Business ideas from China | 4 ideas and ways to implement them

What kind of business can you open and how to do it? This question worries all novice businessmen. Everyone wants the business to become successful, and everyone also dreams that it will start making a profit in the near future. But it is worth remembering that in such a case, a quick result simply does not happen. To become a real entrepreneur, you need to make every effort, overcome more than one obstacle. Often you have to fill up "bumps" to gain experience. Although you can study 11 relevant ways to make money, which the article talks about: "How to make money: TOP-11 ways to make money that are silent + bonus: thoughts that can turn your life 360 ​​degrees!"

Profitable business proposals, an interesting approach in different conditions, different ways of solving complex business issues will help in this article to understand what kind of business you can open in order to survive in a strong competition.

What business is profitable to open during a crisis?

To open a business in Russia during the 2021 crisis, you need to understand that such a direction should be chosen, which, even under difficult economic conditions in the country, will certainly bring profit. For example, you can consider the most interesting options.

Office of Accountants

In the case when a novice entrepreneur has a higher education, has experience in accounting, you can open an office with the services of accountants. During a crisis, many companies are trying to reduce their staff, and as a result, the position of an accountant, as a rule, becomes vacant. Therefore, having assembled a team of qualified accountants, you can look for a job for them, and then take a commission for it.

You can start a food business

If you ask the experts what kind of business you can start in a crisis, they will all name food with one voice. For people in times of crisis, entertainment, as well as expensive purchases, recede, and the demand for food becomes even greater. Sales volumes are also increasing due to purchases "for future use", until the next wave of price increases came.

Experts in the grocery business advise, for a start, to open a store in a residential area. Since the store will initially be in demand, the entrepreneur can offer his customers a wide selection of goods, reasonable prices, good service. These factors will become the basis for the prosperity of business, which can feed during a crisis, as well as during a period of economic recovery.

Time-saving services are an option to consider

How are things in the gambling business by the end of 2021, what are gambling today and are there any prospects for opening a casino in Russia - we'll talk about all this in this article.

The Mobile Planetarium is an inflatable spherical dome, inside of which entertaining and educational 3D films are shown. The perfect beginner business that pays for itself in just 3 months.

Have you dreamed of playing Fort Boyard? Purchase a large playground quest in a unique format "Fort Boyard" and become part of the fastest growing franchise in 2021 on favorable terms.

Business plan for opening a quest in the "imaginary reality" format in Rostov-on-Don. Initial investment - 500,000 rubles. Net profit in the first year of operation - 1,900,000 rubles, profitability of sales -.

Business plan for the opening of a zipline (troll) attraction. Initial investments - 3.14 million rubles. The length of the track is 500 meters. The payback period is 16 months. Net profit 311-635 thousand rubles. ...

Busyboard is a popular entertainment and educational board for children, the production of which does not require high investments and equipment costs. You can start production on 20 sq. m., having 125 thousand rubles.

Business plan for a car cinema for a city with a population of over 500 thousand people. Investments - 804 thousand rubles, payback period - 7 months.

Psychological salon of "ideas"

The psychological salon "1000 Ideas" is a life-changing business. Unique format, 25 ready-made programs, turnkey training. Investments 80,000 rubles.

Investment costs for opening a quest room - 3,105,000 rubles. Simple (PP) and discounted (DPP) payback period - 6 months.

The volume of investments in the opening of the rental of life-size puppets will amount to 367 thousand rubles. The expected proceeds from reaching the planned sales volume will amount to 100,000 rubles. (from 4 months of work), net profit - 66 thousand rubles. & n.

After monotonous working days, people want positive emotions. In his free time, be it a vacation or a weekend, or maybe an evening after a hard day, a person seeks to entertain himself, and here enterprising businessmen offer an extensive entertainment program. Why not become one of those entrepreneurs?

Entertainment business ideas are very diverse, which allows you to choose an option that suits both interests and finance. Give people joy and generate income - what could be more attractive?

About the entertainment business

Recreation and entertainment are an integral part of every person's life. Having an interesting time in their leisure time, people satisfy their social needs.

The Russian entertainment industry accumulates millions of rubles annually and plays an important role in the economy of our country.

Even in times of crisis, the entertainment business idea will bear fruit, because people are always willing to pay for pleasure, almost as well as for food and medicine.

Entrepreneurship in the entertainment industry is right for you if you are an active, cheerful, positive person with extraordinary creative thinking, sense of humor and organizational skills.

It should also be noted that the entertainment business requires considerable start-up investments and constant development, renewal, and compliance with current fashion trends in society.

