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When the country's economy is in a state of crisis, then a very difficult time comes not only for the residents of the country, but also for the entire business. History has shown that small business organizations, which are very useful for the country's economy, are experiencing very difficult times during the crisis. So what kind of business can you start in a crisis so as not to incur losses? Are there profitable business ideas in a crisis? These are very complex and rather voluminous questions, the answers to which are struggling with the best economists and entrepreneurs in the world.

Nowadays, there is one very interesting fact that can be safely attributed to good news. Some of the largest enterprises operating on American soil just started their business in times of crisis. It can be assumed that a factor in the success of their business during the crisis could be very low rent of premises or land plots, small communal apartments, reduced wages for their employees, and much more. In other words, the initial cost of starting your own business in a very difficult time for the economy is much lower than in an ordinary calm state.

In fact, today we know a couple of business ideas that work very well in the economic crisis. These business ideas will allow you to start your own business, even when everything suggests that the volumes of the markets are falling significantly.

Let's take a look at a few of these business ideas in a crisis that you might want to think about over a cup of coffee in the morning.

Caring for the elderly

Benefits of this business idea

  • the first advantage of this business is that it is a very profitable business;
  • it is a very promising business, as more and more elderly people need help every year where children and grandchildren have absolutely no time due to work and study;
  • Another advantage is that you can quite realistically start with a part-time work, and besides, you will also get satisfaction by helping the elderly to lead a lifestyle independent of their close family members.

Since, according to the standards, no more than two people should live in each room, then one room must have a TV, refrigerator, washbasin, two beds that should not be very stiff and springy, a wardrobe and two bedside tables.

As for the medical room, there must be a couch, an instrument table, a cabinet, and the like. Do not forget about the rest room, where you can read, hold an event, or talk. Remember, in no case should you allocate a room for visiting relatives, your client should feel at home, and not like in prison. The purchase of all this equipment + for rent, salaries of employees and a communal apartment will take about 4,500,000 rubles.

Sometimes the example of millionaires starting companies in their own garage makes newcomers think that a brilliant idea is enough for a successful business. However, few people remember that these celebrities at the time of starting their own business already had experience of entrepreneurship, and the role of the partner was played by a person who thoroughly understands business processes. Moreover, 99% of well-known entrepreneurs have achieved success in quite mundane areas - the production of clothing, furniture or food, which allowed them to survive more than one economic downturn.

To understand what kind of business is currently relevant in 2021 amid the crisis in Russia, one should study the experience of such enterprises not only not losing ground, but also expanding their market share, despite the difficulties. At the same time, it may well turn out that the main components of success are careful analysis, planning and adherence to a certain sequence of actions:

  • Correct definition of the target audience. Small and medium-sized businesses in a crisis are created for people who perform certain understandable physical actions;
  • Development of methods through which a person can perform the same actions or get the same result faster, more productively or cheaper;
  • Search for analogs. It is very likely that someone has tried to make a similar change to an action and build a business on it;
  • An attempt to sell an improvement. If the product or service is chosen correctly, there will be no problems with this;
  • Scaling - business development in a crisis and after its end. At this stage, it is already possible to attract investors, look for grants and invest in the enterprise.

Such an algorithm saves a lot of time and resources: many businessmen postpone entering the market, trying to create an ideal product - after which it suddenly turns out that no one is in a hurry to buy it.

Rental Services

Organization of your own rental point provides the entrepreneur with a variety of directions to choose from. Depending on the size of the start-up capital, you can start a business during the 2021 crisis, renting any in-demand items - from children's toys to wedding limousines.

In addition to loyalty to investments, the provision of rental services is also characterized by simplicity and clarity of business processes. The product does not need to be advertised - the manufacturer has already taken care of this. No need to think about price formation - the market has taken care of that. It is enough to correctly choose a promising business direction in a crisis, including rental:

  • Scooters and mopeds;
  • Sports equipment, bicycles, roller skates and skateboards;
  • Cars and limousines;
  • Household appliances (TVs, refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric kettles and washing machines);
  • Furniture (sofas, armchairs, chairs and tables, including for holidays);
  • Power tools and construction equipment;
  • Evening or wedding dresses, suits;
  • Expensive and exclusive jewelry;
  • Children's toys and things (strollers, cots, tables for feeding) ;
  • Camping equipment (tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, boats and kayaks);
  • Music, game and video disks, other media.

It is possible to start such a business with a capital of 180-250 thousand rubles, the bulk of which will be spent on the purchase of goods. As for the premises, its area is determined by the size of things: for discs and jewelry, 8-10 m² is enough, and furniture or household appliances require a hall several times larger. It is much more important to correctly determine the location. It is better to locate a rental shop for wedding items near the Wedding Palace, children's toys - near places where parents and children gather (kindergarten, maternity hospital, hospital), sports equipment - near parks and recreation areas.

