How to open a business for a student

The philosophy of money draws schoolchildren and adolescents into the business cycle, not to mention students. I want to make money as early as possible, be independent, self-sufficient, travel, buy branded clothes and have funds for entertainment. Studentship is the time when thoughts about your personal future are most fruitful. Try yourself in business or choose the path of a hired employee with a fixed salary? This issue should be resolved now. The free regime of the day and the absence of serious obligations make this time favorable for translating your own business ideas into practice.

Benefits of student status for a businessman:

  • a wide circle of contacts (fellow practitioners become not only clients, but also "suggest" a valuable idea for making money);
  • part-time employment (as opposed to a secondary educational institution , the schedule of a student of a higher school is not strictly regulated - there are "windows" of free time);
  • access to information (one of the main activities of the university is to teach young people to find useful information; this quality is useful when creating your own business) ;
  • minimum obligations (to family, children, creditors).

As a part-time job for students, they usually offer writing essays, reselling used things, baby sitting and even making cribs. This really makes money. But some go further and already in their student years begin to form their own business empire. Let's take a closer look at business ideas that can become a start for entrepreneurship.

Portal for schoolchildren and students

A future journalist (or just a communicative student) can organize an information resource for student youth. At the same time, you do not have to create a website, spend money on it - the Internet site already exists. Surely the educational institution has its own website, but there is no time to fill it with news and advertisements. For a student, this is an opportunity to start his own business, because commercial information is sometimes more expensive than the material result of labor.

What is posted on such a portal:

  • news ;
  • useful information:
  • interesting articles,
  • reference books useful for students, teenagers, schoolchildren,
  • data on festivals, holidays, concerts, youth events,
  • train, bus timetables;
  • photo reports of student promotions;
  • advertising (what will bring the main income to a novice businessman).

Business advantages are obvious. But you will have to agree with the administration of the educational institution and get permission to be the curator of the site.

Configuring Gadgets

The idea of ​​a business earnings for students on students is suitable for people with organizational skills and taking an active life position.

The main task of any student is to pass tests and exams. To pass, you need to prepare for each subject separately. But there is practically no time left in the busy life of young people.

If you are a student yourself, you know perfectly well what your comrades need and what they are willing to pay for. For example, a failed test, how to retake it? Or you need to prepare an abstract to pass the exam. And if money is not in the last place for you, then in such situations you can act.

In your student years, you have the opportunity to lay the first brick for your future financial independence, everything will depend on your desire and ingenuity.

How can a student earn money? 1) Make cheat sheets for your comrades. Making a good cheat sheet is an art. But you do not even need to know the subject on which you will make "spurs", all the information is on the Internet and in books. There are many options for writing cheat sheets, ranging from colorless ink to writing cheat sheets under a microscope. Many of the most sophisticated options have been invented today. You can find all the options on the Internet. 2) Personal assistance in passing the exam. In addition to cheat sheets, students use other methods of passing the exam. Your direct participation, for example, handing over the headset using a mobile phone. 3) Writing abstracts and diplomas. This is the most lucrative income from students, but it requires knowledge of the subject, because it's hard to write about what you don't know. Here, too, you can get out a little. Take on writing, but do not do the work yourself, but give it to a knowledgeable person, getting your percentage. 4) Organization of purchases from foreign sites. Students like no other people love to dress beautifully and want to use the latest gadgets. Of course, you have an offer to get exclusive items at a lower price through the formation of collective orders. You can take over the organization of purchases of clothes and small electronics from foreign sites, while receiving an organizational percentage. Read more - Buying - selling clothes on foreign sites. ) Selling unique goods. If you know how to use the Internet and know where you can get new items or just interesting products, then why not offer these products to your fellow students. Look - 100 unique products. 6) Home business. There are many free home earning opportunities available, such as silk screen printing or photo printing, or you can grow plants such as carnivorous plants. And sell products through fellow students. 7) Access to unique materials. If you are on good terms with someone who has access to archives with diplomas and abstracts, then this is a real gold mine. Lots of unique materials that cost a lot of money. Such archives can be stored both electronically and in hard copy. So find out who is in charge there and strike up an acquaintance. 8) Passing exams for money. If you have a desire to make money in a not entirely legal way and there are teachers in your university who take money for exams, then you can join this process and act as an intermediary. But it is better to act very carefully. While there will be teachers who take bribes, there will be students who can make money on it. 9) Organization of tours and events. In this case, you can work with travel agencies and all kinds of entertainment centers, as well as recreation centers. Your task is to collect a group and get your percentage. 10) Renting an apartment for hours. Renting an apartment for hours, the name itself speaks for itself. Not all students have the opportunity to retire with their soulmates in a secluded place. You can rent an apartment for a long time not far from your educational institution and rent it out for hours to your fellow students. Thus, you will have an apartment and earnings.

Ten simple money ideas, students on students. In fact, there are many options, but it is impossible to guess which one will suit your situation.

A student needs income that requires minimal investment, but one must understand that the less financial investment, the more physical investment will be. And it's okay for a student!

Do you have a Business Idea? On our website you can calculate its Profitability online!

Many well-known entrepreneurs started their careers in their student years. As you can see, even a student can start a business. We will help you with this!

In the catalog of business ideas you will find answers to questions:

  • How to start a business for a student
  • What kind of business a beginner can open
  • What difficulties await beginners
  • What is needed, to create your own business and be successful

Youth is the time to experiment and find yourself. Therefore, students are an excellent option to open their own business.

