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Ideas for legal business

If you just graduated from the law academy or have work experience, you can work for someone else's uncle and get a pitiful penny, moving up the career ladder only to retirement, or you can create your own business. We all dream of doing what we love and getting good money for it. But for this you need to think carefully about everything.

In order to create a business on the Internet, you need to register a domain, purchase hosting, create a website. On the site, be sure to indicate: what services you provide for free, for example, the services of a lawyer in civil, criminal, arbitration cases. Specify contacts, for example, office address, for paid consultations.

"How can I make money if I consult for free?" - you ask me again. With this service, you earn yourself a reputation as a competent lawyer. The first stage serves as a kind of bait for customers. Your site is an advertisement for your legal advice. It is impossible to ask all the questions, because everywhere there are pitfalls that can be found only through personal communication. Now you need to open your own office, it is not necessary to rent a large office, because you can pay to visit clients at home.

A big plus of such a business is small financial costs. To get started, you need about 100,000 rubles.:

- buying a license and registering a legal address costs about 15,000 rubles.

- rent of a small office, from about 8000 rubles.

- advertising costs may not be, if you limit yourself to a site with a free consultation, you only need to promote it.

- payment for utilities, Internet, telephone will cost an average of 5000 rubles.

- purchase of a computer, fax, telephone (for two employees it is approximately 65,000 rubles).

In the life of almost every person there are situations that require the help of an intelligent lawyer. Legal service can be provided in various cases: from the division of property to assistance in drawing up a sales contract. If you are a lawyer, or you are interested in this topic, then business ideas in the field of legal services are for you.

Consulting and call center

An interesting business idea would be to create a legal consultation. Plus such an idea is a small financial cost from 100,000 rubles. We include in this amount:

  • registration of individual entrepreneurs;
  • office rent;
  • purchase of office equipment and furniture;
  • website creation and promotion ...

Legal advice can take place not only online, on the website, but also at home. A lawyer can come to the client's home at any time and resolve all issues. When recruiting staff, pay attention to a person's possession of a PC, since a lawyer will have to deal with the issue of consulting on the site, maintain a question-answer section, and also answer questions in a personal account.

Such an idea for a business as a call center will be to provide legal services around the clock. Several employees will answer customer questions 24 hours a day.

To attract clients, create discount programs, for example, the first home visit of a lawyer is free. Spread information about your company on radio, magazines, newspapers.

Notary company

Another business idea would be to open a notary services firm. In order to implement such an idea you need:

  • higher legal education;
  • one year internship with a public or private notary;
  • passing a qualifying exam to obtain a license.

GrigoryevaNatalya "over a year ago

Business idea for legal services

Why did I decide to invest in the legal services business? Firstly, I had a legal education and immediately decided that I would not hire employees, at first I would save on this and try to cope myself. Secondly: I had experience as a lawyer. Thirdly: I significantly saved on the preparation of all documents during registration.

The most profitable services in jurisprudence are representation in the Arbitration court, the magistrate and courts of general jurisdiction. They paid quite well for subscription services to legal entities. Therefore, I decided to concentrate on this, and along the way to perform related services, in the form of drawing up claims, contracts and consultations.

Started monitoring the prices for office rent and office equipment. I wanted to immediately declare myself and therefore planned to launch a grandiose advertising campaign for her law firm.

Starting your own law firm

The only thing left was to find finances. According to my calculations, at least 120,000 rubles were required. I did not have such savings, I decided to take out a loan. While waiting for approval for a loan application, I submitted documents to the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate for registration of an individual entrepreneur. Again, for reasons of economy, I decided to choose this particular organizational and legal form, the difference with LLC was about 3,500 rubles.

The provision of legal services to the population is subject to a simplified taxation system. I chose income minus expenses.

An unfurnished office in the city center cost 30,000 rubles a month, but given the high traffic of this place, due to the close location of shopping centers and the central market, it suits me perfectly. In addition, the office was located between two notaries, which was very convenient for both me and my future clients.

I bought office furniture by shares. The design of my workplace, rack and tea drinking area cost about 50,000 rubles.

How To Advertise Legal Services - Proven Ways

I used the remaining funds for advertising. Near the entrance to the office there was a pillar, a large bright sign inviting clients, 2 banners with the words "Lawyer" and my phone number were posted at the beginning and end of the street where the office was located. In the waiting rooms of the notaries, I laid out my business cards. Having printed out leaflets with the types of services I offer, I independently distributed them to the BTI, Rosregistratsiya, expert centers and courts. In an advertising newspaper I ordered a banner on the floor of the page. I advertised free consultations on the running line. Of course, they were provided free of charge, only to those who later use my services.

In the first month I earned 73,000 rubles. The result suits me perfectly. I had funds for rent for the next month, paid for the loan (the monthly payment was 4200 rubles), there was money left for advertising.

New format of legal services

This business idea will help practicing and non-practicing lawyers expand their client base and generate additional advertising revenue. In addition, anyone can implement this business idea.

  • We all know that legal services are such a "product" that brings a fairly good profit. Moreover, it was the lawyers under the communist regime, if I may say so, who were the first entrepreneurs, since many of them received "leftist" fees for the provision of services in their profile.

Currently 90% of people are completely unaware of their rights. That is why I propose to create an Internet site on which, in text form (in articles), it will be told about all the rights of citizens, including answers to many other questions, that is, free legal advice.

All answers on the site must be sorted by headings so that visitors can easily find the answer they need. Additionally, you can do informing visitors in videos.

Many people have a very reasonable question: "Why place deliberately paid information, free of charge?"

It's simple, in order to attract potential customers to your services, you first need to give them something free.

  • Having found information in this site on how to resolve their issues, a visitor can next time contact a lawyer (site owner) for a paid consultation, since before that he has already received something on the site , what does he want.
  • That is, with the help of this site, its owner will be able to establish trusting relationships with potential customers.

Therefore, there is no need to be afraid to inform clients for free, having received and receiving the information they need for free, if they have more complex problems, in 99% of cases they will turn to you for help, since on a subconscious level between you and the client will already be in contact.

How to make money on free legal advice

The idea of ​​organizing your own legal services business sooner or later comes to many practicing specialists in this field. In addition to legal issues, the future entrepreneur will have to navigate in the field of marketing, accounting and finance. A ready-made business plan for a law firm will help minimize risks and take your niche.

Step-by-step instructions for opening a law firm

How much does it cost to open a law firm?

Services provided

Legal service is formed on the basis of the following indicators of the contractor:

  • specialized education and licenses;
  • relevant knowledge and competencies;
  • anticipation of the result and all its consequences.

Legal advice is one of the most demanded services and, as a rule, includes:

  • analysis of the general state of affairs of the client and description of risks;
  • proposals for solving the problem within the legal framework with justification of scenarios for each option;
  • choice the best solution of the customer's behavior and support according to the legislative norms governing a specific task.

Services for individuals:

  • oral and written consultations in various areas of law;
  • preparation of statements, civil contracts, claims;
  • support in court and representation of interests;
  • settlement of housing, labor, insurance disputes;
  • copyright protection;
  • debt collection.

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