Top 7 Business ideas that are not in Russia 2021

Often, in order to find a profitable business idea, aspiring entrepreneurs have to use someone else's experience. The option of looking for a business outside of Russia is considered one of the most popular.

However, it should be borne in mind that there are noticeable differences in the markets of even several countries. It is one thing to look for business abroad in a state that is developing its economy and is decades ahead of other countries. It is completely different to look for inspiration in countries that are developing at a high pace and use popular global trends for this.

Even well-known businessmen use an uncountable number of ideas that are taken abroad. And the difference in them lies only in the degree of borrowing. You can simply adapt someone else's business idea to the Russian market and wait for the time when the work will begin to generate income due to the absence of competitors.

Features of the culture of doing business abroad and in Russia

It is important to remember that 50% of cases of successfully operating business abroad do not guarantee profit in Russia. Even the most creative and fashionable foreign business ideas become unclaimed.

Much depends on the interest of the local population. In addition, a novice entrepreneur is obliged to take into account the bureaucratic level, current legislation and state support in Russia when implementing a foreign business idea.

The governments of European countries consider small business a source of economic prosperity and growth of the country. Therefore, the citizens of such countries do not think about the problem of how to open their own business abroad.

  • preferential system of tax payments;
  • high legal culture;
  • stability of economic processes in Europe.

Preferential terms of doing business are also provided to aspiring American entrepreneurs. Citizens of this country who decide to start their own business receive support from the state, the main feature of which is the provision of free information services and consultations.

However, do not be discouraged, because the problems that arise on the way are easily compensated for by their own activity.

Your compass in the world of finance

Surely, almost every person working for someone, sooner or later, thinks about creating his own business. Everyone has their own reasons, someone is not given life by an evil boss, and someone just wants to make more money. Most of these people fall into a "trap", it seems that there is a desire to try themselves in their business, but what exactly to do somehow does not come to mind. This deadlock, which is quite common, is faced by most aspiring businessmen. In fact, there are so many - many options and ideas to do. We propose to consider business ideas that are not in Russia.

Financial Analysis

First of all, you need to think about everything well and weigh all the pros and cons, both material and moral. Some simply cannot work for themselves, because they indulge themselves with illusions, such as - you can work as much as you want. But this is true, only partially, in the beginning, if you do not work the whole day, you simply will not reach the turnover you need, since it takes a lot of time to at least automate production a little. Even after partial automation, you will need to work 8-10 hours a day at least to get a stable income, not a penny.

If it doesn't scare you, then you can safely start running your business. And you should understand that the world of business, a cruel world, you can make big money, but you can go broke, and in the worst cases, even remain a debtor. Under the heading - Success Story, you can find many examples. When millionaires lost everything to zero. If you think that you will not have enough strength to recover from such a loss, then you should not even try. Better to be content with your stable salary. Okay, enough pessimism, we hope we didn't intimidate you. Let's take a look at topical business ideas for Russia in 2021.

Business ideas that do not exist in Russia

The most profitable business areas in Russia

Such ideas for business in Russia are: services, trade, production. But if your idea does not belong to one of the above areas, do not be discouraged, this does not mean that it is not profitable. It is very important to organize everything correctly according to Russian laws and work tirelessly, then you will surely expect success.

Rubber tile production

A very good niche as it is not very competitive and has a pretty good profitability.

You will need to invest about 2 million rubles. The profitability of such an idea is at the level of 40%. o there you can recoup your business in about 8 months from the date of start

Photo studio with 3D effect. "Dancing heads"

In Russia, even during the presidency of the previous Supreme Commander-in-Chief D. Medvedev, they actively started talking about the need for breakthrough modernization. However, practice shows that a breakthrough, as such, cannot be created in the country due to the very "dull" state of the business climate in large cities, as well as in the outback. And progress in the industrially developed countries of Europe and America, nevertheless, conquers new heights and it would be good for Russians to reach for these heights.

It seems interesting to analyze in detail business ideas that are not in Russia in 2021. So, let's try to compose our own TOP-7 interesting projects.

Transparent concrete

At the end of the last century, fiber optic won the minds of not only computer specialists, but also fashion designers. It turned out that, being woven along with ordinary threads, optical fiber (when passing light through it) is able to make the fabric glow!

