Catering business

Therefore, you need to start such a business wisely, thinking over all the subtleties and details. Where to start and what to consider first?

Choice of direction

Before starting an activity, you need to decide on the format of the institution. The budget classes of the restaurant are focused on people with low paying capacity, the flow of customers in this case can be quite stable, but the profit will still be small.

An elite establishment with a luxurious menu, on the contrary, is too expensive and risky business, since in the absence of a constant clientele it will simply be unprofitable. Therefore, the best business ideas for the restaurant business suggest something in the middle. This format is called FastCasual, it is not a fast food diner, but also not a classic type of restaurant.

Features of mid-range institutions

Most often, such restaurants are opened in shopping centers, but it may also be successful to be located in a separate building. They are designed for the middle price category. Often, establishments of this nature develop within the framework of a franchise. The restaurant chains are distinguished by a certain style of decoration, a good choice of dishes from quality products, and a high level of service.

All this makes FastCasual the best choice for anyone who is thinking about how to start a restaurant business from scratch. Examples of existing establishments of this format allow us to confidently assert: this is a stable and developing area.

Administrative matters

One of the main difficulties in such an area of ​​activity as the restaurant business is the execution of all the necessary documents. First of all, you need to choose the organizational and legal form. You can register as a legal entity or as an individual entrepreneur.

If your restaurant business plan is more ambitious, the first option is suitable, if the establishment is small, choose the second. The OKVED code will be "activities of restaurants and cafes", you can also specify additional items: "activities of bars" and "supply of catering products."

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      • 1. ... Small restaurant menu
  • 2 What equipment to choose for the restaurant business
      • 2. ... Small restaurant food vendors
  • 3 Do I need permission to open a restaurant
      • 3. ... Recruiting staff for a restaurant
  • 4 How much money is needed to open a restaurant
  • 5 How much can you earn
  • 6 Which OKVED must be indicated to open a small restaurant
  • 7 Which documents are needed to open
  • 8 Which taxation system to choose for opening a small restaurant
  • 9 Business technology
  • 10 Newcomer to the opening of a small restaurant

First of all, you need to decide on the target group, that is, what guests the restaurant will be designed for.

Choose a design theme, formulate a business idea and goals.

There are different restaurants - French, Italian, Caucasian cuisine, dumplings, cheburek, pastry shops and so on.

If the concept is chosen, it is worth moving on to the next step.

How to start opening a small restaurant

The choice of a place for a restaurant plays an important role:

In a residential area, among high-rise buildings, in deserted places - the restaurant will not bring much profit, no matter how wonderful the advertisement is.

You need to choose well-traveled places, business centers, central streets, even train stations, then it is possible to stay afloat, and possibly develop in the future.

Opening hours - it must be determined based on the concept of the institution, if the rate is on breakfast, it is worth starting work from 6-7 am, if for a business lunch, you can open no earlier than 10 hours, if the emphasis made for dinner, it is worth extending the work of the restaurant until 1-2 a.m.

Of course, a good chef and an original interior are good, but not enough, there are still a lot of things to take care of before opening your own restaurant.

Each type of business has its own nuances and peculiarities, and the restaurant business is no exception. That is why, before engaging in such activities, you need to study the basics of the restaurant business and all its features.

For a restaurant to be profitable, you need:

  • Conduct a market analysis to find out which restaurants are most in demand by consumers today. Given the economic crisis, it is better to open a classic restaurant for middle-income people or a family restaurant than an upmarket establishment.
  • Take a free niche. In a capital or a large metropolis, consumers will be delighted with the opening of any new establishment, unlike in the provinces, where everything needs to be carefully thought out so that it is your restaurant that arouses the interest of the local public. For example, if there are already 3 pizzerias in a small, provincial town, the fourth one will definitely be superfluous. Or, if locals are suspicious of oriental cuisine, and the only restaurant does not pay for itself, then you should not open a business with Chinese or Japanese dishes.

Initial Capital

When asked how much it costs to open a restaurant in order to start a business from scratch, restaurateurs say that this is a significant investment. In addition, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have serious, monthly costs, as long as the development of the restaurant business will not be profitable.

Since the restaurant business is only in third place, after clothing stores and photo salons, you need to work very hard before opening a restaurant.

It should also be taken into account that the life expectancy of a restaurant is 5 years. Therefore, you will need new ideas and innovations in the restaurant business.

With the proper organization of this business, after 4 months of work, you can count on the restaurant's payback. In about two years the restaurant will be profitable. The lowest profitability of a restaurant is 20%, the average is 25%, sometimes 50-60%.

Types of restaurants

The first question in the “restaurant business for dummies” series is what does it take to open your own restaurant? You need to start with the concept of the restaurant, which is closely related to the pricing policy. Pricing must be taken seriously and responsibly. So, if you are planning to open an expensive restaurant with exquisite dishes and interior in an original style, then you need to take into account that rather high prices in it will attract respectable people to it. And if you decide to open a family restaurant or middle class, then it is better to focus on mass character. Thus, by doing the right thing, you can successfully start your business. You also need to choose the right staff, negotiate with suppliers, and organize an advertising campaign. As soon as you answer all these questions, you can safely start drawing up the documents.

When deciding whether to start a business or not, you need to understand that the size of investments, like income, will depend on the volume and level of services provided.

