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Every year there are more and more government programs aimed at supporting small businesses, so it becomes easier to start your own business. Now almost everyone has such an opportunity, all that remains is to come up with what you want to make money on and implement your plans.

A service business can be more profitable than selling for a number of reasons. Firstly, it will not require large investments, most likely you will not need to spend money on the purchase of equipment and products. Secondly, it is always relevant, and now there are more fresh ideas, especially in the entertainment industry.

In order to start your own business, first of all, decide on the type of services that you will provide. There are enough of them now, but it is best to choose the direction in which you really understand.

To make everything legal and you don't have any problems, register with the tax service as an individual entrepreneur, having previously selected the system by which taxation will be carried out and the code of the economic activity that you will be engaged in.

  • single tax on imputed income;
  • patent taxation system;
  • simplified taxation system.

What kind of business you can open in the service sector - see this video:

In any case, choose those conditions for registering an individual entrepreneur that will be beneficial specifically for your business. When all the main issues with the documentation are resolved, proceed with the purchase of the necessary equipment.

When opening a business in the service sector, in addition to it, you can bring additional income for you, but will not require any investment - all the details are on the link.

Therefore, you should pay more attention to posting information about your services on social networks. So, what can the service industry offer you in terms of choosing a small business concept? Simply put, what services can bring good income?

An online store that delivers books or other goods to your home

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas service". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Sell, buy a business idea - service from bizoomiecom

Very often on the Internet you can see advertisements like “selling a business idea” or, conversely, “buying a business idea”. We decided to help both sides by making a win - win combination.

1) An offer for those who want to sell their business idea.

If you want to sell your unique business idea that you may have been hatching day and night for many months, then you can briefly describe its essence, scope and approximate costs (if any).

In order not to disclose the information in full, you can describe it in a thesis, so that it is more or less clear what is at stake. Well, if we are talking about a sale, and not about adding an idea for free, then you need to indicate a price for this information.

We will promptly post your idea in the appropriate section, where a potential buyer can find it and, if it interests him, contact you and buy.

2) An offer for those who want to buy a business idea.

Everything is much simpler here. You leave information about what area you have a business in and what information you want to receive. Perhaps you have nothing but finance. Then you briefly describe the essence of what you want to do and leave your contact information. We post this information and bright minds will be able to help you if they have something to offer.

In both the first and second cases, only ADEQUATE messages written by a competent person are accepted. If your information does not appear in the classifieds section, then the moderator hacked it, try to write a more thoughtful description sentence.

business ideas in the service sector - relevant in the year

Almost everyone dreams of their own business, but what is guaranteed to bring income? Only what is in demand, and this does not require confirmation. You can find yourself in the service industry starting with the simplest business that does not require investment.

Get your first experience of working for yourself and feel how salary chains melt, the number of zeros in which does not change from month to month and, possibly, will remain the same in years.

The service sector is a broad area for business. To correctly identify a profitable niche, you need to analyze the key market indicators. According to the State Statistical Service and other official sources, the most demanded services are those that are in great demand and are consumed in the highest volumes in terms of value.

Analysis of the paid services market

According to Rosstat, in April 2021, paid services were provided to the population of the Russian Federation for 679.6 billion rubles, in January-April 2021. - by 2668.4 billion rubles. The share of expenses for their payment in consumer spending of the population in April 2021 It amounted to 22.1%, which is 0.6% lower than in April 2021.

Comparison of data in percentage and in kind (monetary terms) allows you to highlight the most popular and profitable services in terms of making a profit.

January-April 2021 in% to January-April 2021

Price index is not calculated

Source: Federal State Statistics Service

In terms of money, the leaders (in descending order) are: utilities, transport, communications, household, medical, educational, housing.

Actual business model: Opening a company for renting handymen, income of 1.7 million rubles. in year .

Positive dynamics of growth (in descending order) for the period under review have: hotel, physical culture and sports, culture, housing, transport, medical.

Thus, transport, housing and medical - are in the greatest demand judging by the volume of provision for the reporting period, have a positive growth dynamics and are leading in monetary terms.

Communications and utilities, as a profitable area for business, we do not consider due to the provision of them to the population by specialized organizations, companies and enterprises.

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