VKontakte and Instagram are at their peak of popularity now. It is necessary to create and promote a community, gain at least 5-10 thousand subscribers and earn money by placing advertising posts. Filling the group with interesting content, publishing viral materials will attract thousands of readers. To speed up this process, you should first order advertising in another community. Spending about $ 30-40 on promotion, you can earn from $ 15 monthly on advertising.

Large public pages with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and more have from $ 180-300 per month.

Copywriting and rewriting

Writing texts has the opportunity to earn from $ 1.5 per article. But to turn copywriting into a profitable business, you need large orders. Having recruited a team of 3-4 copywriters, you can offer your services on content exchanges and directly to firms that have a website on the Internet (commercial advertising texts). Many customers find it convenient to receive a large amount of materials from one performer. As a manager, you look for orders and delegate tasks to others, receiving a percentage of the cost of work performed. Monthly income - from $ 40.

Resale of things on avito

You should start by selling your own unnecessary things. So you will learn how to form adequate prices, make up a selling ad, negotiate a sale. And then you will look for not very good ads or goods with a low price (for example, the owner wants to sell something urgently). You buy a thing and sell it at a higher price. The mark-up can reach 50-200%! Popular products: furniture, appliances, clothing.

By the way, you can also look for things to implement offline. For example, chains of clothing stores regularly arrange sales with a price reduction of 50-70%. When buying a product with a huge discount, you sell it at a regular price. For example, at the end of the summer season, it is possible to buy shoes on sale for $ 3-4, and sell for $ 15. The same applies to the rest of the shoes, handbags, accessories, hats, etc.

Business on YouTube

On my hobby. A youtube channel with interesting videos can generate income from $ 7-8 per month to several thousand. Earning options:

  • Shoot your own videos on any topic;
  • Maintain a video blog;
  • . Make interesting selections and reviews, dubbing, etc. to avoid being banned.

The resource makes a profit for watching the video, placing ads, referring to the advertiser's website from your channel. The most common way to monetize a channel is to conclude a partnership agreement with Youtube (Google Adsense embedded advertising) or other partner media networks (Air, YUDK, Vsp Group, Xmedia digital). A thousand views brings the channel owner about $ 3-3.5.

You don't need to open your own store or car dealership, investing huge capital, which is not available at all. You should start small, which will help you enter adulthood with a decent capital. Let's take a look at some business ideas for students that don't require a lot of investment.

This is the first thing that comes to mind of students. Students spend a lot of time online. But after all, it can be carried out with benefit. For example, dropshipping or setting up an online store to sell a variety of products online can be very profitable.

There is also an option with the creation of a page or group for product distribution. It's simple. You need to create a store, fill it with a product (photo, description, price) and wait for the purchase and payment.

Then, with the money received, you order the goods, accept them and send them to the client (of course, with your own extra charge). For example, an inexpensive product can be ordered in China. With a dropshipping scheme, you do not need to purchase goods at all, store them and send them to customers. You will only need to attract customers.

Thesis writing

If you study well and are fluent in your specialty, you have the opportunity to write essays, various term papers, diplomas, etc. to the “failing students”. By the way, a thesis is now quite expensive.

This is a great use of your own knowledge. At first, they called you a "nerd", and later they are telling you to save these "non-nerds" from being expelled.

Own salon

Of course, “your salon” sounds loud. It's about providing services. Do you think it doesn't work? Then advertise, and your phone will be ringing.

What can you do? Girls can do manicure, nail, hair and other services. You just need to be able to do this, and, if possible, take short courses to get a certificate. Guys who know how to get tattoos will also not sit around and, accordingly, without money.

Income for Photographers

Since there is good equipment and talent combined with the skills of working in graphic editors, then you need to boldly suggest a designer. Although the trust in young photographers is much less than in professionals with work experience and a good portfolio, you should not despair. There is a real opportunity to sell photos and graphics on the Internet through microstocks (they are the same).

Earnings on the Internet

Students, especially those who study full-time at an institute or university, find it difficult to find work. The search and subsequent work is hampered by the schedule, which often does not coincide with the lectures and classes at the university.

Young people also need money. It becomes embarrassing to live on the parents' funds, and sometimes it is simply impossible. In such a situation, there is nothing left but how to come up with a business idea for a student. How to open a business for a student, we will consider in the article.

What are business ideas for students?

There are many ways to organize a student's business.

Many of them depend on the following metrics:

  • Professional training of a student - what kind of activity does he or does he plan to do? The directions that can be implemented to earn money depend on this. For example, if a student is studying at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, you can open your own translation bureau, become a foreign language tutor for schoolchildren or simply those who want to learn the language.
  • The student lives with his parents or in a hostel. In many areas of business, word of mouth is the best engine and advertisement. People begin to advise each other of a good specialist and, thus, new orders appear. In the hostel, you can easily find your target audience.
  • Previous experience. It is possible that the student already had experience in a certain field of activity or work and already possesses certain skills and abilities. For example, a student deals with computer activities and has done many repairs to the computers of his friends or relatives in the past.
  • Presence or absence of start-up capital. There are ideas that can be implemented without start-up capital or with little investment, but it will only be better if there is a certain amount of money in stock that can be spent on developing your business.
  • Free time. This item influences the choice of a niche activity. Different types of business take different amounts of time. Students also study in different ways. Someone spends a lot of time on training, and someone manages to do everything necessary twice as fast.

The choice of the activity a student will be engaged in largely depends on the purpose of creating a business. A business can be built already taking into account the future development prospects, or it can be part-time.

In this regard, earnings can be based on opening a company that sells its goods or services on the market, or it can be in the nature of a private freelancer performing the role of a tutor or executor of a certain task.

Choose a field that will not interfere with your studies and is of interest to you.

Setting up and maintaining modern gadgets

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