How to start your home business from scratch

Hello to all aspiring entrepreneurs! I am glad that you continue to read my articles on the site.

Today I have an article for everyone who is just going to start their own business.

Let's look at what issues we have to solve in order to start our business from scratch:

What business is worth doing

The very first thing that needs to be resolved is a question that radically affects your business, namely the field of activity in which you open your business.

  • Choose a field of activity related to your professional skills, that is, in a topic where you feel like a fish in water, you know most of the intricacies of a business already at the beginning of its construction;
  • Choose a field of activity related to your hobbies (hobbies). Such a business will not only bring you income, but also moral satisfaction. And since you choose the topic of your hobbies, then you should not have problems with knowledge of this area of ​​business (its technical part);
  • Study on your own in the field of activity that interests you. Fortunately, now the Internet is filled with all kinds of videos that you can learn from. It is not by chance that I put this point at the very end, the fact is that it is the most problematic and by choosing it you can make many mistakes until you step over all the pitfalls.

After you have chosen the field of activity you want to be engaged in, you need to choose a business idea for this direction.

Business idea for starting a business

A business idea is exactly what is born in the head of a future entrepreneur. When you have chosen the direction in which you will start your business, you need to choose a business idea.

To do this, do a little market research, determine what exactly the residents of your city lack and find a less competitive niche. For newcomers to the business, it is advisable to choose a niche less competitive.

Perhaps you will have several ideas for business at once, in this case, choose the one that you prefer, or you can simultaneously engage in several types of activities. It is only desirable that these business ideas be of one direction, so the development of the business itself will be more fruitful.

What you need to do to open your own business

An interesting business idea from scratch - a coffee shop on wheels, you will need a mini-bus, a coffee machine, additives, syrups, coffee, milk, disposable dishes, as well as a seller to sell goods. The size of investments for opening this business is $ 11,800, the net profit per month can reach $ 1,500.

For active sales, choosing the right location will bring you the greatest possible profit. The mobility of this business will definitely play into your hands.

In the morning and at lunchtime, you can concentrate on office workers and sell goods near large business centers. In the evening, and in the summertime at night, crowded parks and busy squares of the city center are well suited for sales.

In addition to the option of self-development of the concept of an enterprise and a business plan, you can purchase a franchise that will cost in the region of $ 5,000-7,000. In this case, you will receive everything you need: from a vehicle to a coffee preparation technology and a uniform clothes for sellers.

Inflatable bouncer for children

A variant of a business idea from scratch, with minimal investment. The purchase of a children's trampoline and an air blower from a Chinese manufacturer will cost around $ 3,000. At the same time, the net profit per month can be up to $ 2,000. Your business will pay off in 2 months, provided you choose a suitable place for placement.

On holidays, the time of visiting the attraction is reduced from 10 to 3 minutes, and the cost is doubled. It won't stop you from attracting enough customers to make money without interruption.

Depending on the region, the season runs from May to October or less. Installing a trampoline in a large shopping center, by prior arrangement with the administration, will help make this business independent of the season.


Such a place as an anti-cafe is a room with several differently decorated rooms. Comfortable sofas, board games, coffee, tea and cookies, as well as a large number of new interesting people attract guests who want to have a good time.

The cost of staying in an anti-cafe is only $ 2 per hour, which makes the business in demand and profitable.

To implement this business idea from scratch in a residential building, you will need one or more one-room apartments, furniture, curtains and carpets, dishes, books, a couple of musical instruments at your discretion and everything you need to make tea and coffee ... The required start-up capital is about $ 5,000, income per month is about $ 550.

Used construction tools for rent and sale

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