The latest business ideas in Europe, how to make the right choice

Business in Europe has long ceased to be something unusual. Many seek to find their niche in the business in order to develop a new, profitable direction. How to find what you need, and what new items have appeared in recent years?

Now more and more people are leaving for "free swimming" and starting to develop their own business. It is successful for those who initially implement new, interesting business ideas, the fruits of which will be in demand.

The most demanded directions in small business in Europe

  • Information and communication technologies. Phones, computers, software products are now more popular than ever and if you are well versed in this or have the appropriate specialty, then this direction is for you.
  • E-commerce. In Europe, it is now very popular to shop without leaving your home. Therefore, online stores are gradually replacing retail. This area is already quite developed, but it's time to think about your niche in this sector. You will need to define the category of products that you will offer, as well as develop a productive marketing system to attract targeted visitors to the site.
  • Medical devices. Medicine does not stand still, and all new modern diagnostic devices, self-diagnostics, medical devices are constantly being introduced, available not only for professionals, but also for ordinary people. For example, blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, odor detectors, inhalers, and more. It would be good to have experience in this area and significant start-up capital to start a business in the medical field.
  • Construction. Crafted professional builders are always appreciated because construction and renovation never stops. It is important in this area to have experience in construction, "golden hands" and gain an impeccable reputation.
  • Environment. You can protect the environment by recycling waste, such as polyethylene, plastic, paper is quite suitable for recycling. Rubbish, it turns out, can also make good money.

Available Businesses, Overview

Are you considering options for business areas? For you, our overview of affordable and profitable ideas.

    • You can follow the simplest path and buy a ready-made business, i.e. a franchise with an already promoted brand. You are guaranteed success! Franchises are now offered by a lot of large companies from online gift shops to construction companies or cement plants. Choose what you like and become rich by developing a ready-made business.
    • Growing vegetables and herbs in greenhouses. The case is available to almost everyone. First you need to equip a greenhouse. The first greenhouse may be small and imperfect, but growing vegetables is very profitable and quick to pay back. Therefore, soon you are "threatened" with the expansion of production capacities, which means an increase in capital.
    • Production of building materials. In particular, you can take as an idea the production of metal profiles, nails, dowels, concrete tiles, wooden products.
    • Manufacture of cabinet furniture. Take your niche in the furniture business by developing unusual furniture designs and conquering the consumer market with high quality materials and workmanship.
    • Production of semi-finished products. Many start out with small workshops with a few employees, or start a family business, and then develop into large companies with a sought-after product. There are subtleties in working with food products, and you will have to establish contacts with sanitary and epidemiological services.
    • Confectionery, custom-made cakes, mini-bakeries. Craftsmen of the confectionery art will quickly conquer their circle of regular customers, since no one has canceled holidays and birthdays.

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In one article, unfortunately, it is not possible to list all types of business, so we will focus on these ten. Some of them require an investment of money, and some require only your skill, it all depends on you.

Things to consider when choosing a new type of business

Deciding what to do in life is not so easy, I want to cover everything, but whether the idea will be embodied in the monetary dimension is not a fact. Consider your hobby first. Can it be turned into a profitable business? It's great when work is not only profitable, but also fun.

Representatives of various categories of the Russian population want to get rid of the need to work for hire: from students and graduates to well-established individuals who have managed to accumulate the necessary experience and start-up capital. At the same time, not everyone can easily find a free niche, invest and make a profit. The main reason is the lack of a suitable idea that could appeal to future consumers.

More often, newcomers are guided by the successes of domestic businessmen, thereby making a mistake. One of the ways to solve the problem is to search for optimal business ideas for 2021, which are not available in Russia.

With the right approach to adaptation and marketing, a new niche is likely to form. A minimum of competitors and consumer interest are guaranteed to bring a positive result. Choosing a fundamentally new area and focusing on foreign experience, you can open a business that will not only bring profit, but also become truly exciting for an entrepreneur.

European ideas for implementation in Russia

Today, serious prospects are opening up for beginners and professional Russian businessmen who are guided by the experience of colleagues from Europe.

Relevant business ideas for 2021 are related to service.

The rapid development of the Internet leads to the fact that almost every option to one degree or another requires awareness of the work of modern technologies. Let's consider some of the most attractive options that have been successfully tested on foreign consumers.

