What business can be opened in the village; 10 great ideas

Business in the countryside: ideas that will bring you money

Is it worth moving out of the countryside in pursuit of more income? It is quite possible that you will be able to earn money at the capital level without leaving your small homeland. And by creating a working business, you can help its revival by adding jobs for residents.

Before starting a business, there are many things to analyze. The climate, proximity to large settlements, the presence of potential employees, attractions, transport accessibility ... Much depends on the area in which you decide to create your business.

What kind of business can you open in the village?

The prospects of any direction will depend on a specific settlement. Nevertheless, we have identified the main areas for business development in rural areas.

  • Tourism. If there is a tourist attraction in your area, consider creating a comfortable recreation area. Also a very promising direction is eco-tourism: rest from the bustle of the city, clean air, natural and healthy products.
  • Internet. Do what you love in your home, create an online store or run social networks, send the fruits of your creativity by mail and make a profit!
  • Entertainment for local residents. Often this niche is practically free. People in small towns not only go to work, but also want to spend their leisure time in an interesting way.
  • Farming. Many of the city's large retail outlets purchase sustainable, delicious and natural products from farmers. You can set up production, agree on the supply and earn subsistence farming. Or you can provide local residents with good products.
  • Service for visitors. A cozy roadside cafe, a retail outlet with seasonal products next to a major highway, a car service ... But here it is important how far from major roads your settlement is located.

How much does it cost to start a rural business?

It happens that a person starts a business on the Internet literally from scratch, investing only in consumables for his work. But usually the minimum start-up capital for starting a business in a small village is from 500,000 rubles. There are government programs to support business in villages and small towns. There is also support from local authorities. But it is important to negotiate subsidies, soft loans and payments in advance, without waiting for the state to offer you money.

Another way to get initial capital is crowdfunding. These are voluntary anonymous donations for an interesting business idea, interesting to people. It can be announced on the Internet on special crowdfunding platforms. But it is important that your future product is important to people, so that they are really interested in it.


In rural areas, you can open a business that will bring a good income. But it is important to carefully analyze your future customers, potential competitors and other factors that may play a role in choosing a business area.

But you cannot create a single business without investment. Perhaps you will save on financial resources, but at the same time you will have to invest a lot of time, effort and your own professional resources in your future business.

In the meantime, explore ideas on how to start a business in a village or small town. We have collected the most interesting and useful options for you!

Village business ideas are surprisingly easy to put into practice. If you live in a village or own several hundred square meters of land in the countryside, you already have everything you need to start a business in the village and make money. The village business ideas presented here will help you get a faster and more adequate solution.

What kind of business you can do in the village from scratch

Ideas are pretty easy to put into practice. If you have been thinking about starting a business for a long time, I will give you many village business ideas that have already brought success to many small entrepreneurs. All you need is a few hundred square meters of land in the village and time to do business.

Goat breeding - sell milk

Goat milk is known as a natural anti-inflammatory agent, stimulates the immune system, balances blood pressure, reduces the risk of breast cancer and stroke, and neutralizes allergies and digestive problems.

It is for this reason that goat breeding is one of the best ideas for a village business. One liter of goat's milk sells for $ 2 per liter and the profit you can make is pretty high. One goat gives 1.5 liters of milk per day for 8 months a year.

Rose Growing-Village Business

One kilogram of rose oil costs 4,000 euros. In an area of ​​2021 square meters, you can grow about 1200 roses, from which you can get 10,000 jars of jam, 5,000 bottles of syrup or 3,000 bottles of vinegar. For example, about 510,000 rubles per year. Needless to say, this is one of the most lucrative village business ideas.


One of the most popular village business ideas is beekeeping. The beekeeping market in Russia has not yet reached its peak, so now is the time to start this business. Working with bees is not as difficult as you think, you just need to adhere to strict rules.

An excellent idea about what kind of business to start in the village, this is beekeeping. It's a pretty lucrative business. Honey is highly valued due to its taste and medicinal properties. The costs of organizing production will amount to approximately 150,000 rubles. However, a businessman needs to possess special knowledge and practical experience. With the right approach, the business will pay off in 1 season, since professional beekeepers collect 42 kilograms of honey from the 1st hive, the price of which directly depends on the region, but fluctuates around 410 rubles. for 1 kilogram.

