Ideas for your own business in the USA

What business to open in the USA for an immigrant

As a result of immigration, the US population increases by approximately one million inhabitants each year. At the same time, almost 80% of new citizens plan in the future or are already working on building their own business. Immigrants from the CIS countries, who often have much greater prospects on the American market than for other ethnic groups, are no exception. Therefore, when considering what kind of business to open in the USA for an immigrant, you can consider both classical models and fundamentally new ideas for yourself.

American Small Business with Medium Capital

The most popular types of entrepreneurship in the United States are trade, manufacturing and catering. To implement in these areas, you will need an interesting idea and start-up capital from $ 50,000 to $ 300,000.

What is profitable for a Russian immigrant to trade in the USA

In this category, you can open both a regular retail outlet and an online store. For the first option, it is necessary to take into account that, in contrast to domestic realities, in the states, private shops are significantly inferior to large corporations and literally work on self-sufficiency, and therefore, without proper experience, it is better not to open points of sale for footwear or clothing, especially branded ones. As a rule, such a business takes a lot of personal time and in this light the following options will be more profitable:

  • Small outlets (islands) in malls or entertainment centers with souvenir (handmade soap, candles) or small-scale products (sunglasses, bijouterie, accessories, small gadgets). Americans do not skimp on useful little things and often spend very decent sums on them.
  • Vending machines. A significant share of the market in this direction is reserved for large corporations, but this applies only to products such as drinks, snacks, contraceptives and hygiene products. The very principle of shopping through vending machines attracts Americans, and therefore, if you have an interesting and fresh idea, you can quickly develop your own global network. For example, recently in the United States, vending machines selling disposable chargers are gaining popularity.
  • Fresh flowers. Unlike the domestic market, flowers in America are bought not only for a gift, but also for decoration of events, reception offices and just for decorating a home interior. Therefore, your own business in this area can bring good income to its owner. At the same time, the fact that you are an immigrant from the CIS in such a business may even become your advantage, creating a kind of brand.

A vending machine sells casual Uniqlo apparel in a New York mall

In the field of online commerce, you can choose almost any direction, the main thing is that specialists with excellent knowledge of the language and minimal emphasis work in the call center of your store. Ordinary Americans are distrustful of foreigners and it is better not to focus on your origin. The most popular and cost-effective types of goods for an online store can be called:

  • Animal feed and goods. This type of product is in high and constant demand, and therefore, if you supplement such a business with subscription services, you can quickly develop a permanent customer base and receive a stable profit.
  • Watches and small gadgets. In this direction, it is not so much shops that work well as landing pages. In contrast to the domestic market, American consumers are safe to shop online, due to the efficient operation of postal services, which allow delivery on the same day. At the same time, they are greedy for fashionable little things and accessories, and therefore, with the right choice of goods, you are guaranteed success.

Which production will be profitable in the USA

If you have a good starting capital of $ 100,000, you can open your own production. At the same time, there are two directions in which you can achieve high results:

Earnings in business and at work

Interesting and profitable American business ideas

Most of the newbie entrepreneurs in our country very often face the problem of finding interesting ideas in business to get a good income from it. Most often, they take into account the experience of Russian businessmen. But still, it would be better to focus on foreign countries. Let's say in the USA.

How America might interest us

First of all, you should find out that the key to any business success is an excellent business idea that is in demand in the chosen field of activity. Today it is very difficult to find a rather interesting and fresh idea for your type of activity. Based on this, newbie businessmen are looking for those earning options that are common abroad. And if you also want to do something interesting, then your attention will be presented to a new business in America, which is not in Russia. Let's try with you to consider some ideas for your business from America.

A few words about business in the USA

It should be remembered that business in the United States has some peculiarities. It is also worth noting that the American lifestyle is almost entirely business-oriented. To many Russians, their ideas may seem rather strange. This fact must be treated with caution. Among other things, it is also necessary to focus on those business ideas that are associated with our Russian mentality and, of course, reality. Not everything that is inherent in an ordinary American can be correctly perceived in Russia.

American culture is composed primarily of the traditions of other peoples. This is the fundamental factor for business, which is directly related to various areas of human activity. But, despite this, most Russian entrepreneurs were able to translate foreign ideas into reality and at the same time make good profits. Of course, there is also competition. Thus, the business relationship is arranged. But still, you can find some interesting ideas in which there will be a minimum of competition or no competition at all. But it is worth remembering that after a while competition will appear, but nevertheless, for a period without competition, you can quite well provide yourself with a good income.

