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Good day to everyone who is interested in the Japanese islands. Today, serious information awaits you. Let's talk about some interesting business ideas in Japan. I will tell you what is interesting, came up with in this direction, the inhabitants of the homeland of the samurai.

Prestigious Business

The most profitable and worthy restaurant business in Japan. The textile business is also considered prestigious. A significant income for Japanese entrepreneurs comes from mechanical engineering and transportation. Automotive trade and construction occupy a significant place in the business services sector.

Interesting ideas

The Japanese have such types of business that are not in Russia, not because they are complex, but because of their questionable demand in our market. They are curious but weird. Let's take a look at examples.

The most interesting of all the illuminated things is a special luminous skirt. Local designer Kiyuki Amano installed LEDs under the skirt and released a magical glowing wardrobe piece for sale. He is sure that Japanese women will buy them with pleasure. But in our country it is difficult to imagine women of fashion walking the streets in such strange skirts.

Glowing boots are another fashion trend in Japanese streets. They are intended for people who are fond of dancing. These are "smart" shoes, the backlit sensors are individually configured. It's hard to explain how glowing shoes work, it's better to see it once.

A somewhat popular form of relaxation for office workers. A small box containing a red button. The device connects to the computer. Works in several modes:

  • Explosion (when pressed, a picture with a countdown appears on the screen and an animated explosion occurs);
  • Fight (you can sow stress by virtually beating the enemy);
  • Worksheet (you can create an Excel sheet and simulate work on it).

The Japanese are famous workaholics, for them this button is probably a good thing. I doubt very much that this business idea would have gained fans in our country.

No, I'm not calling names, that's a fact. Macaques are available at Kayabuki Restaurant. The first brings customers hand towels, and the second brings drinks. Monkeys are said to have a special work permit that only allows them to work two hours a day. But this is enough for the effect.

This is a gel enclosed in a special can. You can make something like a bracelet out of solid gel and put it on your arm or neck. The Japanese believe that it is great for saving you from the heat.

As observations show, the Japanese society is radically different from the Western, traditions and mentality. It is logical to assume that these features are manifested not only in everyday life, but also in the business environment. Therefore, many products of local producers cause bewilderment and surprise among foreigners, and sometimes even shock. However, this does not mean that some successful business ideas from Japan cannot be adapted to the European and Russian markets. Moreover, such a non-standard approach to things may well inspire domestic entrepreneurs to create unique products that have no analogues and competitors.

Multicolored chocolate

Can you see green or purple chocolate on the shelves of domestic supermarkets? Entrepreneurs from the Okasi company, in an effort to find an original business idea for Russians in Japan, adapted traditional recipes and launched the production of unusual desserts near St. Petersburg.

Of course, they did not invent anything fundamentally new. The concept of combining incompatible products has long been known among Japanese confectioners: for example, Kit-Kat with sweet potato flavor or ice cream with the addition of shrimp have long been sold in Tokyo stores. The authors use chocolate raw materials with a neutral color as a basis. By adding Matcha tea to it, they get green tiles, cranberries give pink tones, and crushed sweet potatoes give purple tones.

Today, multicolored confectionery products are sold in large online stores for 180-220 rubles for a tile weighing 80 g, or 1200 rubles for a set of six different tastes. Since Okasi uses real Japanese raw materials, it still has no competitors in the market.

Square Watermelons

The question arises: why complicate your life and try to change a product that is already popular? The reason lies not only in the growth of attractiveness for buyers and increased competitiveness: berries of this shape do not roll in half during transportation and occupy the entire allotted volume, leaving no air gaps. Obviously, this allows you to save on storage space and use vehicles more efficiently.

The technology of growing cube-shaped watermelons does not imply any modifications at the genetic and biological level. The secret lies in laying the berries in the early stages of the growing season in perforated containers made of thick Plexiglas. When the watermelon begins to grow, the box gives it a shape and limits it in size. At the same time, the fruit retains its usual color and taste.

Plant phytowalls

Caring for the environment is one of the most important aspects of doing business in Japan. Therefore, phytowalls quickly became popular among local companies - vertical structures made of steel profiles, on which rows of trays with plants are installed. The substrate and seeds or seedlings are placed in them manually, and feeding and watering occurs automatically, according to a timer.


Electronics, automobiles, traditional cultural traditions. The Japanese country is famous for all this. In Japan, there are roots of many inventions concerning all aspects of human life.

Business people from all over the world are interested in business ideas from Japan. Japanese business ideas are slightly unusual, highly rewarding for consumers, and very lucrative for entrepreneurs.

Many business ideas that originated in Japan remain in their homeland, since the mysterious soul of the east is often incomprehensible to residents of other countries. However, in spite of everything, great inventions from Japan have always caused, and will cause only interest and delight in people. So let's now take a look at a few business ideas that originated in Japan. So let's go.

