Business ideas of 2021 that are not in Russia

New business in America which is not in Russia: Ideas of the year

The United States of America is a country where small businesses thrive. Americans have such a mentality - they know how to make money by implementing elementary ideas that Russians could also use to improve their financial situation. Therefore, this article is devoted to options for a new business in America, which is not in Russia. We are confident that each of the ideas we have proposed could easily take root in Russian small business.

Principles for American Entrepreneurship

First, you should define the specifics of doing business in America. Americans 'views on entrepreneurship are completely different from Russians' views on the subject. This, in the first place, can explain why such a high standard of living among people in the United States and low - in the Russian Federation.

That is, small business in America is constantly developing, expanding, opening up new horizons, since successful entrepreneurs understand that success can be achieved only on what is now fashionable in America.

So let's discuss what's hot in America right now. But, before moving on to a detailed description of what is gaining popularity in America and is already in great demand, we note that many of the items from the list below of America's business ideas may seem strange and outlandish to a Russian person:


As we all know, Americans are an obese nation. People who work, for example, in offices cannot afford to regularly visit gyms and gyms to work out. They simply don’t have time for this. In this, people who know how to come up with American business ideas saw the prospect and created a unique proposal for US companies and firms - on the basis of their institution to equip a small gym, in which employees could play sports during a break. There is no need to pay for rent, you just need to install exercise equipment and find individual trainers for people.

Pet Grooming

People who lead a public lifestyle simply do not have time to take care of their pets, but according to their status, they are supposed to make their pets look healthy, well-groomed and beautiful. A very popular business in America is built on this - a taxi that delivers animals to veterinary hospitals, for example, for vaccinations, or to a beauty salon for a haircut. Instead of a taxi, you can offer rich people a hotel for pets for a while while their owners are resting at the resort.

Websites for entrepreneurs and institutions

The world does not stand still, constantly developing and discovering something new. Someone launches satellites into space, who is trying to reach Mars. New technologies are emerging that simplify our lives more and more. But it is impossible to introduce an innovation everywhere immediately. Therefore, in one country there is always something that is not in another. We invite you to familiarize yourself with business ideas that have not yet been implemented in Russia.


Freelancing in Russia has become a permanent job for many people who are tired of the 7/2 schedule from 9 to 18 and decided to take their lives into their own hands. But often freelancers have a problem related to the location of the zazakov. After all, at home there may be relatives who do not give the opportunity to concentrate and think. What to do? Rent a space in the common office.

This way of organizing the workspace is called coworking, which has not yet mastered the Russian market, but will soon begin to actively develop.

Stand-alone racks

Gadgets are everything. They connect us with those who are thousands of kilometers away. They give us huge amounts of information, allowing us to find out everything about everything. They expand our capabilities, making us almost invulnerable. They turn off at the most inopportune moment, when we are lost, deadlines are burning, meetings are scheduled, the meaning of life is lost. There is a way out!

Standalone racks are popular overseas. In our country, they are just beginning to appear, so there is a great opportunity to help people and make money.

Clothes that change color

What appeared already in 2021 can become a real trend today. What fashionista doesn't want to have a dress for all occasions in her wardrobe? And there is such a dress. With the help of innovative developments, we have created fabrics that can change color depending on weather conditions. A great solution for those who are bored of walking all day in the same.

Natural Chips

A delicious meal - what could be better. Eating is not only tasty, but also healthy. In recent years, the topic of health and fitness has been gaining momentum. People monitor their diet, count carbohydrates, go to a fitness center, go for a run. But sometimes he wants to lower the reins and eat something more harmful and very tasty. The world is trying to solve this problem too.

Many start-up entrepreneurs are interested in business in America, which is not in Russia - original and new ideas with minimal competition and high profitability.

In this article, we have collected some of the most promising options with a relatively small investment and a quick payback.

Vending Machines

Despite the fact that vending exists in Russia, it is poorly developed - only drinks and snacks are sold with vending machines, while you can sell anything, the main thing is to put the vending machine in a suitable place:

  • hygiene items, shampoos, shower gels: in hotels, hospitals, dormitories;
  • fishing equipment: in public areas of farms organizing fishing;
  • protein bars and cocktails: near sports grounds, in sports clubs;
  • samplers of perfumery products: near cosmetics and perfumery stores;
  • inflatable toys: on beaches;
  • books: at airports, on railway stations, medical facilities.

Vending machines allow you to successfully sell any product: in the USA they are even used to sell cars.


This service is extremely popular in America, but we have little competition in this business. Setting up a company that specializes in the destruction of insects in private homes requires a large capital investment, but the payback period will be minimal.

