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Business in a Provincial Township: Tips for Newbies

Examples of business ideas for a small town

Jewelry Shop

The idea is great for an urban environment, as there is a growing interest in unusual things, accessories, gifts, handicrafts. Initial investments in the business are small - about 100 thousand rubles. For implementation, it is necessary to find regular suppliers of high-quality and original jewelry and accessories. The purchase can be made from two sources: in special warehouses with souvenir products or from hand-made masters. You can make a deal with several experienced and talented craftsmen who will sell their products through your store.

To attract more customers, the assortment can be expanded: accessories and bijouterie go well with handmade cosmetics, toys, souvenirs, decorative interior items, etc.

It is better to open a store as a department in a large shopping center. It is better to choose a point of sale near beauty salons, clothing and cosmetics stores.

Sale of baby food

Many young couples and families with small children live in such cities, so any business related to family and children's topics can be successful. A baby food store is a good idea, and at the same time it is not as developmental and popular as, for example, a store for toys or children's clothing, so the competition is lower.

The main thing in such a business is a responsible attitude to one's business, strict control over the quality of products. Cooperation should be conducted exclusively with direct manufacturers. The initial costs will be large (300 thousand rubles), and they are associated mainly with the lease of a suitable premises. You need to find a place with a high traffic area, better in the vicinity of children's clinics, kindergartens and supermarkets. It is also necessary to purchase high-quality commercial equipment, furniture for displaying goods, special refrigerators. With high initial costs, full payback can be expected in a year.

Being a resident of a small town does not mean having no prospects. Small county towns provide the same colossal opportunities in starting your own business as large cities, only in a small town it is somewhat easier to do this. The development of a profitable business in a small town should start with the selection of the right idea, since there are not many suitable ideas here.

Evaluation of the perspective of the idea

It happens that a huge number of ideas and pans are spinning in my head and it is difficult to choose the most suitable one. Therefore, a novice businessman looks closely at how things are going with local entrepreneurs and tries to occupy the same niche. In most cases, such an event is doomed to failure. Therefore, before investing in the implementation of a project, you need to assess its profitability. If the niche is already overcrowded, then luring buyers and customers to yourself is an impossible task.

We need to start with an objective assessment of the state of the market. Usually, all the necessary information about the work of enterprises and manufactured products can be found on the official city sites. Not the least is the opinion of people who usually express out loud what they absolutely lack, and what exactly does not suit them.

Each city has its own infrastructure, therefore, it is necessary to be based on an analysis of the settlement in which there was a desire to organize entrepreneurship. You shouldn't be guided by the regional averages.

Perhaps the most suitable project will be from an industry that is not familiar to the future entrepreneur. If such a business does not meet the interests of a person, then you should not open it. Enthusiasm can run out very quickly and the case will burn out.

What are the disadvantages of entrepreneurship in a small town?

Small settlements have great prospects for the development of their own business. But there are a large number of features that have a serious impact on its profitability and prospects. These features include the following:

  • A similar business in a small city will always be less efficient than in a large one;
  • Residents of small cities have a lower income level than in large ones. This affects their purchasing power. Therefore, an idea for a business should be in demand;
  • If the town has existed for a long time, then the most promising areas of activity are already occupied by a large number of representatives. Therefore, do not forget about competition and analyze whether there is a place in this city for the implementation of your own project;
  • There are not so many professional personnel in small towns. Therefore, if an idea requires employees with special qualifications, you immediately need to understand where you will have to look for them.

What are the benefits of entrepreneurship in a small town?

If a person has definitely decided to become an entrepreneur, then the above negative aspects of starting a business in a small town will not scare him at all. If he is obsessed with a truly profitable and interesting idea, then the future entrepreneur will try to turn all the disadvantages into advantages. And there are much more positive aspects in starting a business in a small village than disadvantages:

Material on the topic: "Business ideas for a small town" with full explanation and justification.

relevant business ideas for a small town

Have you decided to start your own business? Do you want it to be profitable? Do you live in a small town? Then this article is for you. We have collected relevant business ideas for a small town.

In a small provincial town it is difficult to come up with something new that would bring a decent profit: grocery trade, taxi, real estate services, something else trivial and already occupied.

But this is only at first glance - if you think a little, you can find a free niche for a profitable business. So, what is beneficial:

1. Trade in fresh meat and fish at the market. It is a very profitable business to buy a pig or a calf “on its feet” in the nearby villages and sell it piece by piece. Fish can be bought from local fishermen (from artels and private traders), or you can go for it to a neighboring large city and buy it in bulk.

2. Growing onions, radishes, mushrooms - everything that can be sold in early spring and late autumn, when only foreign fruits and vegetables are offered in stores.

3. Provision of services: legal advice, representation in court, accounting, decoration of apartments, minor home repairs, cleaning of apartments, shops, offices, assistance in real estate transactions, delivery of letters and parcels (courier), photography and video filming at weddings and anniversaries, setting up computers, repairing household appliances, printing on T-shirts and mugs, creating calendars with customer photos, launching 4D and 5D cinemas, organizing parties and various shows, toastmaster, etc., etc.

