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The largest selection of business ideas for small businesses! Find a business that you can open in your city.

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The entertainment industry attracts new entrepreneurs not only with the opportunity to build an effective business, but also with its specifics. Organization of promotions, holidays, celebrations often brings additional pleasure.

Before opening your own business from scratch and with practically no investment seemed impossible. But in the digital era, when almost everyone uses the Internet every day for everyone, even everyday tasks, this has become the norm. Successful startups appear every day, people realize themselves through video blogging and specific projects, and making money in the freelance niche has become the norm. If a few years ago you heard from a friend that he had not been in the office for a day this year, he would have been registered as unemployed, now this is already entering our lives. All people who work in a good position, over time, put aside the amount of 1-2 million rubles, sometimes more modest in 100-200 thousand, and do not want to spend it on real estate, but want to make the money "work".

There are many top small business ideas, but the risks of opening a restaurant or purchasing goods for a store are simply gigantic. We will tell you about interesting and modern ideas for creating a profitable and possibly tax-free business. In 2021, you have every opportunity to start your own business, both with and without investments. However, some people do not manage to come up with an idea for a long time and find an area in which they would like to realize themselves, for such we will offer several ideas and describe all their advantages and disadvantages, you will have to decide whether to invest in them.

Business without investment

First, let's look at the most common option - you have no money. And here you face the first task: to earn capital, at the same time laying the foundation for the future business, the income from which will be invested in its development for some time. The simplest idea in this direction is freelancing. But our task is not to do the work, which is what simple freelancers usually start with, but to create a name and our team. To do this, choose one of the popular destinations:

  • Copywriting and other writing.
  • Website layout and web application development.
  • Programming and creation of mobile software.
  • Design and web design. The least competitive and at the same time the most profitable area.

In a normal situation, to open a company in one of these areas, you would need a gigantic investment in renting an office and the first salaries of employees until the enterprise starts to pay off. But here - all you need is the ability to communicate with people and sell services. So what is the idea? You create an account on 3-4 exchanges and choose one of the directions described. It is important to choose exactly one of them, because such minor jobs as video editing and photo processing, as well as subsections of directions, such as writing term papers in copywriting, will not bring you constant profit. Next, place a job offer on the hh service. u or any similar.

Indicate as payment "According to the amount of work performed", and in the description you are already adding the zealous amounts of the maximum earnings available in this profession. Searching the net won't be difficult. Having typed 1-2 people, you can start working in the direction. You recruit a lot of projects from the exchanges and at least they will answer you for a couple, negotiate with the customer, take an advance payment and negotiate the terms. Then you transfer the work directly to the contractor and reduce the deadline to him by 30 percent (in case of emergencies, so that you can give more time without delaying the customer).

In this case, you are just a middle link between the customer and the contractor. It may seem that the idea will not work, because no one prevents these people from finding work on their own. In fact, many people prefer to transfer such an initiative to someone else who could provide them with a constant flow of orders, and for this give him a large (or not very) percentage (this will be your net profit, and you set it yourself). And there are people who are not at all familiar with the field of freelancing and similar exchanges. This brings up the main question, how much can you earn with such mediation?

It all depends solely on your "staff", whether the "brand" is promoted and the number of customers you can handle. But most importantly, earnings are not limited, you can increase the interest charged with the performer, increase the staff and transfer the need to communicate with clients to other people. No one is stopping you from building a fully automated infrastructure, where HR managers will find new performers, employees who communicate with customers will transfer work to them, and you will not have to do anything. But naturally, this will require huge investments, both temporary and mental.

Internet business with investments

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