How to come up with a business idea from scratch

Where to start?

Generating ideas in any field, not just entrepreneurship, is not an easy task. Some companies even have special positions for people who come up with new ideas and are able to think outside the box.

However, not everyone has such a talent, so for the layman the answers to the question "How to come up with a business idea?" gives the Internet, where a huge number of possibilities are offered.

Having chosen the right one, you just need to apply it to your realities.

It's actually not that complicated. Business ideas with minimal investment are literally in the air. Look around and you can spot them. It is necessary to assess the needs of others. What are the people around you missing? If you find a niche in which there is little competition and the service is in demand, you won't even have to invest in advertising - customers will come themselves.

Keep things simple

At first, what scares a potential businessman is the need to register. And here is the first simplification: do not rush with official papers. First, think over everything well, and only after realizing that it is promising and profitable, go to the authorities dealing with the registration of entrepreneurs. As a rule, by this time, some experience has already been accumulated, allowing you to cope with the task quickly.

The simplest start

How to start a business from scratch in a small town? The ideas are varied, but first look at the experiences of more successful colleagues. As you know, startups are developing most actively in the West, America and Europe.

The most advanced area is information technology. When planning to open your own enterprise, do not be lazy to study the experience of Western colleagues in this area.

This will not only give you a hint which idea is more profitable than others, but it will also allow you to see what pitfalls await a beginning entrepreneur.

How to come up with a business idea and what kind of business you can do

Hi, my name is Maya, just sharing my experience

The material will help to sort through everything that the future entrepreneur already knows about business and that he has yet to learn. A step-by-step recommendation on choosing your idea and niche, as well as on making your dreams come true.

Why start your own business?

Thinking about what kind of business to start? The first thing you should pay attention to is the reasons that make you look for a way to start your own business. Why do you need a business? There may be many answers to this question, but only two are correct. A business is needed in order to sell it, or in order to receive dividends from it. Simple and harsh. In the first case, you invest little money, your knowledge and time in the business. In a year or two, you sell a working project for a thousand times more than your investment and go to open the next direction. This scheme is most popular in Internet business. The second method is close to offline business, when you create a working project with a large turnover and receive your share of the turnover every month. In both cases, money plays a key role, any business is created for the sake of money. But there is a pitfall here: your business requires constant attention, especially at the initial stages. If you choose a direction, even profitable, but causing you boredom or disgust, you will not be able to do it for long. Therefore, the selection of an idea for a business comes to the fore, but not one that will bring millions, but banally one that you want to do.

Browse your own resources

Any business at its start “eats up” resources: money, time, effort. Before you start, you need to understand what resources you have.

There are two ways: start a business with a massive infusion of funds, or get by with modest capital. In the first case, you can immediately reach a decent turnover, invest in promoting your product or service, feel more stable during sales downturns and out of season. This is understandable: a financial safety cushion can keep almost any project afloat. For example, having invested about 15 million rubles in opening a fast food restaurant under a popular franchise, in the first month an entrepreneur can earn an amount of 2 million rubles or more. The business will pay off in a year, and the rest of the time will consistently bring good money.

There is a pitfall here. Look at the end goal right away. If you later want to sell your business, then the price will be quite high, and your percentage of it is minimal. Nobody will buy a promoted restaurant for 50 million rubles, it's easier to open a new one.

However, not everyone has free 10-15 million rubles, which they have nowhere to put. Often, a novice entrepreneur is limited in resources, and he needs to choose the second option.

It's quite possible to open your own business with an average monthly salary in your pocket. Only in this case the entrepreneur pays for the missing funds with his time and ingenuity. You have to work eighteen hours a day, come up with various solutions to emerging problems, look for workarounds, maneuver, negotiate and try to earn something at the same time. This type of activity is similar to the struggle for survival, where the most cunning and fastest wins. An entrepreneur will need a lot of time and effort to make up for the missing start-up capital. But in this case, no matter what model a businessman chooses: sale or withdrawal of funds from circulation, he will still be in the black. If he survives.

But the first place in the rating of questions is occupied by one, the most important: "How to come up with an idea for a new business that will bring money?"

We have put together 15 working methods for you to help you create a good idea for your future business.


For some reason, many manufacturers believe that the more features a product has, the wider the target audience will be. Accordingly, the more money you can make on it. But often too much functionality scares off a potential buyer. Just imagine, you go to the store to choose an ordinary kitchen knife for cutting bread, and you are insistently offered to buy a Swiss folding knife for 42 pieces.

Sometimes it will be enough to simplify the product, make it more specialized, in order to get the item in demand. Just think about which products you use often can be simplified. Which features do you want to remove and which ones do you want to keep? And after that, you can safely release a new product that will definitely get its client.


The more ideas, the more chances that one or more of them will turn out to be really interesting and working. Perhaps one of them will make you a real millionaire and provide the life you have always dreamed of.

"The best method for generating a good business idea is to come up with many ideas and pick the strongest one." vgeniy Deineko

Create as much as possible! But do not immediately grab hold and try to implement them all. Take some time to create ideas. For example, one month. During this time, try to sketch as many ideas as possible.