Divorce in Japanese is a profitable and profitable ceremony for entrepreneurs

Hiroki Terai, a well-known businessman from Japan, has business ideas from Japan related to articles on divorce. He, in turn, first engaged in trade, and a little later opened his own business for family divorce, which brings considerable income.

Articles about divorce allow ex-spouses to describe in them the entire history of family relationships. Thus, they convey to others all the facts that led to the breakup. This genre helps to avoid unnecessary conversations and to protect against the need to listen to various regrets about the described occasion. The published newspaper gets to certain persons who are indicated directly by the customers themselves. Printed sheet business ideas are very profitable. One page of such text costs a client about $ 140, and with photos - about $ 200. If you release a circulation of several dozen copies, for example, 3 dozen, then in the end you can earn 6,000 dollars. And this is far from the limit.

Cooling aids on very hot days

In order to save electricity, an innovative cooling device has been created in the Japanese country, enabling businessmen to create a new business that mankind needs. The substance in the form of a gel is placed in a special canister. For example, the North Pole Tale spray gel. From a thick gel with a bluish tint, you can make a regular bracelet on the arm or a bandage on the neck. The price of such a can is about 2,000 rubles.

Business for renting rooms for independent living

As you already understood, this business from Japan is based on renting rooms to unmarried young women and unmarried guys in order to learn how to live independently and run their own household.

According to Japanese traditions, a girl must live in her parents' house right before the wedding. However, the program, which is presented in the described business, gives a young girl the opportunity to rent an apartment or a room as an experiment, provides a chance to feel the taste of independent life immediately before her future family life with her other half. You can also open a women's hostel, where only unmarried Japanese girls are allowed to live, but such a hostel will have a completely different concept.

The very first Japanese women's dormitory project and its construction was funded by Pana Home, which is part of the large Panasonic Group, famous for its eco-architectural projects. Each apartment, which is rented for a trial lease, has all the necessary furniture and equipment, manufactured using leading environmental technologies and meeting all the necessary modern requirements. In such an apartment there is everything a girl needs - from a washing machine to an air purifier.

Few CIS citizens had the idea to open their own business in Japan. But there are entrepreneurs who were not afraid of the Asian culture and mastered their own business in Nihon koku (the official name of the country). At the same time, knowledge of the Japanese language was not at all required.

Interesting fact! The Japanese are desperate workaholics. It is normal for them to spend 16 hours at work. And even after such a long day, they find the strength to drop into a bar for a couple of hours.

Business specifics

The Japanese mentality is significantly different from the European perception of the world. The first thing that visitors immediately note is the discipline of the nation and the utmost responsibility.

  • Business in Japanese is a long-term project. The structure of work and the profitability of the company are calculated for decades to come.
  • The inner core of the Japanese allows them not to give up in the most difficult times of economic turmoil. Companies can be optimized to a minimum size, but will not close until an extreme situation.
  • A career, or the Japanese dream, is exactly what every Nihon Koku resident thinks about. Citizens are ready to devote themselves without a trace to entrepreneurship or employment. For this, the Japanese are trying to study well and get a specialized education (not like in the Russian Federation, for the sake of a "crust" about higher education).
  • More than 60% of the Japanese economy consists of small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, most of the population works for private companies. The success of the activity depends on the professionalism of the personnel.

You can learn more about starting a business from the video below.

Small businesses in Japan include:

  • Service organizations with no more than five employees.
  • Medium industrial or manufacturing firms with up to 20 workers.

Both categories of organizations are closely intertwined. The state protects small entrepreneurs from being taken over by larger companies. Therefore, private traders have confidence in the future.

The most important plus of opening small and medium-sized businesses in Japan is the almost complete absence of restrictions for foreigners. But you should familiarize yourself with the optimal forms of registration of a legal entity.

Forms of ownership

Material on the topic: "Business ideas from Japan" with full explanation and justification.

Business ideas from Japan

Interesting Japanese business options

How applicable are business ideas from Japan to Russia

It is possible, in principle, to take a divorce seriously and arrange a celebration on this occasion in Russia - the main thing is that the former spouses stay on good terms with each other. This does not happen often, but the idea is still feasible.

In general, any variant of foreign business can be used as a basis for your own business idea. The main thing is to assess the relevance of such a service and its applicability in the Russian context.

interesting business ideas from Japan

Japanese inventors, engineers, mathematicians are responsible for a significant part of modern technological innovations. Found some ideas that can be useful for growing your business.

The Morioka Shoten Ginza Bookstore, created by Tokyo-based entrepreneur and marketer Yoshiyuki Morioka, is based on the concept of promoting and selling a single book. It can be either a sensational bestseller, or a work of classical literature, or the creation of an author who is little-known but interesting from the point of view of the creators of the store. For a whole week, the store invites the reader to get acquainted with the history of the creation of the book, communicate with the author, attend a presentation, take part in an interesting conversation, discussion.

Having taken one product, the store does not just sell it - they organize a real promotional campaign here and, in parallel, create an opportunity to plunge into the author's world of the book, to more deeply comprehend the meaning of a particular literary work.

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