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All establishments, be it a restaurant, hotel or simple tire fitting, want to be remembered by customers. To do this, it is not at all necessary to spend a lot of effort on the embodiment of the original concept, as was done, for example, in this restaurant, where a table with visitors hangs in the air at a height of 50 meters. It is enough to please the guests with some pleasant trifle so that they come back again and again and bring friends.

The editors of the site noted that such creative solutions really make the establishments very attractive. I wonder why not all hosts are implementing something like this yet?

Mugs that won't heat the beer

Restaurant without staff

What you need if you are an introvert. In Nuremberg, Germany, there is a restaurant "s Baggers", which has no waiters (unfortunately, the restaurant is now closed, we hope this is temporary). Customers use tablets to form an order, and he himself comes to them in saucepans directly from the kitchen on special rails The only staff members you can meet here are the girls who help place orders for those who can't handle the tablet. / P>

A pub that loves live chat

There is a pub in Great Britain, The Fat Boar Wrecsam, where you will be asked to hide your phones in a container, lock them with a key and give them to the staff, while enjoying conversations with your friends in the meantime. If you agree to do this, you will be rewarded with a discount.

Pillow Menu

At the Levant Hotel in Crimea, you will be offered a whole range of pillows for sleeping, each of which will help solve a specific problem: ease falling asleep, get rid of snoring or relieve neck pain. This is achieved with the help of a different set of herbs, which are stuffed with pillows, different fabrics and pillow shapes.

There are restaurants and cafes in Moscow where you go not so much to eat as just enjoy the atmosphere. If in such a place they also eat delicious food, this is a real gift. Ekaterina Maslova, restaurant reviewer and managing editor of How to Green, has selected 15 Moscow restaurants, cafes and bars that combine comfort with excellent cuisine. And what kind of atmosphere you like or according to your mood, choose for yourself.

Mandarin Combustible bar

If a vacation is not planned for the near future, and you really want to go on a trip, the Mandarin bar is ideal for feeling yourself far from the bustle of Moscow. Most of all, it looks like not a bar, but the lobby of an expensive five-star hotel in some former British colony such as Malaysia, Hong Kong or Singapore. The atmosphere is conveyed with extraordinary precision.

There is no kitchen here: all food is ordered from the neighboring “Mandarin. Noodles and ducks ”, where they cook very tasty and now there is a lean menu with a lot of great vegan dishes, about which. Moreover, the restaurant itself closes (like most restaurants) at midnight, but in Mandarin you can order food from there until 6 in the morning. It is worth going to the bar not only for the atmosphere, but also for cocktails. A team of bartenders under the command of Denis Shalimov prepares incredible drinks for every taste - both with and without alcohol. In addition to the usual menu, guests are also surprised by the seasonal menu. Now, for example, you can try cocktails from the Spring Film Affection collection, based on the famous films - Mulholand Drive, Frida and others.

Address: 2 Maly Cherkassky Lane, Lubyanka metro station Opening hours: from 12:00 to 06:00

Brisket BBQ

One of the new establishments of the restaurateur Arkady Novikov turned out to be incredibly atmospheric. It was opened on the site of "Ju-Ju" on Smolensky Boulevard. The place of a pretentious establishment with exorbitant prices was taken by a restaurant with a Texas spirit, democratic prices, a giant smoker and stylish hipster waiters. Before the opening, chef Alexei Kanevsky was sent to the States to study the intricacies of Texas barbecue cooking for several months. The meaning of the dish is that products (primarily meat, of course, but fish and vegetables too) are smoked in a smoker for many hours. It turns out very tasty, gentle and healthy, because even oils are practically not used. American-style portions are gigantic, so don't order too many at once. There are few vegetarian options here, but until mid-April there is a gorgeous lean menu: vegetables for salads, snacks and main dishes are prepared in the same “smoker”, so it’s interesting to try them. There is a smoked beet salad with arugula and crispy eggplants (420 rubles), smoked pumpkin soup with coconut milk (400 rubles), charcoal cauliflower with salsa, baked leeks and cilantro (450 rubles), eggplant steak (420 rubles) and much more.

Address: Smolensky Boulevard, 15, metro station "Smolenskaya" or "Park Kultury"

Average bill: 700-1500 rubles

Magnum Wine Bar

The new wine bar, located on Lesnaya Street, moves to a small street in the cramped center of some fashionable European capital like Paris, Madrid or London. It is there that in the old houses there are so many similar establishments - small stylish wine bars with a small well-thought-out menu and an understandable drink offer. The food includes eggplant cookies with goat cheese (380 rubles), a variety of vegetable tapas - artichokes, Italian olives, sun-dried tomatoes (450 rubles), a salad of baked vegetables and roots with young cheese (690 rubles), crispy macaroni with " ice-cream "from smoked salmon (350 rubles), risotto with seafood and saffron (790 rubles), sea wolf fillet with poached egg and" spaghetti "from zucchini (850 rubles) and so on. As for drinks, Magnum offers about 100 wine positions, of which 55 are offered by glass. All positions are divided into several price categories, in each of which the cost of a bottle and a glass is the same - for white, and for red, and for sparkling wine. It starts with the section “wine for every day” - 1990 rubles per bottle and 350 rubles per glass. In general, everyone who wants to remember the atmosphere of a European wine bar now has a place to go in Moscow too.

Address: Lesnaya, 5b, BC "White Square", metro "Belorusskaya" Working hours: from 12:00 to 00:00 Average check: 1500-2021 rubles


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