Small business ideas from scratch at home

If you want to finally work for yourself, then you will be interested in small business options from scratch. And there are a great many of them, because a small business does not require huge investments. Nobody bothers you to come up with what you will earn. Small business often provides an opportunity to make a profit by doing what you love.

In addition, many well-known corporations started their journey with a small but incredibly purposeful enterprise. Below are some pretty simple and profitable small business ideas.

Business on the Internet

The Internet business has recently come to the fore. Sometimes it is also called "home". Such a business requires a computer, Internet access and "lively and enterprising brains."

Freelancing is very popular now. Remote work can be related to anything: design, programming, editing, working with texts. On the one hand, you are performing someone's task, on the other, you are always free to choose an employer.

Freelancing is a good profit when you assemble your own team of professionals in a particular business. This is already a real mini-firm that only works with large orders.

For example, many serious development companies prefer to give a project for development to a team of competent programmers.

Internet Advertising Agency

Another option is an Internet advertising agency that sells Internet traffic. The main thing is to interest advertisers, then there will be no problems with advertising sites.

Your site

Building and running your own niche site is a very good business from scratch for newbies. As a rule, sites of narrow specialization become popular much faster.

The main thing is to be really interesting and useful to readers in order to gather a large audience. Then advertisers will not keep themselves waiting.

Pets in apartments are very common. Few people will give up the pleasure of squeezing a little fluffy ball to themselves after a busy day. The appearance of a cat in the house provides not only a lot of positive emotions, but also some responsibilities of the owners in relation to the new family member. Everyone knows that this animal loves to sharpen its claws. Unfortunately, she does not know and does not want to know how much the new wallpaper costs in the apartment. The natural instinct cannot be overcome by persuasion and punishment. Therefore, it is necessary to provide her with a place where she could play and sharpen her claws without prejudice to the home environment.

In modern pet stores there are a lot of ready-made houses, scratchers and other gadgets that can be considered as ideas for their own business at home. The price category of such goods is quite high, and the manufacturing technology is not difficult.

And now let's try to consider making scratching posts and play complexes for animals, as an idea for a small business from scratch at home.


The idea of ​​a small business from scratch at home for the production of goods for animals is interesting because the investment in it is minimal. The main materials that will be used for the manufacture: plywood, rope or hemp rope, carpet, pieces of colored fabric, threads and glue.

Of the tools that will be needed in the work: screwdriver, furniture stapler, scissors, jigsaw.


There can be two types of product: stationary and mobile. The first type is preferable because it has a stable position. Precisely the claws, the cat presses with all its weight on the scratching post, so the wobbly structure of the animal will not attract, rather, on the contrary, it will scare it away from the place for sharpening the claws and for playing. The standard scraper is a securely fixed pipe wrapped in cloth or tight rope.


A board can serve as a base. Its dimensions depend on the height and weight of the pet itself. Taking into account the allowances for bends, a piece of carpet is cut out from the base measurements. The cover is fixed with small studs.


The central part is a cylinder with a height of at least 500 mm. It can also be wrapped in a carpet, but a product made of thick rope will look much more beautiful. The remains of plastic pipes, thick wooden branches or boards can serve as a basis for it. As an idea for a home business from scratch, this is especially convenient, since the cost of purchasing this material is not required at all, or minimal.

It is necessary to find construction teams that specialize in the installation of plastic pipes and agree with them that the entrepreneur will purchase the remnants of materials of a certain size and diameter at a reduced price. As for wooden branches and snags, this material can be found absolutely free in the nearest forest or park, which is suitable for the implementation of a small business project. Before decorating, the tree must be dried and treated with antiseptic solutions.

Have you decided that you are tired of working for your uncle, and that the only way to create a bright future is to start your own business? Congratulations! It seems like a toggle switch has clicked in your head, transforming you from an ordinary human worker into a future entrepreneur! The fate of this character is not easy, but interesting. In particular, you will have to deal with a whole lot of tasks: how to register your business, where to get funds for its opening, how to attract the first customers, and so on. And the very first in a series of these "monsters" is the question: "What kind of business to open?"

Entrepreneurs are people, from head to toe filled with energy and creativity, and therefore they usually direct all their reserves of this good to the solution of the first task. Of course, the choice of a business idea is a fateful question. At the same time, most of the beginners think that a business idea must certainly be original and fresh. It is then that the business will produce a WOW effect on potential customers, and they will rush for a new product or service, sweeping away everything in their path, including competitors bursting with envy.

I must say that in search of an unusual idea that has not yet been implemented by anyone on the market, many go very far and invent startups, which, in general, cause nothing but surprise. You look at such a business, and there is only one question in your head: "Well, who will pay for this ?!" But this, as they say, is only flowers. But berries, that is, the most amazing thing, is that they really pay for it. And very many and very willingly.

Don't you believe this is even possible? Then we suggest you get acquainted with a couple of business ideas that at first glance seemed crazy, but, nevertheless, helped their creators make good money.

American startup Rent-a-Chicken makes money by renting out two adult chickens. What helped this idea shoot out? The general trend for healthy food and organics. Many residents of the United States are very much warmed by the thought of "bungling" in the morning with fried eggs from 100% organic eggs.

