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Good afternoon, readers of my blog. At a certain point in business development, a creative crisis sets in, when new ideas do not appear, but old ones are not as effective as they were before. I can assure you that this is the case for 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs. Then you wonder, but how to get the business off the ground, what could be done to achieve the maximum effect? ​​Business is an action game, an action-packed thriller with incredible twists and turns. Every company wishing to achieve success is looking for new, interesting and unusual ways to declare itself to the world, increase its business reputation, increase sales and outflank competitors. Of course, you can advertise on radio and television, you can paste over the whole city with your posters, you can distribute flyers and leaflets, but is it effective? Those who want to be ahead of the rest of the world choose more creative methods, ones that can grab the attention of customers and stay in their heads for a long time. Today I will tell you about creative and interesting business decisions that were made by well-known world companies, I will give advice on how these ideas can be implemented within small or medium-sized businesses.

The most creative version of this idea came to mind for the advertisers of the Puma company. It was back in 1970. The final of the World Cup, a few seconds before the starting whistle, the legendary Pele crouches down to tie his shoes, the camera takes a close-up and ... and the whole world sees the Puma logo and inscription on the shoes of the legendary football player. Such advertising turned out to be ten times more effective and profitable than anything else. Even if the Puma management decided to paste over the entire stadium with their logos, the result would be much less. One interesting and creative idea has given rise to a number of advertising campaigns using sports and show business stars. Nowadays such companies as Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Fila and dozens of others spend millions of dollars attracting famous people to their advertising projects, trying to surprise customers with an unusual approach and interesting solutions. It is clear that small and medium-sized businesses do not have such advertising costs, and it will not be realistic to invite a global star. But if you are developing a company in the regions, then establish cooperation with local stars. This can be even more effective.

This story took place in the 70s, in one of the cities of the United States. Robert Taylor, that is the name of our hero, is the only one who sold liquid soap in those years. This was his development, and Robert understood that this product had a great future. The problem was that he could not patent his invention. The idea of ​​liquid soap was already known before, and mankind invented pumps many centuries ago. Large companies could easily steal Taylor's idea, put production on the assembly line and ruin a growing business. what happens next? Robert Taylor is taking a desperate and very risky move to buy all the plastic liquid soap pumps. Yes, yes, absolutely everything in the USA. For the good of the country, only two factories were engaged in the manufacture of such pumps, and Taylor placed them a huge order, almost 12 million dollars. The factories were loaded with work for several years ahead and did not accept other orders. It is worth noting that the amount of 12 million was simply huge, and several times exceeded all the profit that Robert received for the entire time of work. Other companies, lacking the most important element - the pump, there was simply no point in developing this business, they sat, biting their elbows and watched as Taylor's small company turns into a real market monopolist. The move was incredibly risky, but the result was not long in coming. Within 2 years, Robert Taylor sells the company for $ 61 million.

Savvy and cunning are important. Even in the most difficult situation, when competitors are intentionally dumping prices, you can stay in the black. The hero of this story is Herbert Dow, who founded Dow Chemical and sold various chemicals to industrial enterprises in the United States. The price was not great - only 35 cents a pound. The ambitions of the company grew, production increased and Gerber wanted to enter the world market. In Europe, he faced a big problem - the German cartel, which sold similar funds for 49 cents, but owned a significant part of the market. Dow took a chance and entered British enterprises with his own, cheaper proposal. The Germans responded immediately, reducing the price of the product to 15 cents, thereby wishing to knock Dow Chemical out of Europe. o Gerber Dau turned out to be smarter and smarter than the Germans. He did not get involved in a price struggle, but simply curtailed his production in the United States, secretly began to buy goods from German manufacturers, repackage them and sell them for 27 cents. In this way, production and delivery costs have been reduced. Dow Chemical is one of the largest chemical concerns in the world. Remember that any problem can be solved, and if you have a creative approach, you can solve it with maximum benefit and benefit.

On August 5, 2021, an accident occurred at the Chile mine near the city of San Jose. 33 miners were trapped and walled up underground. Before they were released, they spent about 3 months in prison. Every day they were given food, water, everything needed to sustain life. Oakley's creatives immediately realized that they could get the most out of this situation. They, along with all the things people needed, handed over a pair of their branded sunglasses. After 3 months underground, the eyes of the miners were unaccustomed to sunlight and needed protection. So, on the day when the rescue operation came to an end, and the victims began to be raised to the surface, they wore glasses from Oakley on their faces. All the world's TV channels, media, Internet publications, millions of websites and blogs showed the happy survivors wearing Oakley glasses.

