Western business ideas - what you can borrow

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas in the West". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

American business ideas that do not exist in Russia

  • Auld Sod Export Company, a Colorado-based family-owned company, successfully markets native American dirt. An ounce of this unique product costs at least $ 10. The idea is to provide a piece of "homeland" to those who are far from it and feel nostalgia for their homes. Surprisingly, after six months, the authors of the original project were able to earn 2,000,000 dollars.
  • TerraCycle Inc - sells feces in half-liter plastic containers. Product price - $ 8 per bottle. Purpose - universal, environmentally friendly fertilizer for the garden and lawn.
  • Another trendy product of American bridal salons is diapers for brides, allowing girls to feel at ease and not control their emotions in the full sense of this expression.

It is not known how relevant such and similar ideas will be with us. But some types of business that are not in Russia, and which could be successful in our country, can be adopted.

Let's consider actual and adequate living examples of profitable and successful business in America, which is not yet in Russia:

Rubber tile production

This is an idea from the field of production, therefore, there is an opportunity to get affordable loans or take part in regional programs for the development of entrepreneurship. Also, the benefits of such a business include:

Initial investments - about 2 million rubles. They are necessary for the lease of territory and premises, the purchase of equipment (drying chamber, volcanic press, mixer and molds). products resulting from such production are extremely popular and in demand. Rubber paving slabs are affordable, have high consumer characteristics (aesthetic, do not change their properties under the influence of the atmosphere, wear-resistant), serve for several decades. And also - it is non-slip and not prone to cracking over time. The technology can be purchased from a variety of US resources.

Personal consultant

A person with unique knowledge, an innovator and inventor or a highly qualified specialist may well earn money on his own, without bosses and restrictions on the flight of ideas. Can advise: lawyer, psychologist, nutritionist, economist, programmer, specialist in building materials, dentist, etc. The main costs are creating your own website. For starters, you can get by with a group on social networks. The main difference from the business of providing services (which is quite developed in our country) is that orders are not fulfilled here, but only consultations are provided. What the client gains:

  • confidentiality, privacy of his information from the consultant, which cannot be realized if the specialist provides the service directly (for example, keeps records of the client);
  • anonymity;
  • affordability.

The best idea for a startup is to open a direction that does not yet exist in the Russian Federation. It goes without saying that the idea should be in demand, otherwise you can simply "burn out" as experienced entrepreneurs say.

Next, let's talk about some interesting business ideas that are not in Russia, and also consider which of them will be in demand in our country and how to start a business in one direction or another.

Features of the culture of doing business abroad in Russia

Small business in Europe is difficult to compare with what is in Russia, if only because in America, for the development of small business, optimal conditions are created - legal support, subsidies, issuing loans on optimal conditions, consulting support.

In general, small and medium-sized European businesses are seen as one of the most important sources of economic growth. Actually, that is why the stake is being placed on this direction.

One of the main problems in the CIS is the lack of a legal framework. So the entrepreneur compensates for most of the work with his activity, trying to create something of his own.

To be convincing, let's just use dry statistics: the GDP of small businesses in Europe is 70%, in the USA it is 40%, but in the Russian Federation it is only 23.6%. Perhaps, in the context of the country itself, this is a pretty good indicator, but globally, the picture is not rosy. So we should develop and develop this area, and then we will consider what Western business ideas can take root in our country and bring good income.

foreign ideas that are not yet in Russia

Even if at first glance they seem absurd, this does not mean that such ideas for business from abroad will not be in demand. We will consider the most popular ones below.

Server water heating

Notice board Krasnodar

The ten Russian names most popular in the West - Rambler / female

They say that foreign names are popular in Russia today. However, experts say that there is a reverse process. In the West, more and more often they give their newborn babies Russian names. And all because they sound beautiful. And here are the ten names that were most in demand in other countries.


Not so many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity carry this old Russian name in Russia. However, with this name the same foreigners associate the uniqueness and giftedness of a person. Therefore, they call their daughters that.


More and more often foreigners call their sons the name Anatoly. True, the colloquial Tolik, Tolya, and even more so, Tolyan, is not practiced in the West.


In the West, it is believed that the name of Eugene sounds somehow special, fabulous, mysterious. Curiously, the male version of this name did not take root abroad.


Very often abroad you can meet children and adolescents named Leonid. True, they say that the name gained popularity after the triumphant release of the historical drama "300 Spartans", where that was the name of the legendary Spartan king. Nevertheless, in modern times, the name Anatoly is considered Russian.


