Business on Instagram: instructions, ideas

How to make your account interesting and find buyers for your business on Instagram? The most important thing is content. No ads and bloggers will make you sales if your account is half-alive. Nobody will buy anything if there are posts in the account in the style of "good morning / how was your weekend" and once a week a post with an advertisement for a product. Serious work requires high-quality photos and a content plan.

Instagram Business Content Ideas

Who are you

Your account should always be immediately clear who you are and what you do. This should be clearly written in the header. Avoid formulaic phrases like "create beauty". Write clearly and to the point if the main task of the account is sales, not "inspiration". Even the creative fields are no exception. Emotions for which people come to Instagram, they can be in posts, stories, live broadcasts.

  • Who are you and what you do, how you differ from your competitors.
  • Make a video about the company: videos from production, from your courses, from your store, etc.
  • History: how the idea appeared, how it was implemented.
  • Interviews with the manager and employees (if any), with partners and clients.
  • Interviews with stars or famous bloggers who use your products / services.
  • Company news.
  • News from your industry.
  • Mission and goals: what drives you, what problem do you want to solve.
  • Successful "cases" - stories of how you managed to solve this or that problem.
  • How do you communicate with customers: how to place an order, how to resolve any issue.
  • Media publications: blogs, tv / radio, youtube, etc.
  • Errors and experience gained. Nobody's perfect, but it's important to show that you learn from mistakes and get better.


Posts about your products - selling. An online store can have at least every post with a product card (photo, description, price, how to order). Such posts will have low reach, but you will be charged at the expense of their number. If the product is expensive, then it makes sense to make detailed posts about production, quality, examples of use, etc.

  • Tell us about your products, about your competitive advantages
  • Post-product card: tell about a specific product: how to use it, for whom it is suitable.
  • Discounts and promotions for goods.
  • Production of goods: how and from what you make, what you use in your work. Show large seams / materials, etc. You can upload such a video to IGTV, where it will remain forever.
  • How do you control quality?
  • History of creation: how it all began, how products have changed over time. Previously it was like this, then we started to do better - this way.
  • Examples of product use.


Posts about your services are selling. As a rule, one fast a day is more than enough. At the same time, there can be a minimum of sales (with a description of services). Your goal is to maximize engagement and reach. Try to reach 40-60% of subscribers. To do this, you need each post to collect as many likes and comments as possible. Accordingly, make your posts capacious, show your subscribers your expertise.

  • Tell us about your services, what you do and how, why you are better than your competitors. If nothing, then this is a good reason to think about what can be improved in your work.
  • A post about each individual service. What are the options for cooperation with you. Write prices! At least the minimum-maximum.
  • Discounts and promotions for services.
  • Describe the workflow. Where does the work with the client begin, how do you communicate, what is the result.
  • How did you start: education, work experience, how did you come to Instagram.
  • Case: describe the experience of working with a specific client. The client wanted to receive such and such a service - found you - how did you help him.

February 6, 2021 Published in sections: Working with social networks. 89771

Instagram has 22 million Russians. The user logs into the social network 16 times a day. More than 60% of Instagrammers check for updates daily. The application on mobile devices allows you to be within walking distance of your account. The level of banner blindness is less. What are the rules that indicate how to properly maintain, develop and launch a business account on Instagram, where businessmen need to start developing and maintaining a page, how to build it from scratch, open, create and launch a product through Instagram. We offer you to understand in our article.


This knowledge will help you achieve your goals. What can be solved:

  • increase conversions;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • maintain reputation and promote company atmosphere;
  • fuel interest to offers;
  • increasing engagement: likes, reposts, comments;
  • a story about the product and its benefits;
  • informing about company news and much more.

Insta clearly separates personal accounts and profiles. In the latter option, you can view free statistics and run ads using the Facebook account for flexible settings. For beginners, a simple promotion of posts will do for the first time. Cons: few goals and functions for selecting audiences.

Business via Instagram: where to start

Here are the recommendations, after studying which you will know what you can do yourself.

