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Working for oneself, keeping a family in prosperity and freely unleashing creative potential is the ideal of self-realization that many strive for. But the lack of start-up capital, fear of competition and ignorance of the main modern business schemes at the root kill in 90% of business candidates the dream of their own production or a small home business in a garage in the service sector.

However, it is not always a small business - only failures and losses. Your garage business can be a start to a new, interesting and secure life. In this review, we will tell you how to quickly, safely and with minimal investment start making money on your own using the cheapest resources and relying only on the desire to be a successful entrepreneur.

Is it worth starting a business in a garage - advantages and disadvantages

It is believed that the idea of ​​organizing a workshop or retail outlet in the garage arises only when there are no other opportunities for decent earnings, and there is no desire to work hard on black jobs for a penny.

They are looking for income in the garage only in desperate situations. But even if you have to look out for business opportunities in your home or garage, then take on this business so that in the future it develops into a full-scale entrepreneurial project, brings tangible profits and becomes a reliable support for you and your family.

To get things done, you need:

  • study the market you are planning to enter with your proposal;
  • learn how to organize business processes (planning, procurement, production, marketing and sales); <
  • master the science of developing business contacts, finding specialists;
  • spend 6 to 12 months of hard work on business development.

If you have the main source of income, and ideas for a garage business are needed only to generate additional small profits, then it will take much less investment, effort and time for such a small production to give first results.

We focus on the development of an enterprise as a full-fledged business, we give the opportunity to get acquainted with mini-versions of ideas for a small additional income.

The obvious advantage of using a garage for business is the low cost of the project. An entrepreneur does not need to rent or purchase expensive commercial or production areas, so a lot of monetary resources are freed up (the purchase of non-residential premises with an area of ​​40 m2 in an average Russian city will cost about 2 million rubles, monthly rent of such areas costs about 20 thousand rubles).

In addition, the advantage is that customers are undemanding to the exterior and interior of the garage. A workshop is a workshop, while an office and a sales area should be comfortable and visually attractive to visitors.

Accordingly, an entrepreneur who starts a small business in a garage does not need to additionally invest in expensive repairs and interior design. It is enough to create comfortable and safe conditions for production.

And the main advantage for starting your own business in the garage is that a long preparatory stage is not required. You can immediately start forming a business plan.

Your own garage seems to be the most accessible testing ground for testing the effectiveness of various types of small businesses. With a minimum start-up capital, here you can get creative, install a small technological line, open a repair shop and, as a result, find the very direction that will be close to a novice entrepreneur.

Of course, when implementing an idea for a garage with your own hands, you should take into account the peculiarities of such a production site: in most such premises, the availability of utilities is limited to connecting to electrical networks, and the level of comfort is at the minimum acceptable level. Therefore, before starting work, the garage will have to be insulated, ventilation and lighting systems installed here, heaters installed and access to water provided. However, such efforts are ultimately justified by the low cost of renting or buying premises and the opportunity to do business, which is not available at home.

Dry cleaning of car interiors

For a car enthusiast who appreciates and loves his car, the cleanliness of the cabin is not only a matter of hygiene, but also of status. However, even with the most careful operation, it is almost impossible to avoid the appearance of various kinds of contamination. If we talk about the pre-sale preparation of the car, then there is practically no alternative to dry cleaning.

An original idea for a garage with your own hands involves the arrangement of a small workshop that provides customers with services such as:

To open such a business in a garage with minimal investment, you need to purchase a regular and washing vacuum cleaner, a steam cleaner, brushes, sponges, as well as chemicals and stain removers for different types of surfaces. The total cost of equipping the workshop can be 220-250 thousand rubles.

Entrepreneurs considering what kind of business to open in the garage of a private house should proceed from the assumption that a complete dry cleaning of the salon takes 6-8 hours and costs the client 6000-12021 rubles. Thus, when processing one car per day, the monthly income of the workshop can be 120-200 thousand rubles.

Car service

The small area of ​​the garage is a serious obstacle in the competition with large workshops. A way out in such a situation can be a narrow specialization, which implies high-quality performance of several types of work and does not require such significant investments.

What business to open in a garage? Among motorists in demand:

  • Service (change of oil, filters, belts, brake pads);
  • Repair of suspension, camber and toe adjustment;
  • Repair steering;
  • Adjustment and repair of gearbox, engine and attachments;
  • Repair of electrical equipment, installation of an alarm.

Other small business garage ideas involve an even more limited set of services:

  • Exterior tuning, installation of body kits and fairings;
  • Bodywork, welding and painting works;
  • Glass replacement or repair;
  • Interior sound insulation, installation of audio systems.

Many people today want to start developing their own business. They do not always have a lot of capital for this. A profitable and financially safe way is to work in your own garage. When opening such a business, you need to know about all kinds of nuances and opportunities.

