Business ideas in sports

Many did not even think that it is possible to combine business with pleasure. If you love sports - these 4 sports business ideas should be to your liking. No wonder they say “everything new is well forgotten old”. Some of the ideas on our list are just that. You can also see for each idea the amount to enter this business and the payback time of the business. All the amounts are not taken from the ceiling, we conducted a small analysis for each area and tried to include all the most basic costs for each idea.

Selecting a sports business idea

As we wrote above, this article will focus on four sports-related business ideas. All ideas have different amounts to enter the market. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, somewhere it is seasonality and somewhere a large amount to enter a niche. But enough reasoning, we propose to consider each idea in more detail.

Table tennis

Everyone has played table tennis at least once in their lives, not so long ago it could be found in almost any courtyard. But today it is rare where you can find a tennis table in the yard. The essence of the idea is quite simple and consists in renting out the table (hourly). This sport business idea has long been implemented by others and has shown itself well.

Of course, you should leave a small reserve for the purchase of balls and rackets. You will also need to hire a person who will monitor the safety of the rackets and the table. If things go well, you can expand and buy some tables or go even further and start your own mini-sports club.

tennis table - 8,000 rubles table;

racket for table tennis - 500 rubles;

1 hour table rent - 100 rubles;

1 hour of renting a racket - 50 rubles.

Payback is 50 game hours. If a table will be rented for at least 4 hours a day. It turns out that your initial investment will pay off in 10 days. If you want to do this business all year round, then you will have to rent a room, but even if you take into account the cost of renting a room, the payback will not add a month of productive work. In order to legally work in this area, you need to open an individual entrepreneur or LLC, how to do this can be read in our last issue.

Snowmobile Rental

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas in sports". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business idea sports shop

The Sport-Master laurels keep you awake at night? We hasten to disappoint you: you will hardly succeed in squeezing the leader controlling almost 50% of the Russian sportswear market, but you will be able to win a piece of the place in the sun for yourself. Fortunately, the sports industry is one of the fastest growing in the world.

Russia was also not spared by the wave of fashion for a healthy lifestyle. Today, more than 10% of our compatriots are actively involved in sports (for comparison, in the United States, more than 40%). So it is safe to say that the growth potential of the sporting goods market is very high. According to experts, the capacity of the Russian market is only 1% of the global, but even this figure in monetary terms exceeds $ 1 billion - there is something to think about, right?

So you've decided to open a sports store. Let's start by choosing a concept. Suppose your funds are rather limited, and therefore the options for creating a large multi-brand supermarket disappear right away, as well as a sport fashion store - the risk of not guessing the tastes of the public is too great and being left with a large amount of unrealized remainder of far from cheap goods.

What's left? - limit yourself to selling one brand of goods or open a specialized store.

Well, since for a mono-brand store you will rely on a well-known brand, you will automatically receive a powerful competitor in the form of chain sports stores, including the notorious Sport-Master, and the volumes of their purchases significantly exceed your capabilities, and therefore and the terms of delivery of the goods will be much more interesting. Hence the moral, if desired - they can always set prices for a similar product an order of magnitude lower than yours. So is it worth trying?

Specialty store remains. And this is almost a win-win option. Provided that you are well aware of the specifics of the market, and even better if you yourself are a keen roller, actively build muscle mass with the help of newfangled simulators, adore golf or are an adherent of extreme sports. In other words, you are your own in a certain sports party. In the same crowd, you can look for companions to reduce the financial burden and share the risk. Well, if there are no people willing to join the share, you can always pick up the store personnel among “your own” - there is no need to explain to the new employees the specifics of this sport and the peculiarities of the goods sold.

Moreover, the recruitment of personnel who share a love for the chosen sport in your case is one of the keys to success - only in this way you will receive the most qualified personnel, a stream of potential customers (familiar employees), and fame in the circles of interest without significant costs for advertising.

If your interest in opening a sports store is based solely on the potential profitability of the business (which, according to experts, is 20-25%) and has nothing to do with the love of sports, you will have to be disappointed - to understand the specifics of sports to understand the needs of potential buyers, you still have to. It helps to understand the interests of the target audience by visiting specialized forums on the Internet. And of course, you will not be able to do without the help of an expert from the "get-together", so immediately put this position in the staffing table, for example, as a marketer.

Now let's talk about choosing a location for the future store. Although the location on the central streets of the city and in large shopping centers provides high pedestrian traffic and significantly increases the number of spontaneous purchases, you should not strive to open a store there at any cost, especially since the cost of renting in such places is usually very high. First of all, on the central streets and in large shopping centers, chain sports stores are already successfully operating, significantly attracting customers to themselves. And the share of spontaneous purchases in this industry as a whole is not high - as a rule, buyers go to a sports store for something specific and are not inclined to be scattered.

A good alternative to the central streets is the selection of premises for a shop in places where people with incomes live. But even if the only premises available to you is on the outskirts, with the appropriate promotion among the members of the sports community, buyers will find you themselves.

* Average data for Russia are used in calculations

If you have experience as an athlete, your experience and connections can help you organize your business in or around the sports field. In this collection, we have collected 25 types of businesses for athletes, and also supplemented them with ready-made business plans and guides for starting.

Zipline is an extreme attraction, the essence of which is a downhill ride on a steel rope. The main difficulty lies in the selection of a place (usually hilly and picturesque terrain), installation of the line (there are practically no companies offering such services) and solving bureaucratic issues. On the other hand, due to the fact that the descent time is from 25 to 60 seconds, the zipline has a high throughput, and the cost of a single descent ticket can vary from 350 to 1,500 rubles.

