable assets of a recruiting agency are business relations with employers and a database of applicants containing information about their professional qualifications and contact details. To create such capital, a company must have worked for at least two or three years, and it is better to start with line workers and mid-level specialists: finding a qualified accountant is much easier than choosing a candidate for the position of plant director.

To implement the business idea of ​​2021 with minimal investment, you should find a renovated premises with an area of ​​15–20 m², located as close as possible to the city center. Then you need to buy furniture, office equipment, stationery, provide the office with mobile communications and Internet access, and also hire assistants: one person should be looking for clients among enterprises, and the other - interviewing candidates. Studying what kind of business can be opened with minimal investment in 2021, we can assume that to create a small recruiting agency from scratch, capital of 120-165 thousand rubles is needed.

Hello dear readers and all those who have just come to my site. This article is about business ideas that have always worked and will work. Below I will give many examples of business ideas, I will also give examples on myself, my friends and acquaintances. And after reading this article and all those that it will link to, I hope you will not have any questions about which business idea to choose for yourself. But I would also advise you to visit the pro section. So, let's begin.

Why did I decide to write this article?

Be sure to read this paragraph. There are several reasons:

1. Sites that you come across. If you tried to search for small business ideas on the Internet, then you know all these sites with business ideas, which contain information about some unusual ideas, or I don't even know what to call them, see for yourself:

I apologize to the administrator of this site for using it as an example. If this bothers you, I can remove the screen and screen any other site.

So there are a lot of such ideas on the sites and do you really think that such ideas will help you? I'm not saying that these sites are bad, they are all good in their own way and bring money to their creators, but such business ideas, especially in Russia, are practically not applicable. Some of them, of course, take place, but the rest ...

2. Second, why are you trying to find an unusual business idea? Perhaps your creative thinking is waking up, but after all, everything that brings people money now is quite ordinary business ideas, but with some kind of unconventional implementation. Take a look around! Do you know at least a few or one person in your city who made money on fashionable furs from animals that died in an accident? I dont know. But I have many examples of people who made money by opening their store, providing services, etc. (and I'm no exception). And they all earned, earn and will earn while you search the Internet for unusual, mind-boggling ideas for small businesses. Maybe that's enough?

3. Reason number three is that almost all business ideas come from ONE schema. You are looking for a people problem or need and you are thinking how to solve this problem. Well, there is also a second scheme, which is different, but partially overlaps: an idea comes to your mind that others may like and you create an offer that should generate demand. BUT this model also works on needs. Indeed, in order to come up with this idea and start implementing it, you must initially keep the USP in your head, you must understand why your innovation is necessary, what problem it will solve, etc. And only if this problem is urgent and widespread, then it is possible to do business on it.

All of the above is my personal opinion and you can not share it. I do not urge you to agree with me, but it happened in my head because I earn money without any unusual ideas there and all my environment also earns them.

Business ideas that have worked and will work

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