Having decided to start your own business in this area, it is advisable to immediately select the target audience to which the business idea will be targeted.

Business ideas for entertaining kids

Parents love their children and, accordingly, strive to make them happy, so the children's direction in entertainment is in sufficient demand. Let's consider some possible options.

Today, the Chinese market is no longer associated with poor quality goods. Now it houses many international companies with global brands known to everyone. Thus, business ideas from China have become even more relevant today than they were before. First of all, China is famous for its high performance with minimal costs.

It is necessary to understand new business ideas in China for the most part are not “new” for a long time, but most likely these ideas are already actively used, because this is a large market and they work here in all possible directions, this is why it is worth chasing new products. Then you need to conduct marketing research in order to study the market and understand what products are in great demand. For research, you can hire professionals who will not only do a full analysis for you, but also draw up a business plan for your future company. When a niche is selected, you can safely start looking for potential Chinese partners. Not sure where to start, here is a list of 21 ideas for small cities that can be easily implemented if desired.

Searching for an idea for business with China

The most optimal and profitable option for you is to visit the manufacturer of the products. Thus, you will avoid various markups from intermediaries. If you liked the valuable and products, the next step will be to study the manufacturer's documentation (certificates, constituent documents, etc.). Such business ideas with China are very profitable, but you need to be able to find them correctly.

If these are children's products, you should ask the manufacturer to provide documents on laboratory research (since if the manufacturer uses harmful material for the manufacture of toys, it is very dangerous, and if at least 1 child suffers, you will be responsible).

If everything is in order, then you can already start negotiating the planned volumes of orders.

Other supplier search options:

Such options also have a place to be, plus they are that it is much easier to do it, but the minus is that this is work through intermediaries. That is, you will overpay 5-10% to the intermediary for the same product that you could buy from the manufacturer.

Pros of business ideas from China

For most, the Chinese market is interesting because the cost of products from this country is 50-60% less than analogues in domestic markets. These interesting business ideas from China are not limited to. This country is famous not only for its low cost of goods but also for its high productivity. In addition, any product is produced in China, from pencils to medical equipment. This, in fact, is beneficial to cooperation with the Chinese market.

You should prepare for the opening of a seasonal business in advance - there is no time for buildup, summer will fly by quickly, and with it the opportunity to earn money. There are amusement parks in every city, which means you need to think about what services will be in demand.

The specifics of a seasonal business is that there is no time for swinging - by the summer you need to prepare in advance and treat the matter as a full-fledged project. In resort towns, summer is a golden time, when the number of vacationers exceeds the number of indigenous people.

But in other localities, people liven up in summer, especially on weekends, parks are filled with vacationers, many come with whole families and are ready to spend some money on pleasant things. It is a sin not to take the opportunity and not create conditions for fellow citizens for a full and varied urban recreation.

Traditional types of seasonal park business (attractions, ice cream and soft drinks trade, photography) do not need advertising. If you manage to come up with something new, make sure your ad is catchy, with recognizable imagery and appealing terms.

Summer Business Features

Success is achieved by those who know how to think flexibly and quickly change. The time for correcting mistakes will come only in a year, so hurry up to use the opportunities here and now.

  • In summer, the demand for some services and goods is so high that in a few months you can fully recoup your investment and make a solid profit.
  • Fruits and flowers in summer can be purchased from farmers at minimal prices.
  • The markups for the highly popular draft kvass and ice cream in the hot months reach 40%, and the equipment can be rented.

Seasonal Business Ideas

Trade (ice cream, soft drinks)

This is a win-win business in public places. Hardly anyone, after spending several hours in the park, will not buy a portion, a glass of cool lemonade or, a pie, etc.

You can organize trade in a summer cafe under umbrellas, in a stall, on a tray, or simply from a refrigerator bag attached to a bicycle or scooter. It will be necessary to prepare for the opening of a stall or cafe in the fall, as permits, documents and approvals from municipal authorities are needed. A tray or portable refrigerator is much easier to organize.

Investments in the business of selling ice cream and soft drinks can be recouped in just a few days, since the goods fly apart in the heat, and the margin in comparison with the wholesale price sometimes reaches 200%.

For seasonal use, a rented or used refrigerator is quite suitable, the price of which does not exceed 15,000-16,000 rubles. You can enter into an agreement with ice cream manufacturers or wholesalers, then you will receive a refrigerator for free, but you will be able to sell only certain types of goods. According to reviews, in the season a mobile point with ice cream and drinks can bring up to 60,000 rubles in net income. If you install a network of 20 or more points in parks, by the end of the season you can become richer by a couple of million rubles.

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