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New business ideas

At least climb the wall: profitable business on gymnastic equipment

Lately there are a lot of business ideas on hobiz. u relate to a sports lifestyle. Although, frankly, sports culture has always been in a person's life in one form or another. Suffice it to recall the history of the Olympic Games. The first documented ancient Olympic festivals took place in 776 BC. Almost three thousand years ago. And since that time, a healthy lifestyle has not lost its relevance.

And now, thanks to government programs, sport has become more accessible than ever to the general population. All kinds of workouts, multifunctional compact exercise machines, multi-speed bicycles and special bike paths, the general organization of the urban environment - all this contributes to the development, mood and general popularization of a sports lifestyle.

And how can you not remember the "classics" of simulators - wall bars?

The Swedish wall is a staircase with a frequent lattice of steps, attached to the wall with a significant gap, or standing separately, firmly barred. It is assembled from at least two vertical posts and many crossbars fixed between them. The Swedish wall is a special gymnastic trainer used in gyms and at home for training, physiotherapy exercises and physical rehabilitation.

The history of the Swedish wall originates from ancient Asia. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Swedish doctor and teacher Per Henrik Ling, an expert on the physical culture of ancient China, developed his own system of gymnastics using oriental practices. Later, his son Hjalmar, with Ling's students, developed special gymnastic apparatus and simulators. Today, widely known to all - a wall, a log, a jumping springboard and a bench with a saddle.

And by the middle of the XIX century, these shells are widely distributed throughout the world. In countries where physical education and culture have appeared. So this simulator, called the "Swedish wall", appeared in Russia. In Switzerland itself, the trainer is called ribbstol, which means "frame with crossbars". And in English-speaking countries - wallbars (valbars) - "wall grill".

Despite its impressive age, there are still no adequate alternatives for the wall bars. This simulator is used everywhere - in gyms, gymnastics rooms, there are also home options. By the way, this is an excellent gymnastic apparatus for the home. On the one hand, it takes up little space, on the other hand, it is the basis of many practices. Additionally, a variety of extensions can be installed on the home Swedish wall - from a horizontal bar to a press bench. And the price, thanks to the simple design, is quite affordable. Therefore, wall bars sell well and are well bought. So why not make your business out of it?

We are talking about handmade Swedish walls. After all, the first exercise machines were assembled from wood. Although, now, due to manufacturability, the available Swedish walls are made of metal. But, what is useful for conveyor production is harmful for artisanal production.

So, NOHrD, known for working with wood, producing exercise equipment. It turns out environmentally friendly, fashionable and curious. The experts did not go round the Swedish wall, or rather, if we speak in their language, the Valbars.

NOHrD WallBars is a home wall bar with additional accessories that allows professional athletes and amateurs to train.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas in Asia". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Unusual business ideas from Asia

Asia is home to more than half of the world's population. Asian lands keep a strong culture, adherence to special traditions and rituals. More and more tourists come to Asian countries every year who want to immerse themselves in this mysterious and very interesting atmosphere.

But Asia is famous not only for its foundations and rituals, but also for innovations, unusual ideas for business. Moreover, among these ideas there are both truly progressive and simply stunning - you will not immediately understand whether this is serious or a fiction. We have collected the most interesting, in our opinion, business ideas that were born in Asia.

So, Chen Guangbaio decided to start selling fresh air canned in banks. However, he decided to sell his native air to the Chinese - that is, collected in China, only in the cleanest regions. For a change, he added various flavors to some cans.

incredible business ideas originating in Asia

Asia is home to over 50% of the world's population. There are completely different cultures, traditions, rituals intertwined; and more and more people are lured and attracted by the mysterious Asian countries.

But Asia is saturated not only with antiquity, but also with creative, innovative ideas. Some of these ideas are truly revolutionary, and some are so fantastic that people may not immediately realize that this is a fiction or reality, for fun or in earnest. Here are just 8 examples of business ideas that came to us from Asia that can give goosebumps - they are so incredible.

1. Air for sale. China

While this sounds implausible, it's still true. Chen Guangbaio, a Chinese multimillionaire, claims he sold 8 million cans of fresh air to Beijing residents in just 10 days!

China is considered to be one of the most developed nations in the world. With the growth of technology, the pace of life in China is accelerating, but at the same time its quality is deteriorating - China, unfortunately, is one of the most polluted countries in the world.

Chen Guangbaio got the idea to sell "canned fresh air" after he learned that Beijing people suffer from suffocation due to the high carbon dioxide content in the air. In cans, he collected air from the unpolluted regions of China. To heighten the effect, he added various flavors to some cans - for more freshness, I guess.

