Business ideas for the USA and Europe: 9 projects to be implemented in Russia

Considering that most innovations in business are generated by Western entrepreneurs, it is advisable to consider which of these ideas could become relevant in our country. Indeed, as far as one can judge, some business ideas from the USA and Europe, adapted for our population, will be a successful and promising undertaking. A striking example of this is the domestic analogue of the American social network. Therefore, we will try to choose several options for organizing our own business, which are most appropriate for the Russian realities of the economy.

Adopting the experience of US businessmen

Let's start, perhaps, by considering the developments of entrepreneurs living in America. After all, it is the inhabitants of this country that traditionally lead the rating of innovative projects. Moreover, most of them turn out to be very popular things. So, today chain stores have already become ubiquitous. After all, most people prefer to save time on shopping. In addition, such an innovation allows you to choose the best thing at a price that suits you quickly enough.

Another good example is the development of ventilated footwear, which has conquered markets around the world. Among the successful inventions of the United States, which were taken over by small businesses in Europe, one can name the release of bright stickers for clothes, shoes, and accessories.

There are several components to the success of US entrepreneurs. The first is the goal. So, Americans rarely plan a business for the sake of profit, their main task is to make life a little more comfortable. The success of the sales of such innovations becomes quite a natural consequence. The second secret is a good knowledge of the industry. That is, businessmen from the United States are unlikely to start implementing a project in an area of ​​activity that they do not understand.

Finally, these enterprising people are constantly using the resources of the network and trying to optimize their activities as much as possible in accordance with the latest fashion trends. In short, Russian entrepreneurs have something to learn from their overseas colleagues. We will learn a little more about some interesting and unusual projects that can become a promising business in our country.

Vacation Planning

Today in Russia there are many sites that allow you to book and select a hotel in advance. The Americans went a little further in this direction and created a site like a social network, where everyone can describe the detailed parameters of their ideal vacation. There it is possible to indicate the exact place of residence, preferred pastime, the most interesting routes. Other users who can satisfy all these desires offer their services. In addition, the portal takes into account the possibility of detailed accounting of spent funds, which will allow you to control your own expenses on your vacation as accurately as possible.

Protective car seat covers

Not so long ago, the United States began to produce special covers for vehicles that protect against adverse weather conditions (ultraviolet, rain, snow, hail). Considering the unstable weather in Russia, as well as the habits of most motorists to park their cars in open parking lots, such an invention will be quite in demand here. Of course, the easiest way here is to resell it with an adequate markup. Although you can try to purchase the Hail Storm Products franchise to become its official dealer.

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New interesting business ideas from America and Europe that are not available in Russia

The birthplace of creative business ideas is the United States of America, and its entrepreneurial people display an extraordinary mindset. They pioneered car washes, freeway lockers, food vending machines, and even those handy paper cups that bring hot coffee or other beverage anywhere.

Business ideas from America that are not in Russia

American projects are peculiar, absurd, but they are distinguished by a pronounced ability to interest clients. Many of these projects were successfully borrowed by start-up entrepreneurs from around the world, they were able to make good profits in the implementation of American business ideas without global investment. These include:

  • online stores. There is no person who has never used their services. Allowing to make any purchases from home, home or office, they have become a godsend for people who do not want to spend their free hours shopping;
  • stickers on clothes. An excellent idea, the cost of such a product is low, but the demand for it is great. Stickers are popular with those who like to draw attention to themselves with bright pictures and inscriptions on clothes and accessories;
  • breathable shoes. Made of material with holes covered with a mesh that does not impede free air circulation.

There are grandiose projects on the territory of the United States, which may soon begin to function in other parts of the world. The most interesting business ideas from America are:

Translated as "egg slut", this is the name of a grocery van that offers food to visitors. The main idea is the flashy name, the variety of the menu, the indispensable ingredient of which is eggs. Such an ambiguous van is located in Los Angeles, California.

This grocery van was created by the Fogjol brothers and called the "Traveling Carnival of Culinary". Bright and courageous artists managed to put into the enterprise the indescribable spirit of an eternal holiday. His specialties are Fodzhol costumes and delicious food, which is a classic Ethiopian, Indian cuisine. The van travels all over Washington and is easy to spot from a long queue of people wanting both bread and circuses.

This is a floating restaurant in the City of San Francisco, California, at Sea Lion Harbor. Designed and built by a millionaire named Forbes Thor Kid. Customers are offered a high-quality menu, but this is not the highlight. Most visitors are attracted by the views of Alcatraz Island and sea lions.

