How to open a hotel: interesting business ideas

Millions of people dream of their own business, but many do not go beyond their dreams. Someone is frightened by responsibility and uncertainty, others “don't get their hands on it”. But some still decide, and the first thing the question arises is which direction to choose. The fact is that most people do not have a hobby that could bring them big money in the long run. Therefore, you have to choose from what is in demand and well paid.

One of these options is the hotel business. It is quite interesting, promising and promises to bring a lot of money, since the prices in this area of ​​activity are very high. Even those who have never used the services of hotels can look at their price lists and see for themselves. How to start a hotel business from scratch?

Where to place the hotel?

The positive point in this type of business is that it is in demand in itself, for this it is not necessary to be a resident of the southern regions, the capital or resort areas.

A lot of people turn to hotels every day: they are tourists, business travelers, just visitors. They are also those who need to spend the night or rest for several hours, for example, while waiting for a transfer to another train / plane. And the list does not end there, because there are many situations in life.

All information regarding an internal part-time employment contract is contained in the article.

The only thing that is necessary is to open such a business only in a sufficiently large city. It's not about megacities at all; you just need to understand that in a town with a population of 10-20 thousand people, you can hardly achieve much.

But in cities with a population of 150-200 thousand people, this business will be appropriate. And even competition should not be scary, unless, of course, hotels are located in every second house. After all, there is always an opportunity to press out competitors, detaching themselves from them: prices, a list of services, conditions ... Or even a format: for example, are there hostels in the city? Perhaps, there is no such offer yet, but this also applies to the hotel business.

Where to start?

First steps to take to get started:

A detailed study of the nuances of this business. Without this point, you simply cannot start a business. The boss, in this case the owner, must understand the intricacies of the case. Only then will he be able to keep under control all his activities and soberly assess the actions and work of employees.

If the management understands little about tasks and how to accomplish them, there will always be people who will "lead him by the nose." This is at best, and at worst, a nimble deputy will one day survive.

Today I decided to focus on the tourism industry, namely the hotel business. Collected for you more than 20 ideas of everyday and extraordinary options to start or expand your business. So let's get straight to the point.

Opening of a hotel in a resort area by the sea / lake

The costs, of course, await enormous, but the profit is corresponding. The most important thing is to find a really promising place. There are two options here - choose an already promoted resort and reclaim a still undeveloped plot, or be a pioneer. This means traveling around the world on your own, choosing a relatively wild beach, ennobling it, taking care of communications and at least minimal infrastructure, negotiating with local authorities and, in fact, building.

And you don't even have to look for a beach somewhere on the Equator in a distant country. In Russia, there are also enough wild or in complete decay coastal areas, where, having invested a certain amount, you can get a pretty decent resort hotel in a picturesque place at the exit.

Opening of a small hotel in a ski resort

No less sea cliffs, snow-covered slopes are popular today, which are chosen by both extreme winter sports fans and simply romantic natures who dream of a quiet vacation with a book near the fireplace and a view of the snowy tops of beautiful mountains. In the latter version, a complex of detached houses will become an excellent alternative to the standard multi-storey hotel. Also, the presence of hot springs near the house can serve as an increasing factor in the pricing of rooms.

Opening a hotel or hotel in your city

Ideally, of course, the location should be close to the historic center, but you can consider options for any other popular places for visiting tourists. For example, an excellent solution would be to open a hotel near the airport or railway station.

All-inclusive hotel opening

This means the city all inclusive hotel. This is a rather rare occurrence, as you know, and such a hotel is designed for guests, frankly, not poor. However, there are examples of successfully functioning hotels of this type, for example, in Singapore. The bottom line is that people living in such hotels do not need to worry about many ordinary things, such as finding a place for dinner or a transfer from the airport, they can feel comfortable and live in full confidence that they will take care of everything or have already taken care of. their hotel.

