Ideas for business

How to open your own mini-bakery:

We continue the section "Business" and the subsection "Ideas for business" with an article on how to open your own mini-bakery. Moreover, the advice is not just like that, from the head, but from professionals - straight from experienced people who participated in the opening of many mini-bakeries.

As we said in the article "The Most Profitable Business", when you have an area with guaranteed demand, then you get an almost perpetual source of income. Of course, no one cancels advertising and quality. But the bakery comes with a sales guarantee - so study the interesting question.

Profitable business - own bakery

A small bakery is an attractive project for starting your own business at any time. After all, fresh bread will always be in demand - both in a crisis and in well-fed years of economic stability. Only in the first case is the consumption of budget varieties growing - shaped bricks, loaves, black hearth bread, and with the growth of income, people pay more attention to baguettes, buns and other original baked goods.

Renovation Club and Workshop Cafe

We continue the section “Repair” and the subsection “Ideas for business” with the article “Repair Club”. We have already published an article about the renovation business "", this is a promising direction with an ever-increasing endless market. This, of course, is not bootstraping, investments are needed here. But where are they NOT needed?

Where to work for people who want to create and renovate? It's a bit hard at home for a number of reasons. In garages? They quickly become alcoholics. In the “skillful hands” circle? There are only kids. This is how the desires and dreams of thousands and millions of people suppress.

The repair club is an idea from the West. Another name is a cafe-workshop. Source - the book by Wolfgang Heckl "The New Life of Old Things". The book is devoted to the repair itself - advice and, oddly enough, the philosophy of repair.

TOP business ideas for April

We continue the section “Business” and the subsection “Ideas for business” with the article “TOP 5 business ideas for April 2021”. In which we bring to your attention several relevant business ideas that can be implemented - and, most importantly, earn.

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Trends are weird. While some become eternal classics, others leave, not having time to win the love of the masses. But there is also a third category of trends - trends that have gotten everyone sick. Every self-respecting fashionista buys up such things, and therefore on the streets it is sometimes impossible to distinguish one girl from another.

We have compiled the site for you trends that have not yet gone out of fashion, but have already bored everyone.

Jeans + fishnet tights

The tandem of jeans and tights has filled the fashion world. Everyone was so fed up with this trend that it quickly turned into an anti-trend.

Solid denim without holes and scuffs is in fashion. Look for straight jeans with uneven or raw edges.

Belt Bags

The belt bag is a trend that many perceived ambiguously. Someone thinks such bags are stylish, while others associate them with sellers in the market. In the trends of 2021, belt bags still remain, but there are too many of them.

A small "decorated" bag. Also look out for the round bags. This is a must-have of 2021.

Naked Dresses

Every third celebrity and every second "socialite" sported such a dress. If a couple of years ago they were something new in the fashion world, now there are too many of them. And they do not look feminine, but rather vulgar.

If you want to emphasize your forms, then pay attention to a sheath dress, a "mermaid" dress or a dress of an unusual cut.

Pajama style

A complete list of creative marketing ideas to grow your business

1. Twitter-style business cards will get more attention than regular ones.

2. Participate in the exchange of useful information through social media using a special # hashtag.

3. Vine - a service for posting short, 6-second videos will be interesting and useful for many areas of business.

4. Pinterest and Instagram will be useful for companies that manufacture or sell unique or exclusive items.

5. Follow your competitors via social media. children. The territory of interaction between business and its audience. Through social. You will always be aware of your competitors' strategies, and you will also be able to adjust your strategy.

6. Street marketing, the art of making ordinary things out of the ordinary. Need an additional audience for your product or service? Write about it on the pavement.

7. Another interesting way will be to convey information to customers through painting city buildings, the main thing for this is to get permission from city services.

9. Become a sponsor, distribute, for example, bicycles, then everyone who will ride it will become a free advertising platform for you.

10. Photo contests. Give great responses to your audience

Quite a large number of people, whose native language is Russian, successfully open and run their own business in European countries (Bulgaria is one of them).

  • 1. Advantages of doing business in Bulgaria for Russians
  • 2. Territorial and economic features
  • 3. How to open a business in Bulgaria and get a residence permit?
  • 4. How to register a company correctly?
  • 5. Documents for registration of EOOD
  • 6. Documents for registration of an OOD
  • 7. What business is realistic to organize in Burgas
  • 8. Directions of business in Varna
  • 9. What business to do in Bulgaria?

