How much does it cost to open a nail salon from scratch

In this article, we will take a closer look at the idea of ​​manicure as a business. Many girls and women often think about getting additional income. And someone even wants to replace their permanent job with a more pleasant and profitable one. The beauty industry is perhaps the most attractive area that primarily attracts the attention of any young lady. Today, this area is extremely vast and involves many branches - for every taste and color. Massage rooms, various kinds of hardware procedures, hairdressing salons, make-up salons and much more - all this is necessary to provide girls with a decent level of self-care.

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It is, of course, difficult to choose from such a variety, but only at first glance. The fact is that in order to provide professional services, you must have an appropriate education. And if you do not have a medical diploma or the ability to pay large sums of money and spend your time on it, most of the options disappear right away. What do you need to work as a manicurist at home and how to make money on a manicure? Just get a certificate and purchase all the necessary equipment.

How to start a manicure business at home

The first step, as in any business, is learning. How to start getting a manicure at home if you are not prepared for any client's request. On special courses, you will be taught how to use all the necessary tools correctly, carefully monitor hygiene, and do all the work accurately and quickly.

There is another option - self-study. Perhaps you do not have the opportunity to take even relatively inexpensive courses, in which case you will have to spend time looking for good programs and video lessons on the Internet.

Self-education is a longer and more laborious process - the search for quality materials will most likely take a long time, but you will be rewarded with the skills you have acquired.

One more nuance should be noted right away - for many clients, the "crust" - a certificate of completion of training becomes decisive. Consider this in advance, so as not to be disappointed later when selecting a client base. You will have to immediately stipulate this point in order to avoid embarrassment.

We can offer a compromise solution: after working for some time without a certificate, you will accumulate the required amount and take courses already as a practicing master. Thus, a certain number of clients will be added to your already existing base.

Home manicure: where to start? How to choose training? Let's say you are at the very beginning of your home business career, where to go to learn all the intricacies of the case? It may seem that this activity borders on entertainment. Many will say that drawing on the nails is creativity and no difficulties can arise. However, this is often more difficult than it sounds. Before venturing into professional activity, it is worth knowing that you will have to sit for a long time in an uncomfortable position and sometimes receive clients at an unsuitable time. If all this does not scare you, a manicure at home as a business is your topic.

Anyone who has thought about such a business seems to be able to answer this question:

- a lot of gel polishes, rhinestones and paints;

- lamp for drying gel polish and system components;

- examples of works and a palette with samples.

This seems to be all it takes to start earning. Immediately I will try to dot the monograms: the main thing that is needed to start in the manicure business is a clear understanding of the process of working with clients and the mechanism of work in general. It is the lack of such an entrepreneurial streak that leads to the bankruptcy of novice craftsmen. Even before attending courses or signing up for a webinar by an eminent nail service guru, a future master must represent: - the work of a manicurist will only become a hobby for a part-time job or a main job; - where he will work (at home, in a salon, in a rented space); what amounts are available for the purchase of materials and tools; - is there the strength and desire to develop just as an entrepreneur or character excludes "free floating" and requires a bossy hand.

I would like to make a reservation that there is a place in this industry for craftsmen who work in salons for the owner and receive interest in exchange for notes, a schedule, conditional stability and the rights and obligations enshrined in the employment contract. Manicurists work on materials provided by the salon and even go on vacation on schedule - and their work is not much different from working in a factory or office. Still, the advantage of the nail service is the ability to run an independent business with its free schedule and the right to make decisions personally. Naturally, all the difficulties of organizing and running a business in this case will be a "bonus" to the right to choose the time of vacation and the opportunity to take a day off any day.

Of course, I would like, as in a good salon, to have a whole shelf (or even more than one) with gel polishes of all shades. But we soberly assess our capabilities? Therefore, let's start with a minimal, but always demanded set of colors:

  • classic red,
  • soft pink,
  • French base (pink or beige),
  • dense white (to draw a white stripe of a jacket),
  • some fashionable dark shade (Marsala, blackberry, etc.).

You will also definitely need a base and a top for gel polish. Ideally, there are two finishes - glossy and matte. So you double your ability to decorate marigolds with the same number of color coatings available.

Gradually, as your earnings increase, buy additional gel polishes of other shades: trendy seasonal colors, materials with glitter, gold, silver, black. In general, clients will prompt.

If you attended courses on nail extension, then you were probably offered to purchase a system of materials from a certain company. Take your time, count all the pros and cons of such a purchase. Be especially careful with three-phase systems: there are a lot of materials in them, the price for them is higher than average. The quality of the nails will be excellent, but the cost of such a procedure will have to be set accordingly. Will there be clients for this price of nail extension?

The times are difficult now, it is not so easy to find a job with a good salary. But there is always an opportunity to earn money with your skills. The career of a manicure master at home is no worse than other respected professions. And if you organize everything correctly from the very beginning, then there will be income, and satisfaction from the work of calling, and a certain freedom of action.

What should be foreseen before inviting clients to your home? Will a desktop and skillful pens be enough? What must you have, and what can you save on? We will deal with all these together.

Business or hobby?

If you just like to do manicure, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to make money on it. As in any business aimed at generating income, there are many restrictions and consistency is very important. You don't need much for yourself, for your girlfriends. Simple scissors, a nail file, several decorative coatings, a dozen master classes viewed on the Internet - and now you are already creating a fashionable manicure. But will it sell? Would strangers want to pay you for this level of service?

The answer is not very encouraging: people are ready to give even small money only for professional services. Moreover, there is already a certain competition among homeworkers. If you decide to take your own at the expense of penny prices, then you will not be able to make money on manicure - everything will go to the purchase of materials, tools, etc.

