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What are some lucrative service business ideas? Nobody can answer the question about the profitability of a particular business idea. You yourself must try and understand whether this business is profitable or a low-profit venture. What are the advantages of a service business? Firstly, this type of business does not require large financial investments. This is an essential factor for budding entrepreneurs on a budget. The second plus is that a person who decides to organize a business in the service sector does not need to spend time on training. Surely each of you already knows something, you just need to competently sell your services to other people for money. A properly organized service business has every chance of becoming successful. I wish you a quick profit!

Currently, a service business is rightfully considered a type of entrepreneurial activity that does not require significant start-up investments. To start it, it is enough to use your home PC and mobile phone (preferably with two SIM cards). If we evaluate the business in relation to these insignificant costs, then mathematically we get a significant profitability. With all this, mind you, there is no need to rent an office, pay for advertising.

The main mission of such a business is to effectively bring the seller with the buyer, the customer with a specialist who performs repair, construction, plumbing, etc. works that are in demand in everyday life. Thus, the basis for its creation is the professional services provided to the population by specialists. The accumulated interest of the intermediary is income for such a business.

However, if we take into account the absolute figures, that is, count in rubles, then the start of such entrepreneurship is not associated with high earnings, it grows gradually, not as fast as in the investment business.

The sphere of providing services to the population is an attractive niche for starting your own business. The centuries-old business practice proves that services remain in demand even in the face of economic recession during the crisis.

And if you introduce some special “zest” into your own business, which the consumer will like, a small business can bring a stable and fairly significant income.

The personal services industry has a number of undeniable advantages over other market segments. Even during the war, people did not stop sewing clothes, getting their hair cut at the hairdresser's or washing themselves in the bathhouse. Today, this niche provides a more expanded assortment, which only adds to the attractiveness of this type of business.

  • Starting a business is possible with little investment and even without them.
  • Ease of management compared to trade or production.
  • Great opportunities for providing discounts, bonuses, holding promotions.
  • Services are able to advertise themselves, which saves on media advertising.

The disadvantages of such a business are insignificant and, most likely, may appear due to the personal incompetence of the entrepreneur himself and his inability to compete. But you shouldn't forget about them:

  • The appearance of nearby active competitors can reduce all undertakings to nothing.
  • If a service is unknown to most consumers, then it will have to be widely advertised, spending a lot of money.
  • Poor provision of services can create spontaneous anti-advertising.

However, a talented entrepreneur and professional in his field can always turn any business shortcomings into pluses and make them work for themselves. But to become such an entrepreneur, you need to really be well versed in the field of activity and the target audience for which the project will be created.

How to get started in this area, you can learn from the following video:

Effective referral options

The most successful entrepreneurs at the start of their business themselves become an employee, an accountant, and a director in one person. Such a move allows not only to save on investments, wages and other expenses, but also to "grope" the prospects of a given direction.

Renovation and finishing

All people periodically need repair of apartments and houses, electrical wiring, sewerage and water supply networks, as well as household appliances. If you are a professional in this field, why not offer your services.

Everything you need in the first step:

How are things in the gambling business by the end of 2021, what are gambling today and are there any prospects for opening a casino in Russia - we'll talk about all this in this article.

The Mobile Planetarium is an inflatable spherical dome, inside of which entertaining and educational 3D films are shown. The perfect beginner business that pays for itself in just 3 months.

Business that operates in small towns and villages. The revenue from film screenings for 1 day is on average 15-50 thousand rubles, we also add the sale of popcorn and cola, and we will increase our cash register by another 40.

Business plan for opening a quest in the "imaginary reality" format in Rostov-on-Don. Initial investment - 500,000 rubles. Net profit in the first year of operation - 1,900,000 rubles, profitability of sales -.

Business plan for the opening of a zipline (troll) attraction. Initial investments - 3.14 million rubles. The length of the track is 500 meters. The payback period is 16 months. Net profit 311-635 thousand rubles. ...

Busyboard is a popular entertainment and educational board for children, the production of which does not require high investments and equipment costs. You can start production on 20 sq. m., having 125 thousand rubles.

Business plan for a car cinema for a city with a population of over 500 thousand people. Investments - 804 thousand rubles, payback period - 7 months.

InfoLife is a franchise of the ability testing system, an innovative Russian development, its uniqueness lies in the testing method - by patterns on the fingers.

Investment costs for opening a quest room - 3,105,000 rubles. Simple (PP) and discounted (DPP) payback period - 6 months.

The volume of investments in the opening of the rental of life-size puppets will amount to 367 thousand rubles. The expected proceeds from reaching the planned sales volume will amount to 100,000 rubles. (from 4 months of work), net profit - 66 thousand rubles. & n.

Investments in the opening of the ice rink will amount to RUB 3,856,900. The expected seasonal revenue is RUB 8.97 million. Net profit - 5.36 million rubles. Profitability - 59.78%.

Investment costs for the project amount to 249,000 rubles, the bulk of the funds are spent on the development and promotion of the site, as well as on the acquisition of professional design software.

1.7 billion people on Earth work in the service sector

Dog Training Center "Elita"

Despite all the advantages, the service business is far from the easiest.

Of course, it is somewhat easier to work in services than in the same production: no technological requirements, a minimum of approvals with regulatory authorities. But if you thought that the entrance to the service sector is available to everyone, we have to upset you: this is far from the case. In order to provide a quality service, you need to make no less effort than in any other area.

The main difficulty in this matter is that in the service sector, the influence of the human factor is very strong. Let's put it bluntly: if you are a mediocre specialist, or do not know how to communicate politely with clients, while providing services on your own, your business will not last long. It will be just as difficult if you hire outside specialists. It is often quite difficult to select them, and it is not easy to follow how they perform their duties.

Another disadvantage of working in services is a lot of competition. Where there is good demand and it is relatively easy to start a business, you run the risk of facing a lot of equally resourceful start-up entrepreneurs. Therefore, in services, it is more important than anywhere else to find your niche and create a unique selling proposition. Don't be afraid to experiment and do things that no one else has done yet. But do not forget about the sense of proportion: services should remain in demand, and not scare away consumers with their madness.

And, of course, due to the great competition in the service sector, it can be quite difficult to "roll out". This means it can take years to make a name for yourself and charge a price higher than the market average. But start small: In the most competitive service industries, newcomers are often forced to work for little pay, hoping for good referrals and word of mouth.

Services in Russia: what can the market expect?

Still, not in all types of services, entrepreneurs faced a decrease in demand. For example, pawnshops and microloans only benefited from the crisis.

Most of the services have also improved, which ultimately help to save money. For example, companies operating in the personnel outsourcing market feel great: it is cheaper for a business to hire an outside person to perform irregular work, and not keep someone on the staff, constantly paying him a salary.

The business of helping credit debtors is also experiencing real growth.

All these changes are in one way or another related to the worsening economic situation. At the same time, residents of Russia do not expect that the economic situation will change soon, and are inclined towards economy. According to the research holding "Romir", 11% of Russians intend to save on various expensive services, including those related to treatment or education.

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