Rural business: features, interesting ideas

How I want to quickly and with minimal cost to open my own business in the village, which will overtake the city in terms of self-sufficiency.

My Mini Business Plan

My name is Arthur. Since my youth, the dream has not left me to open and raise my own business. During the years of perestroika, he tried to engage in trade: he opened a kiosk for the sale of food, but went bankrupt due to a lack of working capital. Studied in absentia as a manager, then tried to master the profession of a broker.

But as my bitter experience has shown - you are not a person without money, no one takes you seriously.

For 2 years now I have been preparing to start a business in my native village. This is not a mastered field of activity, both literally and figuratively. I collect information on activities that could actually generate income. I calculate the costs that I need to meet the minimum, plan where and what buildings to put.

Last year I applied to an agricultural bank with a request to provide a loan of 600,000 rubles for the development of farming. The answer is no due to the lack of collateral for the loan. But then intermediaries in the same bank offered to solve this problem for 50% of the commission of the loan amount ...

During the years of developed socialism, our village was one of the leaders in the delivery of agricultural products to the state. Currently, the previously fertile fields are abandoned, the farms are half destroyed and stolen, the young population left for the city, as there is no work.

I would like to revive my village: to renovate and launch farms, plow and sow fields, revive beekeeping. To do this, I will need to start with a few simpler but more commercially viable areas.

Beekeeping with a well-established system of timely provision of raw materials brings quite tangible income.

To open an apiary, which will pay for itself during the first year of operation, it will double in size, and will bring a profit in the amount of money spent, you need to purchase 50 bee colonies with hives. 1 colony with a hive costs an average of 3500 rubles. In May - June, bees begin to swarm (1 colony is divided by 2). It is necessary to purchase 50 more hives at a price of 1500 rubles / piece.

Equipment and raw materials for 100 families will cost 50,000 rubles. In total, my initial costs for opening an apiary: (3,500 rubles 50 p / s = 175,000 rubles) + (1,500 rubles 50 hives = 75,000 rubles) + (50,000 rubles equipment and raw materials) = 300,000 rubles. The main honey collection begins in July.

From each bee colony, an average of 20 kg of marketable honey is obtained at a price of 400 rubles / kg. It is not a problem to implement it in our region. As a result, we get: (100 p / s x 20 kg of honey = 2021 kg) x 400 rubles / kg = 800,000 rubles.

How to open your own business in a village

What interesting ideas can you offer as a business for a woman. Analysis of four profitable options. The current business practice shows that modern women do an excellent job in the role of organizer or manager. The line between male and female responsibilities has long been blurred, and it is already difficult to determine what exactly a particular party should do - cook, clean, raise children or make money. In any case, women's business is at a development stage, since in practice energetic and purposeful business women are able to build a reliable and successful business no worse than the stronger sex.

If you are sociable and energetic, punctual and goal-oriented, do not be afraid to develop and discover new heights for yourself. You can organize your own business at any time - be it a crisis in the country or a decline in business activity. Children are not a hindrance either, since it is for them that large financial expenses are needed, it is important - just to want. Therefore, many women think about changing their activities while on maternity leave. But what kind of business should a woman open? Let's consider several options that have brought great success and stable income to their creators. But remember that the main thing when choosing an idea is to look for not the most profitable option. Don't focus on income. The case should first of all please its creator, arouse his interest. Only then will the conceived be doomed to success.

Idea Selling Home Crafts

Of course, only a woman can make the world more beautiful. It is unlikely that mass production can repeat the unsurpassed handcrafted masterpieces. Small business for women can start with the smallest - a hobby. You can do the production of goods at home in your free time. In addition, today there are a lot of stores that sell material for any kind of hand-made, from beading or embroidery to soap making.

The main art technologies that make it possible to produce goods that are in demand among a wide audience are quilling, patchwork, decoupage, batik, sewing dolls, scrapbooking, and handmade soap. In order to tackle one of the above options, you do not need to have special skills. You can find many different development technologies and master classes on the Internet.

Selling products is easiest online, by creating a small website, blogging platform, or through social media. Also, finished products can be handed over to souvenir shops, art salons.

At first glance, it may seem that it will not be possible to make big money on such an offer. It really depends on your ambition. For example, the women's business of Sylvia Klaus, who makes resin jewelry, has grown over time into a famous brand of global importance. Her masterpieces are sold in many countries in stores or via the Internet, and the needlewoman also receives individual orders from world designers for her collections. The basis of such success is an ordinary hobby and a little free time.

Idea Breeding animals, plants or aquarium fish

Such a woman's business can become not only profitable, but also enjoyable. The easiest way is if you live in a private house outside the city, but there is always an area for an aquarium or a small flower greenhouse in a small apartment.

First, determine what exactly you want to breed, then read the recommendations of experts. At the first stage, you shouldn't make big investments, start small and grow. For example, you can master the simple technique of forcing bulbous plants by a specific date - March 8, September 1, etc. Since flowers are in high demand on holiday dates, there is no need to spend a lot of time selling. In addition, you will receive a good financial bonus for your own holiday. By regularly planting and marketing, a home based business for women can grow into a steady income for the entire family.

How to open your own business in the village. Business in the countryside: features, interesting ideas How I want to quickly and with minimal costs open my own business in the countryside, which will overtake in self-sufficiency

Can a business in a village be productive and highly profitable? Many people will answer that it is almost unrealistic to start a business in the village, and even more so to make it profitable. I want to dispel doubts about this and prove to you that it is more than realistic to build your own profitable business in the village. Let's discuss in more detail, it is most profitable for a beginner without large financial investments.

What business is profitable to open in the village?

You can start your own profitable business in the village, it is only important to understand what will be promising for your area. What do the villagers usually do? That's right - they grow vegetables and raise animals. What prevents you from making money in the same way?

No start-up capital for doing business? Then read on, no investment or expense.

Alternatively, can you start your own animal breeding business or growing vegetables and fruits for sale? This promising activity will allow you to make your first profit in a short time. In addition, this activity is quite profitable, low-competitive, does not require large investments, which makes it attractive for beginners.

Growing vegetables and fruits for sale

Growing vegetables and fruits for the purpose of selling is not an easy business that requires large physical costs and material investments in the case of large-scale cultivation.

Where to sell the product?

You can sell homemade organic products from the garden in the local market. If there are a lot of products, it is best to establish wholesale supplies. To do this, you need to conclude the appropriate contracts.

Animal farming as a business in the countryside

Every inhabitant is engaged in animal breeding in the village. Many raise pigs, sheep, rabbits, cows, goats and a variety of poultry for their own purposes, and only a few are for sale.

Your own home farm can feed not only the whole family, but also bring a solid income to its owners, so think about this promising idea of ​​a small business in the village. If you are interested in information about the demand for animal breeding, then read the article - at home.

Fish and shrimp farming in the pond

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