Western business projects

Business ideas from the West: Europe and the USA

How to find your business idea, how to choose your type of activity, focusing on your western neighbors?

Which is more profitable: buying a franchise or doing your own business?

First of all, you need to look at small business, which is a source of economic growth. It is easier to open a business in this segment, since this is facilitated by tax legislation.

  • Look at the western neighbors and try to implement it
  • Come up with your own business idea based on the needs of people in our country
  • Improve the existing one idea or get ahead of slow competitors

Recent Business Ideas from USA and Europe

Idea 1. Organization of viewing sports broadcasts with the effect of presence. Implementation of the idea requires considerable investment, since it is necessary to watch matches in special Samsung Gear VR glasses. They are expensive.

Idea 2. Realization of packages for rent. The client applies for the number of boxes, for example, for moving, the company provides them, and after release takes them back.

Idea 3. Automatic key duplicating machine. At the same time, the client can choose any design he likes.

Idea 4. Selling devices that train cats to go to the toilet. The kit consists of three trays at once, which must be changed according to the degree of training.

Business ideas from Europe are bold startups that will help you to increase your fortune in a short time. Western projects are the best suited for implementation in Russia, if only for the reason that they are new, interesting and still underdeveloped in our country, which means that entrepreneurs have every chance to occupy a relatively free niche. Below we take a look at the most popular new business in Europe with a small investment.

Create a social media group

Progress does not stand still. In the capitalist world, advertising drives sales. According to many experts, the "era of television" is coming to an end. An increasing amount of advertising goes to the Internet. In Europe, advertising through social networks is widespread, while in Russia this marketing method is only gaining popularity. Advertisements are placed in communities (publics). You can create such a site at no special cost.

All that is required is to come up with an original concept for a public in one of the social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). For example, dedicate a group to beautiful nature photography. Next, you need to untwist it. This is where the start-up capital will go.

To promote a group, you must follow the following points:

  • fill the community with content (fill with interesting informational material);
  • wind up subscribers using special services (it costs up to three thousand rubles);
  • launch advertising in other communities (negotiable price, in large groups - from 15 thousand rubles);
  • regularly post content.

Advertising should be given special attention. It should be designed for the target audience. If the community is dedicated to nature, then advertising should be in public with the appropriate topic - thus it will be seen by a large number of potential subscribers.

European business ideas, which do not exist in Russia, are associated with an independent search for advertising buyers. When you get more than 60 thousand subscribers, advertisers will contact you. You can find them yourself based on the interests of your community members. For example, a public about nature can successfully advertise an online store of goods for outdoor activities.

The cost of advertising in social networks is calculated by special services, it is from this amount that customers will start. Such services work according to the following principle: they determine the number of subscribers, the so-called likes and comments. Therefore, try to post content that encourages commenting.

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In the West, there is a growing trend towards the demand for bold and creative startups. One of them: opening your own time-cafe (or anti-cafe). Small business in Europe is increasingly turning into the creation of entertainment establishments with a small selection of gastronomic products. Antikafe is an institution with a specific theme. Food and drinks are also sold there, but in much smaller quantities than in a regular cafe.

A business that does not exist in Russia is the creation of establishments for fans of TV series. Check out which TV shows have the highest ratings so far. Then announce the evening viewing of the new episode in your anti-cafe. It is enough to advertise in the community dedicated to the series, on social networks and there will be no free places. After that, in the fan environment, fame will grow exponentially.

Notice board Krasnodar

Foreign | New business ideas and trends of the year

Today, many successful business projects have foreign roots. It is rather difficult to come up with a fundamentally new business, while successful. Therefore, many entrepreneurs use foreign business ideas, adapting to the realities of their country. But when planning to apply even the best world projects, do not forget about social and cultural differences. What is in demand abroad may not "take root" in Russia. This section presents business ideas from abroad, which have shown good results in our country. We have collected promising directions and options for starting a business from scratch from around the world, which can bring financial benefits.

TOP business ideas from Europe for the year - Where and How to Earn RU

  • The newest business ideas from Europe: TOP-12 ideas 2021
  • Business ideas from Europe: how to find them
  • How test business idea

Most entrepreneurs dream of coming up with a new “million dollar idea” that will bring millions in profits and take it to the business Olympus. Promising ideas do not appear so often, but do not despair - if you cannot come up with anything interesting, you can use the example of your Western colleagues. The ideas of many projects were borrowed from Western startups, and this did not stop them from becoming successful: for example, Pavel Durov took advantage of Mark Zuckerberg's idea and created the VKontakte network, which, although it did not “surpass” Facebook in the world, still became the most popular social network in Russia and the CIS.

The United States has long been considered the trendsetter in business, but European businessmen can also demonstrate creativity and bring to life outstanding ideas that can be easily used here. Ecotourism, women's repair teams, production of Eurobeam - these and many other European ideas are successfully working on the Russian market.

The latest business ideas from Europe: TOP ideas

1. Bicycle cafe. Everyone knows what a MacAuto is - McDonald's and other cafes serve customers right in the car. A similar business for cyclists emerged recently in Zurich. A person can come to a cafe and drink coffee / eat without getting off the bike, which “parks” right on the territory of the cafe directly at the table.

It's no secret that bicycles are a very popular form of transport in Europe, and in Russia, in recent years, special parking lots for bicycles have appeared.

The cafe owners in Zurich went even further: they treated all customers on their bike to free espresso. Thanks to this, 500 cyclists visited the cafe in the first week alone. Soon other similar cafes appeared in Zurich.