Parachute Club

Opening a full-fledged skydiving club will require very large investments, even if it is planned to open only a school without its own simulators and, moreover, an air base. This business is not usually started for the sake of money. Despite the fact that parachuting is very expensive, its profitability is not very high - about 10%. This is due to the high cost of the jump, and the inability to set a high margin.

Zorbing is an extreme type of attraction, the essence of which is the descent of a person in a transparent ball (zorb) from a hill or crossing a reservoir inside this ball. Zorbing is a seasonal business that is practically not represented in our country and is waiting for its discoverers.

The number of vegetarians and people who simply follow their figure is growing. In terms of business processes and legal aspects, a vegetarian cafe will be no different from an ordinary one. The concept is important here: as a rule, vegetarianism means not only the appropriate menu, but also design with an emphasis on the naturalness of the materials used. In such establishments, the healthy component of the business is emphasized in every possible way: alcohol is not found in them.

Organization of hikes is a direction with an extremely wide range of formats. Hikes can have a cognitive orientation or include physical education and recreation activities, there are ski, mountain, water trips, circular and linear routes, long tours and weekend tours. The main advantage of hiking business is that they can bring together different groups of people. There are fishing, hunting, photography tours, business tours and so on. Typically, this business is seasonal.

Football school is a business that generates income from the purchase of monthly subscriptions for classes, which can cost from 2.5 to 5 thousand rubles. As a result, one group can bring a business owner from 30 to 100 thousand rubles. Fixed costs include soccer field rent, coach salaries, equipment purchases, and travel costs for away competitions.

To open an airsoft club, you need (at least) one large site, which you can either rent for a while or buy and equip as you wish. Ideally, clients should be offered several types of games and competitions, transfer and catering services, coaches and instructors. You will also need to buy equipment and equipment that can be rented.

Survival courses are popular abroad. Classes are divided into theoretical and practical parts, the last of which takes place in natural conditions. Course participants are trained in the provision of first aid, taught to build a shelter, make a fire, get water and food away from civilization. You can start such a business by a former athlete, military man, firefighter or rescuer. In large cities, for a two-day survival course, the presenters receive from 5-6 thousand rubles. per person.

Material on the topic: "Business ideas in sports" with full explanation and justification.

Free Gym Earning

Suitable for: athletes

Required resources: premises, exercise equipment, sports equipment, large mirrors, equipped showers and toilets

Required personal qualities: you need imagination to develop ways to make money on a free gym (some of which, however, are listed in the article)

Surely, many people ask themselves a question, but how can you make money on something that is free? Of course, if the entrance to the gym is free, then how to make money. Except to make a paid exit. Let's talk about the challenges that gym owners face?

The problem is that after 3-4 months of work there is a decline in attendance. Of course, clients come, but the majority of your clientele is thinning before our eyes. In the case of a multitude, such extinction may have been caused by watching a motivational movie or observing acquaintances who were able to achieve clear results. Some are stopped by the usual laziness, because physically spreading it out to the fullest, instead of meeting friends, relaxing in a club or in front of the TV, you need willpower. Many people may find it burdensome to pay regularly for gym visits, as a monthly subscription can cost 4-5 thousand rubles. Our salaries may simply not keep up with such payments.

The modern gym is not limited to hardware

Of course, we are not able to fight someone else's laziness, but with financial constraints - quite. You can make the entrance to the gym free, and make money on the services and goods that will be offered inside. These services may include:

  • Personalized coaching services. For those who plan to approach the structure of muscle mass in a comprehensive manner, they will spend more than one year on this, so this service will certainly be appreciated.
  • Sale of sports drinks and food, without which competent training is impossible.
  • Selling music and films about sports.
  • Sale of sportswear and footwear.
  • Free ad space.

In general, you can make money in your premises, even if it's a gym.

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Ideas for starting your own small business in sports

Athletic achievement often comes with a lot of money. Having their own small business in sports can significantly help novice athletes turn their favorite business into a means of earning money for special meals, pay for the gym, equipment and much more.

Gym Organization

One of the most popular small sports business ideas from the 90s. In those days, in the complete absence of fitness centers, such semi-basement "simulators" were the only place where you could pump muscles and communicate with like-minded people.

Nowadays, with the widespread use of private fitness centers and fitness centers, a small gym may simply not be able to compete if it is not located away from major competitors (a small city or a remote urban area) or has an attractive pricing policy. Or you should use non-pricing techniques to attract customers.

Large investments in the creation of the hall will not be required. Renting a suitable premises, its equipment and the purchase of exercise equipment, barbells, dumbbells are the main expenses. You can save on inventory by renting it or purchasing used exercise equipment.

In addition to admission fees, the gym may have additional sources of income, which are:

  • personal consultations with a coach and drawing up an individual training program;
  • revenue from a sports bar;
  • sales of sports magazines, books, films; <
  • trade in sportswear and accessories;
  • placement of third-party advertisements.

Organization of the sports section

This is a good small business in sports with minimal initial investment. The sports section at school is a simple entrepreneurship. Agreeing with the administration of an educational institution about renting a gym in the evenings is a completely feasible task for everyone. The rent is usually deducted monthly from the collected money.

It should be borne in mind that working with children is not an easy task. Especially if the section has 50-100 people from the lower and middle classes. Many novice coaches can not stand it and leave for other areas of activity. Or they give up part of the profits and recruit more compact groups.

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