Business services ideas

Today, business ideas in the service sector deserve special attention, since entrepreneurial activity in this direction has a number of undeniable advantages. At the very initial stage, you can do without investments if you do all the work yourself, but development will in any case require funds.

Services are provided to both individuals and organizations. The scope in this plane for the implementation of ideas is simply enormous. Next, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with interesting ideas that can be implemented.

Photographic Services

People try to capture various events in their lives so that the memory of them remains. In this regard, the services of a professional photographer are in high demand. Such a specialist is invited to anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and other important events. Photos are also taken in the salon.

First you need to decide on the direction. If it is supposed to do only trips, then there is no need to rent premises. You can process materials at home. However, a full-fledged studio is required for stationary work. It should not be less than 30-40 square meters. Transport accessibility plays an important role.

  • to purchase photo equipment and additional accessories, you will have to spend about 100,000 rubles;
  • on average, the profit ranges from 30-50 thousand rubles per month;
  • a business usually pays for itself in 3 months.

Attention: if necessary, you can take it if your own funds are not enough. However, this should be done only after drawing up a detailed business plan.

Development of interior projects

As statistics show, cities in the Russian Federation are gradually growing. New residential areas appear on their territories. Many owners of apartments and houses often resort to the services of designers for arranging the interior space.

This business idea in the service sector is very promising, since at the initial stage it is not at all necessary to rent a separate studio. You can work at home, coordinating all actions with clients in neutral territory. The premises will be needed when expanding the business.

The following calculations are obtained (excluding rental investments):

  • it will take about 80,000 rubles to purchase licensed software, a computer and additional equipment;
  • monthly profit averages 45,000 rubles;
  • business payback - 2 months.

From Russian maternity mothers to large foreign projects in women's businesses. A selection of new types of entrepreneurship for women to borrow or use for inspiration.

"Last mile" services, logistics systems with drones and vacuum trains, delivery "on demand", in the trunk of your own car and without the presence of the owner. We look where the delivery sphere is going.

Investments from 200,000 rubles.

Banbochka Franchise

We suggest you open (or expand your current) business for the manufacture of wood products: barrel baths, gazebos, summer houses, wooden change houses, fonts, fences, garden decor, chicken coops, etc.

Walmart is testing a revolutionary new food delivery service. The courier is allowed to enter the house and put food directly into the customer's refrigerator.

A service for organizing photo sessions on board a fake private jet has appeared in Moscow. From those who want to show off to their Instagram followers, the studio collects 14 thousand rubles.

A Chinese man, Mei Aicai, founded a dating service in Kharkov, which helps men from the Middle Kingdom find a bride from Ukraine. Aytsay decided to create his own agency after marrying a young beautiful Ukrainian woman.

Franchise of the online store of automotive goods "Registrar Market"

Tip: at the first stage of work, you can do without renting and buying premises, limiting yourself to making clothes and accessories at home. It is better not to purchase fabrics in advance, but to choose after receiving the order.

Rental services

Rental services in the near future should not lose popularity in Russia, because even having the opportunity to purchase a special car, bicycle and other things that can be rented, people do not always need them. You can also rent suits and much more. Such a business can be combined with other related ones, implying active income.

Courier service

The advantage of opening a courier service for the population of Russia is, first of all, in the minimum investment and the absence of the need for any special education. Meanwhile, delivery will always be popular and necessary for those who value their personal time. Before opening such a service, you must register as an individual entrepreneur and register with the tax office. You can rent an office space, but at first there is an opportunity to do without it. The main thing is to organize good advertising and build a client base.


Consulting is one of the most important and relevant activities today. Legal advice involves assistance in almost all legal areas (up to provision), which is why they are so in demand. You can provide information services of an economist, marketer, psychologist and representatives of other professions. You can also provide tutoring services in one area or another. The profit of an independent consultant directly depends on the topic of consulting, the amount of knowledge and the right advertising. The activity does not need special equipment and sometimes even the rental of premises.

Travel Agency

The crisis forces people to limit spending on recreation and entertainment, however, hardly anyone will completely deprive themselves of rest. On the other hand, the new travel agency can also benefit from this by organizing special budget packages. Be that as it may, many people do not like to choose their own places of future rest, hotels and recreation programs, so in most cases they turn to specialists.

In the case of a travel agency, there is no need for a lot of work on organizing recreation, establishing appropriate connections. Investments will be required to rent or purchase an office and its equipment. You may need to hire employees, as well as good advertising in the form of your own website, advertisements in newspapers, the Internet, on radio and television.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business services ideas". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Fresh Business Ideas - Real Small Business Ideas

There are many business people in the service sector who go out of their way to please their customers. It is very difficult to build a customer base if you do not provide quality and innovative services. worn ideas in the service sector in this case will come in handy. It cannot be denied that the better and more exclusive the service, the more visitors you have. We read ideas from this category and shake off everything that the mind and eye can catch on to.

An idea of ​​how to become an intermediary between those who want to clean clothes and ordinary dry cleaners.

Quite an interesting idea, which is at the intersection of the field of services and new technologies. Most likely, the future belongs to such ideas. Details.

A good option for a business in a crisis period. Handyman services will be in demand anytime, anywhere.

In a couple of weeks, this year will come to an end and the new 2021 will come. What can we expect in the new.

A crisis situation has been felt in the country for quite a long time. There is less money, people are no longer so willing to buy goods and.

Probably, each of us has faced the problem of quickly and efficiently washing the car, especially when the weather is good, and the sun is bright.

The story of how in a short time the FlowWow flower shop aggregator managed to connect more than half a thousand shops located on its Internet spaces.

Denis Mazurov came to entrepreneurship in a rather unusual way - at first he worked for seven years in the district administration, and then took over.

Hi, my name is Maya, just sharing my experience

An organic continuation of the trade and technological process in the store is the provision of retail services.

A retail service is the result of direct interaction between the seller and the buyer, as well as the seller's own activities to meet the needs of the buyer when purchasing goods under a sales contract.

Retail services include:

• helping customers make purchases and use them;

• creating convenience for customers.

Services for the sale of goods include operations of the trade and technological process (formation of an assortment, acceptance of goods, their storage, etc.).

The sale of goods can be carried out in the store (hypermarket, department store, etc.) and outside the store (through small retail stationary and mobile networks, through vending machines, etc.).

Services to assist in making and using a purchase include:

• receiving and executing orders for goods (receiving and placing orders directly at the trade enterprise by phone or outside the enterprise, picking orders, packing orders, issuing goods directly at the trade enterprise and / or home delivery); <

• organization of delivery of goods;

• packaging of goods purchased in the store;

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