One of the social sites, the task is to plan a vacation. He carefully monitors the wishes of potential vacationers. Records what they would like to do or see and transmits information to everyone who can help in drawing up a route and collects a lot of useful information. On the site you can record personal expenses, at the end of the trip it is easy to calculate them or identify debtors. The site's official office is in Seattle, Washington.

Americans are rightfully considered the generators of business projects. First of all, they own large-scale designs that have spread all over the world, and bring their owners a lot of money. Nevertheless, it is the desire to constantly and earn a lot that drives the citizens of the United States of America. Moreover, new business ideas from America and Europe are a competitive product that can be sold at a high price. And now everywhere they open car washes, install paid vending machines with inexpensive food, and bring coffee to colleagues in a plastic cup.

Low-budget projects

First of all, business ideas from America and Europe require a lot of investment. But there are projects that can be used by a citizen even with the most modest savings. Their distinguishing feature is a deep conviction of users of the need and importance.

Nevertheless, taking into account the great demand of consumers for certain services, novice businessmen have successfully implemented projects such as:

Some entrepreneurial projects are still under state lines. Nevertheless, promising business ideas from America and Europe cannot be “locked up” for long. Moreover, the day is not far off when in the cities of immense Russia it will be possible to meet non-typical projects.

Business ideas requiring investment

First of all, Americans tend to come up with flashy names for their projects. No wonder. In an ever-growing competition, every effort should be made to ensure that visitors give their earned money exactly in your establishment, for your services. Advertising yourself as an entrepreneur, marketing gimmicks are the key to a successful business. However, not all business ideas are low-budget. Most of them require an investment of initial capital for the acquisition of premises and equipment.

Bright projects

Here are some of the most striking projects implemented by American craftsmen from business:

  • Egg Slut - Egg Slut. Two people drive around in a brightly colored van, offering visitors delicious food, the main product of which is eggs. The title is not really about food. But the effect is stunning. Los Angeles residents line up to sample Egg Slut food.
  • Fojol Bros. Two brothers of the acrobat by the name of Fojol decided to please the residents of Washington with wonderful Ethiopian and Indian food, each time arranging a real carnival holiday from the service. Gentlemen of Fogjola are artists of the light genre. It was not difficult for them to find bright suits. It is the state of the holiday during the meal that gathers queues of those who like to combine business with pleasure near the brothers' van.
  • Forbes Island. From the sea lion harbor in San Francisco, a wonderful view of the island of Alcatraz. It was this circumstance that was decisive when choosing a place for the opening of the restaurant of Mr. Forbes Thor Kid, the local millionaire. In this place for the rich, you can taste high-class dishes while enjoying the unique nature.
  • Gatherball. It is a social resource that can plan a vacation for any citizen. Going to the pages of the site to earn money, visitors leave applications with preferences. The program is designed in such a way that the request is processed by a whole squad of assistants who give the most acceptable result: information about the route, price. In addition, the site has a service for calculating vacation costs. The resource is headquartered in Seattle.
  • GymPact. A sports mobile application for earning money that encourages people to regularly visit the fitness club. It is arranged in such a way that bonuses are paid to conscientious athletes, while lazy people, on the contrary, take money away to pay diligent visitors.

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We learn from our Western colleagues

In order to do business in our country, you need to know and understand one very important thing. Russia is a country with a borrowing system, most of the products come here from Europe and the United States - from chocolate bars to TV programs, and these sources have not yet exhausted themselves. There is a rule: in order to organize your business, take what is gaining momentum in the United States and bring it to your place in Russia, as sooner or later it will reach Russian land anyway.

We have saved you from unnecessary worries and prepared a list of the most creative business ideas in America and European countries, which can be safely adapted to Russian realities.

So, in front of you are nine original business ideas from the USA and Europe, which, with the right approach, can make you rich.

Weekly repairs

Let's start, perhaps, with an idea that is not so easy to implement, but very relevant in Russian conditions. Apartment renovation in a week is suitable only for those businessmen who have extensive experience in this matter, know teams of qualified workers (or at least how to find them) and can guarantee timely and high-quality execution of the promised work.

The fact is that many Russians know firsthand what a protracted repair is, which can last not only several months, but in the most neglected cases several years. Therefore, such a service is likely to be in demand, and therefore it will certainly pay off quickly.

Firstly, you will have to calculate the full cost of the repair before the start of all work, so that later you and the customer do not have any disagreements.

Secondly, in order to organize express repairs, it is necessary to clearly plan each stage of the construction process, and not think about how to do this or that work during it.

