Business ideas how to make money on holidays

Organization of holidays is one of the most common types of entrepreneurship today. The popularity of this business is due to the fact that there is a constant demand for this kind of services.

In recent years, the well-being of people has improved significantly and, as is the case with a well-equipped life, they wanted a spectacle.

Wealthy people are not satisfied with just a small party, they need a huge, beautiful celebration, with beautiful guests, with a buffet table and an entertainment program.

One person is not able to organize such a holiday, since the organization of any, even the most modest buffet table brings a lot of trouble.

The development of entrepreneurship also contributes to the development of organizing holidays as a type of business, because many companies today attract professionals to organize corporate parties.

These factors create a stable demand for the services of holiday organizers.

Party companies are usually small businesses.

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This is due to the fact that the barrier to entry into this market is extremely low, the niche is free, and the initial investment is insignificant.

This is why it is extremely profitable to organize holidays these days. Companies working in this area often make super profits.

This is due to the fact that the costs of organizing a holiday are very small. The costs, by the way, are usually covered by the customer of the event.

Business idea: organizing holidays

The executing company works for a commission, which depends on the company's reputation, the scale of the celebration and the customer's budgets.

The first task for creative people planning to start their own business will be to find a business direction. Of course, it is advisable for beginners to embark on projects that may become in demand in the service market, and also do not require particularly large investments. Among the possible variety of choices, one can single out the organization of your own company for holding festive and corporate events.

Industry nuances

Since few entrepreneurs know what organizing holidays is like a business, experienced merchants will advise you on where to start, how to succeed and achieve customer recognition. You should start implementing plans only after a thoughtful analysis of this area and taking into account possible nuances that may affect the development and payback of the project. So, let's try to find out the merits and possible difficulties of a startup.

The field of activity itself has several directions. This can be holding children's parties, various special events, serving corporate parties or trainings. It should be noted that regardless of the chosen business format, success can only be achieved by those who are ready for constant investments and company growth, as well as are able to think creatively and have an extraordinary approach to the task at hand.

Professionals advise to find a reliable partner employed in the same or related industry. This step will help you save money on starting a startup. For example, you can cooperate with a company that offers decoration services for decoration, bands that provide musical accompaniment, theater actors. It is optimal to find partners who already have a good reputation - after all, this way you will raise the prestige of your own enterprise.

Another recommendation on how to open your own agency for organizing holidays from scratch is to focus on the chosen field of activity. Many inexperienced businessmen try to reach an impressive audience and develop technically complex and multidirectional tasks. But the lack of experience, inventory and ready-made developments can negatively affect the company's image. Agree, slow and persistent progress towards success guarantees a steady growth in popularity and income, and a single failed order will definitely leave a negative mark.

Bureaucratic issues

To avoid common mistakes, it will take a competent development of the concept of the project, whether it is holding office parties or organizing children's parties. Where to start a business? Experts in this matter agree that having drawn up a business plan for your undertaking, you can start filling out the necessary paperwork.

The first step is to go to the tax service and register an individual entrepreneur or joint-stock company there. As practice shows, it would be advisable to register a legal entity. After all, this gives the right to work with other enterprises and organizations. Although, of course, such a procedure will take quite a long time and will require the collection of an impressive package of documents.

Next, you need to register with the FIU and other social institutions, as well as document the registration procedure with the compulsory health insurance fund.

Such activity does not provide for obtaining a license. Although a mandatory step will be a visit to the sanitary-epidemiological station and the fire department in order to obtain permission from these organizations for the operation of the premises. Here it is appropriate to entrust the collection of all papers to an intermediary firm, such a decision will significantly reduce the loss of time for resolving legal issues. Usually, such services for the registration of an enterprise are estimated at 150,000 rubles.

How to make money fast on the eve of the holidays? Working ways from Anatomy of Business!

How to get profit at the beginning of summer?

In June it is time for graduation for schoolchildren, and a little later for students. This means that in one period the demand for some goods and services increases sharply. So provide them! Idea number 5. Design photo albums, hold photo sessions and the celebrations themselves, decorate the halls and draw up holiday scenarios. These services are the easiest to offer: print out flyers, visit nearby schools, and distribute brochures to students and teachers. Idea number 6. Another idea for how to make money fast is aimed at female graduates. If you know how to build nails, do festive manicure, hairstyles, makeup, then it's time to start making money on this. Before graduation, the queues in the salons are quite long, and not everyone manages to get there, so the likelihood of an influx of customers in your direction will be high.

Idea # 7. Dresses, bijouterie, accessories, costumes, ribbons - all of this will be needed by each of the graduates. Try to buy some of this and sell it under the slogan "Prom."

Idea for any holiday

Idea # 8. If you have a car, be a taxi driver on a holiday. Whatever it is: graduation, Christmas or March 8th, there is a great demand for taxi services on this day. Agree in advance with any taxi company in your city to work for one day. In this case, you will be able to receive orders that come to the company's internal number. But then you need to give a part of the profit to the company with which you decided to cooperate. Otherwise, you can try to find clients on your own: park in a crowded place, place an advertisement for a service in newspapers or the Internet, offer a taxi to your friends.

