Interesting business ideas in America

Do you know that you want to start your own business, but you are not sure how exactly your business should be? There is nothing to be afraid of here, take a look at American business ideas to create your own unique product or service.

While some entrepreneurs are fortunate enough to have the insight that gets them on the road to success, others must hunt for the right idea. In fact, if you talk to many business founders about how they come up with new concepts, you may find that they often use well-structured methodologies to come up with great ideas.

We are not going to deny the importance of the moment when you can happily shout "Eureka!" But this is not the only - and not even the most successful - way to start a new business. According to Paul Reynolds, visiting professor at George Mason University, about a third of entrepreneurs want to start their own business before they decide on a specific direction.

Original ideas for vendors: women in ballet flats

Heels? The beauty! Ballet shoes? Convenience! Great startups that surround women with incredible attention and care, thinking about their tired legs.

RollaSole Shoes

Any woman who is in awe of her aching feet after a stormy night in heels will appreciate RollaSole. A pair of $ 20 ballerinas can be rolled up so it fits inside your wallet and comes with a bag to stow your gorgeous but tiresome stiletto heels.

If you need a couple right in the middle of the night, you can find vendors at many of the central US party spots, including Vanity Nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The chain currently has only four vendors in the US and a company that also sells its ballet flats online, but is expected to expand significantly.

English AfterHeels Solution

AfterHeels offers exceptionally stylish ballet flats for women with active lifestyles, which will provide the necessary comfort between performances or just after a long night.

AfterHeels describe their product as: “ultra-compact ballet flats that fit even in your tiny clutch. Inside the smart packaging you will find a duffel bag in which you can bring home your beautiful high heels. ”

These shoes are made in England and have an environmentally friendly outsole to keep up with the latest eco-friendly trends. It uses only natural materials that can be recycled, and you can use the bag in the future to store other shoes. A truly interesting concept!

This year we found some great small businesses in New York, Austin, New Orleans, Detroit, Seattle and Washington DC. Small businesses in many other American cities continue to innovate like never before.

These successful people, such as the floating restaurant, vegan strip club and pirate shop, are revolutionizing the food and retail industries.

Introducing our roundup of the top US small businesses at the start of the year

Where: Online, based in Austin, TX

What it is: A new brand of mustache wax.

What's so special: The man known as Jeremy Newton, who also sports an impressive beard, founded Bearded Bastard to help soften the toughest beards and tame the most rebellious mustache.

Products include Woodsman Hair Wax, Woodsman Beard Oil, Natural Shaving Oil, and this new Austin company is also developing many new oils and tonics to suit men's needs.

New items will be available soon.

Where: New York, 125 E. 7th Street and 61 Grove Street

Big Gay Ice Cream started in 2021 as a Big Gay Ice Cream van - a concept that became so popular that the creators had to settle permanently in both the East Village and in the West Village.

Famous for its soft ice creams and shakes, BGIC sculpts awesome and cool flavor combinations with ingredients such as shredded Nilla vanilla waffle cookies, pumpkin jam or lime curd, but even cooler are the names they give their quirky mixtures.

In America, they have been doing business for a long time and there many know how to make it profitable. In this country, non-standard ways of making money, which bring good income, have been flourishing for a long time. Many American entrepreneurs make big money for a long time from fast food stalls, organic food, and even paper dishes for home delivery.

These are, of course, not all ideas developed in America. This country is simply teeming with creative ideas that can be implemented in Russia.

Consider the most popular ideas from the United States.

American business ideas are mainly focused on factors:

  • providing the population with work, that is, employment;
  • replenishing the state budget treasury;
  • developing the social sphere;
  • positive dynamics of growth in economic sectors.

Despite growing public debt, America remains a thriving country. And this is mainly due to the good development of the country's business structure.

Many entrepreneurs are developing new and profitable ideas, which we will now consider.

Children's mobile toys

Everyone has mobile phones - both children and adults. And there are practically no mobile applications designed for the children's audience.

What is required for the organization:

  • Availability of specialized software.
  • Experience and skills in child psychology, can be used as an assistant to one of the children or nephews.
  • Great desire to work.

As ideas, you can use ready-made children's applications, they can simply be optimized and supplemented with creative nuances. For example, you can use an application that selects cartoons from a specific topic from YouTube.