VR technology for football fans

Major sporting events take place almost daily and everywhere. Even the wealthiest fans are unable to attend every football match with their favorite teams. It remains to watch their game through a TV or computer monitor.

A small company managed to make a system of cameras located in the stadium. The recordings from them are transferred to the system providing VR operation. Thus, in the presence of special glasses or a helmet, the fan will be able to ensure himself the perfect viewing of the match, sitting comfortably and not being limited by the frames of the TV.

Interesting business ideas from Europe | Unprecedented web experience

Why buy packaging when you move when you can rent it? Why ask neighbors to water the flowers when you leave when you can temporarily move houseplants to a hotel? And who said you can't have coffee without getting off your bike? Fresh business ideas from Europe are so simple and ingenious that one would like to implement them in Russia.

What small business ideas from Europe should domestic entrepreneurs pay attention to? Any project of today's collection is worth it.

Cafe for cyclists

The McDonalds restaurant chain serves motoring customers. The latter do not need to get out from behind the wheel of the car. The initiators from Zurich went further and organized a coffee shop for cyclists.

The “know-how” is that the client does not need to change seats at the table - he parks the bike right next to it, orders coffee, snacks and eats. The owners of the unusual bistro were surprised when 500 cyclists visited them in the first week. Now their number has grown several times.

It is not difficult to adapt a business idea from Europe for Russia. It will be especially in demand in megacities. Cafe owners in Zurich treated cyclists to free espresso to draw attention to the establishment. The same can be done with us.

Free Gym

Interesting business ideas are often intertwined with fashion trends and trends in Europe. Today it is fashionable to be healthy, to play sports. Going to the gym is expensive, especially if the club requires you to buy a six-month or annual membership.

The EU countries have solved this problem by organizing free gyms. Fitness center owners earn money by providing additional services to their clients:

Studying the experience of European startups, as well as the opinions of experts in the field of entrepreneurship, we can distinguish 10 promising business segments that are relevant for Europe and, to a large extent, for Russia.

Europe today is an extremely “colorful” market. However, it is believed that there is room for both traditional and innovative business segments. The business portal Moneymaker Factory has selected for you 10 new business ideas in Europe (5 are business concepts and 5 already working business models).

Business Concept: Hygge Style Leisure Store

Popular: Denmark, UK

The word "hygge" is of Danish origin. In the original, the word sounds like hygge and means "comfort" (understood as home). The Danes are a northern, sedate people who cannot do without comfort at home, and, besides this, they propagandize their own values ​​in terms of arranging life among other Europeans.

The main idea of ​​hygge is to make home furnishings simple and inexpensive, but at the same time helping to completely disconnect the owner from pressing problems - at work, in business, in relationships - with things. It is possible, of course, that there are already hygge things in the house, but it is important to find them in time, and also to use them correctly.

Video on what hygge is:

So, a typical house that has everything for hygge would have:

  • a soft, ultra-comfortable sofa for the owner to spend the whole evening after work (or even the whole weekend);
  • a set of large cups designed for slow and delightful drinking of tea and coffee during the evening;
  • a set of foamy bath fragrances - which the owner will take after tea;
  • a pleasant book - best of all classical literature.

And an indispensable condition - no electronics around. The idea of ​​hygge is in abstracting a person from the world of gadgets and television, e-mail and SMS, in communicating with oneself, close friends, or at least with a cat or dog - and, by all means, face to face.

An enterprising European has every chance of making money using his hobby of hygge as a business idea. To do this, he needs to organize a specialized store in which a person who has discovered a hygge can purchase everything listed above for a reasonable fee.

Business Concept: Applied Policy Consulting

New business areas in Europe

In recent years, the main trends for European business are eco-technologies and energy conservation, creative ideas in the sale of food, goods and services for health and an active lifestyle, entertainment and tourism, logistics and transportation. Innovative solutions in the beauty and fashion industry also occupy a significant market share.

