Not in Russia, but there are business ideas abroad

In this article, you will learn:

  • What examples of successful business in Russia started from scratch
  • What are the most successful examples of business in Russia that have grown to the world level
  • As a small business abroad has turned into global corporations
  • How famous women started their business
  • How women in Russia came to business success

Many would like to start their own business. But some are stopped by the fear of failure, others are confused by the upcoming difficulties: you need to have start-up capital, rent premises, purchase the necessary equipment. However, all these problems are completely solvable, and even in difficult times you can become the owner of a successful business, if you have skill, desire, perseverance and hard work.

A competent entrepreneur is not afraid of new ideas, focuses on working with clients and partners, knows how to cut costs and increase profits. In our article, we will look at the most striking examples of successful business and tell you about people who have managed to achieve tremendous success along the chosen path.

Successful small business from scratch: examples in Russia

Rabbit farm

Alexander Kirillov started out as a small family business for the import of meat and has been doing this for 17 years. Once a friend asked him to get high-quality rabbit meat for his allergic son and thereby pushed the entrepreneur to a new idea. In 2021, Alexander acquired a livestock complex in the Yegoryevsky District of the Moscow Region and began to breed rabbits there.

Starting capital in the amount of 53 million rubles. the entrepreneur's personal funds and the loan he took from the Rosselkhozbank were used - about 50 to 50. The rabbit-breeding complex was named "Lelechi" - after the name of the nearby village. When arranging it, Alexander used the experience of livestock breeders from Hungary, Spain, Germany and France.

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It took a lot of investment. The purchase of land and the construction of communications on it cost the businessman 20 million rubles. Another 12 million were spent on purchasing Italian cages, equipping the first production workshop with air cooling systems, and installing other necessary equipment. The workshop had an area of ​​1000 sq. m and was designed for keeping 10 thousand rabbits.

Important: last year the country produced more than 20 thousand tons of rabbit meat, and 4/5 of the total volume was provided by subsidiary farms in personal use. With a 20 percent increase in production, the price of meat in retail stores in the capital is about 1.1 thousand rubles. per kilogram.

However, many people continue to go to work as hired employees, because they need money to run their own business.

And in general, it's difficult. In our country, the aspiring entrepreneur faces a huge number of obstacles, and in the end few survive. What can I say about abroad, it is probably even more difficult there, especially if you are an immigrant. But this is a delusion.

For example, many of our compatriots, as well as visitors from other countries, conduct a successful business in Canada. And the point here is not in the presence of huge money or brilliant entrepreneurial abilities, it is just that people are given opportunities and in every possible way supported in business endeavors, especially those that bring some benefit to the Canadian population.

The government of this country is interested in attracting new forces to develop the economy and increase jobs, and therefore creates fertile ground for starting their own business for both citizens of the country and immigrants. This opens up attractive prospects for businessmen who want to live and work in one of the most developed countries in the world. We will tell you about how to open a business in Canada and what you need to do for this in this article.

Towards a goal: how to start a business in Canada

There are several options for becoming an entrepreneur in this country. If we talk about the most popular ways to start your own business, there are three of them:

  • Buying a ready-made business in Canada is a fairly common choice of people who have little experience in starting and successfully developing their own business. As a rule, this option is simpler than the others, but it may have pitfalls that a novice businessman will not immediately detect (the presence of debts from the enterprise, etc.)
  • Start a new business from scratch and develop it directly in Canada. It has its advantages, in particular, the opportunity to receive support, both financial and informational, from public and private structures.
  • To develop a business that is quite successful in Russia, expanding its borders. You can open a branch of your company in Canada, and, if you wish, move it completely there. This method is suitable for those who have already become successful entrepreneurs in their country and want to explore new territories or completely move to Canada (perhaps guided by some other non-business advantages.)

Each of these methods has the right to exist and be used, depending on the specific situation and capabilities of each potential immigrant businessman. We will analyze the main issues that will affect an entrepreneur who has decided to open a business in Canada from scratch.

Guide to Building a Small Business in Canada: Basic Steps

In order to facilitate the task of a businessman who is starting his way, we will consider the main stages that you will have to go through to open your own business. This procedure includes the following steps.

Studying the experience of European startups, as well as the opinions of experts in the field of entrepreneurship, we can distinguish 10 promising business segments that are relevant for Europe and, to a large extent, for Russia.

Europe today is an extremely “colorful” market. However, it is believed that there is room for both traditional and innovative business segments. The business portal Moneymaker Factory has selected for you 10 new business ideas in Europe (5 are business concepts and 5 already working business models).

Business Concept: Hygge Style Leisure Store

Popular: Denmark, UK

The word "hygge" is of Danish origin. In the original, the word sounds like hygge and means "comfort" (understood as home). The Danes are a northern, sedate people who cannot do without comfort at home, and, besides this, they propagandize their own values ​​in terms of arranging life among other Europeans.

The main idea of ​​hygge is to make home furnishings simple and inexpensive, but at the same time helping to completely disconnect the owner from pressing problems - at work, in business, in relationships - with things. It is possible, of course, that there are already hygge things in the house, but it is important to find them in time, and also to use them correctly.