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Idea For smaller brothers, for our pets

You probably realized that the new business in America 2021 can be unusual and very original. An interesting and fresh pet business idea taken from America will most likely be in demand among pet owners. It consists in providing taxi services to pets. But here it should be borne in mind that this innovation will be relevant only for people who are very wealthy and always busy. For this reason, it is necessary to open such a business in large metropolitan areas. The core business of this business is escorting pets to the veterinary clinic and then back home. For this activity you will need a car with a large capacity and well-equipped cages. The profit will depend on the price of the service. In addition to this idea, you can also start organizing a hotel for animals. The main responsibilities will include placing animals in cages and further care for them. This type of activity is very common in the United States. In Russia, it will also be in demand, since not every person who has a pet has the opportunity to take it on vacation. While the owner is absent, the hotel will be able to provide the animal with everything it needs - and proper care and nutrition.

Idea Individual consultation

There is another very original idea from America. It consists in providing personal advice. It is in this country that this business is opened only by professionals in any field. Everything is much simpler in Russia. There are many people living in our country who need any help. You can engage in legal services, or be a psychotherapist. This business will bring good income. The most important thing in this business is the absence of large initial investments. All you need is a computer and Internet access. A businessman needs to know about what issues and in what area he is most easily guided. Everyone knows that there is no easy and quick profit, so you first need to provide services completely free of charge, to be able to recruit you need a number of customers, and then actively develop an advertising company. But the business is worth it.

So, I present to your attention some interesting business ideas from America. In principle, people all over the world, with rare exceptions, are arranged in the same way. One head, two arms, two legs. Even the overwhelming majority's brains are "cooked" in the same way. Therefore, one should hardly expect that business ideas abroad are somehow different from ours, Russian ones. Either they borrow something from us, then we borrow from them ... But still, given the differences in geographic location, mentality, economic development, and other "national" features, I decided to take a closer look at the "over the hill", and in particular, to States - as one of the leading and highly developed countries in the world.

Precisely as a "leading edge" country, the United States generates business ideas for entrepreneurship with such frequency as if it were put on stream. And then, after being introduced and tested in the United States, these ideas, like waves, spread throughout the planet.

According to the results of an independent analysis, every third business idea in Russia is American. It should be noted that in terms of translating ideas into reality, Americans are much bolder than others. As with us: “I thought. I thought again. I started doing it. Met obstacles. While "bypassed", someone else did. " And what about “them”: “I started thinking. I started doing it. " Because, God forbid, someone will get ahead.

Best Business Ideas from America:

  • Intimate haircut services. Probably, American "intimate hairdressers" work under the slogan "It should be beautiful everywhere!" However, this idea has already received some distribution in our country, but for the most part all the same haircut in intimate "places" is done independently. But today it is experiencing its "rebirth", adopting new secrets of craftsmanship from the "overseas" masters. Ideally, this idea will be combined with the opening of a regular hairdressing salon.
  • Cafe: dish constructor. Imagine a situation: come to a cafe, you want something like that, but you don't know what exactly. Sound familiar? Then take a business idea from the States! A cafe in which you can choose the ingredients for the dish yourself, experienced chefs will only have to prepare it according to your wishes.
  • Selling food and drinks in traffic jams. Residents of big cities know how much time they have to spend in traffic jams. Many have gotten used to spending this time watching a movie, listening to an audiobook. Why not have a snack on the road too? By the way, calculate how much money can you make selling food and drinks on a two-kilometer-long traffic jam?

  • Baking baked goods with a cut pattern. Why don't Russian creatives come up with such simple ideas? They are probably busy with more serious things. But still agree that cutting off a piece of bread will make it much more pleasant to see a funny cartoon face on the cut, or something else? And children will not have to be persuaded to eat an extra piece. However, to implement this business idea, you will first need to open your own bakery.

  • Providing an alibi. Of course, we are not talking about support in the commission of administrative or, even worse, criminal offenses. Although some deviation from moral standards is still present here. Although, some argue that money does not smell. Moreover, received from providing an alibi to an unfaithful husband or a windy wife, or from “truthful” photographs confirming that you were at “that” time, “there” and with “those”.
  • Hotel for plants. Leaving on vacation, and there is no one to ask for indoor flowers to water during your absence? Leave them for the trip to the plant hotel, where they will wait for your return safely under the supervision of experienced growers.

  • Plant walls. How much do you think plants increase employee productivity at work, or, on the contrary, help to relax at home? Answer: 40 percent in both cases. This is what they noticed and began to implement in American companies. But one or two pots of flowers or a lonely palm tree in the corner was not enough. A whole wall of plants - just one look, and you are already in the jungle. Do you think Russian companies will accept this?

In Russia, many of these ideas have not yet been implemented, the rest are still very, very few, so be on time. Remember that while you are pondering, a more determined competitor will take advantage of the idea. If none of these ideas suits you for some reason, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list

Many aspiring entrepreneurs find it difficult to choose a profitable business idea. Most often, they are guided by the experience of domestic businessmen, but, unfortunately, this approach is not always justified, so some newcomers take as a basis the business ideas of 2021 from the USA. In this article, we have collected some of the best projects that can bring good income in our country.