Ecotechnology and energy saving

Unlike the domestic market, where eco-technologies often mean the use of natural products and materials, in Europe directly concern for nature is taken to the first place. The most popular ideas in this direction, which will be in demand in Russia, are:

  • Inspection of houses with a thermal imager. This service is in demand among those who wish to reduce their utility bills. It allows you to quickly identify in which area of ​​the house there is a heat leak and eliminate this problem. Such a business requires practically no investment and long training in the procedure.
  • Production of dowels and other building materials from renewable resources. The German company Fischer is engaged in the manufacture of such products. For production, it uses organic substances that are not inferior in strength to synthetic ones, but at the same time the production process of such materials does not harm the environment.
  • Production of self-contained luminaires powered by sunlight. The idea itself is not new, but the Italian company Solenica managed to implement it in a completely new way. Its lamp redirects the light coming from the window into the dark areas of the room, making it evenly lit. This luminaire also has the ability to turn itself to follow the movement of the sun.
  • Processing of fruits and vegetables that have lost their presentation. Small private European companies are actively buying unattractive fruits and vegetables at a reduced price from supermarkets or from farmers, using them in the future for the production of canned food, convenience foods, soups, purees and dried fruits.

Active tourism and sports

Medicine, which is becoming more expensive every day, provokes many Europeans to think about health even before problems arise, which makes the development of sports and outdoor activities very popular. In this direction, new business trends in Europe offer the following ideas:

  • Rest for introverts. An unusual hotel has opened in England for people who prefer peace and loneliness. It has only single rooms and over 14 hectares of beautiful desert park. All excursions are held only in the afternoon, very leisurely and measuredly, which gives vacationers the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility. This idea appealed to visitors tired of the intensity of modern life.
  • The fitness bus is a very interesting novelty on the European market. Buses for parties can already be found in Russia, but the bus - the gym is still known only in Europe. Its potential clients are people who do not have the opportunity to spend time going to the fitness center or who are shy about public places. Also, this service can be interesting when holding holidays and children's events.
  • Hotel for children. Such hotels are increasingly being opened in Europe. They allow you to leave the child under supervision for several days without worrying about his safety and diet. This service is especially in demand among parents who are often on business trips. The hotel provides entertainment for children with animators, and sometimes school lessons.
  • Free gyms. Income in such an establishment can be obtained from displaying advertising and selling goods or services inside the hall (individual trainer, equipment, sports nutrition).
  • A mobile coworking center on a sailing catamaran. New business trends in Europe have not ignored the idea of ​​working outside the office. This project is a prime example of the success of such a solution. It allows you to combine work and a pleasant sea trip. The ship has everything you need to do business remotely - unlimited internet, separate rooms for sleeping and resting, meals are provided. Catamaran work is usually carried out on weekly tours, during which the boat is sent to the hot coasts of Italy or the UAE.

Fitness bus that allows you to play sports on the way home

Catering and food production

To stand out from the competition, food manufacturers and catering establishments need to constantly generate new ideas. European countries are no exception, where the following trends are observed:

  • Edible tableware. The most popular are edible coffee cups, which are made from various types of dough. Many restaurants go further and create edible plates. However, the latter, alas, can only be used for second courses so far.
  • French fries vending machines. This is a relatively new business in Europe that is rapidly gaining popularity. These machines do not use oil, but fry potatoes with hot air, which attracts lovers of healthy food. The process itself takes less than a minute, making the product a favorite for students and office workers.
  • Dinner alone. A restaurant that provides the opportunity to dine alone and even excludes joint meetings is very popular in the Netherlands. It has very small and secluded tables set far from each other. These services appeal to business and creative people who need privacy to plan or think about ideas.
  • Printing photos from Instagram on pastries. Such a project was created in England by the brother of Kate Middleton herself, who proposed to decorate marshmallows in this way. The idea came to the taste of Europeans and was quickly transferred to other types of products.
  • Sausage with pictures. On the domestic market, sausages with patterns on the outer surface are already known, but this time the manufacturers went further and made an image inside. It can be seen when slicing sausage, which makes it very decorative. Similar ideas have already had great success in the preparation of rolls.
  • An online muesli store with a choice of ingredients. The client is invited to determine himself what additives will be in his purchase, after which the employees collect the necessary proportions and pack beautifully. Such a store is successfully operating in Germany and will undoubtedly find its consumer in the domestic market.
  • Dinner from the book. The organization of such events is very popular in the Netherlands. The author of the business idea herself chooses the theme (book) of the dinner and announces in advance about the upcoming event on social networks, inviting everyone to take part for a fee. Not only dishes are taken from the books, but also the corresponding interior design is performed.

Edible glass of coffee in the UK

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