China needs new business ideas like no other country in the world. Huge competition in the market, surplus labor resources and the need to earn a living at any cost are pushing the Chinese to all new ways of earning money, and a well-developed technological base helps Chinese business ideas to quickly translate into reality. Chinese and Japanese business ideas - why not a way to learn from the experience of Eastern colleagues?

Consider different business ideas 2021 from China, but we will not try to assess their prospects in the Russian market - many of the ideas are just taking root in the Middle Kingdom, so it's too early to talk about transferring them to a completely different soil.

Business ideas from China

This idea has already been successfully implemented by the Chinese company Double Star Tires. The rubber is not just painted. It is exactly colored. This was not so difficult to achieve as to maintain the required characteristics - strength, good grip, etc. The blank for the tire is sandy in color, you can already add absolutely any dye there. So far, tests have left only positive results - a car in multi-colored tires can drive 50 hours at high speed, and after that the tires continue to look like new.

  • Waiting in line for money

May be of interest to aspiring student entrepreneurs, for example. Although you can put the business on stream - hire a staff who will defend long lines and contact the person who paid the company for it in time. Do not think that such a service is much less in demand in Russia than in China. It is worth going in the morning to a state institution that offers some services to the population, as it becomes clear that a lot can be given, just not to waste a few hours of your life here. The Chinese estimated an hour of queuing at $ 3.

  • Online Gaming Assistant

Virtual reality is increasingly pushing us back from real life. Now, if only work did not interfere ... Sly Chinese have found a way out - they pay other people to play the Farm and other online games instead of them during the day, raising the level of the player, expanding his skills and gaining new achievements.

  • 4. Manufacture of gloves for cleaning vegetables without a knife

This kitchen gadget is useful for lovers of fresh young vegetables - especially potatoes, zucchini, carrots. Waterproof gloves have an abrasive surface on the palms, which allows you to peel the vegetable from a thin peel in just a couple of movements. Such gloves have several advantages at once: hands do not get dirty (which is very important in the case of young vegetables, whose juice leaves indelible stains on the skin), the amount of waste is minimal, an excellent result awaits even those who practice this for the first time. Well, the time for such work takes several times less than when using a knife.

Every citizen of Russia has thought more than once about how to start a business. The prospect of opening a business abroad looks even more tempting, as indicated by the current exchange rate. Before doing this, it is recommended to study all business ideas abroad.

Features of doing business abroad

First of all, a person who has thought about doing business abroad should study all the features of starting his activities in a foreign territory, as well as possible problems. The study of all the circumstances occurs in the sequence:

It is important to assess the relevance of this or that activity, so that in the future you will not face ruin due to the lack of need for a service.

Only with a thorough study of the country and the market can you start opening your own commercial activity. Additionally, it is required to find information on the poverty indicator of the population of the selected state. For example, in the Republic of Chad, 80% of the population lives below the poverty line. Accordingly, one should not start a business there.

Popular business ideas from the USA and Europe on video:

Which country to choose for business

It is not possible to pinpoint countries with a good business environment, although this is done by numerous experts. In this case, each state should be considered separately and in accordance with its own ideas for entrepreneurship. What turns out to be superfluous in a developed country can bring a decent income in a country with tough conditions for commerce.

When choosing a country, consider the following circumstances:

These are only the main factors that guide the selection of a country. Additionally, you should explore the possibilities of opening and running a business of a certain nature in the selected territory.

Company registration abroad

This is the foundation of the entire business venture. First, you need to personally visit the country to submit documents. There is a way to contact the local administration through intermediaries. In each country there are agency offices that offer for a certain fee to register the activity of a foreigner on the territory of another state. Agency fees are often small, and a beginner businessman can spend a certain amount.

Many aspiring businessmen, confident in their strengths and capabilities, should choose fresh and unusual ideas in order to succeed.

It is very important that they interest the widest possible audience - this will ensure a stable reliable income and its regular increase.

From this point of view, Japanese business will be very interesting and promising. The main thing is not to be mistaken in choosing the most successful idea.

Business Features from Japan

Japan is a country that has given the world the most reliable cars and the highest quality household appliances.

However, there are many other successful business ideas that can be very interesting to domestic consumers, therefore, become profitable for entrepreneurs.

It's no secret that many types of business, the ideas of which originate in the Land of the Rising Sun, remain in their homeland, and only a few of them still find a worthy place in other countries of the world, including in our.

And if possible, you should try your luck in opening your own business in Japan. But for this it is important to have a complete understanding of all the features and nuances.

There is an opinion that it is very difficult for foreign entrepreneurs to open their own business in this mysterious country. However, as practice shows, this is quite realistic and promising.

More and more businessmen from Russia prefer to do business in Japan.

The industry in this country is mainly occupied by private rather than state-owned enterprises.

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