Idea # 9. Not everyone can prepare holiday gifts on time, so before the holidays there is a need for the services of a “hired gift buyer”. It works like this: your customer asks you to find a gift for his friends and family members, paying for their purchase and your services.


As you can see, you can't catch a fish without effort ... In order to get quick money, you will need to make a lot of effort. Indeed, in the pre-holiday time, not only demand grows, but also competition intensifies. Therefore, it is important to calculate each step in advance. Good luck in your endeavors!



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In the life of every person there are certain holidays. The generally accepted ones are New Year, Defender of the Fatherland Day, International Women's Day and a number of public holidays that have become popular. In addition, people cannot do without family and friendly holidays - these are birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, weddings. And gifts are needed for all events. People are less and less preferring commonplace items such as electronics, household appliances, bedding, leaning towards unique and themed gifts that can be bought in specialized stores. And even if a set of pots is chosen as a gift, then in 90% of cases, postcards, comic or memorable souvenirs and beautiful packaging are purchased in addition. You can open a store of festive goods both in a large city and in a small village, because the demand for products not only does not decrease, but also grows every year. To achieve success, an entrepreneur must follow certain rules for organizing and developing his own business, which is reflected in the compiled business plan.

Description of the project, its relevance, goals and objectives

A holiday goods store can be described with the following theses:

  • place of business organization - this business plan is focused on a city with a population of 300,000 people;
  • location - a crowded place with high traffic (shopping centers, markets, etc.);
  • business format - a self-service store plus the services of a consultant and designer;
  • premises - a rented point with an area of ​​30 sq. m;
  • number of employees - 2-3 employees working in shifts;
  • budget - own or borrowed funds, depending on the financial capabilities of the entrepreneur.

Help: in each individual case, the criteria for organizing a business will differ, which depends on the city, the chosen location, assortment, area of ​​the outlet and other parameters.

The relevance of the store of festive goods is explained quite simply - people want to give their loved ones not only useful and necessary things in everyday life, but also unique gifts that emphasize a person's character, cheer him up, or just memorabilia. A person is able to buy equipment, electronics, books and other goods of everyday use for himself, so these products as a holiday congratulation are slowly fading into the background. Now the priority is surprise, individuality and creativity. And all of this can be found in the gift shop.

An equally important criterion of the relevance and relevance of the business is the availability of products. Not everyone can afford to buy an expensive smartphone or gold jewelry as a gift. The gift shop is beneficial in that the giver can buy a thing that will cause no less delight and joy in the recipient of the gift, but at a much lower cost.

Outlets for the sale of gift and souvenir products are equally in demand both in large cities and in small towns. Packaging, postcards, balls, accessories - this is the minimum list of goods that people need when organizing a holiday for loved ones. Moreover, in 50% of cases, buyers of accessories purchase additional gifts in this particular store.

The goals and objectives of the project are similar to other types of business in the retail sector:

  • providing consumers with products in demand;
  • setting reasonable prices to increase turnover;
  • selling high-quality and safe goods;
  • quick payback of the project.

Opening a company for organizing holidays today is not difficult - the threshold for entering the business does not exceed 300 thousand rubles. That is why the number of young event agencies is growing every year. Although one or two companies out of ten succeed in getting promoted. The main work of such agencies is the organization of weddings and corporate events, since these services are most in demand among the population.

Selecting premises for opening an event agency

Opening an agency for organizing holidays begins with finding premises for an office. Although the first time of work, you can do without it. This significantly saves the company's fixed costs. As the client base grows, the need for an office increases. It is more convenient to meet with clients here, and in general the presence of an office means a certain solidity of the company.

Fortunately, the size of the room is not so important. The optimal size is a room of 20-30m2, rented in the central part of the city. The rental price, depending on the region, ranges from 500 to 3000 rubles per 1 m2. It is advisable to decorate the room in a bright and unique style, install upholstered furniture, a couple of computers, a fax, a color printer and a large screen to show clients samples of events. All this will take from 70 to 100 thousand rubles.

What equipment to choose for this business

The peculiarity of the business of organizing holidays is that it can be started both from scratch and vice versa, having spent more than one hundred thousand rubles.

Business gurus recommend not buying the most expensive equipment at the start. Most of what is required can be simply rented. For example, sound equipment can be provided by a DJ, costumes and sets - a presenter. You should buy expensive equipment as needed, in accordance with the growth of the customer base.

The first thing that can be bought after the promotion of a business is sound equipment: speakers, sound amplifier, microphone, mixing console, light music and laptop. The cost of the entire set starts from 100 thousand rubles. Then you might consider buying a camcorder, a professional camera, and the agency's personal car.

Recruiting for the event agency

In the early stages, a budding agency will need at least:

- Account Manager. A manager is needed to receive and process calls, of which up to 50 per day can be received during the season, as well as to communicate with specific customers. The salary of a manager, as a rule, is piecework - 5 thousand rubles. plus a percentage (5-10%) of the order.

- Hall (holiday) decorator. Also one of the key employees of the holiday agency. Much depends on the imagination and work experience of this specialist. His salary must be at least 30% of the order value.

- A driver with a personal car who will deliver personnel to the customer's site. The salary is 10-15 thousand rubles per month.

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