Hi, my name is Maya, just sharing my experience

Agribusiness ideas for small land plots

Small Business: Ideas for Beginners in Rural Areas

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Despite the small scale of rural settlements, it is quite possible to open a business there, and in some aspects it is even easier than in urban areas. The availability of a land plot, outbuildings and natural raw materials gives rural residents a great advantage: they significantly save on renting space and purchasing materials. What kind of business to open in a village so that it brings good income and is pleasant? Fortunately, the choice is wide enough.

Peculiarities of rural business

The resources available to rural residents not only save on initial investments, but also open up wide opportunities for business development.

As in the city, in the village it is necessary to conduct market research, identify the needs of potential customers, correlate them with their capabilities, plan costs and profits. If the sale is planned to be carried out locally, then it is necessary to produce what is of interest to the villagers. If the products are to be supplied to the city, the needs of the citizens must be taken into account.

How to start a business in a village?

After studying the market, identifying several promising niches and analyzing your capabilities, you need to choose the most cost-effective option. Then you will need to draw up a plan and register as an individual entrepreneur. In some cases, you can get by with the existing equipment, but, most likely, some tools will have to be purchased.

Popular Business Ideas

Last modified: April 28, 2021

Unemployment has recently been breaking all records not only in the world, but also in Russia. How can one make a living in these conditions? You can't imagine better than opening your own small business in the village now. Even if we assume that you won't be able to make money, then you certainly won't die of hunger ... ????.

There are also economic prerequisites for starting a small business in the countryside. The state has become more active in allocating various grants and subsidies for those who want to organize their business in the countryside. Tariffs for electricity and housing and communal services have been reduced by 10-20% compared to cities. Today the government understands that it is impossible to ensure food security and independence of Russia without the revival of the village.

So, what options for ideas can be used to open your own mini-business in the countryside? So, I have a list of village business options for you.

Greenhouse business in the village Growing greens and vegetables for sale

Business in these two areas of activity is predominant. After all, vegetables, fruits, berries, fresh milk and meat have always been and will be appreciated in the consumer market.

The good thing is that your own business based on growing herbs, vegetables, fruits and berries does not require large investments. In order to organize it, you need a land plot and desire. In this case, the main part of the costs will fall on the purchase of fertilizers, seed material and the installation of greenhouses (greenhouses). It is very profitable to grow greenery for sale. After all, if you evaluate it from the point of view of profitability, then this is very good money. A kilogram of dill or parsley costs 500-600 rubles. It's even more expensive than a kilo of beef.

Greens are always in good demand in restaurants that care about the quality of food. The advantage of growing these products is a very short growing season and low cost of seeds.

Growing cucumbers can bring good dividends. They are unpretentious in cultivation, and in winter they surpass greens in price. They can be sold with her to the same catering establishments. Competition in this area is relatively low. It is not profitable for restaurants to cooperate with stores due to the higher cost. You can deliver your products to the counters of large stores in cities all year round. But for this you need to constantly work to achieve high yields and good productivity.

In crop production, it is necessary to maintain ideal irrigation and temperature conditions. Fertilize regularly and tie up plants if necessary, that is, create round-the-clock care. One of the great options would be to use polycarbonate greenhouses.

Demand Trends! Today, many low quality products are imported into the country. Therefore, every year the number of adherents of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is growing. They will be your regular customers and customers.

Business - ecotourism

Despite the ongoing urbanization and the outflow of people and capital to cities, the countryside remains an attractive place for investment. Even a person who has no experience in running his own business can try to open a business in the countryside.

Important nuances

Not all of the ideas below are equally applicable in different environments. Before developing a business plan, you need to carefully study all the characteristics of a rural settlement: population size, its composition, main types of employment, purchasing power; the size and number of streets; distances to district and regional centers. It is necessary to assess not only the situation in the selected settlement, but also the conjuncture of the entire region as a whole.

Assessing the competition in the chosen niche is also an important step. In many cases, small businesses in rural areas do not imply large coverage, so the direction may turn out to be unprofitable even if there are one or two entrenched competitors in the market.

The search for suppliers of raw materials and buyers of products is carried out before the implementation of the plan, and not during it, since it is impossible to make money without regular and reliable customers in any area of ​​activity.

It is important to know: in order to avoid fines from the state, the case must be officially registered in the form of individual entrepreneurship or a backyard farm.

Key messages

A large number of opportunities open up for a potential entrepreneur in the countryside: a business can be conducted in agriculture and at home, with minimal and medium investment, with and without professional skills.

Ideas with minimal investment

Agriculture and Livestock

The main directions of agricultural activity are presented in the table:

Maintenance costs - 30 / month

Arrangement of the farm - 60-150 thousand.

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