First of all, these are favorable conditions for entrepreneurship, the European standard of living. Bulgaria is close to Russians in spirit, faith and language. It is much easier to start a new life here than in other parts of Europe.

Despite all the above factors, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the modern realities of the Bulgarian economy. You need to decide on the field of activity, analyze your financial capabilities and expected income in order to accurately imagine what kind of business to open in Bulgaria? It should be taken into account the fact that a large number of resort areas in the country dictate a special character of attractiveness for entrepreneurs. So on the Black Sea coast, the number of jobs increases during the summer influx of tourists. The winter season gives the palm for favorable conditions to areas located near ski resorts.

A residence permit is issued in 2-3 weeks, it is valid for up to 1 year. Law-abiding citizens have every chance of extending the document for a similar period. Persons living in the country for more than 5 years (the condition is - presence in Bulgaria for at least 183 days, during the year) are eligible for permanent residence or permanent residence. The residence permit is given to people who have a long-term visa (type D), which can be obtained by persons who have provided documents:

  • Russian passport and 2 copies each from the pages of photographs, as well as available visas;
  • Completed in 2 copies of the application form issued by the consular service of Bulgaria in Russia;
  • Photos of good quality, made in color (3.5 × 4.5 cm);
  • Documents giving the right to obtain a visa D.
  • Having successfully passed the first test, having received a residence permit, you acquire the right to start your own business here. The company must be registered in a specific sequence:

  • Registration documents are to be completed, certified by the owners and the head;
  • The unique name of the company is negotiated;
  • Documents are submitted for registration after payment of state duty ;
  • A company registered in the commercial register has the right to open its own current account;
  • A seal must be made to maintain the documentation.

    To register an individual enterprise owned by 1 person, you will need:

  • Application for the establishment of EOOD, drawn up in A4 format;
  • Act of incorporation of the company;
  • Decision on the organization of EOOD;
  • Legally correct consent of the head and a sample of his signature;

    People start blogging for a number of reasons: some may just want to share their thoughts with people, others set themselves the goal of selling a certain product or contribute to its promotion, others in this way try to help themselves.

    For whatever reason a blog is started, it can suddenly become successful and bring its creator millions of dollars. Here is a selection of the most successful and readable blogs in the world that have made their creators rich.

    "The Huffington Post"

    The Huffington Post blog was created by Kenneth Lehrer, Andrew Breitbart, Iona Peretti and Arianna Huffington. The blog regularly features new content covering a wide range of topics: politics, business, environment, entertainment, technology and more.

    The concept of the blog was invented in May 2021, and the project itself was launched just a few days later, a year later one of the large banks invested $ 5 million in the project, and a few years later, thanks to fundraising and various investments, the blog raised more than $ 15 million. In 2021, the blog was acquired by AOL for $ 315 million, and one of the founders, Arianna Huffington, remained as editor-in-chief.

    A huge number of people are working on the blog now: for example, there are 9,000 regular contributors on the staff, including politicians, celebrities and respected scientists. The blog is conducted not only for the American audience - there are also Canadian, British, French, Italian and Spanish versions, focused on the interests of the citizens of these countries.

    The blog has become so popular and has won such trust of readers that in 2021 Forbes magazine gave Arianna Huffington the 12th place in the list of the most influential women in the world.


    TechCrunch publishes news and information on its pages, one way or another related to technology. The blog was founded and created by Michael Arrington in 2021, and later, based on the content of TechCrunch, a number of other blogs of similar topics were created, known collectively as the TechCrunch Network: for example, there is a blog dedicated exclusively to computers and mobile devices - MobileCrunch ". Also, all TechCrunch content is translated into French and Japanese - TechCrunch France and TechCrunch Japan respectively, this move brought the blog even more popularity. Now the cost of the blog is $ 100 million. / P>

    The founders have already managed to get out of the direct blogging framework: for example, they organize various conferences on computer and network technologies - one of such events, TechCrunch Moscow, is held annually in Moscow. Anyone can come and listen to the reports of leading experts in the IT industry, moreover, if you have an interesting project, you can participate in the "Battle of Startups" - to show your product in such a way that the world's most prominent investors are interested in it.


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