Growing mushrooms, vegetables

This type of business requires a fairly large space. It is even better if seedlings are grown in the garage, and in the future, the products will be planted in greenhouses or garden beds.

Today people are eager to buy such goods from private entrepreneurs, because:

  • Vegetables and mushrooms are non-GMO.
  • Cost per season is much lower than in stores.
  • The goods have excellent taste.

Rather strict requirements are imposed on entrepreneurs if they grow mushrooms. So, for fertilization, compost must be purchased from farmers. They are especially popular today.

One of the following marketing options can be considered:

  • Piece-by-piece sale, that is, work with individuals.
  • Delivery of goods to stores for further sale (it is necessary that the products are certified).
  • Selling goods to restaurants, cafes and other places of public catering.

When working with individuals, as a rule, UTII is used, in other cases, you can use the OSN or STS.

Initial costs are low - about 20 thousand rubles. This includes the purchase of seeds, land, fertilizers, growing containers.

Breeding birds, animals

There are many options in this type of business.

Hello, dear readers of the RichPro business magazine. u! In this issue we will tell you about a business in a garage, how to organize it, what is needed for this, and also consider popular ideas from Europe and China for manufacturing in a garage, selling goods and providing services that can be applied in your own car box in your country. ...

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After all, many novice entrepreneurs strive to minimize the costs of starting their own business. Fixed rental costs significantly limit the opportunities for business development, especially at the initial stage of activity, when significant investments are required in equipment, raw materials and arrangement of premises.

The way out in this situation is to use your own garage for business.

From this article you will learn:

  • Is it realistic to start a business in a garage and use it to make a profit;
  • How to properly equip a car box for organizing a business;
  • A large number of ideas for a garage business from all over the world that can be applied in Russian conditions;
  • Is it worth starting a business in a garage - tips and tricks.

The article will be useful for people who seek to realize themselves in business using the available resources.

From all the variety of proposed ideas for the "garage business", every novice entrepreneur or businessman who wants to optimize their costs can choose a suitable direction "to their liking" and opportunities.

How to start a garage business - how to prepare and what you need to organize a garage business ????

When wanting to run their own business, many entrepreneurs face the problem of having premises. The possibility of renting space scares off newcomers, as it is associated with significant financial costs and, as a rule, complicates business development.

Under these conditions, many entrepreneurial people pay attention to their own garage, which, if used correctly, has the ability to turn into an asset that will bring high income in the future.

Important! The main thing when organizing a business in a garage is to choose an idea that will allow, in these conditions, to convert your own efforts into profit.

When evaluating the prospects of ideas for a small business in a garage, you should pay attention to its location.

Are you tired of working “for your uncle” doing routine work? Do you want to change your life and start entrepreneurship? The easiest way is to organize your own business in the garage, because it does not require large investments and does not take much of your time. What exactly can you do in your own room? We will share with you some of the more interesting ideas.

Garage business without investment

First, let's look at earning opportunities without major investments. They can be implemented in almost any garage on their own, without involving specialists and in most cases without even registering as an entrepreneur.

Garage for rent

The easiest way to make money with a garage is to rent it out. In this case, you will receive stable passive income, albeit small. The rent will depend on two factors:

  • Garage location. Ideally, your garage is located in the city center or in a residential area. In this case, you can always find yourself clients.
  • Garage dimensions. The larger the room, the more expensive it will be, because it can be used not only for storing a car.

The garage is usually rented out on a monthly basis, but there is also a so-called "hourly" payment. It is usually used by drivers who want to repair their car on their own. Renting out a garage for a few hours is much more profitable than for a full month, so equip it with everything you need to repair your car. And if you have a lift or pit in your room, then you can even start your workshop. To increase income, you can start selling various small goods - sell oil, WD-40, light bulbs and other consumables to motorists.

Please note: a large garage with supplied communications can be rented out for a car wash or a shop. Study the demand in the market, and you will find the best option for passive income with a garage.


A store in a garage is a very working and promising idea. The advantage of such a retail outlet is that you do not have to pay for rent, which significantly increases the profitability of the idea. What exactly can be traded in the garage? The list of goods can be virtually any: souvenir, clothing, tires, spare parts, etc.

Consider the following points:

  • What exactly will be profitable to trade in this place. Pick up such a product so that it is in demand, and there are no competitors nearby.
  • Where will you get the goods. Look for good suppliers who offer favorable prices and conditions in your area. Try to wholesale or trade in non-perishable goods. For example, slate, metal, potatoes, wheat, barley, flour, oil, etc.

To keep running costs to a minimum, you will need to insulate your garage and equip it properly. Also consider the heating system, because you will need to trade all year round.

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