And after that - another month to critically analyze these ideas and choose one of them that seems the most promising.


Business needs to solve a problem

A useful tool is one that solves a problem. One day, someone got angry that they could not connect two boards, and so a nail appeared, and then a tool for using it - a hammer. The hardest part about creating a good idea is that it should be close to you. It is important not just to find a problem, but to identify the one that you would like to fix.

Create a "problem list"

Carry a small notebook in your pocket and write down any problems you encounter. For example, “it pisses me off to sweep the floors,” “I don’t like waiting for a taxi long,” “I can’t pay the rent,” or “I am annoyed by hotels. There are many problems in the world, big and small. Some saw them as opportunities, and the result was such successful companies and products as Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Uber and Airbnb. All of them were born thanks to the idea.

Solve everyday problems

Ten years ago, when I still lacked the courage to start entrepreneurship, I had a great idea. I was living in Wisconsin then, which is a very cold state. It was winter and the snow was knee-deep. I tried to warm up the car so that I could scrape the ice off the windshield. Then I thought: what if it was possible to cover the windshield with something for the night, so that later not to clean the ice with freezing hands? But I never did anything to realize my idea. I ran into a real problem and came up with a solution, but did not try to make a prototype to test it, although it would cost me less than $ 50 to create one. I recently noticed on the market similar products to what I came up with. I decided to save $ 50 and ended up missing out on the opportunity to turn a great idea into a successful business.

Go through your list. Which problem annoys you most? How can you fix it? If nothing good occurs to you, move on to the next one. Make blueprints, prototypes and test them for yourself. Refine your solution. First of all, you must solve your own problem, and then - the rest. If the problem is general and affects a large audience, then people will easily understand that they need your product. This is how unicorns like Uber and Airbnb came into being.

Find the problem you really care about

Business is not easy. You should enjoy your work, and the problem being solved should worry you: this is the only way you can sell your idea to others - literally and figuratively. You need to spark interest in your idea from others.

Once again - what problem annoys you every day? What drives you crazy? It is with this that the development of the idea should begin. An interest in an issue will help you get through the hardships of building a business. Yes, there will be difficult days, but how many wonderful days if you love your idea!

Show problem

We have already published a lot of business ideas on the site that can bring enormous profits to the owner, but we still have not figured out how to come up with a business idea and how to implement it. Whatever one may say, but the ideas are always different, some do not justify the goals and investments, and some change the life of a business owner upside down. Therefore, we have a very pertinent question - how to come up with a sensible business idea that would be able to justify all your desires?

I would like to note right away that any business idea needs a huge amount of effort, since it's not enough to come up with something, you also need to implement it. Unfortunately, not every idea can be equally good and useful. It can be much easier to purchase a ready-made business and customize it for yourself with peace of mind. But this is a topic for a separate material, and in the meantime we will analyze with you the most basic ways to generate business ideas.

Finding information on the Internet

There are tons of all kinds of resources on the Web dedicated to organizing a business and other useful gizmos. The BiznesZhurnal website is one of them. The advantage of such resources is that a large amount of information is concentrated in one place, which can be analyzed after study, as well as read reviews. Someone chooses programming as their main activity, someone becomes a journalist or copywriter, and someone becomes a high-class designer. And believe me, such professions make a lot of money. Alternatively, you can use the search box on Yandex or Google by asking them search queries of the form: "business ideas", "business ideas", etc.

Borrow an idea from another market

Social networks made in Russia can be cited as an example. Look at Facebook and VKontakte, do you see any similarities? The VKontakte design was copied from Facebook. And believe me, there is nothing terrible or bad in this, in the modern world this is a fairly frequent occurrence. If you are having difficulty generating a business idea, why not copy an already tested working draft?

In order to successfully select new and interesting options, you will have to learn a little English, since new information comes to us with a delay and from abroad. The main condition for using a fresh and creative business idea is that it should not have competitors or there should be very few of them. Otherwise, competition will take away a lot of your efforts and resources. Therefore, you should not reinvent the wheel, if you come across a promising business idea from the Western market, feel free to copy it and bring it to life with us. After all, if you do not do it first, then someone else will do it.

See also: How to make money on VKontakte on red caviar and bread and butter

Provision of goods and services in popular business areas

If you don't understand anything, then it's time to explain what we wanted to say by this. There is nothing complicated, let's say your city has a developed real estate market, and your task is to offer services for renovating apartments or trading in building materials. Or there are several large car dealerships in your city, and you took and opened an auto parts store or service station. With the right business organization, you can make good money on car owners.

You can also cite the third interesting option as an example. You have noticed how much the market for mobile devices and gadgets has expanded, in particular, the interest in Apple products has increased. The products of this company are so popular that many people are ready to shell out huge amounts of money from their wallets in order to have a brand new iPad or iPhone. In addition, you can specialize in sewing accessories and cases for iPhones, or you can even repair them altogether.

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