Top 20 business ideas for men for 2021

It's good to work in a high position in a large company. But for many men, freedom of action and the ability to control their own lives are very important. An employee creates wealth for other people, the stability of his career is extremely unreliable. Only a few of the top management receive decent wages that allow them to create a decent financial reserve and gain confidence in the future. For the majority of employees, job loss threatens, if not collapse, then a sharp decline in living standards.

Starting your own business gives you more chances to ensure a decent life. It is only important to choose a promising direction.


For a freelancer, the Internet opens up a lot of additional opportunities in finding a decent job, eliminates the need to work in a stuffy office on a clear schedule and offers a lot of options for creating your own business. There are many exchanges with various orders from Russian employers. But serious earnings are possible on foreign exchanges; to work with foreign clients, you must speak English.

Freelancing is a great opportunity to create a profitable online business - an online store, entertainment or information site that will bring you a decent income.

Sports Club

More and more successful men or those who have just embarked on this path choose a healthy lifestyle and excellent physical shape. Decent clubs for sports in Russia are sorely lacking. Take advantage of the moment and occupy a niche that is free from competitors.

To create a sports club, you need a certain start-up capital. Funds are needed for rent and repair of premises, purchase of exercise equipment and sports equipment. To reach a larger target audience, you can go beyond training for men and set aside certain days for women's training.

Organization of extreme entertainment

If in your city or its environs there are conditions for the chosen direction, and there are no worthy competitors, start organizing a business. It is very important that the owner of the club himself is a very experienced extreme and is able to ensure the complete safety of the clients.

Own business brings much more income than working for the "owner". You can work from morning to evening and still live from paycheck to paycheck. This article has collected the most popular home business ideas for men that will help you gain financial freedom and significantly replenish your family budget.

Computer repair

Not a bad idea for a business man - computer repair. Nowadays, almost every family has such a technique, so this service is always in great demand.

Of course, to do such a thing, you need special knowledge and experience. If you will be doing simple repairs, you can get by with a minimal set of inexpensive tools. Most often, computer problems arise at the software level, so if you do not understand anything about technical repairs, you can tackle software-related problems.

Breeding worms

This type of business attracts many aspiring entrepreneurs. If you organize your business properly, you can make good money from breeding worms for fishing. Such goods are bought in bulk by fish farms and pet shops, so there are usually no problems with the sale of products.

For a year of work from two cubic meters of nursery, you can get 15-20 thousand worms and a ton of vermicompost, which is used as fertilizer. Since such a home business for men does not require large financial investments, its profitability reaches 150%. Some worm farm owners get higher rates. Breeding worms is a rewarding and highly profitable business that generates a good income.

Production of paving slabs

The profitability of this business is in the range of 100-130%. If you find reliable distribution channels, all initial investment will pay off in 5-7 months. This is a great home production business idea for men looking for additional sources of income.

Auto repair shop

Many owners of large car service centers started their business with small workshops, gradually expanded and achieved great success. The number of cars in our country is constantly growing. Even the most expensive and high-quality cars break down sooner or later and require repair, so car services do not suffer from a lack of customers.

If you know how to repair cars, open a car service in your garage and make good money. This is a great home business idea for men that can be done in any locality. Since there is a high level of competition in this area, you should provide customers with only high-quality services at affordable prices, otherwise your business will go bankrupt.

And although, according to statistics today, the percentage of men who own companies or hold managerial positions exceeds the fair sex, in fact, gender characteristics are not decisive in business. For an entrepreneurial environment, the key factors are competence and professionalism in the activities that a person is engaged in. And as he is called - a businessman or businesswoman, by and large it does not matter.

If there is a difference in business ideas for men and women, it is only in the areas and industries that entrepreneurs prefer to do. More ▼

Men in Business

So, for example, men are more inclined to run a business related to trade, transport and production, and business women are more likely to be engaged in entrepreneurship in the service sector, catering, education and beauty business. Although, again, this division is very arbitrary.

Why are men in business?

The reasons why men are in business are not very different from women. This only proves once again that gender is not the issue. The motivation of people who want to have their own business is common. And the most important incentives for everyone are about the same:

  • financial independence and a decent material position;
  • unwillingness to work "for an uncle" and have independence from anyone or anything;
  • desire for self-realization and self-expression.

As you can see, these three main motives are equally important for men and women. In general, these are the key desires that distinguish an entrepreneur from other people.