Do you want a decent income? This means that you need to organize your business seriously. In fact, you are faced with the task of creating a mini nail salon at your home.

Why at home and not in the salon?

First, think about it: isn't it better to work as a hired worker in a beauty salon, hairdresser, or a popular nail salon with an already established clientele? Yes, you are losing a little in income. But you don't have to deal with a bunch of problems: finding suppliers, purchasing, attracting customers, organizing work and much more.

But there are reasons that push the master into independent swimming. Here are the most common ones.

  • You don't really like people.
  • You think the salon is taking an unfair interest.
  • You are unlucky with the team.
  • It is inconvenient to get to where you could work.
  • You are not sure about your qualifications.
  • You have an adventurous temperament.

Of course, this list of reasons for leaving for free bread is not limited to this list. In any case, before you make the final decision to work from home, think carefully and do the math.

Decision phase

During this time period, your best friend is a calculator. Higher mathematics is not required, addition and subtraction will be enough. Start by creating a list and cost of your services. This is perhaps the most important point to start with. What can you offer clients? What will be in demand? What will require a minimal upfront investment?

Providing nail care services is not only a profitable but also a pleasant business. How to open a nail salon from scratch? A calculated business plan will help a budding entrepreneur achieve success with minimal losses.

Beauty Entrepreneurship

Manicure as a business is beneficial because for people taking care of their appearance is always very relevant and even a decrease in personal income does not affect the desire to look well-groomed and beautiful. There are a huge number of types of manicure, and new ideas are constantly appearing.

The first question for an entrepreneur who has decided to open a nail salon will be how much it is in demand among potential clients, and will this type of business be profitable? For this purpose, it is worth conducting a preliminary study of the consumer market.

This includes not only determining the level of competition in the area where the services are supposed to be provided, but also how much potential clientele you can attract to your salon. Collecting as much information as possible, moreover in different directions, will help avoid mistakes and quickly achieve payback.

Nail business formats

  • Classic salon with a wide range of services.
  • A manicure studio, in which it is possible to realize in practice any fantasy in the design of nail plates, including extensions, correction of the shape of nails.
  • A separate manicure room.
  • Nail bar.

Express manicure studios are very popular. To open it, it is enough to install manicure tables or peculiar bar counters in the corridors of the shopping center. Nail bars are distinguished by an original format, where, along with a manicure service, you can drink a cup of coffee or a glass of juice, watch TV.

Sometimes a separate rack is installed in the nail bar for selling various products. The main feature of such a place for the provision of manicure services is the possibility of active communication, where a businesswoman can relax, enjoy a pleasant conversation with a sociable, educated master.

Nail salon services

Being a business based on giving men and women a beautiful appearance, the manicure salon offers highly specialized services, including procedures for the treatment, restoration and extension of nails. The most common are the following services:

  • Treatment of uncoated toenails.
  • Pedicure with the provision of physiotherapy procedures.
  • Hygienic manicure.
  • Covering the nail plate with varnish completely or leaving a small edge of 3-4 mm.
  • Coating with gel - varnish, which combines two types of decorative design (manicure varnish and modeling gel).

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Manicure business idea". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

New Manicure Business Idea

Just yesterday we told you about phytosauna, an interesting new business with minimal investment and a three-month payback, and today we will talk with you about monicure.

With the onset of the crisis, unemployment fell on people like an ice block, disrupting plans and hopes for future business. Many lines of business have suffered, but as with any rule, there are also exceptions. For example, such as the food business, which is important in human life.

Since we live in a civilized world, and not in the Stone Age, we must watch the beauty of our body. Where does a person first look? Of course, on the face and hands. Here is a niche in business that will not suffer no matter what. This is a manicure business. Our ladies are always ready to pay for the beauty of their nails in order to look irresistible, surprising others and friends with their beauty. Now you are wondering how to occupy this niche if there are a lot of nail salons in the city. It turns out you can. For example, a manicure with a pattern (nail art) costs 800-2021r. And with the help of a special printer for nails, the same effect can be achieved for 150r! The price and quality will pleasantly surprise the clients. Many girls will move to you from nail salons, increasing your income. This direction is gaining popularity every day. You just need to fill this niche in time by purchasing a special printer. There is an offer on the Internet, among which you can choose a suitable printer for yourself, which will work 100%, bringing you a decent income. It is beneficial to combine a printer for nails with the provision of exclusive manicure services, such as all kinds of glow-in-the-dark manicure this year. We wrote about such types of manicure in the article "Unusual manicure and pedicure".

Business plan: nail business from scratch

The beautiful half of humanity wants to look beautiful at any time of the year, regardless of the circumstances. A very profitable direction in this market segment is the provision of manicure services. It is very important for both a novice entrepreneur and an experienced businessman to draw up a clear and competent business plan for a nail salon with calculations and conduct a market and competition analysis in order to have an objective idea of ​​the future enterprise that brings a stable income.

Market Analysis

The number of salons that provide manicure services is quite high. Many of them have already managed to gain a positive reputation among customers and take the lion's share of the profits. Here it is important to study all the pros and cons of the most advanced salons to the smallest detail. And try to make sure that your company has a distinctive feature and can somehow stand out from the rest.

Analyze the location of the salons. An important point is the price category of the services provided. There is no point in doing a business-class manicure room in a residential area, because. purchasing power will be low. Accordingly, in an area with elite new buildings, economy services will not be held in high esteem. Perhaps you should pay attention to shopping centers, which are a gathering of a large mass of people, mainly women.

If you are targeting the other half of the female population, then it makes sense to think about a location near business centers and offices.

And you can involve both. The main thing is to conduct a complete analysis of the market and choose the right place.

Goals and objectives of the project

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