Thirdly, for the failure of your company's deadlines, you just need to provide a discount, monetary compensation or even free work, because the main feature of such an enterprise is speed.

It is best to start organizing such a startup in large metropolitan areas, for example, in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Delivery of goods by drones

Surely, many remember the "Russian Post" file, which occurred last year during the launch of the drone to deliver the package. The Russian drone did not have time to gain height, as it immediately flew into the wall of the nearest house and fell to the ground with a crash.

So, I present to your attention some interesting business ideas from America. In principle, people all over the world, with rare exceptions, are arranged in the same way. One head, two arms, two legs. Even the overwhelming majority's brains are cooked in the same way. Therefore, one should hardly expect that business ideas abroad are somehow different from ours, Russian ones. Either they borrow something from us, then we borrow from them ... But still, given the differences in geographic location, mentality, economic development, and other "national" features, I decided to take a closer look at the "over the hill", and in particular, to States - as one of the leading and highly developed countries in the world.

Precisely as a "leading edge" country, the United States generates business ideas for entrepreneurship with such frequency as if it were put on stream. And then, after being introduced and tested in the United States, these ideas, like waves, spread throughout the planet.

According to the results of an independent analysis, every third business idea in Russia is American. It should be noted that in terms of translating ideas into reality, Americans are much bolder than others. As with us: “I thought. I thought again. I started doing it. Met obstacles. While "bypassing", someone else did. " And as with “them”: “I began to think. I started doing it. " Because, God forbid, someone will get ahead.

Best Business Ideas from America:

  • Intimate haircut services. Probably, American "intimate hairdressers" work under the slogan "It should be beautiful everywhere!" However, this idea has already received some distribution in our country, but for the most part all the same haircut in intimate "places" is done independently. But today it is experiencing its "rebirth", adopting new secrets of craftsmanship from the "overseas" masters. Ideally, this idea will be combined with the opening of a regular hairdressing salon.
  • Cafe: dish constructor. Imagine a situation: come to a cafe, you want something like that, but you don't know what exactly. Sound familiar? Then take a business idea from the States! A cafe in which you can choose the ingredients for the dish yourself, experienced chefs will only have to prepare it according to your wishes.
  • Selling food and drinks in traffic jams. Residents of big cities know how much time they have to spend in traffic jams. Many have gotten used to spending this time watching a movie, listening to an audiobook. Why not also grab a bite to eat on the road? By the way, calculate how much money can you make selling food and drinks on a two-kilometer-long traffic jam?

  • Baking baked goods with a cut pattern. Why don't Russian creatives come up with such simple ideas? They are probably busy with more serious things. But still agree that cutting off a piece of bread will make it much more pleasant to see a funny cartoon face on the cut, or something else? And children will not have to be persuaded to eat an extra piece. However, to implement this business idea, you will first need to open your own bakery.

  • Providing an alibi. Of course, we are not talking about support in the commission of administrative or, even worse, criminal offenses. Although some deviation from moral standards is still present here. Although, some argue that money does not smell. Moreover, received from providing an alibi to an unfaithful husband or a windy wife, or from “truthful” photographs confirming that you were at “that” time, “there” and with “those”.
  • Hotel for plants. Leaving on vacation, and there is no one to ask for indoor flowers to water during your absence? Leave them for the trip to the plant hotel, where they will wait for your return safely under the supervision of experienced growers.

  • Plant walls. How much do you think plants increase employee productivity at work, or, on the contrary, help to relax at home? Answer: 40 percent in both cases. This is what they noticed and began to implement in American companies. But one or two pots of flowers or a lonely palm tree in the corner was not enough. A whole wall of plants - just one look, and you are already in the jungle. Do you think Russian companies will accept this?

In Russia, many of these ideas have not yet been implemented, the rest are still very, very few, so be on time. Remember that while you are pondering, a more determined competitor will take advantage of the idea. If none of these ideas suits you for some reason, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list

What types of businesses are popular in Europe? The answer to this question depends on the purpose. From the tourist's point of view, it is profitable to engage in agriculture, restaurants and hotels, the manufacture of luxury goods; it is also known that Europe is a trendsetter in clothes, shoes, bags, cars. From an investor's point of view, finding a truly profitable niche in the European Union is not easy.

Business in a European way: pros and cons

In terms of areas, popular types of small business in Europe can be conditionally divided into 4 blocks:

  • food business
  • comfort
  • healthy lifestyle
  • handmade products.

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