Business Features American Style

It should be noted that American small business ideas have their own characteristics. For the inhabitants of this country, entrepreneurship is a way of life. Perhaps some business ideas in the United States will seem unusual and even outlandish to you. Therefore, when choosing a direction of activity, you need to take into account the mentality of our people and compare them with real conditions. The fact is that not all business ideas from the United States can show high efficiency in Russia. American culture is composed of the traditions of different peoples. Thanks to this, in the United States, you can open a business associated with a variety of areas of human activity. But there are also models that can only work overseas. They are unacceptable in our country.

Business ideas from America: TOP ideas for implementation

Business ideas from America - features of doing business in the USA + 8 interesting ideas + how applicable they are in our country.

Which country has the most original and amazing startups? Of course, the USA!

This is where a lot of business ideas are born that soon find fans around the world: vending machines, delivery services, dry cleaners, laundries, mobile coffee shops.

But today we will look at new business ideas in America that appear there on an ongoing basis.

It seems that the creative thinking of the guys from the States will never run out. But will the novelties be able to adapt to our realities of life?

Let's figure it out together.

Business Features in America

It's no secret that many American citizens are not employees, but have their own business. At the same time, it is quite realistic to open a business in the States with a small start-up capital. In addition, in the future, you can count on support from the state.

So, what accompanies business ideas in America:

  • laws are written for everyone, so everyone is equal in front of them, which is a definite plus for starting a business;
  • Americans are constantly looking for a way to simplify their life, so many business ideas are related to this aspect;
  • the mixing of different cultures has also left its mark on business development in the United States;
  • fierce competition due to the large number of entrepreneurs forces them to constantly come up with various marketing gimmicks;
  • outsourcing is highly developed, that is, the transfer of certain powers to another company - accounting, legal, advertising services, which significantly speeds up many processes in doing business, moreover, these issues will be solved by specialists in their field;
  • taking a loan is a common thing here, Americans do not gnaw at debt.

It's also worth dwelling on US tax policy. Here she is one of the most loyal in the whole world.

As an example, here the tax burden on small businesses is 7 times less than in Russia.

Now it is a developed network of cafes, although back in 2021, the activity began with a small van for the sale of ice cream and shakes. The essence of the idea is very simple, but effective. BGIC offers original and delicious combinations of ice cream additives: lime curd, vanilla cookie crumbs, pumpkin jam. Another secret of popularity is the original and catchy names of sweets.

This is an unusual coffee shop. Its creators and visitors are Queen fans. There are photographs of Freddie Mercury and other musicians of the group hanging in the hall. From time to time one of the band's compositions sounds in the coffee shop. At this moment, the first customer in line receives the ordered drink for free. The slogan of this promotion is: "When Queen plays, Freddie pays!"

The owners of this restaurant in Louisiana have traveled the world for a long time and studied the peculiarities of national cuisines. They have chosen, learned how to cook and serve their visitors the most popular, classic food from street vans around the world. But this is not enough for restless businessmen. The restaurant's highlight is a hidden art gallery located in the restroom.

In the middle of this huge bar is a real working carousel. This is an old carousel. They don't ride it. The carousel contains huge photographs of the most interesting and popular places of the historic Royal Street. Visitors sit around the carousel and watch a breathtaking sight of successive pictures of local attractions. Also, the bar offers a huge number of original cocktails.

The name of the grocery van chain means "Egg Slut". The choice of the brand name turned out to be very successful, it is funny and is remembered instantly. But the main feature of the business is that all dishes are prepared using eggs. There are also delicious signature recipes. It turned out that many people are willing to pay for it. The network is very popular and continues to expand, opening new points.

This restaurant is located on the water in San Francisco Harbor. In addition to the magnificent and rare views that open from the windows and the terrace of the restaurant on the water, visitors are offered delicious dishes. There are banquet rooms and special menus for various celebrations. The restaurant is a huge success and is often booked for special occasions.

This is a social network for travelers. When traveling on vacation, users have the opportunity to receive useful advice from experienced travelers who know the most interesting places along the chosen route. On the network you can find out which modes of transport are best to get, about the best hotels and other features of the route.

This is a mobile application. It gives additional motivation to people who decide to start playing sports. If you visit the gym regularly, pleasant bonuses in cash are credited to your account, and truants are fined. It turns out that those who skip workouts pay people who managed to force themselves to work out.

This is a vintage hotel inspired by an inn from the beginning of the last century. The style is perfect, and this attracts a lot of guests. An additional marketing trick is the hotel's regular cooking classes from local chefs.

This is a famous Chicago diner chain that is famous for its original hot dogs. For example, the menu includes rattlesnake sausages. Specialty recipes for sauces and snacks also attract customers.

This is one of the best and most famous burger places in Boston. Customers love this place because of the delicious food, but the main reason for its huge popularity is the themed menus that change every week.

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