4. Collecting wild plants (mushrooms, berries, fruits) and supplying them to shops, restaurants, cafes. You can skip collecting, but buy food from those who live outside the city and resell it to firms.

5. Wood carving, creation of various souvenirs related to some important tourist sites in your region. This can also include the sale of postcards and magnets with beautiful views of the city.

6. Many business ideas for a small town can be found walking near kindergartens and schools: repairing equipment and furniture, installing playgrounds and vending machines, terminals, painting buildings and stretching banners - room for thought!

7. Representation. It doesn't matter who, you can all at once: trade enterprises, banks, companies with medical and cosmetic products, print publications, microloan organizations - many firms would like to find potential clients and buyers in provincial towns.

In small provincial cities, there are often problems with the employment of the population, so people who cannot find a good high-paying job start doing business. In this article, you will find several ideas for a profitable business in a small town. They have repeatedly proven their efficiency in practice, so they are great for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Butcher's shop

The demand for food does not fall even during the crisis, so such a profitable business in a small town will be guaranteed to bring good income. , which sells fresh natural products of farms with a minimum margin - this is the best investment in a small village.

For the sale of meat products, it is necessary to create ideal sanitary and hygienic conditions. The store should be divided into two zones - a place for cutting meat and a sales area. Some types of meat can be charged up to 50%. The minimum start-up investment is 300 thousand rubles. The payback period of a business depends on the range of products and the number of customers. Do not forget that the traffic of a retail outlet largely depends on its location. This is a very important point that should not be overlooked. This is suitable for beginners who plan to start farming in the future.


According to the most conservative estimates, it will take 18-20 thousand dollars to bring this to life. On average, a sauna brings in $ 1–2 thousand of net income per month. To quickly return the start-up capital, you can offer customers various additional services, for example, massage or beauty treatments.

Your sauna may be located outside the city, believe me, it will be easy for customers to get there. It is desirable that, in addition to the sauna, there is also a cafe or a restaurant, so that visitors can not only take a steam bath, but also have a snack. The main thing is to organize a competent advertising campaign in order to ensure a constant influx of customers. Sauna is not a seasonal, but a permanent business that will be relevant at all times. Therefore, take a closer look at this type of earnings.

Cosmetics and perfumery

A good idea for a profitable business in a small town is a store that offers consumers a variety of hygiene and cosmetic products. Such products are included in the list of the most demanded goods, so the demand for them is constantly growing. If you can design your trading strategy correctly and set reasonable prices for your products, you can achieve great success even with a high level of competition.

Such a retail outlet can be opened in a residential area. It is desirable that it be a crowded, passable place. Non-residential premises on the first floor of a multi-storey building are perfect for these purposes. The purchase of goods, rental of premises and other operating expenses will require about 300 thousand rubles. With a 40% markup on the product, the return on the initial investment occurs in about 1 year. If you want to open a profitable business in a small town, you should not overlook this interesting and promising idea.

During the crisis, newly minted businessmen face serious risks at every step. Many goods and services, which were very popular yesterday, remain unclaimed. On the contrary, products for which there has never been a great demand are being sold at an insane speed. In this regard, many aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for an answer to the question of what business is profitable to open now. In this article, we have collected several popular ideas that will help you choose a promising direction of activity and stay afloat in the face of economic instability.

Computer diagnostics of cars

Recently, many technical centers have been opened, where you can fix any car breakdowns. At the same time, the number of stations that perform computer diagnostics of cars for the presence of various faults is also growing. Such a service is always in demand among car owners, so if you are interested in what kind of business you can open in the city, pay attention to this lucrative field of activity.

In order to organize such a case, you will need a room and special equipment for computer diagnostics:

  • Computer ;
  • Fault decoding program;
  • Adapter that connects the computer to the car;
  • Mobile scanner.

The entire set costs 90–380 thousand rubles. As new car models and brands are introduced every year, you will need to update your computer program regularly. Each update will cost you 2-3 thousand rubles. This service is provided by specialized companies.

Confused about what kind of business you can start in a small town? Pay attention to this simple and profitable idea. Prices for computer diagnostics services for cars fluctuate between 3-5 thousand rubles. The procedure takes 30-60 minutes. Accordingly, in one day, such a station will bring about 25 thousand rubles. With a large influx of customers, you can earn 100-300 thousand rubles per month, which means that you can quickly return all initial investments. Such a serious profit is a weighty argument for those who still doubt whether it is profitable to open their own business now. To increase revenue, you can offer customers onsite computer diagnostics, door unlocking, and other time-saving services.

Software Development

As a rule, this service is used by small companies and organizations that cannot afford to employ experienced professionals. Most often, they order the development of programs for accounting and office work, business process automation, planning, and more.

If you are well versed in Internet technologies and programming and are thinking about what kind of small business you can open in the city, try starting your own IT company.

The most profitable areas of activity in this area:

Jewelry Workshop

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