Kids entertainment business ideas

Business for children as a promising field of activity

Children, as a constantly developing and growing element of society, receive increased attention from adults. Expenses for a child make up a significant part of the family's budget - money is invested in upbringing, entertainment, education, and meeting priority needs. This created excellent conditions for organizing your business. In addition, this industry is constantly being replenished with new business ideas related to children, most of which will not require serious capital investments at the start.

Business Features

When thinking about the direction in which to develop activities, pay attention to several important factors:

  • Business for children is notable for its unevenness. This is due to the age characteristics of the target audience. The needs and orientations of the child differ at each stage of his development.
  • Involving children in a business usually has a positive effect on its profitability. By engaging your target audience in your project, you can better understand the needs of the growing generation.
  • If you decide to adopt a business idea from the Western market, then you should take into account the realities of our state. Blind copying can lead to the collapse of a business at its inception.

There are three main areas in this industry:

  • life support - clothing, food, medicine, supervision;
  • development - games, literature, consultations and sections;
  • entertainment - toys , books, travel, hobbies.

Possible directions of business development

It is customary to classify various business ideas for children by age groups - each case has its own tasks and specific needs. But there are also universal directions that are not focused on a specific age. Below is the classic age periodization of Elkonin.

Business for babies

Children under 1 year old are considered here. This category has minimal independence and develops with the direct participation of adults. Therefore, such a business should be built taking into account the fact that communication and sale of the product will be carried out through moms and dads. Examples of ideas:

  • organic baby food delivered or made directly at the client's home;
  • reusable diapers - one of the fresh foreign ideas;
  • sewing children's clothing and footwear;
  • selling toys for babies.

Organizing a children's business is a promising solution. Parents try to provide their children with exciting leisure time. The business pays off quickly and brings a stable income. There are 2 directions of creating a business in the field of entertainment for children: the production of game goods, the provision of entertainment services.

What in-game goods can be produced?

Competition in the production of goods is not high. Products of all price categories find their customers. Products for games can be conventionally divided into groups:

  • soft toys, used for home games, gifts;
  • themed toys: vehicles, dolls, railways, construction sets;
  • tabletop games: with cardboard cards, dominoes, checkers, chess, bingo, puzzles;
  • accessories for sports games: balls, rackets, rollers, skates;
  • production of printed materials: magazines, books coloring pages.

The gaming goods business has a 15-20% profitability. Large manufacturing enterprises receive more income from economies of scale.

Areas of entrepreneurship in the field of leisure

In order for the company to quickly pay off and generate income, it is necessary to evaluate the following factors when choosing an idea:

  • Place of business. For small towns, the preferred types of services that children of any age can use: shooting galleries, skating rinks, attractions, trampolines, slot machines. In big cities, you can choose a narrowly focused gaming business: a children's beauty salon, organization of radio-controlled car races. Some ideas are not tied to a specific place, they turn out to be remotely: the organization of children's computer online competitions, writing letters to children from cartoon characters, Santa Claus.
  • The level of family income that the business will focus on: opening an inexpensive car rental or an elite children's riding club.
  • Competition. It is not worth creating a second circus or puppet theater, it is better to install a trampoline or attractions.

Here are the most popular business ideas in the field of entertainment.

Electric car rental

The average price of a car is 12-25 thousand rubles, for rental you will need 5-7 units. The cost of starting a business from 100 thousand rubles. To increase the profitability of entrepreneurship, you can purchase models of electric vehicles for different age categories, motorcycles, ATVs.

The payback period depends on weather conditions, the location of the rental, the cost of renting an electric car.

In winter, you can conclude an agreement with the owners of a large shopping center and provide rental services inside it.

Business Ideas / Kids


More than a century ago, one well-known writer, Maxim Gorky, said that children are the flowers of life. It is difficult to argue with this statement. We would like to bring to your attention ideas for a children's business that will not only generate income, but also make the life of these little inhabitants of our planet bright. Here are collected a variety of areas: children's entertainment, leisure, educational services, kindergartens. Naturally, one should be guided by the size of the start-up capital, own knowledge in a particular area, education. However, keep in mind that no matter what idea you choose, children need to be loved. This is the only way you can become a successful entrepreneur and make the world around you better.

Children as business ideas for making money

During periods of crisis, purchasing power is significantly reduced and the level of sales falls. It is easier to understand these phenomena by the example of one family. With a decrease in the level of income, needs are revised, and the money earned is spent only on the most necessary things. But there is a very interesting deviation from this rule - in all circumstances, parents do not skimp on the needs of their children. They make unthinkable sacrifices, limit themselves in everything for the sake of being able to provide the child with quality products and things, toys that bring joy, education and entertainment to the kids.

A business selling goods for children or providing services to young clients is doomed to success, because meeting the needs of the child is the top priority for parents. It does not matter how things are in the economic situation, in what locality you live, what is the situation with competition in your chosen field. The demand for any goods and services related to children is very high and will grow. Even in a small town with low customer demand and high competition among children's stores, you can succeed by creating another one.

It is worth paying close attention to the parents. They are also consumers in the children's business category. Now there is a huge demand for "Courses for young parents", any services in the direction of helping mothers. When starting your search for an idea, study the needs of your immediate environment. You will see that even in the circle of your acquaintances, you can create a business that will become a gold mine, because these services or goods are really needed.

