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One of the budget options for organizing your own business in the advertising business is placing stickers on light vehicles, this business idea is quite workable.

The essence of this project is very simple - an entrepreneur needs to look for people who would agree to place commercial ads on their machines.

After you have accumulated a significant number of advertising sites (from 100 cars), you can start looking for potential advertisers.

How much money does it take to start a car advertising business

It is possible to start a micro-business of advertising on cars with very modest investments (from 10 thousand rubles).

In fact, an entrepreneur will only need funds to pay for the production of advertising stickers.

You can negotiate fast and high-quality printing of such products with the local printing house. The cost of order fulfillment will depend on the circulation.

How to start a car advertising business

A businessman can negotiate with potential advertisers using an ordinary cell phone.

There is no need to rent a separate office space for this.

Material on the topic: "Business on advertising ideas" with full explanation and justification.

Ideas for advertising business - new advertising media and ways to reach the target audience.

Advertising on baggage

The idea of ​​using non-standard objects as advertising media is not new: we have already talked about advertising on the windows of residential buildings and on the lock screen of a smartphone. Orion offers passengers the opportunity to use their suitcases as an advertising medium; it reciprocally pays for all kinds of passenger baggage fees at airports (surcharge for overweight, additional baggage, etc.). Continuation

Billboard that adapts to the viewer

For effective advertising, it is not enough to create the right slogan and a beautiful picture, the main thing is to get into the field of vision of the target audience. M&C Saatchi's billboard, created with viewers in mind, will be the world's first smart tool for advertising goods and services. Creative company M&C Saatchi decided not to reinvent the wheel in creating effective advertising, but to go from the opposite, that is, from the preferences of the consumer audience. Continuation

Sale of advertising windows

Unusual objects are often used as advertising space: for example, there is a service that offers ads on the phone's lock screen. Often on city streets you can see advertisements on the sidewalks. But the Dutch startup Add My Window decided to draw attention to another potentially promising advertising platform - other people's windows. Continuation

Advertising on the sidewalk in the rain

Wherever advertisements are not placed today! This powerful marketing tool of trade and progress can be seen on the most unexpected media, and even on the lock screen of your own smartphone. The Philippine low-cost airline Cebu Pacific did not penetrate so deeply into personal space and placed its advertisement in Hong Kong right on the sidewalk, so that it is visible only in the rain. Continuation

How to create your own advertising business without investment

Opening an advertising agency is a tricky task, as there is high competition in this area. How to start a company and not go bankrupt in the early stages? What algorithm should you follow when opening an advertising agency?

Before starting an advertising agency, you should think about the type and size of the company to be created. Statistics say that companies with a small number of employees and providing intermediary services: printing orders, advertising in magazines and newspapers, so-called media agencies, as a rule, "do not live long." Larger "sharks" consume such "plankton".

From this we can conclude that it is better to create a creative agency with a total number of employees from 5 people with the aim of producing an intellectual product (event marketing, branding and BTL). Only then there is a chance to survive and, moreover, to recoup the money invested in a few months, as well as to acquire a good client base. So what does it take to open an ad agency?

Types of advertising agencies

Above are two main types of agencies, one of which is not very profitable (media) and highly competitive, and the other (creative) deserves attention. In addition, such a business is divided by the type of advertising provided:

  • Outdoor, placed in an open area on any structures (example: banners, posters, signs).
  • Presentations, exhibitions. Such a tool allows the client to personally manage the advertised product. It includes graphics, sound and video.
  • TV advertisement.
  • Creation, promotion of sites.
  • Mailing lists.
  • Promotions and PR.
  • Souvenirs.

At first, it is almost impossible to provide services for all types of advertising only if the initial investment is increased to several million rubles, and sometimes even dollars. But, accordingly, the risk of bankruptcy will grow significantly.

Procedure for creating an agency

To open your own advertising agency, you can stick to the following plan:

  • Selection of the type of activity - individual entrepreneur or LLC with registration of the selected option.
  • Market analysis.
  • Recruiting and renting premises.
  • Conclusion of contracts with printing houses, workshops, etc.

There has been a saying for quite some time that advertising is the engine of commerce. With the increasing development of entrepreneurial activity, its fairness is confirmed. And these are not just empty words. The advertising business is constantly present near trade and business, which is simply impossible not to notice.