Video on what hygge is:

So, a typical house that has everything for hygge would have:

  • a soft, ultra-comfortable sofa for the owner to spend the whole evening after work (or even the whole weekend);
  • a set of large cups designed for slow and delightful drinking of tea and coffee during the evening;
  • a set of foamy bath fragrances - which the owner will take after tea;
  • a pleasant book - best of all classical literature.

And an indispensable condition - no electronics around. The idea of ​​hygge is in abstracting a person from the world of gadgets and television, e-mail and SMS, in communicating with oneself, close friends, or at least with a cat or dog - and, by all means, face to face.

An enterprising European has every chance of making money using his hobby of hygge as a business idea. To do this, he needs to organize a specialized store in which a person who has discovered a hygge can purchase everything listed above for a reasonable fee.

Business Concept: Applied Policy Consulting

Popular: Great Britain

Everyone who wants to get rid of the status of an employee and increase income through entrepreneurial activities in the field of small business is asked a number of questions. Where to find sources of business ideas, what type of activity to choose, what is new in America and Europe, what difficulties can you face when implementing foreign innovations in Russia? Is it better to buy a franchise or start your own business? Within the framework of this article, we will give answers to them.

Features of the culture of doing business abroad and in Russia

In European countries, small business is a direct source of economic growth. The opening of a business in this segment is facilitated by preferential tax legislation, economic stability, and a high legal culture.

An aspiring American entrepreneur is also in unique conditions, receiving all-round government support, the main feature of which is a wide range of consultations and free information services.

The situation is somewhat different in Russia. Here the lack of public services will have to be compensated for by our own activity. Another problem of Russian small business is the lack of a legal framework.

For information: the share of small business in the GDP of the EU countries is 70%, the USA - 40%, Russia - 23.6%.

Profitable areas of business in Russia (small business segment)

New American Small Business Ideas

Despite the fact that the most popular business in America is car service, restaurant services, medical and legal services, house renovation and renovation, Internet sales, Americans are constantly looking for new and extraordinary solutions for a successful start of business. You can easily verify this by opening any authentic American website of business ideas. Among the latest interesting innovations:

  • Remote viewing of matches with the effect of being present in the virtual stadium. At the Stanford Graduate School of Business competition, the startup won $ 50,000.

At the moment, LiveLike VR is only suitable for Samsung Gear VR, but soon it will be possible to enjoy watching the match with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Google Cardboard VR. Moreover, you can view the game from any angle, for example, from the side of the gate.

  • A simple but very successful idea from America - packaging for rent. It is enough to submit an application and indicate the required quantity. After the move, the customer can rest in peace, the landlord company itself collects and picks up all the vacated boxes.
  • Automatic key duplicating machine with a choice of design.
  • Selling men's jeans in a store without shelves. The buyer needs to choose one of the presented models, use the mobile application from the Hointer store to specify the size and scan the QR code. Almost instantly, the smartphone will receive information about which fitting room the selected item is in.

Unusual American business ideas that are not yet in Russia

When looking for working business ideas, aspiring entrepreneurs often turn to other people's experience. One of the most popular ways to find a business idea is to see what's going on abroad.

Just keep in mind that the markets of different countries are still very different from each other. It is one thing for advanced economies like the United States and Singapore, which are head and shoulders above other countries in terms of development, and quite another for Iran and Bangladesh, which are developing at a rapid pace, but only follow global trends, not set them.

Already today on the Russian market you can find a lot of ideas spied abroad. They differ only in the degree of borrowing. You can just copy someone else's idea and expect that it will "shoot" due to the absence of competitors. “Success abroad does not always mean success in Russia. So unlucky couponers and some sharing services "- says the founder of the service for managing courier delivery Bringo Mark Kapchits.

This proves once again that even the most fashionable and creative foreign idea may not be in demand in Russia. And the thing is that it is simply not interesting to the local population. In addition, you need to understand that a Western startup and a Russian startup are two different things, and take into account the specifics of your country: a different level of bureaucracy, state support, legislation and even the mentality of the population.

You shouldn't blindly copy a foreign idea. But it still makes sense to be inspired by examples from other countries, and then adapt them to the Russian market. We invite you to familiarize yourself with business ideas from abroad, which promise to become especially popular in 2021.

Booking Platforms

We are all somehow familiar with the Airbnb service, which allows you to rent an apartment in another city or country while sitting at your computer at home. However, when it first appeared in 2021, the service itself was new. Now this market is actively developing, and analogues of Airbnb are appearing in other industries.

Services like Airbnb, aimed at vacationers and travelers, are already successfully entering the market, but services aimed at business owners and allowing them to rent short-term space to work are just beginning to emerge.

In this case, the workspace is understood not only the usual offices and conference rooms, but, for example, places for yoga classes.

At the same time, there are many other areas in which online booking platforms could be created. Currently, the most attractive and unoccupied niche in terms of profit is the platform for booking venues for events (birthdays, corporate events, weddings). Such a service can bring good income if you manage to attract a sufficiently large number of site owners and potential customers to cooperation.

This is proved by the example of the Russian service for booking venues for holding parties BASH! Today, which in just 7 months of work carried out transactions worth more than 11 million rubles.

It should be noted right away that the service was not copied from abroad.

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