Franchise business

The profitability, reliability and convenience that characterize a franchise business are attracting more and more attention from entrepreneurs. Not only young businessmen are interested in the offers of well-known companies, but also successful businessmen who want to try themselves in new industries and make reliable investments.

For those interested, we offer the most profitable franchise ideas from companies that have positively established themselves in the market.

Positronic - retail sale of computer equipment

The franchise involves the opening of a retail outlet for electronics and household appliances under the brand of a well-known company.

The franchisor offers an effective business model, an online store with promotion, assistance with assortment formation, staff training and advice.

A franchised store can be opened in three options: Point - from 20 sq. m., Standard - from 150 sq. m., Household - from 350 sq. m.

  • Lump-sum payment - not provided.
  • Initial investments - from 500 thousand rubles.
  • Payment of royalties - monthly from 7500 rubles.

Profit is expected from 3-4 months of work and will be from 40 thousand rubles (Point store) to 800 thousand (household store).

Felix - office furniture showroom

The profitable franchise of the furniture manufacturer for offices and offices invites entrepreneurs to open a showroom. The offer includes the supply of goods at the lowest possible prices and on credit, assistance in organizing and advertising the salon, partial compensation for marketing activities, training.

  • Lump-sum payment - 200 rubles.
  • Initial investments - from 900 thousand rubles.
  • Store requirements - area from 150 sq. m., first floor.
  • Royalty payment - not applicable.

The costs are recouped in 6-12 months. Net profit - 80 - 300 thousand rubles.

Franchise Benefits

First, it is worth identifying the advantages that await an entrepreneur who decides to open such a business:

  • Experience gained. The franchisor, the seller of the franchise, puts at your disposal a wealth of experience in this area. Moreover, you have at your disposal the experience of other franchisees who work in different regions. This experience concerns the general principles of doing business, the plan for the supply of goods, determining the most popular, etc.
  • Low starting barrier. The only thing a novice entrepreneur needs is to have start-up capital and minimal business knowledge.
  • A win-win product. Before opening such a business, an entrepreneur can make sure in advance of its popularity and relevance, saving on marketing research.
  • Easy prediction. The franchisor provides all relevant information for forecasting business development.
  • Ease of obtaining a loan at the bank. It can be issued quickly, without collateral. Moreover, the franchisor himself can act as a surety or guarantor.

Disadvantages of the Franchise

Like any business, a franchise has a number of disadvantages. Among them:

  • Your business is completely tied to the franchisor. That is, if he decides to wind up his business, yours will automatically collapse. To prevent this from happening, you need to competently draw up a contract. For example, negotiate the terms of the franchise or the refund associated with the closure of the main office.
  • The commission that you must pay for a specified period during the entire duration of the franchise. Having your own business, such an item of expenses does not shine for you.
  • Dependence of your business development on the development of the franchisor's business.
  • Significantly more start-up capital compared to starting your own business from scratch. Indeed, in addition to the costs of opening, you will need to redeem the right to use the franchise.

Franchise types

Franchises are usually divided into the following types:

  • Conditional, in which responsibility for a new business is divided in half between the franchisor and the franchisee. But at the same time, equipment and goods for sale are provided free of charge, so it is often called a franchise without investment.
  • From the manufacturer, in which a contract is signed between the manufacturer and the entrepreneur who undertakes to sell his goods in his region. As a rule, the goods are provided with a substantial discount.
  • Minimum - the sale of goods by the franchisee from stalls or corners in certain places. A corner means a small one, up to 20 sq. m. space in a shopping center where goods of a particular brand are sold. Trays and corners are generally mobile so they can be easily moved to a busier point of sale.

First step

First of all, you need to decide on the business that you want to open. Beginning entrepreneurs are advised to choose those directions in which they are well oriented. For example, if you have little understanding of the fashion world, you shouldn't buy a fashion franchise. Or if you don't understand anything about office equipment, you shouldn't buy the appropriate franchise either.

The path to entrepreneurship can be different. Someone has their own ideas, someone starts making money on hobbies and interests, various services, etc. There is another way to find a business to your liking - to choose a ready-made business model. How can this be done?

Specifics of choosing a franchise

Successful business ideas developed and tested exist in different areas. How to choose yours?

