Buy and Sell Business: Best Ideas for Selling Goods from China

New business buy sell ideas

Buy low and sell high is the most common business scheme. Buy such a business, sell ideas, a lot.

But we will consider this idea in a slightly different format.

Or rather, we will consider a number of ideas, buy raw materials for which you can cheaply, and the finished product will cost an order of magnitude higher. You will not sell air, you will sell a quality product that people are happy to pay for.

Small-scale manufacturing - food The most profitable industry on the planet has been food manufacturing. Which is actually not surprising, people want to eat every day. In this area, it is of great importance whether you can find your niche or not, which is not yet occupied by competitors, and make a quality product.

Semi Factory is one of the leaders in profitability in small business, and has held its position for many decades. And again, this is not surprising, the preparation of such products, very convenient, put in the microwave for 5-10 minutes and you're done. Although we call this business idea small-scale production, it brings a rather tangible profit P. Not only production ideas, for example, which can be implemented even in a small town, can be profitable.

Frozen foods such as dumplings, pancakes, cutlets, puffs, dumplings and the like must be stored in freezers, so you need to take care of uninterrupted power supply.

All other products that can be stored for a long time without a freezer, all kinds of berries, dry fruits, etc. For such a product, a mini-plant for their production can be organized already in the provinces, and the finished product can be sold in large cities.

Modern business idea It should be said right away that we have not even heard of analogues of such an idea in Russia or its closest neighbors. But by this and. This business arose in the context of the development of the tourist business, such an unusual interesting vacation option - traveling on wheels, will not leave anyone indifferent. In the beginning, you can rent a spacious truck and put a comfortable sofa there.

You can become the first businessman in our country to open a hotel on wheels.

This van usually drives within the country. Suit rental as a business idea up to 50,000 rubles Everyone loves holidays, no matter where a person lives in a province or a village. In recent years, it has become popular to hold costume performances not only for the New Year.

More and more often they began to celebrate such holidays as - Halloween, Maslenitsa, etc. And to carry out costume performances in some of them.

Most relevant business

Trading is the most convenient and simple way of earning money for novice businessmen. You do not need to possess any complex skills or purchase expensive machines for production. It is enough to buy goods in bulk and sell them at a higher price, making money on the difference. And business ideas related to China, where the buy-and-sell algorithm works best, have attracted the most interest lately.

Why China?

You can make money on business ideas from China on a buy-sell basis at least 50,000 per month without leaving your home. How to do it? Read in our article.

The scheme of work with the "Celestial Empire" is as follows:

  • Find cheaper goods
  • Buy and deliver them to Russia
  • Sell more expensive.

As you can see, the principle is simple and does not cause any difficulties.

Trade in Chinese products has several advantages:

  • Minimum investment in business. The margin for trade in goods from China is 50-1000%! The low price is achieved through cheap labor.
  • Huge assortment. Browse the major Chinese internet sites (Aliexpress, Taobao). The choice of goods there is simply endless. You can find anything you want on the store pages.
  • The interest of Chinese suppliers in selling their goods. Huge competition forces sellers to constantly dump, work 24 hours a day and agree to the buyer's terms. Therefore, you can order free samples completely free of charge, demand a detailed description and photo, and set the delivery conditions that suit you.

What to sell?

Let's list the products from China that are most popular in Russia:

  • Toys
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Watches, bags, wallets, jewelry, umbrellas and other accessories
  • Teas
  • Covers, protective glass for phones, tablets
  • Tablets, e-books, video recorders
  • Cosmetics
  • Household items
  • Interior items
  • And so on.

A profitable buy-and-sell business from China: how to implement an idea?

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