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A business in a summer cottage can bring good income if it is organized correctly. People in the country usually spend a lot of time in the summer. It can be spent not only on vacation, but also on earnings. You can pick up a variety of ideas for opening a small business in the country. Popular among summer residents are:

  • renting out a summer residence;
  • growing vegetables, fruits and herbs for sale;
  • smoked meats production;
  • bath rental;
  • growing quails;
  • nursery for seedlings;
  • organizing an apiary in the country;
  • growing and selling mushrooms.

Lease of land and baths

Not all townspeople come to the dacha all year round. The reasons for the absence can be different: a business trip, the birth of a child, or a lack of free time. Despite this, you will still have to pay for utility bills and site security. So that the dacha does not stand empty and brings a little profit, you can rent it out to friends who like to spend time in nature. It can come in handy for neighbors in the area involved in growing vegetables. One of the conditions of the lease should be the maintenance of order on the site. If the dacha has a large house, and also has a bathhouse or pool, you can rent it out to companies for the weekend. The proceeds received will be enough not only for utilities, but also for small purchases.

At the summer cottage, the bath is not used too often, so it can be rented. If the site with a bath is located far from the city, then you can make money on this. However, it is necessary to create all conditions for a comfortable stay of visitors. Firewood should be available at all times, a comfortable and clean room for rest, and the steam room should be heated by the agreed time to the desired temperature. As an additional income, you can sell beer, cold water, barbecue, fish - everything that a company may need for a pleasant stay.

Growing vegetables and herbs for sale

Growing vegetables and herbs in the country will be profitable if you remember some rules:

  • Harvest should be all year round, not just during warm seasons. One harvest will give a small profit, but if you sell it constantly, it will increase many times.
  • The conditions for growing plants must meet all the requirements: constant watering, timely fertilization, lighting.
  • The number of crops is the most important business criterion. The received profit directly depends on it.

It's easy to build a small smokehouse in the country, and the profit can be quite good. Alternatively, you can smoke meat, fish, poultry. It is better to buy raw materials from local residents or grow them yourself. If you carefully study the technology of smoking and various brines, you can find regular customers. However, such a business requires appropriate registration in government agencies.

Raising quail

At the dacha

Organizing a business at a summer cottage is a great opportunity to find an additional source of income, which in the future can develop into a main job. The stereotype that a personal plot of land is a piece of land, suitable only for growing cucumbers, has long been out of date. Today, many entrepreneurs have managed to implement business ideas for the production and sale of agricultural products, building materials and much more. There are many options for organizing a business in the country, some of them do not require special knowledge and large investments. This section provides an overview of current ideas for making money on a summer cottage and garden plot.

Business on your own plot of land, business ideas in the country

Crop production

In this area, business can develop in two directions: growing directly products, seeds or seedlings. Growing vegetables and fruits for harvest is highly dependent on weather conditions. Hail, drought, late frosts - all this affects the yield of a particular crop and earnings will be threatened. It is safer in this regard to grow seeds and seedlings.

You can grow on your site:

A couple of tens of acres will be enough to implement this idea. The cultivation technology is simple and everyone has long known:

  • plow the land;
  • plant potatoes;
  • spud;
  • when it grows, dig it out;
  • sell.

On average, it is possible to collect about 3 tons of vegetables from 10 acres and make a profit of $ 750-1125. Revenue depends on when to sell it: in autumn it is cheaper, in spring it is more expensive. But in the latter case, you need to have a place where to store it. In the northern regions, one harvest is taken per year. In the south, early ripening potatoes are planted and two crops are taken.

Many people build their business on tomatoes. Since early spring, greenhouses of their own production have been installed with a length of approximately 10 and 6 m in width. Some people install stoves in them and heat them with wood. A plot of 13 acres is enough to accommodate a couple of thousand bushes. The crop is usually handed over to resellers or they themselves carry it to sell to the end consumer.

Some are mastering this direction for growing seeds. But then, in order for the business to generate income, it is necessary to cultivate more than one variety of tomatoes. And, of course, grow them in sufficient quantity for sale. In addition, you need to create a customer base of buyers.

And again we return to the spring-summer themes of seasonal earnings - business in the country, especially relevant in today's days of the crisis, a general reduction of jobs, and the rise in prices for almost all goods. Say what you like, but political, and, as a result, economic troubles, affected absolutely all areas of business in the country. What can we say about ordinary citizens, who were left with two choices: "tighten their belts tighter", or try to show their entrepreneurial qualities, before that "dozing" somewhere deep inside, and try to organize a source of additional income.

Many entrepreneurs will probably agree with us that finding a suitable premises is one of the priority stages in organizing your own business. Of course, if you are planning to open a large-scale production, or a large service for the provision of any services, you cannot do without buying or renting space. But representatives of small and even medium-sized businesses in Russia may well get by with premises that many of them already have.

As an example, we can cite the organization of a tire fitting in the garage, growing parsley or onions on a feather on the shelves in the apartment, breeding worms for fishing in the basement of the house.