The cost usually depends on the item and the speed of its wear. For small things and short-term rent, it is 5-10% of the price per day, while wedding dresses and suits are already estimated at 40-50%. Thus, with active work, the business can recoup the investment and start making a profit in a few months.


The crisis is not the best time for entrepreneurship. During this difficult period, many companies are closed, others are forced to cut production and cut staff. However, it is this period that can be the start for businessmen and even the key to success. It is important to choose the right direction of activity and carefully plan your expenses and income.

Business in a crisis: what to open so as not to miscalculate and how to succeed in an economically and politically difficult period? The answer is contained in the materials of our new article.

People living in rural areas can bet on a private farm. Among the most promising ideas:

  • home canning and harvesting for future use;
  • farming.

How to start a farm from scratch and what documents are required for this, you can find out

Apiary in the courtyard

Organizing an apiary is a great idea for people living in ecologically clean areas. To create it, you will need a spacious estate, where hives will be installed. The purchase of promising bee colonies and additional equipment will be required.

To work in an apiary, you need 2-3 experienced employees who have undergone special training. Investments in the project can reach up to 150,000 rubles (it all depends on the size of the apiary). Monthly income minus mandatory expenses - from 20,000 rubles. The business pays off for a long time, it can take up to 3 years.

Fruits, vegetables and herbs

Villagers can do canning, drying, freezing berries, vegetables, herbs. The fruits do not have to be grown, they can be purchased from fellow villagers.

You can get started with a minimum: several freezers, household stoves and a spacious room for processing workpieces. A cellar is required for storing finished products.

What kind of business you can do during a crisis

How to make money in a crisis without waiting for better times? This issue has to be addressed by each new generation - crises "please" with enviable regularity. Offer people what they can't do without, and they'll find ways to pay for your work.

Our generation was lucky - it did not know the hardships of war, hunger, repression of dictatorial regimes. But life is arranged in such a way that apparently no one can get around the difficulties in it. The most severe economic crisis of the time of the collapse of the USSR, the economic crises of 1998 and 2021, in just a couple of decades, set new tasks for young Russian business, the experience of solving which could not be.

Every crisis has its causes, but the symptoms of all of them are similar. If governments are trying to cope with the causes of the crisis, then its symptoms (or consequences) become problems for ordinary citizens who have no choice: they must survive and get out of difficulties with dignity. Every enterprising person understands that in a crisis you can rely, first of all, on your own strength.

Starting your own business during a crisis seems at least strange, because it is at this time that a lot of companies go bankrupt, people are left without work. In the context of a sharp drop in the purchasing power of the population, starting a new business looks adventurous also because, as a rule, there is no one to support a new entrepreneur. Investors, lenders or potential partners do not trust a novice businessman and refuse to support him. In general, mistrust becomes the basis of any economic crisis (see "Business Features During an Economic Crisis").

But no matter how difficult it is, a person cannot stay idle. Many are forced to start new businesses because they have lost their savings, people are deprived of their livelihood. Are there types of businesses that you can bet on in times of crisis?

Since businessmen are extremely limited in funds, the prospective business should be low-cost, and it is better to do without initial capital.

We will offer several options for a small business to open in a crisis. Of course, they cannot be regarded as universal remedies that will necessarily prove to be effective. Each proposal should be carefully considered in relation to specific conditions.

Food production

No wonder, since people always need to eat. During the crisis, the food market is fundamentally redrawn: the trade in delicacies and expensive imported products is sharply reduced or completely stopped, and production is being rebuilt for inexpensive food products.

It often happens that plans for a happy and peaceful future suddenly collapse. This is not necessarily due to personal mistakes at work or poor business decisions. Globalization has affected all developed countries so strongly that a common man in the street has little effect when the economy of an entire state or the world is in fever.

Therefore, it remains only to accept the realities of the current situation and go through the constantly repeating waves of the crisis, thinking over what business to do during the crisis.

What to do during a crisis?

In a world where fictitious capital is many times greater than the volume of real capital, the crisis is not something new and surprising, but it always comes abruptly and at the wrong time. Untrained entrepreneurs lose their assets, and employees lose jobs.

There are 2 options for a businessman during an economic downturn:

  • Try to restore and establish your old business, which may not be in demand at this time.
  • Find a new source of income in a completely different area, which is profitable even in a crisis.

To make the right choice, you need to determine whether there will be any demand for goods or services that were consistently bought in the pre-crisis period. If such prospects are not foreseen, then you should look for other niches for the implementation of your business projects, determining what kind of business to do in the 2021 crisis.

When the population is in dire need of financial resources, companies that produce luxury goods and expensive durable goods are the first to suffer. If the question arises, leave money for food or pay the installment on a consumer loan, then the choice will be obvious.

Therefore, in order to successfully endure the consequences of the crisis, it is necessary to offer people goods and services for which money will be willingly allocated even in a difficult economic situation. So, consider a business in crisis - what to do in 2021 and make a profit.

What to do during the crisis of the year - the best ideas

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