Business ideas from Europe

There are entrepreneurs among Europeans whose grandiose ideas are of interest to Russian businessmen. They need to be worked on, but the end justifies the means. Further interesting business ideas from Europe that can be tailored to Russia.

Women's Repair Team

This idea came from England. The main idea is that female builders are neat, tidy and punctual, unlike male colleagues.

Such a repair team inspires confidence among women customers. The minus of the enterprise is that in Russia there is a small percentage of girls who know how to perform carpentry, plastering, painting, and other finishing work.

Snow Ads

The British have managed to use winter precipitation for financial purposes. After one of the heavy snowfalls, part of the land was full of impressions advertised by the television channel Extreme. Russia is famous for its snowy winters, you can use this recipe for a business idea.

Unlimited Taxi Rides

The Germans and Swiss have jointly created Taxmobil, which provides unlimited travel for 48 euros per month. This relatively small amount of money will help the client of the company to forget about the hassle associated with moving by car and save on paying for gasoline, car wash and fines for violation of traffic rules. The disadvantages of this service are that it works within the city and on a prepaid basis.

Philips lights up

The company has launched wall panels with built-in LEDs. This innovative idea allows the room to "sparkle" with colorful patterns coming from the walls. A beautiful view is not the only advantage of the panels, it is also additional sound insulation, the choice of the lighting mode, the simulation of the image on the walls.

Cup Pizza

Especially for those who have to or prefer take-away, we thought about a convenient pizza with an unusual shape. This is an edible glass with a variety of fillings that can be prepared in minutes and is very convenient for a snack.

Why buy packaging when you move when you can rent it? Why ask neighbors to water the flowers when you leave when you can temporarily move houseplants to a hotel? And who said you can't have coffee without getting off your bike? Fresh business ideas from Europe are so simple and ingenious that one would like to implement them in Russia.

What small business ideas from Europe should domestic entrepreneurs pay attention to? Any project of today's collection is worth it.

Cafe for cyclists

The McDonalds restaurant chain serves motoring customers. The latter do not need to get out from behind the wheel of the car. The initiators from Zurich went further and organized a coffee shop for cyclists.

The “know-how” is that the client does not need to change seats at the table - he parks the bike right next to it, orders coffee, snacks and eats. The owners of the unusual bistro were surprised when 500 cyclists visited them in the first week. Now their number has grown several times.

It is not difficult to adapt a business idea from Europe for Russia. It will be especially in demand in megacities. Cafe owners in Zurich treated cyclists to free espresso to draw attention to the establishment. The same can be done with us.

Free Gym

Interesting business ideas are often intertwined with fashion trends and trends in Europe. Today it is fashionable to be healthy, to play sports. Going to the gym is expensive, especially if the club requires you to buy a six-month or annual membership.

The EU countries have solved this problem by organizing free gyms. Fitness center owners earn money by providing additional services to their clients:

  • consultations of personal trainers;
  • preparation of an individual training program;
  • sale of water and sports nutrition;
  • rent sports equipment;
  • sale of advertising in the gym.

How promising is such an undertaking in the regions of the Russian Federation? It is difficult to answer unequivocally, because it is necessary to first calculate the costs and possible incomes, and then determine the format for the provision of services.

Rental Packages

If you have doubts about free gyms, renting packages for moving is an attractive business idea from Europe that requires minimal investment to start.

Business ideas from Europe for Russia for a year

Many of the European business ideas are truly unusual. About others you think: "And how did I not guess about it?" In any case, a budding entrepreneur will have plenty to choose from in the ranking of ten interesting business projects for 2021.

The TOP-10 business ideas from Europe include a wide variety of projects. Some affect the social sphere, for others, you can simply change the concept of the institution a little, and for the third, you will need certain technical resources. Each of them can be repeated here in the Russian Federation.

Every year it becomes more difficult to surprise a consumer (especially a domestic one) with something. Therefore, novice start-up entrepreneurs are tormented by the problem of finding new interesting projects. In fact, sometimes it's worth turning your head towards your western neighbor and seeing what business ideas for 2021 can be borrowed from Europe.

Basic requirements for such "copying"

Each of the new European projects has both advantages and disadvantages. However, when launching them on the territory of the Russian Federation, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • The idea should be as unique as possible, and not copy an existing business in Russia.
  • This kind of "plagiarism" is the result of the activities of other people, an entrepreneur will not be able to know in advance how well he will succeed in repeating something like that. And not the least is the different level of consumer income in different countries.
  • Each market in a particular country has its own strengths and weaknesses, focus on a particular industry.
  • It is also possible that the project will someday compete with the original itself.
  • And the last tip: when studying any potential business project, you should put yourself in the shoes of the future consumer and conduct a detailed analysis of whether such a service is really lacking in the region.