The hotel business is directly dependent on the development of tourism and international economic relations. But it is possible to open a successful hotel (for 6, 10, 20 and more rooms) in almost any region or city, although the profitability and payback periods will be different. Still, there are not so many hotels with a decent level of service, and by paying due attention to service, pricing, development strategy, the owner will be able to create a successful business and make good money on it.

How to open a hotel from scratch?

Opening a hotel from scratch is always a risk. Such a business idea requires significant financial investments, and net income can be obtained, at best, in a few years. According to experts, the direct cost of rooms for 100-150 rooms is 20-21% of expenses. Profit before interest, taxes and depreciation is a maximum of 25-45%. When opening a hotel for 6, 10, 20 rooms, it is important to understand that the initial investment is only the beginning of the journey, the business requires constant investment in repairs, equipment, kitchen equipment. Even in the case of a good location and a well-coordinated team, the work will be accompanied by large investments and significant operating costs. The location of the object plays a very important role - the better it is, closer to the center, the higher the average price and the shorter the period for reaching a net profit. In any case, the investor should prepare for the long-term payback of his brainchild.

Tip: experienced hotel owners advise you to start preparing for the creation of your hotel business on the basis of residential buildings with a competent forecast of business profitability, taking into account the specifics of the refurbishment of premises. Almost always, this process is associated with huge financial investments, poor condition of buildings, a high probability of filing lawsuits by tenants who do not want to move out.

You can start working in the hotel business by choosing several ways: starting your own business from scratch, creating a hotel chain or working on the principle of franchising. An important point - for a successful hotel you need to come up with a good name. It is also important to choose a format of work organization that is relevant to the target audience, interesting to the owner. There are quite a few of them. You can open a budget hostel, a home hotel, an economy and business class enterprise, an apart-hotel. Then it is necessary to instruct specialists to create a competent development plan, which will take into account all investment risks to the maximum and indicate the real parameters of profitability.

It is very important to choose the right room for a mini-hotel. Many entrepreneurs opt for communal apartments above the second floor in front buildings (preferably located in the central historical districts of the city with developed infrastructure). But this requires significant investments for reconstruction, redevelopment, obtaining permits, agreeing and approving a redevelopment project, concluding agreements with power engineers, fire service, water utility. Before starting the procedure for the official opening of a hotel for 6, 10, 20 rooms, you need to pay attention to the interior, the comfort of the guest's stay and come up with a good name for the company. To create an optimal price for hotel services, you need to carefully analyze the hotel market in the region, the proposals of competitors. For high-quality service of about 10 rooms, you will need a manager, 3-4 administrators, a senior administrator, a head of the reservation department, an accountant, 2-3 maids. But in practice, the staff is formed individually, positions are often combined. The most effective advertising methods are a specialized website, local periodicals, banners, radio ads.

Tip: When planning to reopen your hotel from scratch, it is important to avoid a sharp variation in room classifications (for example, a combination of hourly rooms and a suite). This will negatively affect the process of attracting customers, creating a positive image of the mini-hotel. You can also start your activity in the hotel business in the franchise format or open a mini-hotel, hostel. You can register as an individual or a legal entity. OGRN of a legal entity - the main state number, it is assigned in parallel with the entry of the registration of the legal entity in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

How to start a business in the field of hotel business - the algorithm of actions

This approximate scheme for opening a hotel from scratch is also suitable for planning mini-hotels, but taking into account their format and specifics. To start creating your business without fatal mistakes, a large number of alterations in all rooms, you should first implement your ideas in the test room. Also, this approach will make it possible to assess the placement of outlets, design, convenience of furniture arrangement. To increase the effectiveness of advertising and attract new customers, it is advisable to create your own website. It must be adapted for mobile devices. But this requires additional money and time. Many modern hotels practice replacing printed promotional materials with information about the hotel and additional services in electronic form (for example, a mobile application). This will help you more accurately, better understand the portrait of the guest, guess his preferences and desires, since there are no restrictions on the volume of text, area, number of photos. There are other business ideas that do not require very large investments. There is a lot of useful information on the net on how to start your own taxi from scratch. It is important to objectively assess your competitiveness and make sure that the service is relevant for the population of a particular city.

