Business ideas in the service sector: the most popular schemes

Today, many people dream of starting their own business and refusing to work "for an uncle." The desire to exchange gray working days for independence and high profits in the provision of services is the first step to success. But not everyone can dare and start their own business in the service sector - they are stopped by the lack of experience, finances or the fear of "going bust". To start your own business from scratch, answer your questions:

  • How much money am I willing to invest?
  • How much profit do I want?
  • What is in demand today?
  • Is there competition in my city / area?
  • How to advertise services?

The article contains the top 20 business ideas that will help you make a choice and start making money on services.

Installation and maintenance of air conditioners

Air conditioners have long since ceased to be a luxury item and have settled in many homes and offices. This technique requires a professional approach to installation and maintenance, and you can make good money on this.

At the start, you will have to be puzzled by the investment and team building issues. The best time to declare yourself is the spring-summer period, and the greatest benefits can be obtained in new parts of the city with a large number of new buildings.

Video material with instructions for cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners:

Investments start from ₽100 thousand. Money back - in 1 month. Profitability - 300-500 thousand rubles / month.

Personal training and nutritional programs

Not only stars, but also ordinary people turn to personal trainers and nutritionists. Many are willing to pay to keep a workout diary, personalized exercise and nutrition programs on the way to a perfect body.

Fitness coach is a profession that does not require huge financial investments. It is enough to have a fit body and an account on one of the social networks to start receiving money. The possibilities for implementation are endless, up to the organization of a network of sports clubs or fitness centers. The business plan is suitable for both women and men.

Hello everyone! Something we have lately with you only about China and talking about online stores and do not think about those who are interested in the service sector. But my first small business projects were tied exactly to services and they were all profitable.

Business in the service sector has a number of advantages over other business projects, it can be started quickly, and we’ll talk about this in this article. And also I will tell you what services I was engaged in.

Everyone has some kind of knowledge and skills that other people may need. Someone knows English, and someone understands plumbing work, someone knows how to make websites, and someone knows how to repair phones, and so on. We all know how to help others and you can earn money on this. You may not be able to do any of the above, but you can organize activities and find clients, which means find people with the skills you need and work with them for a percentage! There is always a way out!

Benefits of a Service Business

Quick start. You do not need to purchase goods and rent space for warehouses, you just need a computer with Internet access and an office if you need one. We'll talk about how to start quickly below.

Less investment. Again, you do not need to spend money on goods and much more. If you provide services yourself, then you only spend your time and a little money on advertising your services. Accordingly, the niche test is cheaper.

Big run-up in price. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. You can set any price for your services, but basically you will set the average market price.

It's easier to keep the client. If in the business of selling goods, a client can go to a competitor only because of a low price, then in services you can focus on quality. If you do better, then the client is unlikely to leave you.

What services to provide?

As I said, what you can do. This can be equipment repair, courier services, jurisprudence, accounting, website and application development, design, photo and video services, event organization, consulting, sales and promotion, household services (electrician, plumber, dry cleaning, etc.), information search , search for loans and other offers, auto repair, language learning and much more!

I, for example, was engaged in website development (not myself, but as an activity organizer), setting up contextual advertising, helping to sell something, finding clients for design and video services, administering sites, organizing entertainment events, search for goods and suppliers. That's all I remember so far, maybe something else)

How to start a service business quickly

I hope that you have already decided on the service and now you need to advertise it. Now I will not suggest any non-standard approaches like viral videos and so on, we will follow a simple path in order to check "if it flies, it won't fly."

A service business is an opportunity for a start-up with little capital or from scratch. And an unpaved field for creative projects. Any idea that will make people's lives more comfortable, save money and time has a right to exist.

The service sector is a generalized concept for the production of goods, both material (for example, tailoring) and non-material (consulting).

Of these, several general areas can be distinguished:

  • consumer services;
  • housing and communal services;
  • security;
  • transport;
  • informational:
  • catering services:
  • shopping;
  • hotel service;
  • entertainment, etc.

Almost everyone can try their hand at this business. Moreover, for this it is not necessary to have a lot of money: you can get by with minimal investments. It is much more important to know the specifics and nuances of the area in which you plan to succeed. Responsibility, discipline and willingness to learn are the three pillars of your success.

Which is better: the classic version that guarantees a small but stable income? Or a completely new direction, where there will be no competitors? Usually, newbies are advised to choose a time-tested niche. So, regardless of the season, economic disasters and fashion, people need food, shelter, clothing and hygiene products. Providing their needs and requirements, it is possible to rise from scratch to a professional in the service sector in a short time. When thinking about what is more profitable to do, consider the prospects for growth and development.

Most Popular Service Businesses

The main conditions for success are your ability and sincere interest in the business. There are many examples when a small business in the service sector grew into a manufacturing or a large retail network.

Apartment renovation as a business

This is a relevant, profitable and promising direction. Decide on a concept: home renovation, office or retail space? Your target audience? An attempt to “embrace the immensity” is the easiest way to stumble.

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