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Freelance designer. I became interested in finance because of the need to conduct my own individual entrepreneur, to sort out situations with employees, from salaries to the labor code and personal data.

Therefore, such a growth of entrepreneurship in the country is understandable, many start their business from the very bottom, often an ill-considered business - a plan can only bring losses.

I recommend that you carefully calculate all the risks and potential losses for each of the different activities. In my article, I have collected materials on many types of business that are suitable for working in a private home, for both men and women. Choose your niche carefully and do not forget about the law, it is not worth breaking it - it is fraught with consequences.

Private poultry farm on its own land - breeding chickens, geese, quails, ostriches

Along with plant growing and animal husbandry, poultry farming is a rather profitable line of business in a private house.

And today, on the poultry farms-entrepreneurs' homesteads, one can find not only the usual chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, but also some exotic species of birds - ostriches, quails, pheasants and peacocks. Let's take a closer look at a few poultry-based business ideas.

Chicken Breeding Business

One of the laws of economics says that profitable is the business that is able to generate stable income, regardless of the economic situation in the country. From this point of view, a business in a private house for raising chickens is considered profitable. The fact is that chicken meat is much cheaper than pork and beef, so there is always a demand for it.

First you need to decide which chickens you want to breed. Despite all the variety of breeds, they can be conventionally included in the following groups: meat, egg-bearing and general-use (meat and egg) chicken breeds. After you have decided on the goal, you should start building a chicken coop, and housing for the chickens should be built in advance, before they are purchased.

You can equip a chicken coop in different ways. For example, chickens can roam freely around the house, or they can be in cages. In business, the second method is used more often, since it saves a significant amount of space and allows you to keep chickens of different ages separately.

Otherwise, fights are possible, since older individuals usually peck young animals. In addition, chickens will be less mobile in their cages and will begin to accumulate subcutaneous fat faster, which is especially important for meat breeds.

Chickens are fed mainly with grain crops and compound feed. Also, the diet should include greens, hay, vegetables and some additives, such as fish and meat and bone meal.

profitable ideas for home production business part

My regards! Here is the second part of "profitable business ideas". After reading the article, you will learn what kind of "business" you can start living in a private home, as well as how to sell your products.

  • How to sell manufactured goods;
  • Conclusion.
  • Production in a private house

    This block includes ideas that will definitely require your own private house to work in order to separate the work area. In addition, such activities require more space than the previous ones. Mostly they all need a strong male hand, but there are exceptions.

    Ideas for Men

    The ideas below are most typical for men. If desired, women can also establish production in these areas. However, without male power, it is unlikely that it will be possible to carry out production and marketing.

    Required costs: from 55-60 thousand rubles.

    This type of production is beneficial due to a number of factors. First, it doesn't require large investments to work. Secondly, the product is very good. At the same time, resources are nearby, and there is no seasonality for products, which allows you to work with maximum efficiency all year round. Parts for production can be purchased from factories. In this case, you will not be able to do without: a drill, a hammer drill, drills, a hammer, a saw, a screwdriver, a jigsaw and some other tools.

    For work, you will also need chipboard, countertops, facades and fittings to bring the furniture into a presentation. We'll have to think about the glazing of their products. Glasses can be ordered in special workshops or cut by yourself if you have special equipment.

    How to start a business from scratch

    Entrepreneurship for many newcomers is associated with an office in a non-residential building, a store, having a place in a shopping center, etc.

    Why do people like to complicate things so much? Why are they trying to throw money into a trash can marked "Rent"? Isn't it easier to start working at home? After all, this will save money, which is usually so lacking.

    I propose to discuss in detail the following issues:

    • When and who is allowed to do business in a residential building?
    • What criteria should a home business meet?
    • What types of business can you do in a private house or apartment?

    I am sure that after reading this material, you will be able to see more interesting ways to implement your business ideas.

    Is it possible to do business at home

    Tell me where to look for an answer to the question: "Can I do business at home?" If I write “You can!” Here, will that be enough? Yes? And how will you argue the legality of your activities, say, in court? Do not even hope for the magical effect of the phrase: "Yuri Asher said you can!" Remember:

    Courts, as well as various regulatory bodies, are guided in their activities only by current legislative acts.

    This is where the second rule follows:

    The answer to the question "Is it possible or not?" must be supported by a valid regulatory framework.

    If I say that it is possible to do business in a private house, then you should ask me a counter question: "What regulatory document confirms the legality of this activity?" In our case, this issue is spelled out in the second paragraph of the seventeenth article of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation:

    Many people constantly need a product that has a tendency to run out. No, the buyers themselves, of course, dream of extending the life of their purchase as long as possible.

    But the perpetual motion machine has not yet been created, so it is necessary to replace the finished medicine / shampoo / product and so on and buy a new one. And this aspiring entrepreneur should take advantage of it. Therefore, we will consider a few of the best options that best meet the above requirement.

    People in Russia, no matter how bitter the truth may sound, were sick, are sick and will be sick. There is no other pill for all ailments, which is why there is such a rich assortment on the shelves of pharmacies. You cannot build happiness on someone else's grief, but a pharmacy is a very profitable business with investments, and such a business is worth taking a closer look at.

    You just need to take into account the location and basic needs of the population in the district.

    For example, demand will be huge in places where the nearest drug store is several kilometers away. And we ourselves know that sometimes a pill of the same pain reliever is needed immediately.

    Accordingly, if families with children predominantly live in this area, the proposal should be in solidarity with their requests. This includes infant formula, and various bottles, and pacifiers with diapers. Keep in mind - the activity of pharmacies is subject to licensing, and the license is issued for a specific premises. And this is a business that is not afraid of the crisis.

    Pharmacies have a big plus - scalability. Having opened today 1 small one, in the future it will not be difficult to open another 1,2,3 in your city or a couple in a neighboring one.

    You can open a pharmacy either yourself or, in the second option, the income will be less, but its implementation is much easier, since the franchisor provides everything you need and teaches the subtleties and nuances of the business.

    Medical Center

    In order not to stray far from the topic of drugs, the second option is to open a medical center. Hard? Yes, this is not the easiest business idea to implement.

    But remember government agencies: most of the visitors equate them with one of the branches of hell. Why not show those in need of medical care a new format of service? No queues, all doctors are extremely correct and professional.

    Naturally, the key to success will be the choice of a suitable location. The third in a row on one street honey. the center will obviously be superfluous. But even on the outskirts of the city it is not worth opening it. We'll have to think about a convenient place in advance.

    In particular, attention should be paid to transport and walking distance.

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