Tip: when opening a hotel, it is important to take into account the requirements of GOST, which are not considered as a criterion for distinguishing between large and small hotels. If you equip an apartment hotel with the latest technology, it will not be given 4 stars anyway, since it is physically impossible to fulfill the basic requirements (for example, an elevator, a hairdresser). Therefore, stars in advertising for a mini-hotel are often not a result of certification, but just an investor's personal assessment of the quality of his product.

Coming up with the name of the hotel

The name of the hotel largely determines the formation of its image, the trust of customers. It is also advisable to create an original corporate identity, a logo that will be associated with the new business. This is usually entrusted to companies that are engaged in naming and branding. But if you wish and imagination, you can come up with a good name for the hotel from scratch on your own. It should be concise, stylish, modern, easy to remember, understandable for speakers of different languages. It is important that the name of the hotel business is harmoniously combined with the concept, the level of hotel service, and meets the objectives of its development. Not every word that the owner liked will do. You also need to additionally check if there is the same name in this category. The company name, logo should be registered with Rospatent in order to avoid plagiarism and protect your rights. To expedite this process, the procedure is often entrusted to a patent attorney.

In some countries, the international tourism business is almost the only source of revenue for the budget. The idea of ​​opening such a company involves huge investments and risks. Customers love variety, which means that billiards, grooming, beauty treatments and other entertainment activities will be appreciated with a bang.

To create a successful organization from scratch, you need to make significant investments in the hotel business. Experienced organizers argue that this activity does not involve great risks. The success of the task is ensured if you know the basic rules and features of doing business. How do I open a hotel?

Hospitality Development

The real estate rate is the main guarantee of the organizers. The main asset is the hotel building. The trends are such that the value of real estate increases every year, regardless of its location and size. A good profit is provided not only for large chain hotels, but also for smaller establishments.

Ideas for opening mini-hotels and hostels have every chance of success.

Growing profitability is another important advantage in building a hospitality business. International tourism is developing widely, as a result of which modern hotels and hotels do not experience a shortage of guests. Not only large hotels are in demand, but also options for budget tourists. How to organize a hotel business? You need to start with theory.

Important points

Features and Profits

Activities from scratch are doomed to failure without qualified personnel. Where to begin? Start looking for professionals in your field.

  • Experienced managers with appropriate education, preferably employees with practice in European hotels.
  • Receptionists and administrators should exude friendliness and friendliness.
  • The requirements for maids, waiters and porters are not so high, but these workers must also provide a service appropriate to the hotel in which they work.
  • The law is written for everyone, you should not bypass it, because thanks to clearly specified rules, the hotel is a safe place for vacationers.

The hotel business is considered one of the most profitable areas of entrepreneurial activity. According to statistics, 60% of hotels pay off after 3 years of operation. Today, if you have finances, imagination and a desire to make money, you can easily organize your own business in this industry.

Business idea for the opening of the hotel

Based on statistical data, 15% of hotels close in the first 2 years of operation due to lack of clear planning.

8% of hotels are closed due to violations in the design of the enterprise, as well as non-compliance with fire safety rules and sanitary and epidemiological standards.

6% of enterprises of this type do not work for more than 6 months, as entrepreneurs do not conduct an advertising campaign. The lack of a website for online booking, advertising on social networks, on radio and television reduces the demand for the services provided.

To avoid such situations when implementing this business idea, it is necessary to thoroughly approach the solution of the above problems.

It should be noted that the competition in the hotel business is quite high. To make your hotel profitable, you can use the following promising ideas described below.

Hotel on wheels

RVs have long been popular in Europe and America. However, few people think about the fact that a hotel on wheels is an extremely profitable, yet low-cost business idea. What do you need to implement it?

First of all, you need to purchase buses or vans. Next, you should choose the concept of your hotel complex:

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