Business ideas for opening your own company in Poland

Benefits and prospects

The average salary in Poland is 1350 euros, more than in Turkey, Slovakia or Hungary.

Poland is a stable state, which is a member of the European Union and has shown stable indicators of economic development over the past years. That is why this country has become popular in business circles and interesting for aspiring entrepreneurs. This is quite logical, since all conditions have been created in Poland in order to attract small and medium-sized businesses, as well as foreign investors.

Benefits of doing business in Poland

Stanislav Tsys - Head of Uni Consulting. Due to the difficult economic situation in his homeland, he decided to move to Poland. He did not need much time for such a cardinal change of residence - the process took only two weeks.

Today Stanislav is a successful marketer and businessman. For our readers, he shares his impressions of the business in Poland and the requirements for its owners. The main advantages of doing business on the territory of this European country are presented to your attention.

Adequate conditions for the size of the authorized capital

When creating a legal entity in Poland, as well as in a number of other countries, the owner is obliged to deposit some amount into the account in the form of authorized capital. As of 2021, in Poland this figure is PLN 5,000 (minimum amount). And these are very favorable conditions for a European country. For example, in Hungary, the minimum requirements for UV are set at 150 thousand euros.

Thus, in Poland it is easier to minimize the costs of starting a business and save money for a worthy advertising campaign or marketing activities.

Hiring Polish citizens is optional

In some countries, one of the conditions for setting up a company for an entrepreneur who is not a resident of the country is the creation of a certain number of jobs for citizens of this state. In other words, if a company is created, for example, in Norway, then the entrepreneur must provide jobs for two more Norwegians.

In Poland, there are some nuances associated with the residence card, but in general there is no legislative provision obliging to hire Poles for work. This makes it possible for individual entrepreneurs to conduct business on their own or by interacting with citizens of any country at their discretion.

8 reasons to open a company in Poland

My memory. Development techniques. Diseases and Treatment. Products and preparations

Among those who came to Poland from the CIS countries, there are a considerable number of businessmen and other active people who start their own business in Poland. The article will discuss the most popular types of business.

Why is small and medium business in Poland so popular

There are several main reasons why many migrants start their business in Poland, below we will analyze, in my opinion, the main ones.

The most active and determined people are leaving. Not every citizen of Ukraine, Belarus or Russia is ready to give up everything in their hometown and country, go to another country and start everything there practically from scratch. Even if in most cases it is not necessary to burn all the bridges and go into the unknown and rebuild your house on a vacant lot. To decide on such drastic changes in your life, you need to either have good reasons for moving, or be just a rather decisive person who is not afraid of changes. As a rule, such people did not sit idly by before moving, but tried to find their place in life.

Ease of registration. Compared to post-Soviet countries, it is quite easy to register your company in Poland. There are a large number of business organization forms in Poland, for all occasions. Also, there are no special problems with reporting and paying taxes.

Stability. The Polish economy is quite stable, and in the past few years, there have been no drastic changes in legislation, devaluation of deposits, devaluations and other similar troubles. And nothing hinders the development of an honest business more than drastic changes when it is impossible to plan anything even for a couple of years in advance.

Lack of collisions from the state. there is no need to constantly fight the system, avoid various checks, work for kickbacks and give bribes to every official.

What business is not worth starting in Poland

Research shows retail is not doing well. The easiest way to go bankrupt is to open a small shop or kiosk in a bazaar or market. Points that have been around for many years usually work well, but this is not the norm. Much depends on where, what and how we sell. Some companies of this type are merging with others or moving under the wing of stronger competition. A large number of chain supermarkets, which appear not only in megacities, but also in small towns and villages, is a strong competition for small, district stores, and this leads to their bankruptcy.

In the construction industry in Poland, it is quite difficult to achieve success from scratch. First, to gain the trust of contractors requires a good reputation and references from previous clients. However, in this field, Ukrainian construction companies start quite successfully, which transfer their business (or expand it) to Poland. Such firms already have their own close-knit team of specialists (do not experience problems with personnel) and the necessary equipment that newcomers have to rent (scaffolding, formwork, electrical equipment and tools, etc.). Also, Polish companies often hire Ukrainians and other foreigners, expanding their activities.

Whom to target business

⭐ For our entrepreneur who decided to open a business in Poland, the requirements of local legislation seem more than lenient. Authorized capital, citizenship, registration, taxes - these nuances are simplified as much as possible. The article contains 8 reasons to open a company in this country. Author's material based on personal experience.

Want to open your own business in Poland, but don't know which one? Before getting involved in any enterprise, it is necessary to analyze which industries are “on the rise” today and the companies in which area can become a successful and profitable business for more than five years. This material will be interesting both for those who already live in Poland and are thinking about a new venture, and for those who are considering the option of business immigration to Poland from the countries of the former Soviet camp.

What shouldn't “beginners” start with?

Research shows the worst is retail. The easiest way to go bankrupt is to open a small shop or kiosk in a bazaar or market. Points that have been around for many years usually work well, but this is not the norm. Much depends on where, what and how we sell. Some companies of this type are merging with others or moving under the wing of stronger competition.

Of great importance is the huge number of supermarkets, which are increasingly appearing not only in megalopolises, but also in small towns and villages. Chain stores create strong competition for small, neighborhood stores, often driving them into bankruptcy. Interestingly, despite the fashion for healthy food, bazaars are also losing their popularity.

In the construction industry in Poland, it is quite difficult to achieve success from scratch. First, to gain the trust of contractors requires a good reputation and references from previous clients. However, in this field, Ukrainian construction companies start quite successfully, which transfer their business (or expand it) to Poland. Such companies already have their own close-knit team of specialists (do not experience problems with personnel) and the necessary equipment that new companies have to rent (scaffolding, formwork, electrical equipment and tools, etc.)

