Creativity and business: interesting ideas for implementation

In fact, in spite of all the responsibility that one's own business implies, everyone, bewildered by the idea and desire, can open his own business.


Before starting to develop a business plan for earning money from needlework, you need to answer yourself the question whether I want to turn my creativity into an activity that will bring not only joy, but also profit, and also take time , strength and initially money. If the answer is yes, then you can begin to put your thoughts in order, building a concept of your business.

First, a lot depends on what you do. Embroidery is or scrapbooking, art or knitting - each business has its own goals and objectives. For larger-scale creativity, more investment will be required, and projects will be larger.

  • online store only. In this case, you can “create” your creativity at home, as well as sell, i. without leaving the main place of work. This option is the least expensive in terms of investments, except for only your expenses for consumables (accessories, yarn, beads, paints, beads, etc.)
  • a small shop or shop. In this case, you will need to be puzzled about finding a place where your work will be located, and, therefore, include in your business plan the costs of renting premises
  • renting a place in a shopping center or store. This is also a cost item, but unlike the previous one, it is less.
  • network. If you have healthy ambitions, good investments and one hundred percent confidence, you can create your own chain of stores selling not only yours, but also other people's handicraft products. Thus, you will reach the market in several geolocation locations with different audience sizes.

Recommendation: Perhaps, to begin with, if there is no big money for development, there is a feeling of fear and doubt, it is worth testing the waters and spreading the news about your business to acquaintances, friends of friends. Thus, look at the reaction, how interesting it is and what the demand is, and only after that decide what scale your business will be.

In no case should your business be impersonal, it should have a name, and not just a "handicraft shop" and something like that, it should be a full-fledged, specific name. In this case, your business will acquire the status of individuality and subsequently will be eligible for the brand.

Recommendation: Do not give a name that is too cumbersome, incomprehensible and hard to hear. In the field of needlework, English-language names should also be avoided, because a large percentage of clients are grandmothers who come for patterns or yarn. Ideally, this is a one or two word name.


If you are doing embroidery with beads or floss, you probably know that for this you need to buy an embroidery kit. If you create hand-made jewelry, then order or buy somewhere feathers for earrings, beads, ear wires, pins, connectors, clips. It's one thing when you create it "for yourself", another thing when there is a flow, and consumables will go away quickly and in large quantities. Buying at retail will not only be unprofitable, but rather inexpedient. Therefore, it will be necessary to purchase in bulk or at low prices. For each type of creative activity, there are quite a few online store sites where all the products you are interested in are presented.

In addition, your additional income will be not only the sale of your own handicrafts, but also those goods that other needlewomen are looking for.

Recommendation: Do not be afraid to trade "many" things at first. Of course, you can build a one-line business selling only knitted items and yarn, but competition in the creative market is no less than in other areas, and therefore if you are interested in needlework from different sides, offer various products.

your future project. How to write a business plan? The step-by-step instructions in this article will help in this matter.

Business Plan Objectives

Writing a business plan can be different depending on why you need it. One of the most common goals is to present it for investment. Such a business plan for a project is the most difficult. Often outside parties are involved in writing it - specialists in their field who will create a suitable business plan for the investor's approval.

It happens that a manager instructs to write a business plan for a company, for example, to open a branch. In this case, too, they often turn to third-party specialists to draw up such plans. Ultimately, the contractor may only need to make some adjustments for the needs of the company.

Well, when a business plan is necessary for starting your own business, it is best to write it from cover to cover yourself. This is a difficult process, but exciting and very interesting. After all, your own business is a real brainchild of an entrepreneur. And therefore, their creation is treated very reverently and thoroughly. The article provides instructions on how to draw up a business plan for your business.

Initial idea

Basically, those who decide to open their own enterprise have already chosen and are well aware of their field of activity. But there are entrepreneurs who want to have their own business, but do not yet clearly know what they will be doing. They are looking for a business idea. It is difficult to overestimate its importance. The idea should fit the interests and desires of the entrepreneur himself.

This can be a favorite business that a person is ready to do even for free, or a business that already brings a guaranteed income. In any case, having chosen a niche for yourself, it is important not to be distracted by anything else and not to dream of unattainable peaks, but to step by step bring your real idea to life. A business plan will really help in this matter.

How to write a business plan? Step by step instructions

So, having imagined what the future business will be, you can proceed to writing a business plan. There are special planning standards. Therefore, if it will be submitted for investment, you should choose an appropriate standard and adhere to it when writing.

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