Eco-plastic production

The fashion for eco-products came to us from abroad, but Russian entrepreneurs are in no hurry to adopt the experience of their overseas colleagues. And in vain - disposable tableware, bags and even children's toys made of biodegradable plastic are in great demand.

Ice Making

Production of ice for general consumption in Russia is one of the freest niches, while in the States it is a very competitive small business.

To make your products more attractive, you can make ice with different flavors, different shapes (cubes, balls, Christmas trees, figures of animals and popular characters), different colors.

Video rental

Those compatriots who hate to work "for an uncle" now and then think about how to start their own business. Today, business ideas are especially in demand, which are not only profitable, but also interesting.

Foreign entrepreneurs have long been accustomed to making money on things that are completely undeveloped in our country. So, let's consider the most promising business ideas in 2021 with minimal investments that are not available in Russia.

Self Service Laundry

However, the niche is so new that there is still time to develop properly (especially in or near hostels).

An entrepreneur will need to rent a small room where you can put 4-5 washing machines, 2-3 dryers, a couple of ironers with boards. With an average rent of 30 thousand rubles, an average check of 100 rubles. and the cross-country ability of 60 people per day, you can count on revenue of about 100 thousand rubles. monthly.

Pet Grooming

The idea for Western countries is by no means new, but in Russia it is almost never implemented. At the same time, there is the possibility of huge development prospects - from a simple haircut to zoological hotels. The advantage of this idea is that many people have a need for regular pet care (or from time to time). At first, it is worth taking care of the pets yourself, then you can hire assistants - delegation of authority is by no means the most difficult here. In this case, costs and income are determined depending on the volume of services.

See also about travel - a new business idea.

Tourist Recruitment

What could be new here? All kinds of compact barbecues, mugs, spoons, knives, folding chairs - all this is sold in sets at every step. Nevertheless, many busy people do not go to nature in the summer for one reason - all these things must still be collected and somehow packed - many are simply too lazy to do this. One of the ideas that "shot" not so long ago in the United States - an all-in-one set.

Since we love to relax in nature no less than abroad, the production (or assembly) of sets, which, in addition to kitchen utensils, can include chairs, a table, a shower, a bed (up to a mini kitchen) will definitely be in demand. In this case, clients can go from work to rest, without worrying about where to sit, sleep, what to cook on, etc. For such sets, you can safely take from 15 to 150 thousand rubles.

Making rubber tiles

Working for yourself, having your own profitable business is the dream of many.

However, some people are hesitant to embark on the path of individual entrepreneurship, some do, but suffer losses, the business falls apart, and only debts and frustration remain. We suggest considering the topics of how to open your own business from scratch in order to generate income.

Choosing business ideas with minimal investment

Every businessman started his business by choosing a field of activity.

Such a choice can be suggested by the circumstances of life themselves (moving to the countryside may give rise to the idea of ​​raising cattle for meat, getting a job in a flower company will awaken the desire to independently grow planting material for sale, etc.).

If this has not happened, it is better for business to choose an area in which there is some knowledge, a predisposition to work in this direction.

The less competition, the more profitable things are, so you shouldn't go the beaten path - much more time and effort will be spent than the return received. Experienced competitors will be able to squeeze a novice entrepreneur out of the market. And permanent losses will not allow the started business to develop. Therefore, you should choose non-standard activities, such as those that are required by the consumer, but they are not there, or they are presented in insufficient quantities, or the product is of insufficient quality.

In order to find out what services or goods the consumer is waiting for, it is best to conduct an analysis of consumer demand before starting your own business (in this area there is a demand for ornamental vegetation, and in this area there are no places for recreation, and there are many young people, so it is better to open a youth cafe or a club with slot machines).

The analysis should take into account everything - the age and gender of the consumer, his ability to pay, the presence of future competitors near this place, etc. So, for example, in the student district, a store selling planting material will not be in great demand, and a donut machine will be in place. Moreover, near universities, where more girls study (pedagogical institutions, accounting), inexpensive cosmetics will go well. Near men's educational institutions, for example, the opening of a sports hall will be relevant.

Starting a business, where to start

When the idea is chosen, you should think carefully and calculate all the details. To do this, you need to write a business plan.

The business plan will be useful in the future, without it it is impossible to get investments (if any), it will be in demand in other cases as well. There are even special forms for writing business plans. But at the beginning stage, such a plan is written for yourself and you do not need to adhere to special forms. The main purpose of writing is to see a rough perspective of the chosen business.

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