Can this idea be applied in Russia? Yes - especially in big cities. In addition to the convenience for cyclists, this novelty will attract the attention of visitors - even those who come on foot or by car.

By the way, you can do one more business on bicycles, and this idea also came to us from Europe: more precisely, from the most “cycling” country - Holland. This is an automated bike rental center where anyone can take a bike literally in a matter of seconds for little money, and then return it to this point or to any other similar rental point in the city.

Ideas from Europe are more relevant now than ever. Of course, America is considered to be the center of global innovation. But England, Germany, France, Spain and other countries of the Old World have something to surprise us with. Moreover, their methodology of doing business is often more suited to Russian realities than the American model. This is primarily due to the fact that the European contingent of countries is very diverse. This political and economic association was able to incorporate many effective management models. As a result, it is much easier to choose the best option for a startup, relying on the experience of Western countries.

Small Business Ideas from Europe

How can the European experience help in opening your own project?

  • E-commerce. Gradually, simple stores are being replaced by virtual analogs. A similar trend is observed in our country. People now prefer to go to the site and buy everything they need without leaving their office or home. And, although there are such serious players as Amazon and Ebay on the market, a resourceful entrepreneur can always find his own niche.
  • Information and communication technologies. The technological boom has transformed modern people into a kind of symbiosis of a person and a mobile phone. Hundreds of various gadgets and millions of applications for them are entering our daily life deeper and deeper. We cook together with the tablets, wash ourselves to the music playing from the phone speakers. Not surprisingly, a huge number of companies are needed to serve this sector of the market.
  • Medical equipment. Health is trending now. Moreover, modern equipment helps to carry out many procedures and analyzes at home. It is easy to use and affordable.
  • Construction. Perhaps one of the oldest spheres in the world. But the emergence of new materials and technologies allows small companies with great potential to enter this market. The main thing is to focus on a certain type of service.
  • Ecology. For the Russian market, this is a very shaky topic. On the one hand, everyone understands that you need to take care of nature, on the other hand, this requires additional costs. Nevertheless, this direction has gained an unprecedented scale in Europe.

So, these are areas in which you can find the most interesting ideas from Europe and translate them into business, but in order to achieve success, you need to stand out, surprising potential customers with something new and unusual.

Innovative concepts from European countries

Another idea, as an example of extraordinary thinking, is SPA salons in maternity hospitals. The birth of a child is, of course, a joyful event in the life of every person. But at the same time, this is a difficult test for a woman, and SPA procedures help to relax and restore a good mood, relieve fatigue and just feel good.

An interesting development has received the topic of ecology in the creation of wedding rings. Precious metals and stones require tremendous labor during extraction; moreover, the damage to nature is simply colossal. To top it off, most of the stones are mined in Africa, where the phrase "blood diamonds" is not a euphemism at all. Accordingly, many companies have decided to move away from this practice. The first was Brilliant Earth. This company has used innovative technologies to grow diamonds in a laboratory. Such stones not only were not inferior to their natural counterparts, but even surpassed them. But the true innovator was the jeweler Gary Ptak, who created the Conscience Collection. This genius managed to grow rubies at home. Of course, he used expensive equipment, but earlier this was done only in the laboratory.

What are the mini-factories for small businesses for the production of various goods and services?

The ten most successful business ideas that have shown their effectiveness and profitability in practice.

Something everyone can do ...

Many aspiring entrepreneurs go into food or entertainment. This is due to the minimal investment on the part of the businessman and the rather high demand. The old world (I think it's clear what this is about) in this context is a real treasure of ideas. That only the TableTender system is worth. Imagine that everyone can feel like a master at a bar. He pours himself a beer, grabs snacks, and the waiter comes just to pick up the money. As a result, customers spend a lot more because they don't feel constrained.

An interesting solution in the food industry was presented by Domino's Pizza, more precisely, its Dutch subsidiary. The essence of the idea was to give people the opportunity to order pizza not only at home, but also in the park or on the beach in the summer. The sales result exceeded all expectations. Who would refuse to eat outdoors with good company? Therefore, use the best practices of the Old World and achieve success in your own business!

Why do business ideas from abroad have the right to develop in Russia?

Entrepreneurship always remains relevant - the majority of people working "for an uncle" dream of their own business, in addition, the state provides various subsidies and support that contribute to the development of the business. Nevertheless, aspiring businessmen often face a number of problems, including an insufficient legal framework and difficulties in doing business.

What attracts Russian entrepreneurs to small business ideas abroad?

There are several reasons for attention to business innovations abroad:

What you need to know before implementing Western business ideas that are not in Russia?

When deciding to start a business based on a Western business idea, be sure to consider the following factors.

Demand. Not every business that brings income to Western businessmen will be as successful in Russia. For example, a special taxi for animals or a hotel for pets will be in demand exclusively in megacities or regional centers, while in small towns the enterprise will be unprofitable.

Possibility of purchasing equipment. If you decide to organize a business for the production of goods, then make sure that you can purchase original equipment or its analogues in Russia and abroad.

Own financial and physical capabilities. Among domestic ideas, there are many that do not require large financial and time costs.

Unique design is ideally combined with high quality and environmental friendliness. Businessmen get the opportunity to trade dropshipping. They are also provided with recommendations to help them make a profit from using the franchise. Partners are offered the opportunity to receive a stable income with minimal effort.

However, when implementing a foreign business idea, be prepared for large financial investments (especially if you open a production facility) and for daily work for at least 8-10 hours - only in this case the business will become profitable and will grow.

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