Rent-a-Chicken plays on these emotions, giving everyone the opportunity to feel like a farmer, without investing fabulous money in it, without incurring risks and without even leaving their usual work. It is enough just to leave a request on the company's website, and its employees will bring the chickens themselves, as well as a small chicken coop for them and a supply of feed for three months, for only 250 US dollars. After this period, you will have to return your fun farm. Now the startup operates in 15 US states and enjoys a certain popularity.

Message on a potato

How would you like a prospect to pay from 8 to 12 US dollars to send your friend a note "Vasya, repay the debt!" on a potato tuber? But the Americans liked the idea of ​​the founder of the Potato Parcel service. Just two days after entering the market, the enterprising start-up earned $ 2,000 from "the dumbest idea in the world" (according to his girlfriend).

After another 5 months, Potato Parcel was sold, and that's when the real fun began. The new owner took the project to a completely different level: now the service operates in Canada, Australia and Europe, earning $ 1,000 a day. Potato Parcel was so successful that it even acquired several smaller caliber imitators.

Cricket Protein Bars

Growing cucumbers is a business that will not make a profit immediately, but in the second year you will understand that you were not mistaken. Cucumbers are a popular and off-season product, they are all bought at any time of the year. With a small financial investment and basic skills, you can make good money.

The demand for fresh vegetables is stable and does not depend on the season. With a choice, buyers prefer domestic products, considering them to be of higher quality. The year-round cultivation of cucumbers is certainly a profitable business, but to make a profit, you need a balanced and serious approach to business.

You can grow cucumbers in the open field, but then the profit will depend on weather conditions, raids of pests, diseases and other unfavorable facts. The culture is unpretentious, but the cucumber farm requires attention and care.

Land plot

It is possible to set up a "plantation" in the country or on a personal plot, but in this case there is no need to talk about a big harvest and business.

To organize a business, you need to rent or buy land in a place with running water, electricity and gas. These benefits of civilization are necessary for growing cucumbers indoors. A good harvest can be achieved by planting cucumbers in fertilized soil and providing the right temperature and humidity. You will spend money on the construction of a greenhouse, but you will avoid the influence of natural surprises such as drought, prolonged rains, hail, etc. In addition, you can grow vegetables in a greenhouse all year round, and winter prices are much higher than summer ones.

Cucumber seeds are immersed 3 cm into grooves in the ground, keeping the distance between plants at 12-15 cm. Plants will curl, they need to create conditions in the form of strings stretched between trellises.

Greenhouse vegetables rarely damage diseases and pests, but preventive measures will not hurt - budget for the purchase of herbicides and fungicides.


The best way to get a reliable greenhouse is to buy a ready-made polycarbonate structure in which everything is taken into account: lighting, ease of installation, watering, etc. You will need to follow the instructions and connect heating and lighting, try to use energy-saving technologies.

Custom designed items are incredibly popular with clients, as as a result everyone can have a unique setting in their home. Any retailer will confirm that products with original designs are readily purchased. When manufacturing all kinds of goods and accessories for unique projects, the client has the opportunity to independently determine the parameters of the object that he buys. An example

The massive search for new business ideas is currently a concern. Does a business idea really need to be innovative for a future business to be successful? Not every business needs to be new and original in order to bring tangible success in the market. Sometimes you need to use proven business plans to achieve professional success and create a profitable venture. A successful business idea in Russia can be

It is generally accepted that games are the lot of kids. However, in the age of high technology and computer games, it should be recognized that many adults are ready to play games with no less zeal than children. Moreover, if ten years ago people enthusiastically went through computer quests, today they are ready to enthusiastically solve mysteries in real life.

Usually hazelnuts in Russia grow in the wild on hills and foothills. As a domesticated culture, it is not very widespread, although it deserves to be paid close attention to, because it takes up little space, does not require special care, while it is very tasty and rich in fat (50-70 percent), proteins, carbohydrates , useful microelements and

A mushroom farm can be considered a profitable business even on a small scale. The owner of one room removes the mushroom harvest every six weeks. However, if you are engaged in the production of mushrooms in several rooms, then you can count on a profit every week. Mushroom production, like any new business idea, requires entrepreneurial acumen and practical knowledge. Mushroom farm allows you to grow your business, and with

If the owner of a diving school is only a manager and does not have the necessary knowledge and skills, he should find an experienced professional who will engage in this activity with enthusiasm and content. At the moment, the business associated with expensive extreme recreation is in dire straits. Over the past few months, the economic crisis has led to the fact that people

Why is growing lavender so profitable today? If only because France, which has always been the main producer of lavender, is becoming less competitive due to high costs. The Provence region, known for its endless lavender fields covering a total of about 20,000 hectares, has reduced its share of global production from two-thirds to half over the past ten years. Released

At the moment, growing blueberries is one of the most profitable investments in agriculture in small areas. The demand for this berry is so great that the profit from its sale can bring up to 15,000 euros per year. To start this business with minimal losses, from the very beginning, you should consider two points: for landing, you need to choose two or three,

Lack of knowledge is a barrier for many potential entrepreneurs to start their own business. However, not everything is as complicated as it seems. Now you can find many ready-made instructions on how to open your business from scratch and start your own business in a particular area, as well as a huge number of trainings to help you do it much faster.

Here we post ideas for beginners who don't know how to start a specific business from scratch. These business ideas disclose the full information, or the main part of it, which will help you start and organize your business in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. In terms of the size of enterprises, this is mainly small business, but there are also publications for medium and large enterprises.

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