Actually, the idea works for other completely opaque materials as well. For example, we are talking about concrete. No, of course, this does not mean at all that the silhouettes of people inside the building will be guessed through the concrete. However, the array will receive a unique "magic" ability to glow.

Technically, everything is quite realizable, however, only for the so-called finishing concrete. The fact is that bundles of fiber optic threads are located in a concrete array. Each beam has its own source of "light" power. When the light is turned on, such an array emits a deep, voluminous, saturated light, and the pattern that is created on the wall depends on how the threads are located. Strictly speaking, this is not even concrete, but rather a cement mortar, because the use of large fillers (crushed stone) must be abandoned. Yes, and sand should be selected exclusively fine-grained fraction.

The finished product is facade tiles that look deliberately rough, but give a magical light at night. The production technology is simple: it is enough to arrange in the form of bundles of fiber-optic filaments with LED emitters (you need to carefully remove the electrical contacts) and fill them with cement mortar. After drying, the transparent concrete is ready. At the same time, no expensive equipment is needed at all, so this startup is ideal for implementation on a small business scale.

Western Style Residences

Soviet student dormitories are not very suitable for young people. The reason is the ill-conceived ideology of living together. The common kitchen on the floor attracted literally a whole crowd of people to this room, as a result of which conflicts became frequent, theft and petty sabotage flourished. People tried to isolate themselves as much as possible in their own rooms. Creating kitchens there, which, as a rule, suffered electrical wiring and neighbors.

The design of Western-type dormitories involves a group of residents living in a block: several rooms with one kitchen-living room space, as well as one bathroom. As a result, a limited team (from 6 to 8 people in a block) contributes to the formation of a welded society, as well as an increase in the culture of living conditions. In addition, the project for the provision of such housing may well become commercial.

A number of people who work for hire constantly have the feeling that managers are trying to save money on employee benefits, although they have the means to do so. Some complain about the leadership and even the organization as a whole, intending in their hearts to organize their own business. As a rule, no action is taken, or the desire "evaporates" already at the initial stages of the choice in which particular sphere to start "fabulously enriching". Relevant business ideas can help you choose the right path. True, before the "decisive leap", one should nevertheless evaluate one's own capabilities, as well as preferences, in order to understand whether the chosen path corresponds to them.

Nuances of choice

An important criterion is the willingness of a potential businessman to acquire new knowledge and constantly replenish their luggage. If the chosen topic itself turns out to be uninteresting, then such information will not cause enthusiasm either. It doesn't matter whether the trends that are interesting today or the options of past years will become the direction of development - when choosing, it is better to think not about quick profitability and payback, but about preferences and correct calculations.

The chosen option promises to be profitable, but you still don’t have a heart for it? In this situation, the possibility of wrong decisions multiplies, and this is already capable of destroying any, even well-built business. And therefore, the most important thing is the desire to devote oneself to one or another type of activity.

  • relevance of the business line;
  • supply-demand ratio;
  • business seasonality;
  • growth opportunities ;
  • features of the buyer (consumer);
  • personal capabilities.

Obviously, the sixth “Products” store, which opened in a small quarter, will not interest customers, but the only beauty salon is perhaps. It must be remembered that in the conditions of the village people are used to choosing "live", and not studying the catalog. Seasonality should also be considered - for example, the sale of sled-cheesecakes will bring income only in winter. The territorial issue is also interesting - in some places elite goods will be completely unclaimed.

Small towns and villages

Places where few people live just seem completely unsuitable for doing business. And in small villages there is an opportunity to demonstrate their own entrepreneurial qualities. It is possible that it will not be possible to get a decent income in the village, which means that you need to organize deliveries to the city's shops or work “remotely”.

The following "village" options remain relevant:

  • veterinarian (out);
  • hairdresser (out);
  • delivery to order;
  • basket weaving;
  • mushroom growing and processing;
  • dairy production, vegetable growing;

Almost all of these options are easy to implement and literally "lie on the surface." Of course, it is not easy to attract customers and establish sales markets. Mistakes can cause a sharp decline in income - the business itself will be unprofitable. But with the right approach, even such seemingly simple types of entrepreneurship can bring profit. In addition, in the countryside, you can create a business that will be based on personal employment or use a universal scheme suitable for both the village and the megalopolis.

In cities

Mobile hairdressing salons are not needed in the city center, as well as greenhouses - this is unambiguous. Among the current options, there are those suitable only for megacities. And there are many of them.

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