Companies are constantly in need of advertising and promotion of their products.

With the increase in competition in this area, the need for competent specialists who are able to produce high-quality advertising and bring their ideas to life is growing. Therefore, you need to fill this niche and open new companies to create advertising products. This is an example of what is a production necessity at this stage. Since the annual market growth averages 30%, there is simply an urgent need to increase the share of the advertising market, and BTL advertising is also of great importance. A new ad agency can help.

Opening an advertising agency

For starters, you don't have to invest huge amounts of money in this business, but start small. Example: you can not even rent an office, but organize a small company, while locating the company's headquarters on the territory of your own apartment, because it does not matter where you can start to come up with something new and develop projects and implement ideas. The main thing that is needed is the ability to think creatively and the desire to make high-quality advertising that will interest people. For such an agency, it is possible to carry out small orders, for which there is no need to have a full-fledged office. Example: development of small projects for cafes, shops, fitness clubs, beauty salons and much more. In such a company, only a couple of employees can work, who themselves take orders and are their executors, ready to translate the customer's ideas into reality.

Of course, conducting a large-scale advertising campaign for such an agency is quite problematic, but it is quite possible to cope with the development of an individual style for a company, hold a BTL-action or a BTL-event, make souvenirs, posters, banners or a website. ... In the initial stages, you can tackle the placement of advertisements on television, in newspapers or on the Internet. And then you need to move on to more serious and large-scale orders, the idea of ​​which is more complex and sophisticated, which requires the development of the company itself.

Sample Business Plan

Such an enterprise is supposed to use only innovative computer technologies and install the latest equipment:

  • 2 computers of the latest generation;
  • printing and presentation equipment;
  • video equipment;
  • office equipment.

An example of what a manufacturing organization needs:

Today, our consumer market is full of both similar offers and ways to advertise them. The only thing that can "hook" the buyer is creative advertising moves. That is why creativity in advertising directly affects the metrics of marketing effectiveness and the profitability of business. There is only one conclusion: creative advertising is one of the main elements of the entire marketing program.

  • Advertising (from Lat. reclamare - "shout out, approve") are various forms of dissemination of non-personalized information using any means and techniques aimed at increasing the attracted interest in a particular object, as well as maintaining the attention of the target audience.
  • Creative (from English. creative - "creativity") is a term that has become widespread among Western advertisers in the 90s of the last century. It is based on the translation of the Latin word "creatio" - creation, creation. Essentially, creativity is an idea in the broadest sense of the word.

Encouraging consumers to make a conscious or unconscious choice of the advertised offer - this is the main task of creative advertising.

The concept of "creativity" has a framework that distinguishes it from the definition of "creation":

  • Creativity does not imply creativity inspired by the inspiration of the writer, it follows a clear direction towards the goal that the advertiser puts forward. Creative activity in marketing is always guided by the knowledge for whom, why and why this advertising product is being created.
  • Creativity in advertising is based on the conscious receipt of any effect using the techniques of modern art, giving the advertised object the desired character.
  • Creative advertising influences consumer choice through the use of memorable, non-standard, original, non-standard ideas.
  • The main task that the use of creative advertising in a marketing program solves is the formation in the subconscious of the consumer of a bright image with which the advertised product or service is associated. This technique is carried out using non-standard texts, slogans and unusual mediagraphic elements in the advertising product.


Such creative advertising is always the focus of attention, it is remembered and often becomes the subject of discussion. Sometimes it is even shocking. A distinctive feature of such pseudo-creative advertising moves is that they do not cause associations with any product; in other words, a person does not remember what exactly was offered to him in this advertisement. These decisions do not in any way affect the effectiveness of the marketing strategy and do not contribute to an increase in the advertiser's profit.

How to create an ad that sells without lies

Lying to customers is bad, but you can embellish the advertised product. The editors of the Commercial Director magazine found out what formula you can use to sell any product at a profit.

Creative Advertising Types: From Online Games to Public Toilets

Creativity can be seen in the following types of advertising:

  • Creative advertising on street landscape items (benches, lanterns, bins, garbage cans, asphalt)

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