  • Decide what suits you best: services (service), production, training, trade.
  • Whether you want to operate in the real sector or online. Do you plan further development with success?
  • Determine the amount you are willing to spend on the purchase of business technology (franchise).
  • Learn all the important specific details and trivia of the selected model or technology.
  • Try to test the existing services for the chosen model to make sure that you have chosen exactly what you want.

On various resources - aggregators, you can see the most popular franchises in assembled form, by category. There are top of the best franchises that have proven themselves among entrepreneurs.

Examples of the best franchises

Let's take an example of which franchises can be considered the most in demand.

  • SUBWAY fast food.
  • INVITRO medical services.
  • Milavitsa underwear retail.
  • Shokoladnitsa coffee shop.
  • SELA clothing and accessories.
  • Car wash / service station / gas station Lukoil.
  • 33 Penguins Ice Cream / Yogurt.
  • Killphish Discount Bar.
  • InfoLife fingerprint test. Reading abilities and inclinations.
  • BegemoTiK children's toys store.

Some specific aspects of running a franchise business

The catalog of franchises from Sberbank for 2021 reflects a number of the best offers. They were nominated by well-known, well-established companies with branches, whose activities are carried out in accordance with the franchising system.

Sberbank Franchising: How Does It Work?

Usually, an entrepreneur receives bank loans only if he has at least one working trade department. Is it possible to compile a catalog based on initial offers, that is, loans for amounts that are start-up capital. In this case, the only condition should be the licensing of the brand of this or that company.

This rarely happens in Russian business. Now business people have a real opportunity to receive such support from the large, state-controlled Sberbank.

The main advantages of bank franchising

Companies offering franchises from Sberbank, as a rule, guarantee a number of business benefits:

  • use of a well-established brand;
  • advertising support on each of the official resources of the company, including websites and printed materials, television, exhibitions, etc. ;
  • assistance in organizing your own business from the company's specialists.

Franchises from Sberbank: terms of cooperation

The franchising conditions offered by Sberbank are as follows:

  • making an initial payment from several hundred thousand to several million rubles;
  • levying additional monthly royalties for using the brand;
  • lending directions are trade equipment, space rental, repair and advertising.

Reviews of entrepreneurs about working with the bank

Franchisees who have experience working with Sberbank franchisors note their reliability and professionalism, as well as mutual support of outlets with most companies, which reduces financial risks. The disadvantages of Sberbank franchises include a rather high percentage of investments on their part for franchisees - about 20%.

In a difficult period for the state economy, many citizens prefer not only to live in a paycheck to paycheck regime, but also to look for additional ways to get a stable income.

The Internet is filled with offers from dubious managers who offer to participate in the development of unknown companies. The idea for profitable earnings is to organize your own business, which will allow you to get maximum finance and dispose of earnings at your own discretion.

The ideal way to organize your own business is the best franchises, which act as the main object in the process of concluding a franchise agreement. The concept is a whole complex of economic and material benefits, including full rights to use the brand and the finished model, as well as all the necessary tools for doing business.

Before using popular franchises, you should carefully analyze the terms of each offer, compare all the benefits and possible prospects. For the convenience of choosing, specialists in the field of finance draw up special ratings, which detail the conditions, necessary investments and the expected amount of money. The degree of profitability of a particular option was determined taking into account the average amount of earnings in relation to the number of initial investments and annual profit. The most popular franchises are included in a special list that will help all novice entrepreneurs and businessmen who want to profitably invest their own money in a profitable business, to decide on the idea of ​​creating a business.


The brand InCity, which sells branded clothing, launched more than ten years ago, after which a significant number of retail outlets were opened in more than 80 cities of the country. The founders determine the minimum requirements for potential partners:

  • Minimum retail space of 150 m²;
  • The store should be located on the main street of the city or in a popular shopping center;
  • Installation of a single software and use of branded trade equipment;
  • Implementation of uniform prices.

The most important advantage of the offer is the absence of a mandatory lump-sum payment, since the founders of the company receive sufficient income from the supply of original goods. Currently, InCity stores are included in the official Forbes ranking for the sale of profitable franchises.


The creators of the famous Sabway brand are familiar with the needs of modern society, so they are ready to offer customers aromatic and tasty instant food. The franchise has been successfully operating since 1974, and since then the offer has been recognized 16 times as the most profitable and profitable in the world. Branded sandwiches are well-known all over the world, as most of the fast food lovers prefer Sabway food. The founders offer comprehensive assistance in the process of setting up a business:

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