Small town cardboard business

Packaging made of cardboard is the most demanded in the country today. Experts estimate that 78% of all packaging is in cardboard boxes.

The annual growth of their production is about 10-12%. It is not surprising, because the return on investment in this type of enterprise is less than a year.

Mini-factories for the manufacture of containers are available not only for large enterprises, but also as interesting ideas for business in a small town.

Raw materials

They produce corrugated cardboard boxes. This material is made from waste paper, which significantly saves natural resources and serves as a method of protecting the environment. Corrugated cardboard consists of two flat layers of cardboard, between which paper, which has a wavy shape, is laid. This design makes it resistant to bending, both in the direction perpendicular to the planes, and along them. To obtain higher stiffness values, five and seven-layer structures are made. As in the first case, cardboard and paper in this design alternate with each other.

Each type of corrugated board has its own industry standards, designation and purpose. For example, a two-layer material that is made only of a layer of paper and a layer of cardboard is intended for transporting furniture. The above described three-layer structure is suitable for storing and transporting food. All material, which has more than three layers, is designed to move heavy loads.

Manufacturing technology

In order to make a box out of rolled raw materials, the blanks are first cut. Then a line is formed along which the product is folded, and the flaps are cut. All directions along which the bend occurs must be strictly perpendicular. The last stage involves bonding, gluing and stowing the product for transportation.

Most of the workpieces are made using stamping forms.

These forms are adapted for processing roll and sheet materials. They are made from a wooden base, which is equipped with scoring and edging rulers. Shtantsform is a multifunctional tool. Using it, you can carry out stamping, perforation, embossing and creasing. Nibbling is the complete cutting of a workpiece until the desired shape is obtained, and creasing is the process of creating bending notches. Modern dies are made using a laser, they are durable and cost-effective. But the process of making boxes will become many times more productive. Connect the parts of the product with steel glues and staples.

Increased requirements are imposed on the manufacture of containers for the food industry. Finished boxes must comply with sanitary and hygienic requirements.

Business ideas for women from scratch: Ways to make money

In our category, you will find a selection of interesting and profitable business ideas for girls from scratch. There are a lot of modern ladies who do not have the opportunity at the initial stage to organize large-scale projects due to lack of money. Therefore, ideas for beginners without investment are a great chance to start their own business, even for a novice entrepreneur with no work experience. If you are a smart lady who is not averse to realizing herself in the business sphere, I strongly recommend that you take a closer look at the category of business ideas for women from scratch. For more information about the ideas of starting a small business from scratch for girls, read the articles in this section.

Business options for women in a small town. Ideas for earning money with minimal investment in 2021 for girls. Tips and tricks.

List of new home business ideas and tips for women with their own hands with minimal investment. Options for making money at home from scratch for girls.

Simple homemade soap making recipes for aspiring entrepreneurs. Do-it-yourself business plan for making soap at home. Where to begin? Video.

Profitable options for what to do on maternity leave to make money for a woman. Business ideas 2021 for young mothers on maternity leave.

Tips on how to make money sitting at home with your own hands for a woman. Ideas of 2021 for making money at home with minimal investment.

The most profitable business for women. Ideas and tips for earning money in 2021 at home for girls and women on maternity leave.

Fresh part-time jobs for women. How to make money at home, on the Internet, in the service sector? Types and options for replenishing the budget.

Small Business Ideas for Women of the Year from scratch or with minimal investment

List of 2021 profitable home-based ideas for women. How to start a business for a girl with minimal investment at home and achieve success? Options for additional earnings.

Most Profitable Home Work Jobs for Women in 2021. How to make money at home with your own hands for a woman with minimal investment?

Business for girls with minimal investment per year

We continue to talk about how to make money for a woman at no special cost in 2021. In fact, there are many women’s business ideas for little money. Let's clarify the situation right away - a small initial capital is, according to our standards, up to 50,000 rubles. You will be surprised, but with this money you can open a completely profitable business, both in a big city and in a small village. So, to your attention the best business ideas for girls with minimal investment.

Knitting and sewing clothes

We have already told you that knitting as a business is a very real and profitable idea for a girl. If you know how to knit or sew, have enough time, creative imagination and little capital, then opening sewing at home is what you need!

At first, investments can be minimal - buying threads, fabrics, yarn, needles, hooks and other necessary little things. The main part of the costs is advertising your business. We recommend that girls first advertise on social networks or on thematic forums. To do this, do a few exclusive things, take pictures of them and agree to have your products in the visible part of the sites for a week. In the future, when things go uphill, you can create your own website and buy a knitting machine that will speed up production. Such a business for a girl with minimal investment will not only bring good income, but also improve her mood, i.e. knitting and sewing is a hobby for her.


Do you know how to deliciously bake cakes or other sweets? So why not start your own mini-bakery at home? The initial costs are small - you need to buy a suitable baking dish, kitchen tools (pastry sleeve, mixer, etc.), and, well, actually - products. Of course, in this business, a girl cannot do without a stove.

First you can advertise to your friends, word of mouth works very well in this matter. At the same time, advertise custom-made cakes on social networks - a group of the city in which you live (this will be the main part of your minimum investment). The audience you should tune in to in business - birthdays, banquets, corporate events and weddings.

An alternative and very unusual way of earning money at no special cost for women is preservation to order. If you live in a village or small town and want to open your own business without investment, try to get rich off a blockage. Many city dwellers are dissatisfied with preservation in supermarkets and will gladly want to become regular customers if they like your products.

Another way to make money for a girl with minimal costs, if you have a private car, is to open the delivery of set meals by yourself. To do this, you need to fill the base of your customers who want to have a tasty lunch with inexpensive homemade food in the office. Everything you need to work - your kitchen, disposable dishes and fresh food.


Needlework is one of the most popular jobs for women with minimal investment of money. To open a business, a girl will need scissors, glue, tape, threads, as well as consumables - stones, leaves, paper, glass, etc. As you can see, the initial cost is low. The payback of such a case depends on the originality of the idea and good advertising. As for the first, in 2021, bright baby pillows, handmade soap, women's headbands made of artificial flowers and even basket weaving are in fashion.

To open a successful business with minimal investment of such a plan, a woman must carefully analyze the modern market and understand what else can interest clients. Original souvenirs and gifts will be more effectively advertised by word of mouth, which will further reduce further costs of raising awareness.

In small towns, life is more measured, the way of life is traditional, and the population is not too well off. But this does not mean that you cannot open your own business here.

These people are no different from the inhabitants of megalopolises. They also want to eat deliciously, dress nicely, and be able to relax in comfort. This means that it is quite possible to organize your own profitable business in a small town.

Everyday goods and household services are in demand in small settlements. Investments here can be minimal, the low rental cost allows you to develop several areas of activity at once.

Your main task is to correctly determine which business will bring profit and which will not take root at all.

I must say that business in a small town is no different. The same economic mechanisms work here as in the metropolis. The success of any enterprise is determined by several factors, such as:

  • profitability ;
  • competitiveness ;
  • quality of goods and services;
  • personnel qualifications;
  • great location.


The first thing to start with is market monitoring. Find out what goods and services the citizens are more interested in, what is missing. In this case, you need to focus not on personal feelings, but on the needs of the future target audience.

If your city is dominated by middle-aged and elderly people, a pharmacy will be more profitable than your own nightclub.

“Ask the price” of competitors: who they are, what range of services they offer, what distinguishes their pricing policy.

If you can give your customers more, better and cheaper, feel free to get to work. Not sure if you can handle it? Then it's better to do something else. Find a free niche and you will dictate your terms.

Quality of goods and services

The quality and price of a product depends on manufacturers and suppliers.

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