Entertainment and leisure companies also have a hard time. It has long been known that among the "artists" only a few make good money. Many companies of this type operate seasonally. The problem of development is high competition, so it is necessary to have large enough funds for advertising.

So what do you do to be successful? Various kinds of electronic commerce are constantly developing. It is distinguished by a significant range of activities and high development opportunities. In addition, it is worth getting interested in antiques, art and vintage cars - they are always in price and have many clients. Alcohol is in good constant sales, and more recently agricultural land.

profitable business ideas for starting your small business in Poland

How to open a business in Poland and which direction to choose so as not to "burn out" at the very start?

Experts say business success depends on only three factors: location, location and location…. If we decide to try our hand at trade or the service sector, then first of all it is necessary to determine where to rent a room: in a gallery (Shopping Center), on a busy street in the city center or in a residential area.

  • - “You have to take into account the demographics of the inhabitants, their habits and lifestyle,” says Agata Stradomska, trainer of the RE / MAX Academy Poland.

According to the specialist, two types of business prevail in residential areas - grocery and gastronomic. Both groups have a very extensive consumer network. In the first - from retail chains to independent points, from small shops to minimarkets, cafes, pubs, pizzerias.

In addition to the gastronomic direction, residents of residential areas feel the need for a certain infrastructure of services, namely: pharmacies, kindergartens, real estate agencies, notary services, bank branches, press sales points, car washes and service stations, travel agencies etc. As you can see, there are a lot of directions, but what to choose and which business will be 100% profitable in Poland?

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas in Poland". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Possibility of comprehensive business development in Poland

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The advantages of organizing a business in Poland for citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and the Russian Federation lies in a similar structure of the economy and in the absence of special conditions for doing business for non-residents of the country.

Poland is a member of the European Union, while the state has a stable economic and political situation.

Starting and running a business in the country will be accompanied by minimal bureaucratic procedures, in which the state will not obstruct its development.

Ways of business development in Poland

Before starting a business in Poland, you should carefully study the supply and demand market for goods and services. After determining the direction of doing business, you should consider three options for further promotion.

  • If you already have an existing business in your own country, it is possible to open a representative office of an existing company. In this situation, the costs of organizing an enterprise will be minimal. You can also count on the help of partners.
  • Organization of a new company registered in Poland. At the same time, you should start with small volumes of promoted goods and services, in order to understand the laws of the market and its features in this country. This tactic will reduce the costs associated with making mistakes due to lack of knowledge.
  • Buy a ready-made business in Poland. In this case, you will have to spend a lot of time to carry out expert checks of the enterprise in order to make sure that the company is not unprofitable.

Finding in-demand niches

In order to successfully conduct and develop a business in Poland related to the sale of goods or services, you should responsibly choose a niche and determine which of them is in demand. It should be noted that it is easy to open companies related to agricultural activities in the country.

Through the territory of the European Union from Poland, you can carry out free movement, which makes the idea of ​​developing transport companies interesting.

For their fastest promotion, it is better to buy a ready-made business or open a representative office of a company that already exists in your home country.

For many years Poland has attracted not only curious tourists to its territory, but also enterprising businessmen who are ready to invest in the development of the local economy. This is due to the fact that the Polish Republic is the most convenient foothold for entering the European market. Today, even a citizen belonging to another state has the opportunity to open a company in Poland, who can engage in absolutely any kind of activity, if it does not contradict Polish law.

What you need to know about entrepreneurship in Poland

Alternatively, you can consider a trading company for the supply of something to or from Poland. Another important thing to remember:

  • local law, in force since 1999, states that all persons of foreign ownership, as well as foreign companies, have the right to engage in any kind of activity in any economic form "on the basis of reciprocity." At the same time, this includes both the trade and industrial sphere, and the artistic, intellectual, professional;
  • the registration procedure takes no more than one month. Moreover, the entrepreneur gets the right to apply for a residence permit. The approximate cost of setting up a company is 3 thousand euros, some more will need to be paid as the authorized capital. It will depend on the organizational form of the enterprise.
  • Please note that only EU citizens, residents of countries that have entered the free trade zone, residence permit holders and refugees are allowed to conduct business in any economic form. All other foreign subjects can only be organized by an LLC, a command-joint-stock company or a command command company.
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Business Registration

So, how to open a company in Poland for a Ukrainian, Russian or other expatriate. When creating the above types of companies, you will have to first of all pay a fee to the State Register Department. Some more money will need to be paid for placing ads in Economic and Judicial Monitoring. When creating an LLC, be prepared for the following stages:

  • Company registration with a notary. The minimum authorized capital must not be less than PLN 5,000. In this case, the service of the notary himself will cost about PLN 450.
  • Registration in the Register of Judgments. Prepare documents for this:
  • application;
  • constituent documents;
  • samples of signatures of the co-founders, certified by a notary;
  • labor agreements.

At this stage, you will have to spend about 1.5 thousand zlotys.

  • Registration with the State Department of Statistics.
  • Getting TIN. To do this, you need to write an application to the tax authority and pay a fee - 170 zlotys.
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  • income tax for legal entities - 19%;
  • VAT - 22%;
  • excise duty;
  • tax on dividends received - 19%, provided that the co-founders are not subject to the law on avoidance of double tax payments;
  • income tax on employee salaries;
  • social insurance - 30-36 %;
  • personal income tax - 19-35%;
  • local taxes.
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