  • Choose a niche based on your interests. Analyze what you are great at and be able to talk about it. Do not rely on other people's preferences - in most cases, you will abandon what you started.
  • Once the list is in front of your eyes, it's time to check out how successful competitors are doing in these areas. What are they doing to attract an audience? What business strategies are they using? Choose the most realistic way for yourself and start planning.
  • Business should not only be loved, but also bring money. How to understand that the chosen niche will not just steal the invested budget? Type its name into the search bar and check how many ads you get in return. If there is a lot, goods and services are in demand.
  • Analyze who you are going to sell to: gender, age, interests. Choosing the right target audience will save your budget and increase the chances of successfully promoting your business.
  • Concentrate on direction. Choose something that is not too broad, otherwise there will be problems attracting advertisers. It's not worth it too - there may not be enough ideas for permanent content. In the future, you can expand and add new product lines, but it's better to start with one thing.
  • Set up a schedule to keep content running smoothly. Remember that fasting lasts 4 hours and it makes no sense to make more than one post during this period. We wrote about how to choose the best time frame in the article "The best time to post on Instagram."

With experience, skills are consolidated and mistakes that arise at first will not be an obstacle.

About the target audience and where to find it

Determine who your clients are: how old they are, what their income is, what they are interested in. Going forward, you will invest in targeted advertising to attract buyers.

Let us consider the facts on which the business on Instagram has become profitable - network traffic, the mobile application makes it possible to constantly track updates, less banner blindness compared to other social networks. Instagram creates the best conditions for promoting your business.

Instagram solves the following business tasks:

  • increases the conversion of sales;
  • the proposed brand becomes recognizable;
  • creates a friendly atmosphere for the sales company;
  • increases interest in products;
  • solves the issue of involvement in the business through likes and reposts, comments;
  • platform for a commercial offer: a short story about the product and its usefulness;
  • information platform about company news;
  • other opportunities.

The Instagram network separates personal user profiles and special profiles for doing business. In the profile for business, you can track statistics for free, and with Facebook you can make flexible settings and launch an advertising campaign. For novice businessmen, promotion of goods on a free posting is enough.

Instructions for creating a business account

Business on Instagram requires creating your own account, there are several options when:

  • there is an account on the network of the company from which the businessman will work;
  • there is a Facebook account and an advertising page on the network;
  • no information online about business.

Option # 1. There is a company account on Instagram. To switch, you need to go to the business account mode in the settings, it is done by switching to the company profile in the settings.

Option # 2. We authorize through the advertising page, the "linked accounts" menu, log in to Facebook, select a business page, link it to Instagram

Option # 3. We open a business page on Facebook, link it to Instagram with a business account.

After simple actions, the user gets the opportunity to set up an advertising campaign through the Instagram network through Facebook tools.

Attention! When a company or businessman makes sales through Instagram successfully, without switching to a business profile, he can continue his activities just as well. It is the platform itself that is beneficial for a businessman to switch to a business profile to generate income from advertising. The only benefit is tracking statistics.

Business on Instagram: find out five free little-known niches where you can start making money in a month

At the same time, this does not mean that if you are into nails and manicure, then you should not start promoting. It's just that it will be a little more difficult for you, but with a creative approach and high-quality work, it is quite possible to start getting your first customers almost next week after launching your account.

There are really few wholesalers on Instagram. If you are engaged in fabrics, wholesale supplies of clothing, wedding and evening dresses, materials for manicure or beauty salons and other goods, then try to search for your client on a social network. It is a myth that there are no serious people on Instagram, directors of retail outlets! Today there are even directors of factories and steel works there.

So far, the tourist market is doing relatively well, but every year those who are engaged in alternative tours take a bite of it. Package offers will always find their buyer, but if we talk about unoccupied niches, then there is a huge potential in the development of personal tours for modest money. How might the implementation of an idea look like in practice? You need to offer people customized routes. Many airlines, as well as car and lodging services, offer commissions to those who refer customers to them. We'll have to create a website. There you will post a detailed description of the routes plus links with affiliate codes embedded in them. Yes, the idea is not new, many are already implementing it (and there are pitfalls), but you can still make money.