In addition, there is one more room that every fifth family has, and which can be successfully used to organize your own small business. This is a dacha. What kind of business in the country can you open if you want?

As a rule, the size of the suburban area varies from 4 to 20 acres. The standard area - 6 acres has long been reduced due to buildings located on the site, or expanded through the acquisition of neighboring lands. How can you properly use the available space in order to receive additional income from it, while, if possible, without prejudice to your interests?

Seedling plantation

With the onset of spring, an active sale of a wide variety of seedlings begins in the garden markets. By the way, you can read about how you can make money in the spring in this source. The share of sales of seedlings grown on an "industrial" scale in agronomic farms in such markets is only about 40%. The rest of the plants are grown just in the summer cottages. The following are in great demand among gardeners:

  • Berry bushes - raspberries, gooseberries, currants, sea buckthorn.
  • Fruit trees - apple, plum, cherry.

When deciding on future plantings, you need to take into account the climatic zone in which you live. Competent advertising, attentive attitude to customers, and some "chips" that will distinguish your product from dozens of the same will help you to bypass competitors. Use discounts when buying multiple seedlings, offer delivery, make gifts, give advice on seedling care, etc. Of course, this idea requires some knowledge of gardening, and some experience. But, having studied the case, you will provide yourself with a stable annual seasonal income.


We have already told our readers how to open a flower business in the city. By the way, floristic shops quite often have suppliers of their goods among summer residents. Why don't you become one of them if you wish?

The most popular varieties of flowers can be grown on the site:

  • Roses
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Tulips
  • Lilies
  • Carnations, etc. ...

Every second Russian has a summer cottage plot, every fourth asks the question whether business in the country is profitable, what commercial initiatives will make money on their own piece of land. The dacha business is possible, and it has its own secrets. At the same time, it should be understood that such commerce is risky. The weather factor, the lack of civilized sales markets, access to cheap loans and vehicles complicates the life of those who want to make money at their own dacha. But it doesn't stop them. For a Russian person, there are no obstacles that cannot be circumvented.

Before starting your own business at your summer cottage, it is advisable to pay attention to the following points:

  • find out what products are in demand in the region in which you live, as long-distance transportation increases the cost of production - sometimes several times;
  • determine (or organize independently) sales channels - where and how to ship (sell) the received products;
  • understand the production (cultivation) technology;
  • draw up a business plan in which in detail the estimated expenses and income are described.

Important! Large-scale business in a summer cottage is prohibited by law. You cannot build a supermarket or brick factory on farm land. However, if the site is located near the highway and there is a desire to build a store on it or open a car repair shop, you can change the purpose of the land.

Little secrets of income from a summer cottage

The combination of business ideas and dacha farming has its own secrets. What grows in everyone's yard cannot be sold at a high price, and transportation immediately increases overhead costs - the business becomes unprofitable. Growing seedlings and early varieties requires heat, light, frequent watering - at the same time, there are land plots without water and electricity. Building a greenhouse will have a beneficial effect on plant growth and increase yields, but will require additional financial investments. In addition, in order to implement a business idea at a summer cottage, you need to live there around the clock or come often.

Important! Any commerce that involves earning a minimum investment is built on significant labor costs. In addition, work on the ground itself requires labor - it is difficult for one person to independently carry out the entire cycle of work. Automated tools make the process easier, but they cost money - you don't have to talk about a business from scratch in this case.

ideas of earning money at their dacha for the brave and hardworking

The first thing that comes to mind is to use the suburban area for its intended purpose: to grow edible and ornamental plants. Vegetation requiring a minimum investment of labor and time includes green onions, parsley and dill. Chickens are also raised at the dacha, fur-bearing animals (rabbits, nutria) are raised, and this is double income from the sale of meat and fur. There are unusual ways to generate income. Let's consider in detail how much you can earn.

Important information! In crop production, profitable options for earning money on seed and planting material, flowers, early vegetables and berries. In animal husbandry - on fur-bearing animals, raising quails and ostriches, rabbit breeding.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business idea on your site." We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business ideas if there is a land plot in the city

Business on your own site

* Due to frequent changes in legislation, information sometimes becomes outdated faster than we can update it on the website. * All cases are very individual and depend on many factors. Basic information does not guarantee a solution to your specific problems. Therefore, FREE expert consultants work for you around the clock!

* Call the hotline: Moscow and the Region - +7 (499) 350-84-27 St. Petersburg and the Region - +7 (812) 309-43-72 You can grow on your site: For the embodiment of this idea will be enough for a couple of tens of acres. The cultivation technology is simple and has been known to everyone for a long time: This idea also needs a greenhouse and preferably a polycarbonate one, of course with heating.

It is not cheap, but greens and early vegetables from late spring and early summer come true very well even on their own, without intermediaries.

You can make a profit not only from the land. It is possible to organize the cultivation of not only animals, but also birds.

As with goats, a cow can get a lot of milk and related dairy products.

In addition, you can raise cows for meat, which will also always find its buyer.

Business organization for the sale of land plots

The real estate investment market is quite attractive not only from the point of view of acquisition for personal use, but also for building a business.

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