There were a lot of Zines in the Soviet Union. Even Vysotsky had it in the song. And today, curiously, there are perhaps even fewer women with this beautiful Russian name in Russia than abroad.

Let's look at how Western businessmen do business, their attitude to business is radically different from how it is done in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Of course, we can say that in Western countries business has existed for more than a hundred years, and in our country it began to appear after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Yes, this is not an unimportant factor that has had a significant impact on our countries, or rather the absence of any positive impact.

Now let's look at such a situation as the presence of our business in the pre-Soviet period, because we had merchants and industrialists of a fairly large scale.

This means that our people also have knowledge of how to do business correctly, but something constantly does not give and interferes.

The secret of big money or the "Key to profit" strategy I want to share my own experience: I'll tell you about my way of making big money .. more

First of all, a very negligent attitude of our people to everything that surrounds them, how can a young company or firm become successful if there is no clear, almost military training of internal personnel.

Our people do not want and do not like to work, this is one of the most common problems in organizations and just private entrepreneurs. In the west, employees plow like blacks on a plantation for the benefit of the company that gave them work.

And that's why they publicly declare to their employer when there are various antics from the social. securing or lowering wages.

For this, our people need to be crucified and rocked, not to pay for half a year, only then will they begin to claim their rights.

Copy or create new is the question

After reading the title of the article, a phrase from William Shakespeare's Hamlet involuntarily comes to mind - "To be or not to be, that is the question ..." Indeed, many young businessmen who count on a good start up are asking an eternal question. The main problem is what to do, to develop a business that has already proven itself in the West, or to come up with an absolutely new, creative project that has no analogues. Both the first and second options have their own advantages, their own nuances. Let's figure it out together, which is better.

Projects - clones: what are the advantages?

Clone projects (or as they are also called - copycat) have proven themselves very well in the modern post-Soviet market. Many supporters of this type of start-up use the well-known social network Vkontakte as an example. As you know, it was launched 2 years later than Facebook and completely copied its foreign counterpart. Now we can say that Vkontakte is an independent project, which is technically much better than Facebook, but the fact remains - the idea was completely copied. There is nothing bad, shameful or shameful in copycats. I have said more than once that you should not neglect the opportunities that are opening up before you. If you can analyze the Western market, see the development trends of some business, you can calculate its prospects in your country, then why not try?

Clone projects have several advantages: 1. This is a ready-made business model that successfully works in other markets. 2. You can also borrow stages, methods and ways of development. 3. Lots of ideas for an advertising campaign 4. If the project works abroad, it means that it is commercially profitable, makes a profit, which will allow you to draw certain conclusions on profitability.

It should be understood that you won't be able to copy a business 100%. There is such a term as "mentality additive". Why do you think Facebook was unable to gain a foothold in the CIS, why does Vkontakte, having 2 years of lag, now completely dominate? The answer is simple, although this start-up was copied from a foreign analogue, it was made for our audience, our people. Everyone knows that the mentality of the Slavs and other peoples is radically different, but it's not for me to tell you this. In business, this factor also needs to be taken into account. If you take a foreign business model, then be prepared for the fact that the first 6-12 months will be required to adapt to the market of your country. Of course, now I am talking about big business, which in the future can bring tens of millions. If you are not focused on small projects, then its adaptation takes place during the development process, you yourself will see what needs to be changed and how it will be better for your clients.

Foreign experience can be used not only for copying and creating a clone in our market. Many startups are looking for inspiration, motivation, fresh ideas in the US and Europe. By looking at how young teams develop their projects, you can make an analysis, understand something for yourself. This is how interesting and innovative ideas come about.

Advantages and disadvantages of unique projects

Of course, many on the Internet are not supporters of cloning, arguing that this is not fair, such projects are not interesting, that you need to give a unique and original product, because only it can bring the maximum effect. Of course, creating a project from scratch, thinking over every detail, developing it in stages and with special trepidation, you will earn more respect and recognition, but is it worth it? What risks will you face?

1. First, such a project needs to be developed. It is very difficult to come up with something new, creative, interesting and useful for the user. Hundreds of startups appear every day, but only a few are worthwhile. You can develop a concept of your business for a long time, but in the end it turns out that no one needs it.

2. I am sure that you will face a problem in the development of this project. How to advertise, what to focus on, where to invest money first of all. There will be more questions than answers.

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