Creation of a rope park

Best US Business Ideas

In many foreign countries, small business is more developed than in Russia. First, it is good for the country's economy.

Secondly, it is much better to be an entrepreneur than to work in a factory all your life. That is why domestic businessmen should look up to foreigners.

Business ideas from the USA are constantly borrowed by our entrepreneurs. There are plenty of examples, analogues are created in all niches.

Sometimes even franchising is used to bring a famous American brand to Russia. This entails huge costs, so it is better to consider options implemented abroad.

New business ideas popular in the USA

Sooner or later, we will all switch to the trends that are developing in America and developed European countries.

For example, cars with diesel fuel are used more there, but in Russia so far the majority of motorists prefer gasoline. Maybe this will become the basis for your idea, in addition to these options:

  • Vending machines are gradually migrating to Russia, but we have only a few types that are common. For example, they do not sell protein shakes or shampoos.
  • Printing on 3D printers will require good costs and some knowledge, but it will definitely soon become ubiquitous in our country. It is not difficult to purchase equipment, but only a professional can model the parts.
  • Disinsection is also gradually gaining popularity in our country. This is one of the types of insect control that can transmit infections using special chemicals.
  • Self-service laundry - we see it all the time in American films. Why not make a room here, where everyone can go and wash their things for a small fee.
  • Production of eco-plastic - a material that is harmless. Disposable dishes, bags and even children's toys are not so harmful if they are made of this type of plastic. It is obtained from different biomaterials.

Interesting business ideas from the USA constantly appear and make us think about starting a business without competitors. But it is worth considering several times how good an option is, sometimes it simply does not fit the inhabitants of our country.

More than 300 million people live in the United States - only a very active and productive business can serve, clothe and feed such a number of people. Therefore, it should not be surprising that America became home to a huge number of business ideas, which were then replicated around the world. A good idea can bring billions to an American entrepreneur, since the number of potential buyers in the country is large; in addition, in many areas America is the trendsetter for the rest of the continents.

Urban Farms

The idea of ​​using skyscrapers to grow greens and vegetables pushed the demand for organic farming in the United States. The shelf life of natural plant products is short; during delivery, vegetables lose valuable vitamins. Rooftop greenhouses are organized in Canada, South America, Singapore, but it was the Americans who came up with the idea of ​​growing edible herbs using a high-rise building not horizontally, but vertically.

Enthusiasts have installed a device that resembles a Ferris wheel: instead of booths at a vertical farm, trays with plants. The electric drive rotates them, providing uniform watering and light access. Also popular is the idea of ​​growing greens without land at all - using the hydroponic method. In this case, the soil is replaced with mineralized water, which is proposed to be collected during rain in special reservoirs on the roof.

This is interesting! Skyscrapers are located mainly near the coast, so enterprising US residents use abandoned warehouses and factories for organic farms. An example is the agricultural firm FarmedHere in an empty warehouse in Chicago, its owner Iolanta Hardey grows organic greens here.

According to estimates, the yield of 1 square meter of vertical farm is 20 times higher than with the traditional method of plant cultivation. But such a small business requires additional investments - for equipment, electricity, mineral fertilizing. However, urban eco-farms are considered not only popular, but also profitable, because the costs of delivery, staff salaries, chemical fertilizers, heating and irrigation systems are reduced. Plants on an innovative farm grow 2 times faster, and crop losses (due to the elements, pests, temperature changes) are minimized.


The "relative" of the previous concept is a kind of indoor mini-farm, in America they are called phytowalls. Walls of living plants are created in offices, hotel halls, catering establishments - in the latter case, greens can be edible and served on the client's table right from the wall.

The idea spun off from small businesses on vertical farms, replacing potted flowers with vegetation that does not have land. The plant wall works for a positive image of the restaurant (hotel) and oxygenates the air, so the number of customers for the novelty in the United States is growing - this startup promises to become one of the most popular in the near future.

America is known to the world as a country of entrepreneurs. Trade has appeared here since the discovery of this continent. Today, business in the United States is a daily developing area, which is based on its own principles and laws that are different from other countries. One cannot argue with the fact that Americans succeed where other countries are only making plans. Let's try to figure out how small business in America differs from all other countries, and what you can do to succeed in its vastness.

The specifics of doing business in the American way

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