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Another area for small businesses in the agricultural market is mushroom growing. Assessing the prospects of this market from the point of view of organizing your own business, you can cite several statistical data, in particular, on the territory of our country, the consumption of mushrooms is 3-4 times lower than similar indicators in the EU and the USA. On the other hand, the growth rates of the consumption of industrial mushrooms in the CIS countries show a positive trend, with an annual increase in the level of consumption by 20-25%, while the growth rates have significantly accelerated in recent years. This factor is caused by a number of objective reasons, in particular, the cost of mushrooms is lower, and in terms of nutritional value they are not inferior to meat and fish, the growth of the culture of mushroom consumption, and so on. These factors, as well as many other less significant ones, turn the mushroom segment into a very promising and at the same time quite highly profitable business. Starting your own small business with mushroom farming is quite simple, but it is worth remembering that organizing such a small business is not possible without initial capital.

Organizing your own business has both a number of similarities and a number of differences, in particular, when organizing a mini mushroom farm, as an idea for a small business, one of these specific conditions is the search for a place to grow. Various basements serve as the optimal place for the initial organization of production. They make it possible to comply with the most important conditions from the point of view of mushrooms, namely the optimal ratio of air humidity and temperature in the room.

Business plan

The organization of any business begins with a business plan and the implementation of a small business idea in the form of organizing a mushroom farm is no exception (you can read about it here). In your business plan, you need to get an answer to several global questions, where you will grow and what costs you will incur when maintaining and organizing production. How much and what do you need for the production process itself, for this, select a specific technological cycle (production technologies may differ slightly from different sources, both mycelium suppliers and specialists in this field), and a production flow chart, it is best to take in a specialized scientific institution or manufacturer's firm. As a rule, "home-grown" technologies can be completely unprofitable or not viable. In the future, you will independently correct your technological map for yourself, but you need to start with the canonical foundations of production. Having the totality of all costs and the planned yield, you can calculate the level of your prime cost, while do not use the maximum yield, but try to put the minimum values ​​in the planned figures, in the future all additional kilograms will go to you but there will be no disappointment.


The whole process of building this business consists of the following main stages:

One of the negative aspects of such a business of its own is the need for start-up capital, the advantages, of course, are high profitability, the possibility of expansion and development prospects. As a small business idea, farms like these can get a solid 8 on a scale of ten.

When organizing such a small business, one should not forget about the paperwork, unlike a number of other ideas described on this blog, in a mushroom farm, the creation of the farm itself and the design of entrepreneurship in the form of a full-fledged subject of legal relations should go in parallel. Implementation of similar products without inspection by the dignity authorities. We see control is not possible or ate is only possible illegally, which in conditions when a business is being built with the prospect of further development is unacceptable. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the competent and timely execution of all such documents.

For the implementation of this idea for your own business, it is even possible to attract bank resources, that is, loans. True, one of the prerequisites will be the preparation of a high-quality and competent business plan; when drawing up it, you should not use overestimated figures. Since the bank can give a loan, but how realistic it will be to repay it from the income of your business depends on you. It is in the business plan that you can calculate how realistic it is in certain conditions to repay the loan taken only from the income of your own business.


The first thing that needs to be done to calculate the amount that will be required to open your own mushroom farm is to buy compost. The cost of one ton of this product is approximately $ 130. This is taking into account the fact that the compost was previously seeded with mycelium. Then, within two months, it is necessary to deal directly with the cultivation of mushrooms. Only after this period has expired, you can get a harvest.

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