Only a few offer high-quality face painting services for children's parties, and the demand for the service is very high. If you like to draw, you are responsible and ready to make a portfolio, then many agencies themselves will invite you and share their income. You get almost unlimited access to orders, because the client base of holiday agencies is very large.

Another service that is in great demand. You can work with event agencies or create your own shows and products. For example, relaxation trainings, learning to draw with sand, and so on.

Do you want to make money on information products? Shoot tailoring workshops! It seems that there are already similar offers on the market. In fact, the consumer sees low quality videos, not very pleasant looking tailors, feels fear if he has never held a needle and thread in his hands before ... Most master classes are poorly "packaged", look dull and boring. Nobody wants to sew clothes if neither the process, nor the teacher, nor the appearance of the courses inspires, but scares. Moreover, this afternoon with fire you will not find specific topics. For example, sewing a men's suit or coat.

Instagram Millionaire Rules: How to Post Scheduled Photos and Other Instagram Secrets

For several years in a row, Instagram has been recognized as the most convenient and popular social network for running your business. It all started with photographs of food. Remember? You, as a regular on Instagram, of course remember. And you know that now on Instagram, almost every second person is trying to make money. This applies to everyone - from ordinary people to public figures, stars, professional bloggers and celebrities.

Celebrity is usually a well-known and public figure, most often mentioned in the media and the yellow press not because of his professional activities, but because of his appearance or actions.

From all the photos and posts on Instagram accounts that are trying to earn their first millions, we are "dumped" by a lot of ads. Iphone for a subscription, a purse for a comment, a mutual like and many other suggestions.

But to give it credit, Instagram wouldn't be as popular if it only featured ads. First of all, this is a social network, where there is only one photo between the author and his subscribers. No additional and unnecessary text tinsel. Therefore, it is important to first be a popular account author, and only then make money on this popularity by publishing advertising posts.

Business promotion on Instagram is the norm today. Everyone understands this very well, so those who, with varying degrees of success, promote in one of the most popular social networks, are increasing day by day. The competition is growing. And what worked yesterday and made a profit has lost its relevance today. Account management requirements are becoming more stringent. It's not enough to publish anymore, you need to stand out.

How can you stand out on Instagram? That's right, make high-quality, and most importantly, a variety of photos. That is why, especially for you, we have prepared a selection of 50 fiery ideas for photos on Instagram.

To attract users, you need not only to take high-quality pictures, but also to be able to present them correctly. The ideas we presented are suitable for both commercial accounts and personal blogs.

  • Product photos. One of the most common mistakes is not to photograph what you are selling. Grab your product, add some detail, and set up the lighting properly. Also, don't forget to add a product description and an interesting story that your target audience will love.
  • Photo in use. You can show where and when your product was used. Or record a short demo for your stories.
  • User Content. Publications submitted by users themselves. Ask your subscribers to take unusual photos with the company's products.
  • Share your moments. A lot of people go to Instagram in the morning. You can use small objects like a cup of coffee or a morning landscape. It could also be a photograph of the product in front of dawn.
  • Use cityscapes as an exposure. More suitable for accounts that sell clothing or accessories.

  • Caption directly on the photo. Recently, it has become popular to exhibit photographs with text. It's interesting and eye-catching. And you don't have to use philosophical or popular quotes, just share your mood.
  • Create categories. Try photographing certain things on a particular day of the week. For example, you can use the product of the week that was most popular. It is very beneficial for beauty salons to recommend a product or service once a week.
  • Near-thematic photos. Perfect for airlines, restaurants and companies involved in the promotion of services in many areas. For example, such publications characterize RedBull and GoPro.