Analysis of existing business ideas in the West

Monitoring of interesting European business projects has shown a sufficient number of topics worthy of "plagiarism". Let's make a ranking according to the difficulty of implementation - from lighter ones to those requiring significant investments.

If you do it on the basis of an existing street cafe, then it is enough to simply reorganize the space. You may need to order matching tall tables

Kochhaus Cookbook Shop

Selling food

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Experienced businesspeople who have gone from small retailer to leading retailer argue that when choosing a niche, you should pay close attention to competition and avoid high-employment industries. Businessmen recommend offering goods and services that have not yet managed to gain a foothold in the market and occupy industries with extremely low competition.

To start your business, you do not need to have your own startup, it is enough to use already proven ideas from Western Europe and America. Many foreign projects have already gained wide popularity in their homeland, but in the countries of the former USSR they have not yet received any development.

Fruit and vegetable processing

However, if you approach this kind of occupation wisely, it would be more profitable to process illiquid products, since there is a large selection of products on the market into which you can process the source material:

  • jam;
  • vegetable and fruit cereals;
  • juices, jams and other consumer products.
This is not about processing expired products. This business model is based on the processing of raw materials, which has lost its presentation over time. Prices for such goods are quite low, and it is possible to produce juices or purees in mini-workshops, the arrangement of which will not take much money. This business model has become widespread in Europe, because it does not require large investments to start production.

Business idea for organizing eco-tours

One of the most fashionable and promising business areas from Europe. The fact is that people, tired of endless exhaust gases and the bustle of the city anthill, tend to spend a weekend in nature, rent a house in the countryside, or put up a tent in the mountains, comfortably settling in a camping. All of this is gaining momentum in Western Europe and America.

The popularity of this type of vacation is understandable: in order to go to the same sea, you do not have to overpay for a five-star hotel, if you can rent a tent in a camping nearby and on favorable terms.

Such tours do not require practically any costs from the organizer, it is enough just to make high-quality advertising of your services and provide protection for the entire tourist or vacationing group.

Sale of hydrophobic liquid

Business ideas from America and Europe

In general, people have never had a strong difference in their ideas and deeds, and your place of residence was absolutely not important here. Therefore, I do not think that business ideas from America will be much different from Russia. They can take something from us, as well as we can take from them. But still, I would like to plunge into the business of America and see what interesting and unusual they have. In general, in our article we will talk about the business ideas of America and Europe. It is America that is considered the best and more unique country for making money and implementing their ideas. Already from this country, ideas spread in such waves to different countries.

The results showed that in Russia more than half of the business ideas are American. We must also remember that it is the Americans who are not afraid to make dreams come true, because Russians are often afraid of failures, problems, and we are not that brave. We begin to think, then we do, and when we meet some obstacle on the way, we immediately give up everything. In America, it’s the other way around - he started thinking, then he began to implement. Their thoughts are not empty and vain. It is only in Russia that they can think about a new car for years, but not even try to collect money for it.

American Business Ideas

Now we will present you "new business ideas from America" ​​or "business ideas from America 2021" - the essence does not change.

1. thermostones. Have you ever thought about how much coffee was poured out because it got cold? Such a number of liters is scary to pronounce. According to the results of the company in America, this amount was about thirty million liters. That is why the company decided to start producing special steel stones that have a special material in their filling. With the help of this material, the made coffee will not only become hot, but this temperature will also be maintained for a long time, which will not allow it to cool down. This idea has already been liked by many residents.

2. abortion of a tourist. Steel mug, spoon, furniture were invented many years ago. What else can be invented in this regard? One American came up with the idea of ​​creating an unusual portable travel kit that would include a small kitchen, bed, table, chairs, and even a shower. Such a set will allow you to feel comfortable even in nature. As for the sales of such a set, they are growing relentlessly.

New ideas in America, such as a home restaurant or a dog game console, are also surprising. There are actually a lot of ideas. Let's consider these ideas in more detail.

Home Restaurant

If you are a good chef, your job is limitless. Your abilities will help you not only tasty and satisfying food for your family, but also open your own business. You can even arrange a restaurant at home. You can sign up on Facebook and do a little security check. After that, you can safely start your work, and professional photographers will take pictures of all this and throw it off to the Cookepp base.

Business ideas from America - video

With this, everyone will be convinced that the service in the home restaurant is of a high standard. In order to visit a restaurant you don't need a lot of problems. Just sign up on Facebook and deposit money for a food donation to cover the costs of the hosts. After that, you, as a taster, will go to the hall. Try the food, and put your rating on the site, you can also leave a review. In such a business, many managed to earn a lot of money, besides, the hostess was doing her favorite thing - cooking.

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