We bring to your attention a few ideas that have not been implemented at all in our country at the moment, but have great potential.

Tourism for children

Now there is an obvious shortage of children's camps, tourist routes for various age groups and companies that organize children's trips, trips to interesting sights, and entertainment complexes. Children spend their holidays either with their grandparents, or go to resorts with their parents. But communication with peers, the opportunity to try an independent life and relax in accordance with the interests characteristic of a certain age is very important.

Create an organization specialized in children's tourism. It's a big responsibility, but you can start small. For example, you can offer partnerships to sports clubs that train children. Come up with interesting hiking trails to local attractions or beautiful natural parks.

Children's business is promising for several reasons, firstly, they do not save on children even in difficult times, providing everything they need, and secondly, the market is filled with goods of dubious quality. The situation for a start is definitely favorable - give the buyer what he is looking for and the business for children will flourish.

If you turn to the service sector, the situation here is even simpler. Despite the experience in the development of children's leisure, which Russia inherited from the USSR, and repeated attempts to copy successful Western projects, the market for services for children is passive and underdeveloped.

Further, in the article: how to make money on children, features of a business related to children, examples and ideas for earning projects

Business Features for Kids

A characteristic feature of business projects related to children is the need for a differentiated approach, taking into account age categories.

Forecasting the situation on the market of goods and services, there are three directions for the development of ideas for children's business:

  • Livelihoods.
  • Development stimulation.
  • Entertainment, games.

The area of ​​life support traditionally includes the manufacture of children's clothing and toys, food, medical supplies, and the opening of baby food stores. With development and leisure, the release of educational and fiction literature, the organization of sections, studios, consultations, developing business centers

  • a child under one year old - communication with the mother and minimal independence;
  • childhood (up to 3 years old). Development of speech and play skills, active study of the environment;
  • preschool age (3-7 years). Cooperation phase. Role-playing games come out on top. Preparation period for school;
  • primary school age. The main occupation is study. Regime, perseverance, self-control;
  • adolescents (up to 15 years old). The factor of communication and the desire for independence prevail;
  • senior school age - plans for the future and the problem of choosing a profession.

No matter how attractive the idea of ​​a business for children looks, it cannot be implemented without a scrupulous, responsible attitude to business: impeccable quality of goods, certification, compliance with safety standards established by law.

In 2021, a small business portal, the site published hundreds of interesting stories about entrepreneurs who started their business from scratch and are growing it no matter what. During the New Year holidays, we decided to remind readers about some of our heroes. This collection contains seven stories of entrepreneurs who have focused their businesses on children and their parents.

HappyTeepe: how to make money on wigwams for children

In childhood, many of us made "houses" from chairs, pillows and bedspreads. The reason for this is the child's desire to have “his own” space, hidden from prying eyes. Elena Tkachuk from the Krasnodar Territory came up with an original embodiment of this childhood dream - “houses” made of fabric in the form of wigwams. Elena Tkachuk, the founder of the Happy Teepe project, told the website about how a former employee of the tax service began to sew children's wigwams and learned how to sell them abroad.

A touching gift: how to make money on souvenirs with children's drawings

It is always difficult to give something unusual to a person whom you have known for a long time or with whom you have lived for many years. In this case, children can come to the rescue. For any parent, the best artist is their own child. The My Little Rembrandt project “turns” children's drawings and children's handprints into touching gifts for parents and grandparents. Tatiana Yusan, the co-founder of My Little Rembrandt, told the site about who is most often given “individual” gifts, and why it is not always necessary to listen to customer advice.

Hat analysis: how to make money on children's hats

A large number of interesting businesses in Russia arose after their founders could not find the thing or service they needed on the market. And then, rolling up their sleeves, they created these things or services themselves - not only for themselves, but also for others. One such company is Jumbi. Alexandra Semyonovykh from Izhevsk at some point could not buy a headscarf for her daughter - and decided to sew it herself. Now Jumbi, joined by many members of Alexandra's family, sews several thousand headdresses every month. Jumbi co-owners Aleksandra Semenov and Maxim Korzhenko told the website how to compete with Finnish and Polish manufacturers in terms of price and quality.

Let’s go!: how to make money teaching children foreign languages ​​

How effectively are foreign languages ​​taught in Russian schools? Each of us can answer this question. Anyone who knows English or German well has learned it, as a rule, outside the school walls. Education in the children's language centers "Polyglotics" is based on a different system - the so-called communicative approach. The effectiveness of the methodology is confirmed by the growth of the project: in 2 years, 50 centers have already opened throughout the country. Elena Ivanova, the founder of the Polyglotika network, told the website about how to make money teaching children English.

Dazzling business: what is touching sand and how to make money on it

At first glance, you don't need a lot of intelligence to sell sand. But the Tomsk company "New Chemistry", which specializes in the production of innovative materials based on it, will not agree with this. The company tries to release new items every three months - and today there are more than 40 products in its assortment. And Novaya Khimiya began with a simple curiosity: having seen kinetic sand abroad, an entrepreneur from Siberia wanted to figure out how and from what it was made. Anastasia Eremina, co-owner of Novaya Khimiya, told the website about how the company with a staff of 15 is going to conquer the world market.

My own store: how to make money selling toys through Instagram

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