In general, the greater number of men among entrepreneurs, perhaps, is also explained by the fact that men are naturally active and aggressive beginnings. This is probably why the so-called "masculine style" of doing or managing a business is often associated with pressure and toughness. Therefore, the types of business ideas that men choose are often associated with activities that require more pressure, risk, as well as making quick and tough decisions.

Competition is one of the main characteristics of a business. And in men, by nature, there is a spirit of rivalry and competition. And the types of businesses men choose are more often associated with highly competitive and global markets.

What's stopping men from doing business?

If we talk about what more often interferes with men in business, then these are rather factors associated with the male psychotype itself. At the same time, often the same character traits that help to achieve success can also be an obstacle. For example, persistence and desire to get things done as soon as possible sometimes lead to haste and lack of planning. Although, traditionally, it is believed that analysis and accounting are precisely the strengths for male entrepreneurs. Or, being rigid and overconfident in your knowledge and actions can result in a lack of flexibility to achieve results and an overconfidence that will alienate potential partners, and so on. In other words, everything in life has at least two sides of the coin. And entrepreneurship is no exception. After all, business is just another sphere of human life and activity, and as in everything else, character, human qualities and life experience also play a role here. Business is not only money, it is also psychology.

What types of business ideas are most often chosen by men?

The male part of the population has enormous opportunities and potential to develop their own business, pursuing a hobby or what they love. In this article, we have prepared a selection of the best business ideas for real men that can be implemented in 2021. You will definitely find your business among them.


You can make good money on repair services - from 1 to 5 thousand rubles per square meter. The competition on the repair services market is great. But among all those who provide their services, masters, real professionals are very few. Therefore, it is never too late to start a business in this area.

You can work independently. If you have certain knowledge and skills, you only need to buy the necessary tool. This is about 100-150 thousand rubles. There is another option: to open your own repair company and hire a team of professional craftsmen. The costs in this case are higher - wages for workers, buying a car, starting a business.

Warehouse rent

The warehouse business is experiencing a real boom today. And this is not surprising. The number of entrepreneurs is growing every year, new stores, production facilities, various cargo transportation services are opening and much more. And everyone needs space to store goods and equipment.

About organizing your own warehouse, and starting to rent out its square meters, you can make good money. Rent can be both long-term, for clients who do not have their own space at all, and short-term, literally hourly, for those who urgently need additional premises. There are no problems with clients in both cases.

Car dry cleaning

Professional cleaning of car dealerships is a pretty promising business. Usually, car owners dry their cars at least twice a year. Numerous car washes, in addition, also provide similar services, but often do a poor job. Therefore, a professional service can quickly gain popularity.

To open a small firm specializing in dry cleaning of cars, you will need about 250 thousand rubles. The main expenses will go to the purchase of equipment and cleaning products.

To increase your earnings, organize an on-site dry cleaning service.

Self-service car washes

Every year the car fleet of Russians is increasing by about 1.5 million units. Along with this, the demand for car washes is growing.

The modern interpretation of the saying about a real man, in addition to a house, a tree and a son, should also include an item on creating a business. It just so happens that having their own business provides the stronger sex with a special status and testifies to its dedication and success.

Home business ideas for men from scratch are varied and cover every field of activity, allowing a potential entrepreneur to carve a niche according to their interests and preferences.

It is important to understand that the implementation of a small business idea is within the power of only those men who:

  • Always finish what they started;
  • We are ready to sacrifice personal interests for some time in favor of the development of the enterprise;
  • They do not tolerate delay and correspond to their plan actions;
  • Pragmatic and have a clear strategy.

Home business ideas for men with minimal investment

Below is a list of the most relevant home business ideas for men.

Production and installation of protective glasses on LCD TVs

LCD TVs provide high-quality images and are expensive, but very fragile against mechanical damage. Even a sharp tap with your finger on the screen can render it unusable, so the vulnerable matrix is ​​at risk every day.

On this basis, the business idea for the production of protective glass for LCD TVs at home and its subsequent implementation to private clients is in great demand, because:

  • The broken screen cannot be restored due to the lack of such records. parts on the market (it will be profitable for manufacturers if a client buys a new TV);
  • It is almost impossible to find a similar screen among broken samples, and if luck smiles nevertheless, the price will upset, since it will be equal to the cost of a new TV ...

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