Previously, all motherboards for Dell gadgets were produced by one small Taiwanese company. At one point, the Taiwanese offered Dell to expand their competence and allow them to assemble computers completely. Dell did not immediately understand what this small Taiwanese company was for, what their benefit was, but the benefits were obvious and they agreed. The circuit worked perfectly, computers were assembled. Further, the Taiwanese offered management of the supply chain, and were also ready to take over the full production of equipment. For Dell, all this was only on hand - less cost of supplying parts, less worries, the whole process in the hands of one company. Several years later, the management of the Taiwanese company decided to visit the United States, but this time not to the head office of Dell, but to the BestBuy chain of stores, where they offered their computers, which were not inferior in quality to Dell, but were much cheaper. By the way, the name of this Taiwanese company is ASUS.

Earlier, tubes with toothpaste had very small holes, which caused a certain inconvenience, but no one really advertised this. Once the Colgate company decided to increase sales and for this it turned to the buyer with one question - "How to increase sales, your ideas?" The competition was open, and everyone could express their opinion. One idea was brilliant, although at first it seemed very stupid - to enlarge the opening in the tube. After doing research, Colgate realized that a larger hole forces more paste to be squeezed out, which means it runs out faster and needs to buy a new tube. Sales have skyrocketed. Brilliant!

Richard Branson, whom I already talked about in the section "Business Rules: Millionaire Tips," once vacationed in the British Virgin Islands. His flight to Puerto Rico was suddenly canceled, and there was an important meeting. Richard had to book a charter and pay an additional $ 1000 for it. But he was not taken aback, divided the amount by the number of seats on the plane, found a sign, and wrote on it an ad of the following nature: "The ticket to Puerto Rico is only 50 dollars." In just thirty minutes, he filled his plane, covered the expenses and arrived on time for the meeting. Upon arrival in Puerto Rico, Branson decided to play the role to the end, he thanked everyone for using Virgin Airvais. One passenger said: “Virgin Airvais are not that bad. The service would be even better and in general it would be excellent. " It was then that Branson thought about starting his own airline.

An interesting move was invented by the creatives of the BlackBerry company. Every time a user of this mobile phone sent an e-mail, a mark was inserted at the end - “Sent from my BlackBerry”. At that time, this phone was quite expensive, it was used by TOP managers, senior executives and successful people in business. Thus, by sending letters to their partners and colleagues, they advertised the BlackBerry.

In the early 90's, AT&T launched an epic marketing campaign to promote its brand and services. Every day there was an advertisement on TV and radio that it was worth calling 1-800-OPERATOR and you would be able to get access to cheaper tariffs for long distance communication. The managers of the biggest competitor AT & T realized that people would not always be able to hear the word OPERATOR clearly, so they registered a similar number 1-800-OPERETOR. Thus, they received a certain part of customers, but not investing a cent in advertising.

Clothing trade is a business that allows you not to worry about the shelf life of goods and at the same time gives you the opportunity to show your good taste. However, how profitable is this sales area?

Material on the topic: "Ideas for business development" with full explanation and justification.

Ideas for business development

A section about business development ideas: actual ways to make your business profitable either from scratch at the very beginning, or even more successful. We will try to collect information here that will maximally help you understand how to increase profits, make more money, and start spending less time on business.

Maps and navigators are designed to find the required object and lay a route to it. It is enough to enter an address or a name and its location will be displayed on the map, and.

The burden of entrepreneurship imposes on the business owner the need to solve economic problems for the development of his business. At the initial stage of launching the project, the owner must.

Investments - placement of capital for the purpose of generating profit and diversifying capital. Investing is an integral part of the modern economy. From loans.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a customer relationship management system. In simple terms, this is software designed to automate customer interaction strategies.

Many entrepreneurs who have their own online business or use the Internet to sell and promote their products have already been able to get acquainted with the so-called contextual and banner ads.

The development of modern technologies, including the Internet, provides more opportunities for business promotion. Recently, internet marketing has become more and more popular. What.

business ideas in trade and sales - what is better to start selling in a year

Starting a business in the field of trade is an excellent solution for any region. You can sell almost anything and everywhere. You are in the suburbs - a great idea to open an affordable second-hand clothing store. There is some capital - you can immediately invest in an offline store, the most promising option for placing which will be a residential area. As a rule, when returning from work, not everyone goes through the supermarkets and this is a prerequisite for a stable cash flow.

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