  • Expert opinion. This approach can be taken not as a basis, but used as a rubric. Take a photo of the person who gave the recommendation or described the original idea.
  • Before and after. If your company is engaged in various works where you want to show the result, create a small collage of several photos.
  • Use meaningful events. For example, Ax used a solar eclipse to advertise their product.
  • Mentions in the media. Show your subscribers that your business has made it to the front pages of popular or local magazines.
  • Backstage. People love to watch how this or that item is created. Do not be afraid to show the "wrong side" of your production, as well as the manufacture of goods.
  • Solution. Tell us about how the person solved the problem with your product.
  • Jokes. Who doesn't love to laugh at an original joke? Use your product to evoke emotion in your followers.
  • Polls. Ask subscribers what we like the most, what products they would like to see. For photography, you can use notebooks, decorative elements or the subject of the survey itself.
  • Promotions and sweepstakes. The average user wants everything and more. Therefore, do not throw the idea of ​​contests and interesting promotions into the far corner.
  • Discounts. Take pictures of the objects that are eligible for the discount and add small captions right on the photo.
  • Research. This is an interesting section and idea for a profile. Interview your customers, conduct a case study, describe the idea, and add an original image that reflects the research topic.
  • Details. Take photos of individual elements of a future or existing product and describe their importance.
  • Company management. Take photos of the CEO or founder of the company to educate subscribers about the importance of their role in the life of the company.
  • If the company participates in competitions or holds events - create beautiful pictures of the preparation for the event and its holding.

  • Select the week. In addition to standard product photos, add the most popular products.
  • Minimalism. Don't use many elements - original background and your product.
  • Tell us about your employees. It can be funny stories that will cheer up your readers, or awards and achievements to show their professionalism. Also, small flash interviews can be published as descriptions for the photos of employees.
  • Unusual approach. Show how you can use your product in an original way, for example, as a coffee stand.
  • Inspirational and festive posts. Do not forget that your readers are the same people, with the same problems and joys. At least they will be pleased with congratulations from their favorite company. It can be a beautiful photo with an original, festive decoration.
  • Company history. Have you congratulated your subscribers, but haven't you forgotten about yourself? Share important dates in the life of the company, accompanying them with vivid photos.
  • New items. If a new product has appeared or an old one has been updated - write about it, accompanying it with a photo.
  • Architecture. If your company implements tours, show the beauties of other countries.
  • Intrigue. Share your plans for the future with subscribers. Take a photo of what's on sale soon or in the making.
  • Where do you work? Take pictures of your own company building or office.
  • Photo in an unusual setting. You can show where and when your product was used. Create professional shots by hiring a photographer and models.
  • How do you work? Show how working days go by, how the working day begins or ends.
  • Who are your customers? Share pictures of clients and make them your friends thanks to this.
  • Books and magazines. Take an issue of a popular new magazine or book and compose with it.
  • Framing. Place the subject or person in the photo in a wooden frame.
  • Live photos. Take a photo with a moving background or other details.
  • Photos of partners. Surely, you have not only clients and employees, but also partners. Post a photo of the handshake or where you show the class and write about the importance of working with them.
  • Play with subscribers. Come up with photographs that will contain tasks for the readers and will involve them in communication.
  • Invite a popular blogger or celebrity as a guest and give your product a try for free, then post a photo with them.

  • How do you relax? Our life is not only work, show that you are alive and also know how to relax. Photos from a corporate party (within the limits of morality) or a picnic will be just right.
  • Life hacks. If you know how you can use your product most effectively or simply have information about any chips, share a photo and describe in detail the technology of use.
  • Publish the step-by-step instructions as a gallery. Galleries allow you to create a sequence of 10 pictures, in which, for example, you can tell how to do a simple hair style or some exercise.
  • Reviews or analyzes. In the field of b2b, this can be a parsing of the site or the correctness of an Instagram account.
  • Screenshot of the review. Make a screen of conversations with satisfied customers.
  • Make a collage. Several photos combined into one will look very organic.
  • Photos of pets. Everyone loves cute cats and dogs.
  • Photos from the trip. If you recently were on vacation or flew to another city on a business trip, take a photo of tickets or plane.
  • Share the secret of success. Tell us about the path you have traveled to achieve who you are today. Accompanied by you, you can post your old photo.
  • Motivation. Motivate your followers to do more today than they did yesterday.
  • Tell us about your love for coffee or chocolate.

Try to photograph in good lighting, ideally natural. Experiment with light, try to focus the camera on different parts of the frame: bright and dark.

Take several shots in a row, in which case you can choose the best one.

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